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Nemishunyamraan Dhate Rashunyam Naabhinishthitam |
Samety Naabhishunytvam Vishwchakrasy Shunyta ||

Entire world is Shunya only and in this Shunya, Yojit Shunya, Yojna
Shunya and Kendra Shunya are contained within. Bindu means only
this that immersing oneself in that supreme power.i.e. Universe.

The subtler than subtle unit by which any particular element is created is
called Universe. It can be both visible and invisible. Shape of universe
can be expanded as well as subtle too. But the reality is this that the
basic unit by which particular element is created is called Universe.

Have you seen that rays of sun which comes inside the room through
some whole, window or vents???

In those rays , small-small atoms move constantlyit is so much
amazing that may be they are not visible to us in the full light of Sun but
rays coming through vents is seen by our eyes. Do you know.they are
called TISRENU.that unit from which universe is created too and
which in itself is one complete universe too.

They contain the secrets of creation and flow in them, which are called
universal secrets.complete secret of creation, maintenance and
destruction.in other words they have speciality and qualities of
Sat, Raj and Tam in them. Science says that speed of light, speed of
sound is fastest.Isnt it.

But Tantra and Aagam-Nigam has clarified that speed of words is faster
than sound .As soon as words are originated in contemplation, even
before the sound( through which people understand that this is A,B or
C) is produced, they make a complete rotation of universe and come
back to us

We were talking about the universe..physically its journey is very
difficult and cumbersome so is the knowledge of its secrets.but
through astral body, not only this journey can be done easily rather those
secrets can be unveiled very easily which are hidden in them. But
normally, when we try to accomplish Astral body then in reality, we are
merely trying to make strong the relation between astral body and
physical body.

Time of this journey of astral body is fixed by universe to 24 minutes
only.sadhaks astral body has to come back to his basic body after
completion of this time. But it is not necessary that one can know those
secrets in this limited time-frame.

The Rajat Sootra through which our astral body is connected to navel of
basic body, in reality it is one form of Atharva Sootra only. Establishing
a stable connection of physical body with astral body and doing this
journey in fixed time and fulfilling its purpose and coming back without
any harm is possible only through Hiranyagarbha Valga Sadhna of
Maa Baglamukhi. Navel indicates universe only which by
combination of Praan and Vayu, help creature attain knowledge and
secrets. The person whose Naabhi Chakra is more activated and
conscious, that person moves on the knowledge path with fast speed and
attains the knowledge of secrets of various subjects.Lankesh Raavan is
strong example of this fact. And sadhak who has reached navel i.e.
Shunya then immerse himself in that supreme power and become one
with it, attains universal oneness, chance of his downgrading is very

Very often when sadhak does the practice of activation of astral body,
he considers it as separate from chakra jagran or bhedan. But in reality it
is not like this..Chakra represents our spiritual and materialistic
upward progression and this progress also includes Sookshma Shareer
siddhi too.

Our body is divided into seven loks Bhu, Bhuvah, Swaha, Mah, Janah,
Tapah and satyam. And in reality, these seven loks are seven layers of
our consciousness. Our body has seven bodies and each body has seven
bodies i.e. 49 basic bodies and then 49 subconscious bodies.then 49
and this sequence will go on. In other words, sense of infinity is possible
only through complete knowledge of this procedure.Facts written
above has to be used by sadhak for Sookshma Shareer Siddhi and
Brahmand Bhedan. Therefore, try to understand them carefully and
imbibe them in your heart.
To be continued.

How through Hiranyagarbha Valga Sadhna sadhak can completely
lighten Atharva Sootra of his own and other person and accomplish
Sookshma Shareer and easily move in universe..What is its hidden
padhati and secret.its description and other secrets , I will give in the
next article tomorrow.