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Karl Hans Welz

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Published by HSCTI, P.O. Box 1298, Woodstock, GA 30188, USA
The typical scientists are attempting to
discover structures and natural laws in the
tangible world. Metaphysicists and
theologians had as their goal to describe
Welcome to the course in cosmic that which is going on in the intangible
consciousness! The technique that you world. Followers of organized religion
are going to learn in the six lessons of this traditionally lacked metaphysical insights.
course will be of immense value to you. Consequently they resorted to outright
It will facilitate your magical studies and it inventing of fairy tales and they used brute
will be of great help in all other spiritual force to make sure their obedient sheep
and psychic practices that you acquire and did not stray away.
pursue. Furthermore, the benefits of this
course will also reach over into your With the advancement of scientific
everyday life. Above all, this technique will thought in recent times something rather
teach you to achieve oneness with the unexpected happened. Things that were
Divine in a very short period of time! supposed to be tangible turned out not to
be that tangible after all. At the same time
The following is very important! new scientific systems developed that
Please read carefully! began to probe into the many worlds of
things intangible. The tacitly assumed
sharp demarcation between that which is
RELIGION AND TECHNOLOGY religious and psychic and that which is
technological and scientific proved
At the dawn of mankind, religion was increasingly to be arbitrary and an illusion
technology and technology was religion. that came from wishful thinking.
To some extent this is still a widely accepted
concept for some of the “primitive” On the other hand, researchers on
peoples of our times who have not yet the metaphysical side became increasingly
been touched by technological aware of the usefulness of scientific models
advancement and whose senses have not and of scientific rigor. Most metaphysicists
yet been destroyed as a result of of our times however are not yet fully
indoctrination by organized mass religions: aware of the usefulness of this beneficial
religions whose purpose is the socio- development. If they are they usually
economic repression of the population embed pop scientific concepts and
instead of offering their followers true verbiage into their theories. Others are
advancement, or enlightenment. still exhibiting a total lack of scientific
training. Some even go sop far to carry
At a later stage in human evolution hostility against scientific thought and
a split occurred. Things that people saw methods. Sadly enough, it is a bunch of
as “tangible” they considered to be scientific half wits, or quarter wits, that
“technological” while that which was not control much of the metaphysical thinking
tangible belonged to the realms that they and publishing of our times. Books such
considered to be “spiritual”. Later as “the Tao of Physics” and “Enochian
organized religions seized the latter Physics” are the creation of such pop-
approach as their own while viciously scientific lightweights. They are using
suppressing any technological liberally big words such as unified field
advancement that could threaten their theory, quantum physics and fourth
monopolies of controlling the population. dimension without having the slightest idea
what these words really mean, let alone
This split between “scientists” and understanding their underlying theories.
“Metaphysicists” exists still in our days. Typically, if there is a scientific

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advancement, some 30 years or so later
the new terms are used by some Karl Hans Welz, Author of the
Course and Inventor of the
Metaphysicists to “prove their points” or Orgone Generator®
to bring across their ideas to a general
public that is scientifically even less literate Karl Hans Welz is from Telfs in Tyrol,
near Innsbruck, Austria. At a very
than they are: interpretations and early age, he has developed a
“insights” that make even the weirdest fascination for science in general and
for the stars in particular.
pop-scientific ideas look advanced. Consequently, he has read eagerly any book on
astronomy, astrophysics, mathematics and physics
It is more than time for a change that he could get hold of. At age 16, he became
interested in the subject of hypnosis. He began
that brings true science into metaphysics. studying this discipline, later he perfected
This is so because more and more people Autogenic Training and eventually, at age 18, he
open up to the fact that things spiritual began the practice of Hatha Yoga. This practice
strengthened his then frail body within a few
and psychic are as valid as things that are weeks and his overall condition and health
scientific and technological, in fact that the improved considerably. Quite naturally, these
spectacular results gave Karl an incentive to
two are inseparable. We have to come to explore other sciences that were not part of his
the conclusion that a spiritual, or inner, academic curriculum. Studies and practice in
reality that is independent of or in contrast astrology, practical magic, rune magic, and
practice of various forms of life energy technology
to an outer, or scientific, reality does not such as astral traveling and clairvoyance followed
exist. Both realities coexist. I authored within one year. He studied the works of Mesmer,
the course “Magic of the Future” to bring Korschelt, von Reichenbach, Tesla, Lahkowski, and
others. At age 19, Karl began his graduate studies
scientific approaches into metaphysics. In in mathematics and physics. Several times, he
this course I am showing that magic is interrupted his academic studies to travel
extensively. In the course of these travels, he
applied natural science. The magician uses gained valuable information about magical
life force, structural links and energies of a practices and the use of life force in many cultures
higher order to effect action at a distance. and traditions and he met many gifted teachers
and adepts on the subject matter.
This course is free on the Internet at During his stays in South Africa, Switzerland, Berlin,
and, since 1974, the United States of America, he
continued his studies, which he then rounded off
In our thinking we come to a point with general semantics, radionics, Reichian
that recognizes again an important thing: psychology, and orgone physics. Shortly after his
arrival in the United States, he built his first orgone
psychic technologies and spiritual accumulators and conducted multiple experiments
advancement as well as material with these amazing devices. It was obvious that
technologies can be regarded as being what Reich called orgone was the same form of
energy that he had explored for more than a
facets of one and the same evolutionary decade before knowing of Reich. In fact, a device
process. For humans to achieve their he built years earlier following the plans of
fullest evolutionary potential, they have to Korschelt was an orgone accumulator. Korschelt
called his device a “Solar Ether Radiation
become proficient in both technologies. Apparatus” — its plans are dating back to 1897.
The result of such a development is an all- Mesmer’s barrels with iron filings, also built and
tested by Welz years before he studied Reich, were
inclusive metaphysical technology, or a obviously the earliest orgone accumulators of
technological metaphysic. This is a which we know that were built by a scientist with
discipline that can be the way to interact the accumulation of life force in mind. Therefore,
we can safely say that Franz Anton Mesmer has
with all accessible levels of consciousness, invented the life force accumulator one and a half
or existence. It is interaction that reaches centuries before Reich.
from the material planes all the way to
Soon he realized that orgone can be projected at
the realms of energies of a higher order any distance and that this projection follows
and energies of the realms of creation. We structural links. This is a fact that was evident to
people of all ages and cultures who harnessed life
are at the threshold of an all encompassing force, such as shamans, conjurers, spiritual
and true technological magic, or magical workers, magicians, and healers. For this type
technology. transfer he had to develop a mathematical model
that accounts for this phenomenon. This model
also accounts for many of the amazing

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advancement. Many of the mystery
phenomena of ESP, magic, radionics, even
schools and “New Age” groups abound
with methods to prepare the individual.
In 1992, he invented the orgone generator®. This
extraordinary new device is a significant step
beyond the mere accumulating of orgone energy
Of all these methods, there seems
as happens inside the orgone accumulator. to be only one that we can consider to be
Furthermore he realized soon that pulsed orgone a solid basis for rapid spiritual
energy (which an orgone generator can produce
— or a rotating planet) transforms DOR (deadly advancement and safe psychic
orgone) back into orgone energy. The problem development, and access to the creative
of “orgone accumulators going bad” when afflicted
by DOR was successfully counteracted with a
realms of the universe. The method in
technological device for the first time in known question is the development of the
history. More striking proof of this characteristic consciousness of being One with the Divine.
of orgone generators® became evident when he
invented a DOR generator. The orgone
We know that many other names exist
generators TM proved to be effective in for this type practice and achievement.
counteracting the negative effects of devices that Some call it Christ consciousness. Others
develop DOR when operating, such as radioactive
smoke detectors, fluorescent tubes, TV screens, call it Higher Self and so on.
and other electromagnetic pollution. The orgone
accumulating devices on the other hand, are
ineffective. In fact, these devices “foul up”, i.e.,
According to popular belief, Oneness
when exposed to deadly orgone (DOR) too long, is a long term goal. Some people have a
they accumulate it and consequently become vested interest in spreading a lot of such
centers of this energy.
popular beliefs; among them in the
Soon Karl Welz recognized that the orgone forefront are bosses of mystery schools
generator® can be a significant help in many whose main concern is in keeping a lot of
practices involving the use of life energy (or
orgone) such as the development and practice of paying students or a lot of worshippers!
ESP, magic, self improvement, and trend Contrary to this generally accepted popular
belief, Oneness should be an important
THE IMPORTANCE OF basis of metaphysical advancement and
not its long term goal. Furthermore, it is
ONENESS WITH THE DIVINE important to know that it can be achieved
in a relatively short period of time. As is
The technologies of unified material the case with many other metaphysical
and higher order energies have the practices, it is so easy that it takes some
potential of access to infinite powers. people decades to learn it. That’s because
When I say infinite, I mean a process: No most people think that everything needs
matter what level of power you achieve, to be complicated to be effective. To
there will always be more beyond. The achieve this type consciousness in a
potential of infinite power requires from relatively short period of time, all it takes
the individual an adjustment and training is the right advice in the right surroundings,
that is commensurate to this potential. preferably with others who have the same
This means that the training compares to goal in mind.
training in advanced sciences.
The course that you are about to
As we have pointed out in the begin with this lesson will help you to seek
previous chapter, the psychic and spiritual out and generate the right inner and outer
dimensions are the basis of technologies surroundings as well as the necessary
to act upon our inner and outer know-how to achieve this important
environments. Therefore it became experience, or state of mind. Soon
important that part of the training and experience will teach you that achieving
preparation for handling new technologies Oneness is an easy task!
comes from within the individual. Such
training can then ensure rapid and safe Practice with persons who have
achieved Oneness has many benefits.
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Besides the fact that these people are good she can learn in a relatively short period of
teachers for you, they can also project time.
Divine energies to you, so that you will
achieve your goal much easier, perhaps in For all these reasons, you can find
a matter of a few hours of practice. in this course a unique system of individual
empowerment and training that has as its
Once you have achieved Oneness, main goal your rapid advancement and the
you can project energies and help others rapid acquiring of new and important skills.
in the same way others have helped you. As responsible human beings we need to
Such practice will cause you to be have the advancement of mankind as a
increasingly rooted in Oneness with the whole in mind rather than the keeping of
Divine so that it will be a solid basis for all power positions.
your further actions, overall success, and
advancement in the many fascinating Consequently I put emphasis on
aspects of spiritual technology, or practical application of that which I am
technological spirituality. Once you will teaching here and on personal experience.
have become aware of your Divine nature, Under no circumstances do I intend to
many things will turn out to be a lot easier burden you, the beginning student, with
that they may have looked previously. irrelevant materials such as “wisdom
lessons, secret knowledge,” and the like.
You will rapidly familiarize yourself with the
WHY WE NEED THE basics of metaphysical teaching by
following the principle of experiencing while

Our times are a challenge to all of Experience of Oneness with the

mankind. Therefore more than ever we Divine has proven to be one of the most
need as many empowered individuals as useful and solid bases for a harmonious,
possible who can contribute to an overall balanced, powerful, and rapid
healing of the situation on this planet advancement. Therefore this experience
towards a positive permanent change that of Oneness should be at the beginning of
takes into account the fact that humans any training. It has no place as part of
are no longer a species consisting of small some distant initiation practice after years
tribal societies. of being exposed to the slogans and
mechanisms of indoctrination mechanisms
This situation demands fast action. of some religious belief structures and bias.
Mankind, therefore, can no longer afford
the luxury of having so-called minority The practice and experience of
cultures. A minority culture is a culture in Oneness, therefore, are at the core of the
which only a very tiny minority of individuals training that I am offering. In my
are creative and contribute to overall workshops and services participants are
progress of the civilization. The times are aware of their own Divinity. They
over once and for all where a few experience Oneness with their Divine
individuals jealously kept powerful nature and they are therefore in a position
technology and spiritual practices away to act from a Divine position rather than
from the masses so that they can keep from their human one. They have their
their own cherished positions. In our times consciousness of being One evolveing from
there is no longer a place for the long lasting a tiny spark to the ever lasting light of a
training systems in which precious time of constant conscious attitude that
the seeker is wasted on things that he or encompasses the totality of their being.

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Typically, when a sstudent is in one
The New Welz Chi Generator® of the meetings for the first time, he or
Is more than a generator of life force she will have a practical experience that
It is a way of life !!! brings about hands-on insights of what I
In fact, it is exclusively designed am talking about here. After a few classes
to make Your deepest desires only, not years of training, you will have
become tangible reality your first deep awareness of Oneness with
the Divine. As a result of practical
WELCOME TO this exciting new experience you will then understand what
technology that can mean for you the the meaning is of such things as the Higher
difference between average results and
Self, Christ consciousness, and Higher
consciousness. Then you will know beyond
Here you can find the ultimate perfection of a the shadow of any doubt that your
new technology. This certainly is exciting news
for you, provided that you have this deep down
awareness of your Divinity is to be at the
desire for positive permanent change and ultimate beginning of a powerful and balanced
success. advancement. All you need to do is invest
In fact, you can safely call this amazing new
a few hours of your life to achieve the
technology the ultimate unfair advantage! most worthwhile and exciting
Unfair, because time-consuming practices, breakthrough ever, then thank yourself!
grueling exercises, even spiritual training,
become secondary as compared to the ease with
which you can set up this extraordinary equipment
to help you succeed in every respect.
This new technology is exceptional, because it
opens up a whole new world of subtle
methods that will leave you entranced,
An often heard question is why we
enlightened, and empowered. You will actually should develop our consciousness of being
be equipped with what is certainly the most one if we are one anyway. Time has
advanced technology of power performance
and effective self-help. proven that the consciousness of being one
with the Divine has many benefits. Above
For you, this can well be the first time that learning
about a technology will not only be useful, it will
all it is an attitude that gives us more
be used. It will be a natural step in the right power, or influence, over our environment.
direction of the success that you were striving to This is especially true in our dealing with
achieve in the past. In the following, you will
find an outstanding new method to boost your
energies of a higher order, which most of
performance to the max. It is here that you can the time are referred to as “entities” or
probe the deepest in your journey to the top. “spirits”. Oneness, or being in tune with all
We are going to lay out this exciting new
technology for you so that you can gain immediate four planes, gives us access to these
evidence right at the beginning, from where you energies on all their levels. For this reason
will continue step by step to an increasingly
deeper grasp of its far reaching new applications!
we can then control them.

Naturally, here you can find an easy and very Even if we cannot achieve the “ideal
effective way to help you improve all your
prospects for the future. It is specifically
state” overnight, being conscious of our
designed to provide you with powerful means Divine nature can work for us very much
to enhance your performance in all areas of like our “owning” a house. We know that
your life, especially those that you feel need to
be strengthened. Whatever the line of your work we do not own it, our bank knows that
or field of endeavor is, be it relationships, we do not own it, the government can
business, politics, high performance sports,
education, volunteering, spiritual matters,
take it away any time under the spurious
or anything else , the highly effective pretense of “imminent domain,” yet we do
equipment from HSCTI is designed for a great as if we own it and, for most of the time,
many uses, while helping you achieve results
whenever you use it appropriately.
all other human beings respect this
ownership once we have made a “down
payment.” This course is a first touching
Life Force makes it all possible! upon one of the most important

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characteristics of human nature. It
compares to a “down payment” for a
house. As you proceed with your practice
of Oneness, you will know that you are Before I am going to describe the
One because you are the One there is! four planes I give you a brief description
of the four elements. As you know, the
The techniques that you learn with metaphysical elements have little to do
this course will generate in you such as with the chemical elements. These
consciousness of being One. This new elements are basic qualities rather than
consciousness is a powerful stimulus that basic substances as the chemical elements
will cause powerful new experiences, new are. The basic qualities of the
breakthroughs, and new powers. metaphysical elements relate to our
sensory experience and they are a
The techniques that follow are a projection of this sensory experience into
reflection of how we see our world. They the realms of finer density. Once we
follow the principle that says: “as above experience these realms of finer density,
so below.” In other words: the structure we are aware that the concepts of
of a human being reflects the structure of elements are generalizations that are
its Divine principle. The Bible says: “God convenient for our work.
created man in his image.” In this case it’s
well the other way around because this The four sensory experiences that
god reflects the patriarchal culture of the are at the root of the concept of the four
time when this principle was created. elements are: hot and cold, dry and humid.
The pair, hot and cold, we refer to as
On a most basic level, the Divine positive and negative. Dry and Humid we
principle expresses itself in the four refer to as electric and magnetic. It is very
elements, or planes of existence. Oneness important that you learn the following
then means being conscious of all the table:
elements within and having all four
elements aligned consciously. Hot Cold
(positive) (negative)
If you prefer to work with five
elements, you can adjust the following Dry (electric) Fire Earth
lessons to your specific view.
Humid (magnetic) Air Water
What follows is a way of looking at
the universe around yourself and within. Fire and Water are the two primary
This picture, or mapping, can be a stimulus elements, opposite polarities, so to say.
for you so that you can expand on it when Air and Earth are considered to be
you are going to work with it. Being a secondary, or mixtures of the first two.
mapping, it is not the universe itself. It is This is a manner of viewing it, so see it as
an outline that we can follow in order to a convenient and useful mapping rather
interact with our universe. The various than “absolute truth”. Use this map as a
planes of which we are going to speak useful tool to arrive at a desirable state of
overlap. The subdivision into four is a being, namely Oneness with the Divine.
convenience that reflects our experience.
It is useful. Therefore we can work with Some researchers see air as an
it. interaction between the two basic
principles of fire and water and earth as
the synthesis of the three. The symbolism
of Divine trinities “above” the world of
manifestation somewhat reflects this view.

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Life Force makes it all possible! You can feel life force emanating from the
This exciting test most certainly will be a printed diagram, because an identical diagram,
surprise for you! which serves as a structural link, is in front of
one of the Welz Chi Generators® in our
Before you are going to routinely use of this laboratories.
amazing new technology to achieve secured This means that you can use technology to
success and especially to facilitate your harness and direct Life Force.
achieving cosmic consciousness, you can
carry out this experiment. This will certainly You can get still better results when you call
provide you with the evidence that you us at (770) 924 0223 (USA) for an
wanted and it will prove to you that Life Force individualized hook-up or e-mail
Bridges any Distance! for further instructions to test energy transfer
at any distance.
This experiment and its discussion of it
will reveal to you...
The basic principles of a new and far- The Proof
reaching Life Force Technology
This extraordinary test proves to you first
A deeper understanding of the working
hand that which sensitive and powerful
of Radionics
persons of all times (among them tai chi
The importance of Life Force and Low
masters, reiki masters, yogis, shamans,
Frequencies in Sports, Fitness Training, and
conjurers, magicians, and priests performing
Body Building
spiritual work) knew all along: namely that life
A comprehensive view of Methods of Self-
force (chi, prana, mana, etc... every culture
Improvement and Techniques of Motivation for
and language has its own name for the same
positive permanent change, and
energy) transfers at any distance.
A general grasp of ESP, psychic skills,
Moreover, it does so without loss of energy.
shamanism, the achieving of inner balance,
All that is needed is the right structural link
projection of thought and other methods of
(some professionals prefer to call it “psychic
Action at a Distance (some call it Magic)!
link”) to establish contact. This fact makes
their work possible, even easy! In fact, it is so
This exciting test proves to you easy that everybody is now capable of working
the magic of professional psychics, shamans,
the transfer of Life Force spiritual workers, etc.
1. Put this page on a flat
surface. It should be a This has been one of the reasons why many
minimum of 2 ft (60 cm) of these professionals decided to guard their
away from your body or any powerful secrets like precious gems, making
other larger living organism. them available only to very few hand picked
2. Now, hold the center of the
people. Under no circumstances did they want
palm of either hand
approximately one inch(2 –
to lose their lucrative sources of income.
3 cm) above the printout of
the diagram.
Be sure that your hand is relaxed: open, and not
The Conclusion
stretched out!
This experiment revealed to you one of
Most people will be surprised to feel something the most guarded secrets of all ages, namely
almost immediately: You feel either a slight the transfer of life force (“magical energy” or
tingling in your hand, a gentle cool breeze, or, “psychic energy”) at any distance. More
as is the case with most people, an agreeable importantly: you have just found out that
sensation of warmth in the center of your palm these secrets are technology, yours to
that can spread out from the palm…and… use. You have just experienced that the effects
of any type of shamanism, magic, or spiritual
Yes!!! You have just felt life force, perhaps work, such as changing your life for the better,
for the first time in your life. As you know can be achieved by now easily with the help
by now, life force is the subtle energy (some of our powerful technology.
call it “psychic power”) that is used in all
methods of action at a distance, such as It is powerful technology in your hands
spiritual-religious work and miracles, treasure …
mapping, self-motivation, cosmic conscious- ... For lasting success and for positive
ness, shamanic practice and psychic work. permanent change !!!

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You find this symbolism in many pagan Air - volatile life energy - etheric orgone
religions as well as in the Christian religion (prana, chi) - hot and humid - positive
which in principle is a paganized Jewish magnetic
Earth - dense (“frozen”) light - structured
Electric and Magnetic relates to the electromagnetism - cold and dry - negative
phenomena of electromagnetic energy and electric
life energy. The fire element is electric-
positive. On the material plane it is energy, The four elements supply us with an
or light, in its conventional meaning. The excellent model for the planes of existence,
earth element is electric-negative. It is i.e., structures of how we can view and
structured light, or “frozen light” as some organize our universe, and in correlation
researchers say. Modern physics
somewhat supports this theory. In fact, Important: As you continue to find out
whether there is a correlation with modern more about the great potential of this
physics or not is irrelevant. What counts extraordinary new technology, you will
be introduced at times to words and
is the usefulness of this view for our
techniques that may or may not cause
advancement. subconscious fears and doubts. One of
these words is “magic”. Actually, what
The air element is magnetic-positive. most people call “magic” is nothing but
On the material plane it is active life energy, action at a distance that you can
or free life energy. The water element is achieve with the help of structural links
magnetic-negative, or structured life. and life force, i.e., it is functionally
identical with radionics. You will learn
If we relate the four elements to the more about structural links later! It is
material plane, we can easily order the four a well-known fact that the same people
who used such methods extensively
elements. Earth and Water belong to the
towards their own selfish ends
dense material plane while air and fire are originally implanted these fears and
part of the so-called etheric plane. The doubts. Ignorance was always the
labels “positive” and “negative” are safest method to dominate large parts
references to density. The elemental of the population! So we decided to use
references as being “fire,” “air,” etc., are the word “magic” and other similar
pictures to make us understand easier the words whenever they are the best
basic qualities. The references to choice to accurately describe what is
electromagnetism and life energy, dense happening when you work to achieve
(structured) and volatile (etheric, non- positive permanent solutions.
structured) conform more with the
realities of modern physics and with the with it planes of experience within
magic of the future (see the course that ourselves. The earth element refers to
you can download from that which is conscious, or the material Let’s repeat planes. The water element refers to the
here: human emotions and to the astral plane.
The air element refers to the human mind
Fire - volatile light - etheric and the mental plane, while the fire element
electromagnetism - hot and dry - positive refers to the human will and the causal
electric plane.

Water - dense life energy - structured Magicians see some “entities” or

orgone (prana, chi) - cold and humid - energies of a higher order that correlate
negative magnetic to the four elements. These traditional
elementals are the salamanders for the fire

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element, the sylphs are spirits of the air
element, the undines are spirits of the Although we make such a
water element, and the gnomes are spirits distinction, there is no sharp boarder
of the earth element. between the two planes, and we notice a
continuous transition. Free chi energy and
In a technological sense, we can free light are only at the threshold of chaos.
view spirits as energies of a higher order The more manifest these energies become
that are made to manifest (personify) in the denser are their appearances. Also,
the etheric plane. there is nothing that is purely chi )life force)
and there is nothing that is purely light,
In the following, I am going to give there is nothing that is totally dense and
you a set of correlations for each element. there is nothing that is totally unstructured.
These correlations will suffice for your The labels that we use are describing
present work. extremes that are beyond our existence.
It is the mixture of the elements that
causes things to exist while the
THE PLANES elementalistic view of a “pure element” by
itself cannot refer to anything that exists,
in a similar way as space “and” time cannot
The planes of existence correlate be perceived as existing individually. The
with the elements. You should familiarize material plane is far more complex than
yourself well with this model in order to the space-time continuum that modern
work toward consciousness of One with physics attempts to describe. Life energy
the techniques that I am showing you in does not follow the laws of the three
this course. You can see these planes as dimensional universe that we measure, but
“higher” planes or as “inner” planes. As you it has its own type of “space.” The main
progress with your work you will come to characteristic of that space is structural
the insight that this distinction between linkage.
“higher” and “inner” has only limited
relevance. Oneness with the Divine will
ultimately elevate you into realms where THE ASTRAL PLANE
a distinction between “inner” and “higher”
become meaningless. The astral plane contains matrices
of that which is tangible, or material. It is
the world of formation. The energies of
THE MATERIAL PLANE the astral plane are of a more subtle nature
than the energies of the etheric and
material planes. It is a world of desire, of
The material plane is the plane emotions. A spirit that has the desire to
where you find all that is tangible and where manifest dwells in the astral. For its
you find these things that you become manifestation a material focus is
conscious of. Each one of the higher planes necessary. A human being can direct such
has a material component that becomes a spirit to gain an etheric form. If a
conscious to you. magician does that consciously we call it
an evocation of the spirit. I have evoked
For convenience we subdivide the spirits and furnished them with sufficient
material plane into two levels: the etheric life energy with the Welz Chi Generator
plane and the dense material plane. The that I invented. Consequently these
etheric plane is the plane that contains free “bundles of energy” could show their form
chi (life force) and free light energy. The on Polaroid photos.
dense material plane is the realm that we
perceive as such: structured.

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We can also project part of our
energy field into the astral world and travel You Can Get what You Want
there. This way we can gain contact with
Before you begin to use the Welz Chi Generator®
entities (energy fields) without them to help you achieve decisive positive permanent
needing to materialize in an evocative solutions, you can examine thoroughly your
innermost desires and ask yourself a few key
process. In this course you will learn to questions:
explore the elemental realms astrally.
1. Do other people envy you? Or do you
envy others?
2. Do other people want to be like you?

THE MENTAL PLANE Or do you wish you were living other

peoples’ lives?
3. Are others in awe of you? Do they
puzzle at your meteoric rise to the top as
The mental plane contains thoughts much as they wonder about your success,
and mental matrices. These energies are accomplishment and amazingly good
fortune? Or is it perhaps the other way
still more subtle than the astral energies. around?
They relate to the human mind. Another
Here is a list of some of the good things that
name for the mental planes is world of you probably want:
creation. There are two ways of looking
at our brain. Most of us are used to view The things you want to own
The money you want to acquire
it as a generator of thoughts, very much The things you like to achieve
like a computer. Another, equally useful, The exotic places you want to see
way is to view it as a sensory organ that The abilities you like to have
Good fortune at all times
perceives thoughts. The love you like to receive
Abundance on all levels
Achieve and maintain balance, harmony
and peace
THE CAUSAL PLANE And much, much more…

Now, most certainly you know that it is your

Power that carries your decision, obeys your
This plane is the realm of the will, command. This Power is a manifestation of the
the world of emanation. It contains the life force that you have available. Wise
spark that brings things into manifestation people in the Far East called this life force, or
power, Chi and they developed many techniques
by causing them to take the characteristics of self-improvement from this knowledge such
of each plane that they pass through: first as Tai Chi and Chi Gong. Modern Western terms
for life force are orgone, animal magnetism, Od,
a mental pattern, then an astral body of Solar ether, and others.
desire, and eventually an etheric or dense
To understand the advantage that this Power, i.e.,
material shape. life force, can give you, imagine the following:
Bring a native in from a remote jungle to a city.
To be conscious of Oneness you The electricity will not work for him until he realizes
that this button turns on that light and that switch
need to consciously align all four elements turns on this radio. Naturally, for him the effects
and to be consciously aware of all planes. of electricity are “magic”. His friends who never
You bring your cosmic consciousness in learned how to flip a switch have no access to
this magic whatsoever.
manifestation in the same way as other
ideas finally manifest. As you know by now, Your Power is dependent
on your available Life Force. Using Chi
Generators®, you can have much more life force
In the next lesson you will begin to available. Consequently, by now you are able to
control it where and when you want to do so.
explore the realms of the elements and Obviously, to have more life force available means
planes. that you have more Power and consequently you
have more control of your reality than others
around you.
Exercises, Lesson I:
Now… imagine that you can project a large
amount of continuous life force to any one or
Carefully read the lesson and more of the areas in your life or goals that you
meditate on the parts to which you feel like to improve and strengthen. Naturally, with
particularly attracted.
12 Tel. 770 924 0223 - e-mail:
added life force you significantly reduce the The Universal Manual that you will receive with
time and the effort it would normally take and, your Equipment has easy-to-follow, step by step
of course, you can have much more control instructions that will lead you from very simple
over these areas. This is the Power to control applications to increasingly complex uses of this
and to manifest your reality with extraordinary equipment. Above all, ...
overwhelming success!
It’s fun, it’s exciting, and you certainly can
You want to know now how this all is possible. be laid
You find the answer when you think of people back and relax while you await assured
whom you know. Some of them are radiating success!!!
energy wherever they are and it is obvious that
they are successful in just about everything they With simple attachments to the Welz Chi
initiate. Others toil, their noses to the grindstone, Generator® such as the various filter packs (the
to get the bare necessities for life. The difference Alphabet of Desire, Sex Pack and others) you
between these two extremes is in the ability to can now harness life force much easier for
generate and use life force. Usually generated any purpose you desire. The Welz Chi
subconsciously, life force and the stamina Generator will then project this life force boosted
coming with it can be decisive when it comes trend to any target of your choosing and it will
to achieving success. do so continuously. That’s why the Welz Chi
Generator® is the ideal tool for you to increase
Until now, the knowledge of how to generate life your personal power, prosperity,
force and how to consciously harness it for performance, and success !!!
success was kept from the common people.
Every shepherd’s intent was to have as large a The Welz Chi Generator® when used properly,
flock of sheep as possible. can be your powerful weapon that you can aim
at any

It’s Easy and Practical !!! person of your choosing, without them having
the slightest idea of why they act in some specific
With the Welz Chi Generator® or the Power way – which will be the way You Want It To
Radionics TM Device, the practical harnessing of Happen !!! Therefore, the Welz Chi Generator
life force for your overall success is extremely can be your decisive tool to help you make all
easy! It is the same process that happens when your dreams come true.
gifted humans use their innate psychic powers or
when they generate and harness life force by It is a power generator, a mind machine and a
other means. There is a difference, of course: creator of favorable trends in one! M o s t
With the new Welz Chi Generator®, even an importantly, it works at any distance!!!
untrained person can get the same results Among the many uses of this exciting
now that otherwise only highly trained technology:
psychics, shamans, or magicians can get.
In fact, with the new Welz Chi Generator®, you
Self Improvement:
have now a decisive advantage over any person, Energy and vitality - energize yourself
who does not own and operate this technology. Relaxation and stress reduction
This is so, Build confidence
1. because the Welz Chi Generator® generates Help develop skills
life force continuously and Added energy for workouts
2. because the Welz Chi Generator® has a much Help weight control
stronger output of life force than most magicians
Enhance supplements
and shamans can ever produce, even when
working in groups.
Your interactions with others:
In fact, the technology from HSCTI requires not Influence others, with or without their
more training than what it takes to drive a car. knowledge
When you decide to use the Welz Chi Generator Energize others
to help you achieve a better life, you need no
Influence the outcome of challenging
involved training, no creative visualization, no
pep talks to yourself, no hypnosis, no self-
programming techniques, and no motivational Charge talismans
seminars. All it takes to succeed is the capability Energize your action at a distance (or
to flip a switch and the willingness and open mind magick)
to utilize new technology when improving your
life in every aspect. Your environment:
In fact, acquiring the Welz Chi Generator/s® is
Energize drinking water, juices and food
definitely the best investment by far that anyone Energize plants - house plants or garden
can make in a lifetime as Welz Chi Generators® Energize cosmetics and supplements
already produce spectacular results, as Provide your pets with energy and vitality
experienced by many users of these amazing
devices worldwide! Above all - you can bring this extra magick
into your life!

Tel. 770 924 0223 - e-mail: 13

characteristics of the elementary realm
every time you re-enter it.

Very often in my group sessions I

can help students to align the elements THE WORKSPACE OUTSIDE YOU
within themselves without much
preparation. This practice will ensure a A very famous traditional magical
more thorough result. This lesson and the law tells us that repeated use of a magical
following lessons will help you to explore utensil will tie specific energies to it. These
the elements one by one. In the sixth energies will then be available whenever
lesson you will then bring it all together in the utensil is part of your magical set up.
your experience of alignment of the With the utensil, therefore, there is no
elements within. In this lesson you will longer a need to actively and consciously
begin to practice with the fire element, and draw the energies that the utensil
before you venture into an exploration of represents. In this case the utensil
the realm of this element by connecting becomes a focal point for the energies that
with it in the astral realm, I am going to it represents. Its presence alone will ensure
teach you some of the preconditions that the drawing of the energies from the
make such astral exploration a lot easier. realms that the utensil represents. In other
words: the utensil becomes a structural
It is of great advantage if your set How to Choose the Equipment
up an energy field of the element outside
that’s Right for You !
yourself before you begin with the practice
of astral exploration of the realm of the After you look at all the options in this catalog, we
suggest that you consider a few key questions
element. The center of this elementary before purchasing equipment.
energy field outside yourself (the outer
Where budget is an issue, to strike a balance
elementary realm) is your working table, between price and desired sophistication of your
or altar. The altar has on it implements equipment is the thing to do.
that help you connect easier with the The more basic units and combinations of units
element with which you are working. The provide you with excellent value. They don’t
more objects you have on the altar which always provide the sophistication and special
applications some persons need. These modestly
connect with the elementary realm, the priced units can provide you with great solutions
easier your connection with the element for years. All of them you can integrate into
increasingly sophisticated workstations.
can be. This is especially important for
the beginner in magical work. Middle of the line units provide a wider variety,
more power, and upgraded features. For mainly
personal use, we recommend a middle of the line
The next step is to establish a unit such as the RAD 2000 Power Radionics TM
workspace within yourself. This workspace Device or the LPOG 2400 DL! Basic and middle of
the line units and kits are a great choice for persons
within, or inner realm, is the basis for your who use this extraordinary equipment in the main
magical exploration of the elementary for self-improvement and for management of their
realms. Finally you connect these two desires.

realms with the cosmic realms of the For added impact upon others or to exercise some
element that you are going to explore. form of mind management (or mind control) upon
them, and for work with superior effectiveness,
you should choose a unit that’s top of the line. In
In this lesson you will begin to fact, the top of the line units (such as the RAD
2400HD, RAD5 and ATGS 3000) boast
explore the elementary realms with the effectiveness, excellent variety, greatly increased
fire element. When you explore the other power, and depth of experience.
realms, it is good for you to go back and For top performance in sports, fitness and
practice the previously experienced realms bodybuilding, the Performer 2400 is designed to
over again. This is a very good practice, provide this extra boost of energy needed to reach
the top.
because you will open up new

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link with the realm that it represents. This you a circle between 6 and 10 ft diameter.
means that, whenever you use an utensil, After you have put the circular rope on
your conscious and active mind is freed the floor or ground, you imagine a sphere
up to do other things that are not routine. around yourself with the circle marking the
This is the reason why magicians use many position of this sphere. Project life energy
utensils in their ceremonies. into this sphere and at the same time you
visualize the protective qualities that this
For the same reason it is to your circle will have. You find more details about
advantage to establish an outer protective practices in my course “magic
workspace when you practice with of the future”, a course, which is the first
energies of a higher order such as the scientific approach to magic ever.
elements. The outer workspace as a
whole will take on the aspect of being a At a later date, when you will be
complex utensil. It is a focal point for the grounded in your experience of Oneness,
energies that you are going to draw in your the outer circle will be unnecessary,
work. because your Oneness with the Divine
makes you the ruler of the energies of a
In your work with the elements, you higher order. At that point you will be fully
arrange the outer workspace with the protected by reason of your authority.
specific symbols that connect with the
elements. The type arrangement that you
choose will determine how easy it will be
for you to draw the specific elementary
The Altar
For your work in this lesson, i.e., to
explore the realm of the fire element, it
will be of a great advantage for you to
PROTECTIVE MEASURES use several symbolic representations of
the fire element. You put these utensils
Protection is good for any kind of onto your table, or altar, which you place
magical work that evokes energies of a outside your protective circle.
higher order. Explorations of the elemental First you draw on the table a
realms are no exception. The main reason triangle. This triangle confines the space
for protective measures in elementary where you allow helpful fire elementals to
work is that these energies may become materialize. Charge the triangle with the
too strong for you to handle when you idea of retaining the elemental energies
are unprotected. With the protective that will manifest in it. Then put objects
measures you prevent the energies that into this triangle that represent the
you call from taking over after you have energies with which you are going to
triggered them. connect. In our case, we are dealing with
energies that belong to the realms of the
One of the most common practices fire element. The simplest thing that
of protection is the tracing of a circle symbolizes fire is a burning candle. I
around oneself. Of course it is not the suggest that you have always a candle n
circle in itself that protects. It is the intent your altar, when you decide to use fire
that you project into this circle. Therefore, energies. To this you can add a small
just tracing a circle will do nothing. You triangle, which is the geometric shape that
need to trace the circle and charge it with symbolizes, or represents, the fire element.
the idea of protection. You can set up You can then add a wand. The “magical”
such a circle by laying out a rope in circular wand represents your will. As you know
fashion around yourself. Take a rope by now, your will is the manifestation of
between 20 and 30 ft length. This gives the fire element within yourself. Your will

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connects with the causal plane, which too
is a representation of the fire element. If
you are familiar with the Judeo-Christian
Cabbala, you can add the Hebrew letter Now that you have established the
YOD. outer realm, you proceed to establish a
space within yourself where you can work
You keep in your mind that, when with the elements and experience their
you are aware of the function of your astral realms. This is your inner realm of
outer realm, i.e., when you are tuned into the elements. You will gradually expand
it, this outer realm will draw energies from this inner realm and develop it until it is
the cosmic realms of the fire element as your inner realm of Oneness.
soon as you light the candle. When you
light the candle you may speak out With your imagination you set up
something to the effect of drawing energies an inner realm that has if for your purposes.
from the realms of the fire element such You need to feel good in this inner
as “I am lighting this candle. Its flame will workspace. First you give this realm an
bring the energies of fire into this space.” outer form. You can imagine yourself
A very powerful method is to establish a being in a clearing in the woods, a beach,
custom tailored mantra that will instantly a temple, a mountain peak, a cave, or
draw fire energies into your realm. This anything else that you like. You can
mantra will be an individual one for you. change the looks of your inner realm at
You can establish this mantra with a any time, whenever you have an inclination
mantra generator, a new device that I have to do so.
invented. See the description of this
mantra generator, the RAD 2000 RU, in Next you imagine your realm being surrounded by a protective sphere, or
bubble. This bubble will stay around you
The next thing you do is building up wherever you move in your inner realm.
power in your outer realm. See yourself
drawing fire energy from the universe and
projecting it into the triangle. Here you ASTRAL TRAVEL
practice as follows: Have your left arm
stretched out away from the triangle, palm What you do next is to explore the
up. The right arm points toward the various realms within. These realms
triangle. Breathe slowly and consciously. connect with the astral planes. Your
Knowledge of breathing techniques such sphere of protection will be very useful
as yoga or Rune yoga when you start traveling in this realm.
( is a great
advantage. While you inhale, visualize fire In this inner workspace you are
energy from the universe enter your body aware that you are the ruler of your
through the palm of your right hand. While energetic universe. You know that from
you exhale, you project this energy into this workspace you can reach the astral
the triangle. You may give this energy a dimension of any energetic form, or realm,
red color. Project more and more red into of the universe. Once you have established
the triangle as you keep breathing. your workspace to your satisfaction you
Proceed until you feel good about the can begin to your work. In this lesson,
amount of fire energy that you have the purpose of your work is exploring the
accumulated in the triangle. You know that realms of the fire element.
an accumulation of fire energy in the
triangle will enhance your experience of the An easy way to explore any realm
fire element and the realms of the will. is to imagine a gate that leads to the

16 Tel. 770 924 0223 - e-mail:

Silver tubing for output: Silver is a favorite of all
The JU 99 CE = Junior 99 Chi professionals, when it comes to energizing the
Small Size, ca. 5 x 2 1/4 x 1 in. 7.83 Hz Frequency Setting: The “Schumann
The JU 99 is a bare-bones Resonance”, or Earth Frequency, is a favorite
Welz Chi Generator® (orgone setting for universal purpose: According to brain
generator®) for individual use wave experts, this frequency has additional multiple
that fits every budget. advantages: overcoming jet lag, counteracting mind
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essential parts of the larger Welz Chi Whatever your intentions among its many
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very serious about bringing the magic of success
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decisive changes towards prosperity, satisfying
relationships, self-confidence, peace of mind and The JU 99 costs a couple of dollars more per unit
all the way to cosmic consciousness. than the cheapest copycat devices on the market
today. This was necessary, because the JU 99
For the entry level, the JU 99 CE is excellent for
comes with our highly effective formula of the
basic energy and relaxation work and to get
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acquainted with life force technologies. It is
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comes from copy cats of our technology, who
did not quite understand the actual function of
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energy transfer with the new Power Booster with
Transfer Disk (PBT 2400). For energy transfer, Specialty Devices of the same series:
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In addition to that, any radionics device that you
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put into the life force field of a JU 99 CE or any
other Welz Chi Generator® will be more effective.
The SPP 99 CE - Sports Power Performance Chi
It becomes then a Power RadionicsTM device that is
Energizer TM - 25 Hz, for this extra energy
boosted with life force. You can use it
advantage in sports performance
continuously, day and night, 7 - 24, when using
The GPP 99 CE - Golf Power Performance Chi
the AC - DC - adapter. No dependence on
EnergizerTM - for precision in any sports where it
expensive 9 Volt batteries! Battery option
is needed, such as golf, target shooting, etc.
available, if required.

sphere that you intend to explore. In the experiences so that you can write them
case of the fire element I suggest that you down after you will have removed yourself
imagine a flaming triangle in front of you. from this realm. Some students like to
Imagine this triangle opening up like a gate. interact with fire elementals, or
Move through the gate into the fire Salamanders. This type interaction can
element. You have your protection around take the form of a conversation, of a
yourself, of course. You see telepathic communication, or other
manifestations of fire of all kind; perhaps method.
fire elementals (Salamanders), etc. As you
travel in this realm, you wait for The main purpose of this experience
impressions to come in a vision, sound of astral traveling through the elemental
impression, mental shape, or in any other realm of fire is to get a good understanding
form, or combinations of several of it. Once you have extensively explored
impressions. Note carefully whatever this realm, you can connect with it
comes to you. Be aware of these inner whenever you want to do so. This
sounds, touch, visions, thoughts, etc. Your experience takes the function of a utensil.
memory is stronger now than usual, and It is a utensil, which does not have a
this will help you recall most of these material object as its focal point such as

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the magical objects that you put on your yourself you see a flaming triangle that is
altar. It is a utensil that is anchored within the gateway to the elemental realm of the
the realm of your inner workspace. Your fire. The triangle also represents the fire
access to the astral realm of the fire is a element and your will. Inside the triangle
flaming triangle or whatever other shape you see fire in its many forms, like
you like to use. Gradually you will establish transparencies one within the other. You
many such anchors, or gates, within your can see some of the fire spirits, or
inner workspace. In this course you learn salamanders. You know that fire connects
to establish gates for the four elemental with your will and with the world of
realms. If you study other forms of magic, emanation. You are aware of your
you can open up realms to the various strength and that you are the dominating
energetic hierarchies: the Runes force of the energies of fire that are in your, the planetary universe.
spheres, the realm of various groups of
entities, mythological realms such as Now you repeat to yourself for six times:
Christian saints, Voodoo deities, Egyptian I am all will. Each time that you repeat,
gods, Tibetan deities, etc. you focus on the fire in your inner realm.
Next you say one time: I am One. Again
You can leave this realm whenever then you repeat for six times “I am all will,”
you feel a need or whenever you wish to then once “I am One.” Keep repeating for
do so. For the first time, your astral travel five to ten minutes. Think the words
in the realm of fire (or any other element) slowly and attentively. Visualize them being
should not exceed 15 minutes. Gradually written, perhaps in flaming script.
you can extend the time of your
exploration to one hour. You need to know End the exercise with a brief
that it is not important how long you stay meditation. In this meditation, wait for
in a specific elemental realm, it is the things to manifest in your experience:
intensity of experience that counts. feelings, visions, etc.

While you explore your inner realm The Power Boosters and Transfer Couples
astrally, you do this with the awareness
that it is connected with your outer realm The Power Booster PBT
2400 (like all devices, with
and that both are connected with the silver tubing) comes with a
“cosmic” realm of the element. Transfer Disk. The Transfer Disk
will give you assured smoother
transfer of life energy.


Uses: Carry the transfer disk on you while your
Orgone Generator® or Orgone Radionics TM
Device with attached Power Booster is in your
home. With this simple arrangement, you can
After you have explored the realm carry the energy of your Orgone Generator®
of fire, you proceed with the practice that or Orgone Radionics TM Device with you - any
place in the universe! It is especially suited for
follows. In this practice, it is not an the JU 99 CE and other Chi Energizers TM, the
absolute requirement that establish your output of which the power booster more than
outer realm. If you do decide to set up an triples, and the middle of the line devices (the
RAD 2000 and the LPOG 2400 DL), the power of
outer realm, do it in a simple manner: Set which is doubled by the PBT 2400.
a candle and the elemental triangle on your
Transfer Couple TC 99: Put
altar. one part in front of the output
pipe of any Welz Chi Generator.
Next you establish your inner realm. Carry the other part on you. You
decide which part you prefer to
You imagine yourself being there inside a carry on you. Disk diameter: 1
circle (bubble) that surrounds you. This is -- Rectangle size: 1.75” x 0.8”
your circle of protection. In front of

18 Tel. 770 924 0223 - e-mail:

360 rotations around its axis, or days, that
the Earth completes during its orbit around
the Sun. This means that the Sun stays
approximately one day in each degree.
In this lesson, you will become
familiar with the second element of Twenty-four numbers divide the
oneness: The element of Water. In number 360 so that there is no remainder.
choosing this sequence, we follow the These numbers are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9,
structure of the Divine name Yod He Vau 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 30, 36, 40, 45,
He. The first He in this name represents 60, 72, 90, 120, 180, and 360.
the element of water, or the astral plane.
Two of these numbers are not
The water element is regarded as figurative. A figurative number is a number
being the exact opposite of the fire that corresponds to a regular polygon. It
element. While fire is an expression of is obvious that you cannot inscribe a
volatile light energy, water represents polygon in a circle that has one or two
condensed life energy, or substance of life. corners. You need at least three points
on the periphery of the circle to inscribe a
polygon. Therefore the numbers 1 and 2
ELEMENTAL POLYGONS AND are not considered to be figurative
If you deduct the two numbers that
In the first lesson you became are not figurative from the 24, you have
familiar with the elemental polygons. 22 numbers that remain. These 22
When referring to elemental shapes, most numbers are figurative, of course. This
students think of one of two methods to means that each of these remaining 22
symbolize elements. One set of elemental numbers represents a regular polygon that
symbols is taught in hermetic schools. The we can inscribe in the circle of 360 degrees.
other set refers to the system of the Each of these polygons represents an
tattwas that are part of Hindu philosophy. energetic state. Hence there are 22 forms
of energetic states in the solar system that
For our purpose, both sets of are well defined. The Hebrew alphabet
symbols are inadequate. We need a set consists of 22 letters. Each of these letters
of elemental symbols that represents the represents one of the polygons, or
aspects of the four elements within energetic states.
ourselves as well as the characteristics of
the cosmic elements. This set has to be If we take a close look at the 22
an expression of the Divine name of Yod numbers, we recognize soon that all of
He Vau He. Therefore, the elemental them are composed of the four basic
polygons that we are using serve as exact numbers of 1, 2, 3, and 5. The number 1
structural representations that are evident appears in all numbers. You can regard it
in the basic cabalistic principles. We can as the unifying principle. The numbers of
derive the basic cabalistic principles from 2, 3, and 5 relate to the “three mothers”
the structure of the Solar system as we of which you read in the cabala. Like the
perceive it. Read the following carefully, number 1, the number 2 is not figurative.
because this will help you gain an access It is expressed in the 4 which is the two
to an understanding of the cabalistic multiplied by itself, and figurative.
system that you will not find elsewhere.
When the cabalist refers to three
The zodiac has 360 degrees. These mother letters, seven double letters and
360 degrees refer to the approximately 12 simple ones, he means the following:
Tel. 770 924 0223 - e-mail: 19
There are three elements above that which as a pentagon and as a pentagram. This
is conscious (the earth element), the is expressed in the Divine name. The name
seven planetary principles, and the twelve YOD HE VAU HE has two letters HE.
zodiacal modifiers. Incidentally the letter HE is also the fifth
letter in the Hebrew Alphabet.
The three mother letters of the
Hebrew alphabet are Aleph, Mim, and Schin.
They relate to the following cards of the
Tarot: the Magician, Death, and the Fool.
They are the square, the pentagon, and PROCESS OF MANIFESTATION
the triangle. The fourth element, earth, is
in all other principles: the seven double The Divine name as expressed in the
ones and the twelve simple ones. Its elementary polygons is a perfect
representation is the pentagram. representation of the world as we
experience it, i.e., a generalization of its
Double principles are represented by principles. Consequently, identifying
numbers that you can divide by a double ourselves with this Divine principle means
3, i.e., a 9. The exception here must be to gain control over the energies of a higher
360, which is an expression of all. order that desire manifestation.

Some systems of magic of the The triangle relates to the spark that
planetary spheres ascribe a number of sets things in motion. It is the fire element.
planetary spirits, or genii, to each sphere Its correlate within ourselves is our will.
that corresponds to the number of its In the cosmic realm it is the world of
polygon: 9 to the sphere of Saturn, 18 to emanation. It is the power to say the
the sphere of Jupiter, 36 to the sphere of “there is” (“let there be”).
Mars, 45 genii to the sphere of the Sun,
72 to the sphere of Mercury, 90 to the The water element is the opposite
sphere of Venus, and 180 spirits to the of the fire element. It is symbolized by
sphere of the Moon1. The 360 relates to the pentagon. The five is the second
the Earth, which is manifestation, not figurative prime number. The qualities of
planetary function. water are cold and humid, as opposed to
the hot and dry qualities of the fire
If your intent is to align the elements element. The water element correlates
within as a relation to the generalized to our emotions. In the cosmos it is the
universal principles that they can express, world of formation. Water represents life
you will do well to utilize the zodiacal while fire represents light. Water and fire
polygons that represent the principles of are considered to be the basic elements
the elements with which you are working while the other two elements are regarded
in your quest for Oneness: The triangle, to be interactions between the two primary
the pentagon, the square, and the elements. Water is desire to manifest that
pentagram. goes with all life. It is desire and formation.
Fire is the (Divine) will to create.
These polygons are a perfect
expression of the Divine principle with The air element is interaction
which you identify when you are aligning between fire and water. It creates the
the four elements: The triangle is Yod, matrices that are necessary for
the pentagon is the first He, the square is manifestation. It structures, organizes,
Vau, and the pentagram is the second He. and adjusts. Anything that you intend to
It is interesting to note that the polygon create needs a mental form that
with five points is the first one that can be determines its relations within the planes
inscribed in a circle in two regular shapes:
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where they had experiences that they would not
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times, this type of pulse, or “beat” is used in many
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of existence. The air element is dual, The earth element as symbolized in
relating to both fire and water and allowing the pentagram then obviously is the
the interaction of these two primary synthesis of the other elements, or planes.
elements in the process of manifestation. Things have to be conscious to exist. The
The square is a geometric shape that lies pentagram contains the other elements.
between the triangle and the pentagon. All elements are traced within the circle that
The four is no prime number. It is 2 x 2, represents the universe as a whole,
the double of a prime number or a prime conscious and non conscious. Keep these
number multiplied by itself. It expresses relationships in mind when you proceed
the dual nature of our thinking, and also to practice oneness with the Divine.
the organizing of all there is perceived into
the four elements, again 2 x 2. The four
represents the structural qualities of the
mental plane that we perceive. You can
see our mind as a sensory organ that
perceives forms in the mental plane. It is In the following you are going to
a sensory organ that brings order into the align the two basic elements that appear
many other perceptions that we receive. as opposites: fire and water. The
The mind abstracts continuously from the interaction of fire and water is at the root
primary impressions and from primary of creation eternal of things that become
abstractions on the objective, manifest and conscious. Be aware of this
unspeakable, levels. These processes of fact when you practice.
abstraction are at the root of our
functioning in the environment.
The earth element finally is
manifestation that springs from the YOURSELF
interaction of fire with water. This is
beautifully expressed in the second Before you are going ahead to align
geometric shape with five points in a circle, fire and water it will be good to expand
the pentagram. This shape is a pentagram your outer realm so that it includes utensils
that is surrounded by five triangles. It is that connect with both elements, fire and
consciousness that has organized the water. Before that you are going to work
phenomena. Again the dual and composed with the water element by itself.
nature comes into being similar to the air
element, and in a more complex structure. As in the previous lesson, you have
a circle around yourself. The table is
In a magical evocation you cause outside your circle. Lay out a triangle on
an astral being to enter the world of the table. You may surround this triangle
consciousness (the material plane) from by a circle.
the world of desire (the astral plane) and
to manifest there, usually on the etheric Put a cup with water inside the
level. The evocative magician uses a triangle. Better yet is a wide bowl that is
triangle in which the astral being can filled with water. You can put the cup on
manifest. The astral being that is an elemental design that represents water:
symbolized by the pentagon gains the the pentagon. As soon as you begin with
quality of the triangle so that it can become your operation this set up is going to
manifest in consciousness. In the process connect with the realms of the water
of evocation the pentagon transforms into element.
the pentagram.

22 Tel. 770 924 0223 - e-mail:

To boost this process you visualize
yourself drawing energy from the water
element in the universe and to push it into AND WITH YOUR EMOTIONS
the triangle. Imagine this energy being blue.
Proceed to do so until you feel good about After you have mastered both
what you have achieved. realms, the realm of the fire element and
the realm of the water element, you can
proceed to practice the second step toward
THE WORKSPACE WITHIN consciousness of Oneness.

Your next step is to establish an For this practice, imagine yourself

inner realm that connects with the water in the center of a circle, or sphere, which
element. Again you imagine being in a surrounds you. In front of yourself you
space of your choosing. In front of see a flaming red triangle. You notice that
yourself you see a blue pentagon that is this triangle is an ever present gate to the
formed with water. This pentagon is your water element. In it you see many forms
gate into the realms of the water element. of fire, perhaps also fire spirits and any
Imagine this pentagon opening up and you other things that connect with the fire
going through it to explore the realms of element.
the water element. As you are looking
around yourself within this realm you will Now you mentally repeat to yourself
notice changes in your surroundings that six times:
correspond to the water element. Move
yourself through this realm and explore I am all will.
whatever you see there. Open up your
awareness to whatever will come to you, You can imagine the words written
be it visions, sound impressions, feelings, in front of you in flaming letters. You can
and thoughts. At a later time you can recall feel the heat of the written words. You
your experiences in the water element and can imagine hearing the sounds of fire. The
write them down for your record. If you more sensory imagination you include the
see spirits of the water element, interact better the results will be. Each time you
with them. They may give you valuable say “I am all will” you focus on your inner
information concerning your work with the realm of fire. Next you say once:
water element.
I am One.
The purpose of this experience, of
course, is that you become familiar with Repeat this sequence at least three
the energies that are in the realm of the times.
water element and to understand the
overall importance of this realm. With Next you see a blue watery
practice you can have this realm present pentagon to your left side. You know that
for your magical work whenever you desire this pentagon is your ever present gate to
so. the realm of the water element. In it you
notice water in many of its appearances,
Leave the realm of the water one within the other like three dimensional
element whenever you feel an urge to do transparencies. You can also notice
so. While you are in this inner realm, be Undines, or spirits of the water element.
aware that this realm connects with your This time you will not pay them any
outer realm and with the cosmic realm of particular attention.
the water element.

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Next you repeat mentally to
yourself six times: Performer 2400 = Heavy Duty
Specialty Device
I am all emotions Powerful Perfor-
mance Boosting Tool
that is legal and
You can imagine these words spells success !!!
written in front of you in blue watery letters. Top of the Line Heavy Duty
Welz Chi Generator® ,
You can feel the coolness and humidity of specially designed for
water. You can imagine hearing the many sports, body building,
sounds of water. The more sensory and Fitness.
imagination you include the better the The Performer 2400 is a Heavy Duty Welz Chi
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technology, specially designed to give persons
emotions” you focus on your inner realm who are involved in competitive sports, fitness
of water. Next say once: training, and body building a powerful edge over
others. You can use it to boost your performance
to the max. Above all, unlike many other
I am One. performance enhancing methods, it defies
detection and it is perfectly legal! Some folks
actually call this exceptional tool of power the
Repeat this sequence at least three ultimate unfair advantage!
times. You may interrupt here or you may
The Performer 2400 features a built-in Frequency
proceed as follows: Module that has been designed for twelve
precision low pulse settings. Each of these
Repeat six times: frequen-cies has a special purpose that is
important for your power performance:

Will and emotions are aligned and One 1. very relaxing (Endorphin frequency),
strengthens lower back.
2. HGH-frequency, helps develop muscle,
Repeat one time: rejuvenation effects, rapid recovery
3. Reduces exhaustion, more energy for
extra reps.
I am One 4. Concentration and Precision, especially for
golf, target practice, etc., to reduce fear
5. vitality, focus on: Arms, Shoulders, Upper
Again you repeat this sequence at Back, Chest
least three times. Keep up the connection 6. vitality, focus on: Abs, Legs, Glutes
with the realms of the elements. You will 7. grounding, anti-mind control, improved
stress tolerance; feeling revitalized like you’ve
find your individual way of doing this. spent a day in the country; enhanced learning,
mind-body coordination
It is O.K. to repeat more often than 8. coordination, mood elevator, sense of well
being & decreased pain, especially for hangover
just three times for each sequence. You & jet lag, improved learning, centering, raise
can also practice each section (fire and body temp, increase physical strength, especially
water) individually. for weak muscle group
9. mind/body unity, enhances activating
After you have practiced the whole 10. energy, vitality, imposing subconscious
commands on another (body language projects
sequence at least five times, you are ready confidence of winning), therefore good to win
proceed to your next lesson. competitions, rejuvenation effects, enhances
muscle builders
11. confidence of victory in sports, Increased
Aggression, “energetic steroid”
12. Desensitizer; enhanced vigor & alertness,
more reps, overall training Stamina and

The Performer 2400 supplies you with

continuous Chi energy! A Transfer Disk
for smooth and continuous supply of
powerful life force is included.

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achieve Oneness with the Divine. Once
you have the key that is at the root of all
things conscious, or created, you can have
a powerful effect effect these things with
In this lesson you will continue with
the practice of the third element of your
path to Oneness. This is the element of
air. As I have shown you in the previous THE MENTAL PLANE
lessons, the air element is symbolized by
the square. It is also represented by the With this lesson you will learn how
Hebrew letter VAU. This is a letter that to join and align three elements: the
symbolizes a link between the hot and dry elements of fire, water, and air. Below I
fire and the cold and humid water. repeat the key words for each one of these
The air element is hot and humid.
It is interaction between the two principle Fire:
opposites of fire and water. It structures Hot and dry, positive and electric,
the interaction of these two elements. It expanded light energy.
is life-form of water that is expanded by Will, the world of emanation, or causal
the action of fire into life-force. Earth, on plane.
the other hand, is light energy of fire The equilateral triangle.
condensed by water into conscious matter. The Hebrew letter YOD in the Divine name.
The air element is the structuring principle The Salamanders, fire spirits or fire
in this process of conscious manifestation. elementals.
The Divine spark that is at the root of all
From this relationship we can see manifestation
why the mental plane, i.e., the world of
creation, has always been considered as Water:
being “between” the causal plane of Cold and humid, negative and magnetic,
emanation (fire) and the astral plane of concentrated life energy.
formation and desire (water). Emotions, the world of formation, or the
astral plane.
Before anything can become The regular pentagon.
created, conscious, or manifest, it The Hebrew letter HE in the Divine name.
emanates from the causal plane. The fiery The Undines, water spirits or water
Divine Will is at the root of anything elementals
manifested. Will interacts with the astral The formative potential of desire that
plane of desire, and a mental matrix interacts with the Divine will.
emerges that is at the root of eventual
creation in the material and conscious Air:
plane. Before anything can become Hot and humid, positive and magnetic,
conscious, it takes on an astral matrix that expanded life energy.
is shaped according to a mental structure, Mind, the world of creation, or the mental
or pattern. This simple relationship is well plane.
expressed in the three “mother” polygons The square.
of geometry: the triangle, the pentagon, The Hebrew letter VAU in the Divine name.
and the square. The sylphs, air spirits or air elementals.
The creative potential of (mental)
It is imperative that you become structuring that links the desire to manifest
thoroughly acquainted with the elements with the Divine will to manifest.
and the corresponding planes in order to

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Earth: include utensils that represent the element
Cold and dry, negative and electric, of air.
concentrated light energy.
Consciousness, the world of forms, the Again you draw a circle around
material plane. yourself. Trace a triangle on the table. You
The pentagram can surround this triangle with a circle. Put
The Hebrew letter HE in the Divine name. a candle and wand into the triangle to
The gnomes, earth spirits or earth represent the fire element. Also include
elementals. the elemental talisman (a triangle) that you
The synthesis of the other elements that have previously charged. To represent the
results in conscious manifestation. water element you put a cup with water
in the circle. Include the elemental talisman
of water, i.e., the pentagon. For the air
THE INTERACTION WITH FIRE, element you put an incense burner inside
the triangle. You can add a dagger or a
WATER, AND AIR sword. Include the elemental talisman for
air, the square.
Fire, water, and air are the three
elements that are at the root of conscious From what I have said in the
and material manifestation. Mastery of previous chapter it should be obvious by
the three elements of fire, water, and air, now that the triangle of manifestation on
is a gigantic step toward mastery of the the altar (the large triangle) represents
created energies of the universe. Oneness more than the will of the magician (the
with the Divine will give you this mastery. fire element) that contains the spirit, or
The four elements are at the energetic energy, within this space. It represents
basis of our Solar system. Mythologically the trinity of the elements beyond that
speaking, these elements create the Solar which is manifest and conscious and
system with all its entities, or energies of manifest: fire, water, and air. In many
a higher order (HOE). Therefore it is no pagan mythologies, this trinity finds its
coincidence that the letters of the Divine expression in the Divine trinity that is above
name are an expression of the four the world. You find this trinity also in the
elements in creative action, a world Christian mythology, since the Christian
formula, so to say. religion is not much more than a
“paganized” Jewish religion.
The first three letters of the divine
name are a very useful tool to reverse Since a god that cannot manifest
the energies of any attack back to its origin. itself is dead, there is the necessity to
This is so, because when you are master make things created manifest and
of the three corresponding elements, you conscious. Even a spirit whom you evoke
can dominate any and all energies of a needs to become your conscious
higher order such as spirits, devas, angels, perception. It needs to “materialize” inside
and demons. the triangle that contains it. With the sword
or dagger, the magician has a dominance
over the spirit that comes from the plane
above the astral: from the mental plane.
After you have set up your altar, you
Before you include the air element charge it with your awareness that this
in your aligning of the four elements, you setup is going to attract the elemental
will expand your outer realm. You will energies of air as soon as you set the whole
operation in motion by lighting the incense.

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As incense I suggest frankincense or adequate protection. You notice the
sandalwood. yellow square behind yourself and you
know that this is the gate to the air
To charge this outer realm for your element. Be one with this gate. In this
practices with air, you imagine yourself square you notice many different forms
drawing energies of the air element from of air, like three dimensional transparencies
the universe and projecting it into the (holographs) one within the other. You
triangle. See these energies as having the can notice spirits of the air, such as sylphs,
color yellow. Proceed with this practice and other things that connect with the air
until you feel good about the amount of element.
energy that you have accumulated in this
way. Then continue with the practice by Now repeat mentally six times:
exploring the realm of the air element in
the workspace within yourself. I am all mind

Each time you repeat this sentence

EXPLORING THE AIR ELEMENT you focus on the realm of air as you have
practiced previously. You can visualize this
sentence written in moving yellow letters.
First, you establish your inner
elemental realm. You see yourself in this Next you say once:
place, surrounded by a protective sphere.
This sphere will surround you for as long I am One.
as you explore the realms of the air
element. To your back you see a gate in Repeat this sequence at least three
the shape of a yellow square. Go through times. After your practice make notes of
this gate and enter the realms of the air your experiences, visions, etc., in your
element. At first you can perceive air in magical diary.
many different forms of manifestation.
Later new experiences will come to you.
As you travel in this realm, keep your PRACTICE OFALIGNING THE THREE ELEMENTS OR
attention open to the various impressions, PRACTICE OF THE TRINITY.
visions, and especially thoughts, which you
perceive. Leave this realm whenever you 1. In front of yourself see a fiery triangle,
want to do so. After closing the practice, with manifestations of fire within this gate,
write down your experiences that you as you have practiced in the previous
have in this realm for your records. lessons.
While you are traveling in this inner
realm, be aware that this realm is closely 2. Repeat six times to yourself:
connected with the outer realm and with
the cosmic realms of the element. The I am all will.
separation into three different realms
is an artificial one that sees three 3. Say once:
different aspects of one and the same
reality. I am One

4. To your left you see a blue and watery

BEING ONE WITH THE MIND pentagon, with water in many forms,
water spirits, etc.
Again, set up your outer realm,
charge it, and surround yourself with the 5. Repeat six times to yourself:

29 Tel. 770 924 0223 - e-mail:

I am all emotions.
New! The AO 2000 Water
6. Say once: OptimizerTM
I am One. Orgone water is well known. It is water that has
absorbed life force (Chi energy, orgone, prana)
after having been put either into an orgone ac-
7. Behind yourself see an airy yellow cumulator or in the vicinity of an orgone genera-
square, your gate to the air element.
Such water is super charged with life force and
very beneficial. It has a slightly bitter after taste,
8. Repeat six times: and it does not have the properties of "living water",
i.e., water that has been revitalized into its origi-
I am all mind. nal state.

Most living water products on today’s market lack

9. Say once: the massive life force that water can absorb in
an orgone accumulator or next to an orgone gen-
I am One.
With the AO 2000 Orgone Aqua Optimizer™ you
can now get the best of both worlds: Living water
10. Repeat six times mentally: that is saturated with life force. This extraordi-
nary new device is the result of the Super-Orgonite®
composite material in a new generator of polar-
Will, emotions, and mind, are aligned; will, ized Chi energy that contains also all the necessary
emotions, and mind are One. I am One. I elements to put water back into its "sweet tast-
ing" original state. Get proof of it with our free test!
am One with the Divine Trinity. Using Orgone Radionics™ technology, you can now
get this test anywhere, no matter how far away
Practice this sequence at least three you are from our equipment.
times before you proceed to the next Living water that is charged with life force stays
lesson. fresh longer as a result of significant microbio-
logical changes towards a healthy environment.
It features:

A taste that's excellent, even addic-

A softer "feel" when you reach into it
A powerful feeling of being energized
after you drink it
A better taste of food and drinks and
longer life
It enhances the growth of
plants. This is plainly visible: stron-
ger plants, more blossoms and larger
and better tasting fruit, and more
beautiful flowers
It can save you laundry powder
Being saturated with life force, it
keeps helping the environment even
after use
It is attractive to animals. Especially
cats feel attracted to water that has
been revitalized by means of satu-
ration with life force

You can make living water (water that has been

returned to its natural energetic state and satu-
rated with Chi energy - life force) with
ease: Simply put a bottle or cup of water of your
choice (store bought or filtered) on top of the
new AO 2000 (Aqua OptimizerTM 2000) for a few
minutes. Then enjoy.

An additional feature of the AO 2000 is that it

improves the taste of any food or drink that you
put on it for a few minutes.

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these interrelations in my course “magick
of the future.”

With this lesson, you will enter the

realms of the earth element, or of the EXPLORING THE EARTH ELEMENT
consciousness. This is the realm where
things become manifest. It is a synthesis Before you begin with your practice
of the other three elements. In the divine of aligning the elements, including the
name YOD HE VAU HE, the earth element consciousness or earth element, you will
is in the second HE. explore the earth element by itself. Here
a brief repetition of key words that relate
As I have pointed out above, the to the Earth element. Keep these in mind
five is the first number that allows the when you practice.
tracing of a polygon in more than one way.
You can trace a regular pentagon or a Earth: Consciousness, the world of
pentagram. The pentagram, of course, is forms, the material plane.
a pentagon with triangles extended from The pentagram and the Hebrew
it. This alone shows the synthesis of fire letter HE.
and water. More precisely, the earth Cold and dry.
element is a synthesis of the three The gnomes, Earth spirits.
elements that appear before manifestation Divine consciousness which is the
occurs: fire, water, and air. Earth is essence of manifestation.
structured, or cold.

Earth is the element of the material

planes. You can say that things that are
conscious are things material. This means,
Before you include the earth element
of course, that you bring the material
in your aligning of the four elements, you
planes with yourself when you explore the
will expand your outer realm. You will now
planes that are not material. It is your
add the utensils that represent the element
penetrating consciousness that makes
of earth.
these planes material. In other words: all
planes have characteristics of all other
Again you draw a circle around
planes within themselves. There is nothing
yourself. Trace a triangle on the table. You
that we perceive which would not have
may surround this triangle with a circle.
this infinite complexity of the elements that
Put a candle and wand into the triangle to
constitute the phenomena. If you develop
represent the fire element. Also include
an energy that you intend to materialize,
the elemental talisman (a triangle) that you
you need to proceed from the elements
have previously charged. To represent the
above the material plane: causal-
water element, you put a cup with water
emanation, mental-creation, astral-
in the circle. Include the elemental talisman
formation, and material-form.
of water, i.e., the pentagon. For the air
element you put an incense burner inside
The material plane is the world of
the triangle. You may add a dagger or a
forms. This world of forms we can see as
sword. Include the elemental talisman for
composed of two sub-planes: the dense
air, the square. For the earth element,
material plane and the etheric plane. In
put the elemental talisman of earth, the
the relation between these two sub planes,
pentagram, in the circle. Put a crystal in
again, you can see the four elements at
the center of this pentagram. Instead of
play. You find more information concerning
the crystal you can use a dish with earth.

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For practices that go beyond the sphere realm of the earth element in the
of this planet, a tektite (meteorite) or a workspace within yourself.
moldovite (a glass meteorite) is ideal.

In the previous chapter, I have

stressed that the triangle of manifestation
on the altar (the large triangle) does not
only represent the will of the magician (the At first, you establish your inner
fire element) that contains the spirit, or elemental realm. You see yourself in this
energy, within this space. It does also place, surrounded by a protective sphere.
represent the trinity of the elements This sphere will surround you for as long
beyond that which is manifest and as you explore the realms of the earth
conscious: fire, water, and air. To element. To your right side you see a gate
represent the synthesis of the three in the shape of a brown pentagram. At a
elements into the earth element, I suggest later time you may explore the earth
the following set up: Put the utensils that element by entering a white or a black
represent the fire element into the corner pentagram. Go through this gate and
of the triangle that is farthest away from enter the realms of the earth element. At
you. Put the water utensils into the left first you may perceive earth in many
corner and the air utensils into the right different forms of manifestation. Later
corner. Then put the earth utensils into new experiences will come to you. As you
the middle of the triangle. travel in this realm, keep your attention
open to the various impressions, visions,
After you have set up your altar, you and conscious experience that you can
charge it with your awareness that this perceive. If you interact with spirits of the
setup is going to attract the elemental earth element, or gnomes, be sure not to
energies of earth as soon as you set the fall for their “promises”. At some later point
whole operation in motion by lighting the you will understand the reason why. Leave
candles and the incense. As incense I the realm of the earth element whenever
suggest frankincense or sandalwood. you want to do so. After closing the
practice, write down your experiences that
To charge this outer realm for your you have in this realm for your records.
practices with the earth element, you
imagine yourself drawing energies of the While you are traveling in your inner
earth element from the universe and realm, be aware that this realm is closely
projecting it into the triangle. See these connected with the outer realm and with
energies as having the color brown. You the cosmic realms of the earth element.
can also use the colors white or black. The separation into three different realms
White represents the combination of the is an artificial one that sees three different
three elemental colors, while black aspects of one and the same reality.
represents earth as our mother: the
womb from which the forms are coming
forth. This color connects with the first BEING ONE WITH
manifestation of consciousness at the
threshold of chaos. CONSCIOUSNESS
Proceed with the practice of Imagine yourself being surrounded
projecting earth energies until you feel by a circle, or sphere. On your right side
good about the amount of energy that you you notice the pentagram of brown color.
have accumulated in this way. Then In it you see the gate to the earth element
proceed with the practice by exploring the and to the world of conscious forms. You

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see earth spirits, of gnomes together with 5. Behind yourself you see a yellow airy
many varied forms of earth. You may square. In the square you notice air in
perceive yourself as being surrounded by many forms and Sylphs, or spirits of the
crystals. air. Repeat six times:

Repeat to yourself six times, in your I am all mind. I am all air.

6. Repeat once:
I am all consciousness.
I am One
Repeat once:
7. To your right you see a brown earthy
I am One pentagram. In the pentagram you notice
earth in many forms and gnomes, spirits
Keep repeating for at least ten times, of the earth. Repeat six times:
and meditate. Then write your experiences
into your diary. After you have practices I am all consciousness. I am all earth.
this exercise for ten times, you can
continue with the practice of the four 8. Repeat once:
I am One

THE PRACTICE OF THE 9. Repeat six times:

FOUR ELEMENTS Will, emotions, mind, and consciousness

are aligned and One.
1. In front of you, you see a triangle in
flaming red color. Within the triangle you 10. Repeat once:
notice fire in its many forms, perhaps also
fire spirits, i.e., Salamanders. You know I am One.
that fire relates to the world of emanation
and to your will. Repeat six times to Practice this sequence at least three
yourself: times before you go on to the next
lessons. Be aware of the inner realms of
I am all will. I am all fire. each element as you tune into it. At a
later point of your work, these visualized
2. Repeat once: realms will take more and more some
abstract form. For now visualization is
I am One quite helpful.

3. To your left, you see a pentagon in

watery blue color. In the pentagon you
notice water in many forms and water
spirits, or Undines. Repeat six times:

I am all emotions. I am all water.

4. Repeat once:

I am One

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The ATGS 3000 = Astro Trend
Generating SystemTM The advantages of this technology are mind-
The ATGS 3000 is by far the most versatile
and powerful work station for trend The ATGS 3000 allows you to custom tailor any
management and mind control on a large desired trend so that it matches optimally the
scale: treat 12 fields of life experience individual structure (as represented by the birth
simultaneously or use for 12 different actions chart) of any person !!! In other words: Now you
at the same time. It works well with the RI have the technology to generate optimal
2400 CD radionics program (included) astrological progressions and to block
undesired trends successfully. The astrologer
Astrological trends are the result of an interaction who uses the ATGS 3000 is no longer a mere
between the individual astrological constellation at interpreter of trends and at best a counselor. There
birth (the chart representing the planets at the time is no doubt that the astrologer who uses the
of birth) and the planetary positions in the Solar ATGS 3000 is the “wise who rules the stars”!
system at any given time. These positions, as seen This astrologer naturally is the true professional who
from the Earth, take the aspect of a radionics device, in fact is helping rather than merely talking.
or multiple trend-link, of cosmic proportions. The
individual modulation effect depends largely on the The ATGS 3000 has twelve orgone generators that
individual structure of the receiving organism, or are cast into a donut shape and point toward the
target. Astrology describes trends of the past, center. The output pipes are silver. Each generator
present, and future, by way of interrelating these represents one astrological house or one astrological
structures of the planetary system. Over the sign, depending ou your personal preferences. Each
millennia, several sets of rules evolved that were generator is powered by a pulse module, the
eventually condensed into a relatively simple syntax frequency of which is determined by three radionics-
(see my astrology course). type dials. This allows you to set the desired
From our point of view, i.e., seeing the planetary characteristics of each field of life experience
system as a huge radionics device that is powered (symbolized by the twelve astrological houses)
by life force, it was just a small step to actually radionically, even if you are not a professional
model a system of life force generators after the astrologer.
astrological basic structure, i.e., the twelve fields
of life experience (“astrological houses”). With this You have an extremely powerful alternative to
generator-modulator of planetary-type life force astrological settings: You can use each orgone
(orgone), you are now capable of setting up an generator of your ATGS 3000 individually for one
“astrological greenhouse”. This “astrological specific radionic action each, 12 different targets
greenhouse” compares well to greenhouses that with 12 different effects. For this operation, the RI
people use to grow plants in areas where the outside 2400 CD Radionics Program (included) is as
climate would never allow such a thing. With your excellent an accessory as there can be! With this
astrological greenhouse (the ATGS 3000) you can program you can set up to twelve different actions
now generate astrological trends of very of the ATGS 3000 at the same time.
specific events, or actions, when such trends
are not promised in an individual chart. In The ATGS 3000 is the top of the line Orgone
fact, you can now go one step further: To expedite Generator/Radionics Combination Equipment. Its
a solution to a challenge, you can now use planetary special circular arrangement of twelve power
positions and patterns that never occur naturally, generators, each one powered by a three dial
just the same way that you can use a conventional radionics frequency setting, makes the generating
greenhouse to design climatic conditions and of any astrological trend as easy as child’s play!
sequences that do not exist anywhere on this The flexibility of this device is unsurpassed! You
planet, but which provide optimal growth conditions are virtually creating your own universe!!!
for specific plants, allowing them to thrive Size: Power Part: 11 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 3 1/4 in.
abundantly! Donut: 14 inches diameter, 2 1/2 inches tall

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elements within yourself and an expression
of the structure of the Divine name.
Therefore your altar will have utensils that
represent the four elements. These
THE OUTER REALM utensils should be arranged in a way that
reflects their aligning. You set your table
up as follows:
In this lesson you will deepen your
experience of Divine consciousness. I will Draw a circle on the table. You can
also give you additional suggestions of use a cord or rope and lay out a circle
how to expand your practice. You will work with it.
with a very specialized outer realm that
will help you in the deepening of your Inside the circle you trace an
experience. As you continue with the equilateral triangle. This is your triangle of
practice, you will internalize this outer manifestation. Leave enough space
realm increasingly so that eventually it will between the triangle and the circumference
no longer be necessary for you to set up of the circle for the utensils of the four
this outer realm. elements. Put one or two altar candles
inside the triangle. Two candles especially
If you proceed as I am going to are of use to control and see the energies
outline below, you succeed with ease in that you are going to connect with.
making the consciousness of being One a
permanent attitude. Such attitude can give Inside the circle and outside the
you dominion over the energies of a higher triangle you put the utensils that represent
order (spirits) that you will contact during the four elements. Put the elemental
your magical evolution. triangle with the candle to the upper right.
Put the elemental pentagon with the cup
You set up your outer realm in a of water or wine to the upper left. Put the
form that reflects the alignment of the four elemental square with the incense (and
elements. dagger if you like) to the lower left. Finally
you put the elemental pentagram with the
At first you trace a circle around crystal (or dish with earth) to the lower
yourself in which you are going to stand right.
or sit. You imagine this circle of being part
of a protective sphere that surrounds you. You can use this basic circle for
As you progress in your magical evolution many other types of work. In each case
you will expand the characteristics of this this setup will represent your oneness with
protective sphere. Consequently your the Divine.
power in dealing with complex energies of
a higher order (spirits) will increase, Your next step is the charging of
especially when you are going to use the your outer realm with the energies that
commanding power of Divine you are going to use. You do so by first
consciousness. charging the circle that surrounds you.
While imagining this sphere that surrounds
In front of your circle you have your you, you know that this sphere is
table, or altar. The altar is your individual protection.
switchboard that serves as a structural link
to the specific realms, or energies, which Then you take your power rod (or
you intend to explore or use. In the dagger) and trace the circle on the altar.
practice that you are going to do, your You can do the tracing with your index
altar, of course, has to be a structural finger that points toward the periphery of
representation of the aligning of the four

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The Power RadionicsTM Programs establishing of structural links, the purpose
of the orgone generator® (Welz Chi
As is the case with the Radionics Device, the Generator®) is to provide the radionics
purpose of the Radionics Program is to establish device with massive life energy in order
structural links. The purpose of a Welz Chi to get far reaching results faster, easier,
Generator® is the generating of life force, or and more effectively than ever before!
Chi energy. Our programs are Power RadionicsTM
Programs, because you can connect them This combination of the new Welz Chi Generator®
structurally with a Welz Chi Generator®, which with the radionics device, Power Radionics TM ,
adds Power to your radionics operations. opened the door to many new ways to benefit from
radionics more effectively than ever before. For
this reason, the new Power Radionics Devices
and Power Radionics Programs are very
effective tools with near-infinite potential!

Why Power Radionics TM?

Power Radionics is a gigantic step ahead of all

conventional radionics devices and radionics
programs (see the diagrams on page 13): It adds
massive life force to radionics. This means
continuous power driving towards the
results that you programmed into your
computer. The continuous flow of life force is
made possible with a special structural link that
connects your life force generator (Welz Chi
Generator®), the Power RadionicsTM Program and
the target of your operation: Therefore, each
program comes with a fully individualized transfer
card and the corresponding file on your program
that connect the trend and target settings of your
The RI 2400 CD Radionics radionics device directly with the trend and target
functions in your program.
Program and Interface for PC
About Power Radionics TM Another important feature that makes the Power
Radionics Program much more effective than the
Radionics was first discovered a century ago. It rest is the fact that we included four settings in
is a technology that involves interaction with addition to the “Trend” and “Target” settings
the human consciousness. This technology helps in the average radionics program:
you to project at any distance energy (life force) (1) an orgone transfer function to energize
and trends that give inclination to desired effects the Power Radionics Program (see above about
or results. In the transfer test you have transfer cards)
experienced proof that distance is irrelevant in (2) a basic energy (“Basic Action”) setting
work with radionics. You can use the radionics that boosts the trend-to-target connection with
device to project energy and trends to yourself the principal energy field
and to others. This fact makes radionics a (3) a setting for a trend energy that is
powerful tool in your hands, provided that you exerting an influence upon the
have the open mind to make use of this environment of the target, for a more rapid
exceptionally effective technology. overall success, and
(4) a setting for an alternative target. This
We have shown you that such projection is
alternative target can also be used as a
possible with the help of life force and structural
“grounding function” to prevent repercussion to
links. This works as well in the case where
the operator when the trend energy cannot reach
such structural links are of a purely abstract
the envisioned target for reason of interference,
nature in the form of radionics settings, or
blockage, etc.
“rates”. In other words, the technology of
radionics can now easily be explained as a direct You find these extremely important
consequence of the characteristics of life force: settings only in our Power Radionics
Its transfer at any distance by way of structural Programs. The obvious lack of such overall
links and its negative entropy! Assumptions of flexibility naturally makes any other radionics
“esoteric” speculations, or assumptions, such program on today’s market inferior to the Power
as non-measurable “frequencies”, “higher Radionics Programs from HSCTI !!!
planes”, “astral energies”, “morphogenetic
fields” and the like certainly are a thing of the You can use the program by itself, especially
past, obsolete, and no longer necessary for a when connected to an orgone generator (Welz
scientific explanation of the amazing effects of Chi Generator®). It works best in conjunction
radionics! with an orgone radionics device: the RAD 2000
or the RAD 2400 HD, and, especially, with the
Power RadionicsTM is the logical consequence of RAD 5 with its 5 heavy duty orgone generators®,
this new understanding of radionics: While the one for each setting of the RI 2400 CD. In fact,
purpose of the radionics device is the the RAD 5 was fashioned after the RI 2400 CD.

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the circle. While you trace the circle you
Actually, you can run as many radionics operations
simultaneously as you want and your computer project energy into it. It builds up like a
permits. For simultaneous operations, the RAD 5 sphere of which the material circle that you
or the ATGS 3000 are ideal Chi Generators®. With have traced is the equator.
the ATGS 3000 you can run up to 12 simultaneous
power radionic operations!!!
Next you trace the triangle in the
The Power RadionicsTM Program comes with well
over 1,000 images — a smorgasbord for every center of the circle. As you trace the
serious operator!!! triangle with your finger or power rod or
Especially the magician will appreciate that addition dagger, you visualize strongly that energy
of the talismans of the Key of Solomon the King, flows into the lines of the triangle.
the Abramelin Squares, the talismans of the Faust
Grimoire, of the Sage of the Pyramids, of the
Goetia, and a great many more. Light the two altar candles.
Proceed to light the candle that represents
the fire element. Next, you project fire
energy into the elemental triangle of fire.
Imagine the elemental triangle being a gate
to the cosmic realms of fire. Draw the
red fire energy from the universe while you
inhale and project it into the elemental
triangle of fire while you exhale. Proceed
with the charging of the elemental
pentagon of water with the blue energy of
the water element. Charge water energy
into the pentagon until you feel that this is
The PR 2000 CD Power enough. Proceed the same way with the
air element and with the earth element.
RadionicsTM Program for PC
After you have finished with charging the
Like the RI 2400 CD, with additional four elemental talismans you imagine their
features: energies flowing into the triangle in the
Easy Solutions for your Challenges: Power center of your altar, mainly into the area
Radionics TM comes with thousands of ready-to- between the two candles.
use filters for every purpose. You can also use
your own easily created filters or images for
limitless possibilities. At first your work may not appear
SureRate System: The Power Radionics TM
to you as perfect as you would have
Program is equipped with an interactive stickpad
which ensures the correct radionic settings or expected. Be assured that with practice
rates for your application simply by moving your your methods of drawing and projecting
mouse over a designated area of the screen.
There is no guess work!
energies will gain in intensity and power.
Translucent Chi Transfer: As an option, you
can have Power RadionicsTM create an exact filter
by combining the Chi transfer and link image
together to form a pass-thru on every point. THE INNER REALM
This new combination of the Welz Chi
Generator® with the radionics device, i.e.,
Power Radionics TM , opened the door to
Now you use what you have learned
many new ways to benefit from radionics in the previous lessons to establish your
more effectively than ever before. This is inner realm. In a meditative state you see
the reason why the new Power RadionicsTM
Devices and Power Radionics TM Programs yourself in your favorite location. This can
are very effective tools with near-infinite be the peak of a mountain, a clearing in
potential! the woods, a temple, or whatever other
location you choose. You know that you
are the ruler or the Divine being of your
universe, that you have all elemental

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energies available and that you can draw the corresponding element as you speak
and project any of these energies of the out the Divine name. This strengthens your
universe. awareness that you are One with the divine
and that the energies of the universe are
In front of yourself you notice a under your command. Remain in this state
flaming red triangle that is the gate to the of consciousness for as long as you wish.
realms of the fire element. You see Be aware that the Divine spark is within
Salamanders and spiritual fire as well as yourself. Be aware that this your divinity
many forms of fire. You have the is present even at times when you are not
awareness that you are One with your will consciously aware of this fact.
and with the causal forces of the universe.
You know that you are connected with the End this meditative state whenever
causal plane, or the world of emanation. you feel like doing so. You know that this
state remains a reality for you in your non-
To your left side you see a watery conscious realm.
blue pentagon that is the gate to the realm
of the water element. You see Undines
and spiritual water as well as many forms GROUP PRACTICE
of water. You have the awareness that
you are One with your emotions and with Very powerful is group practice of
the astral forces of the universe. You know Oneness. In such a practice an
that you are connected with the astral experienced person leads the energy
plane, or the world of formation. projection into the altar. Such energy
projection, of course, is very powerful since
Behind yourself you see an airy all members of the group project energies.
yellow square that is the gate to the realm Then the group leader guides the group
of the air element. You see Sylphs and through the meditation of Oneness in the
spiritual air as well as many forms of air. inner realm. A very powerful practice is to
You have the awareness that you are One connect the inner realms of all participants
with your mind and with the mental forces into One! This leads to an experience of a
of the universe. You know that you are joint consciousness of being Divine! All
connected with the mental plane, or the members of the group are One!
world of creation.

To your right side you see an earthy

brown pentagram that is the gate to the PRACTICE WITH THE INNER
realm of the earth element. You see
Gnomes and spiritual earth as well as many
forms of earth. You have the awareness
The outer realm is near
that you are One with your consciousness
indispensable at the beginning of your
and with the material forces of the
work. You can also practice at any time
universe. You know that you are
by simply working from within your inner
connected with the material plane, or the
realm. As you progress you can achieve
world of forms.
the consciousness of Oneness simply by
repeating the mantra “YOD HE VAU HE”
You know that you are dominating
several times.
these worlds, or planes. You draw the
energies from the four gates toward
yourself where they merge. You repeat
the mantra “YOD HE VAU HE” several times
while connecting each of the letters with

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The projecting of Divine Light has
many purposes such as healing and
protection. If a person is grounded in
Divine consciousness and has received the
appropriate initiations, he or she can project
Divine Light to help others achieve their
consciousness of being One at a more
rapid rate. Very powerful is the practice in
which several persons who have Divine
consciousness project at one person. We
are practicing this in group seminars. In
such seminars the participants achieve
their state of cosmic consciousness within The EPM 2400 Exterior
one weekend of intensive practice. Precision Module
Range: 0.01 Hz to 99.99 Hz
Precision: 1/100,000
CONCLUSION Attach this exterior module to the Heavy Duty
Devices: LPOG 2400 HD and RAD 2400 HD. This
exact frequency module boasts a total of 10,000
After you have read this course or, settings. Its precision of 1/100,000 is
better yet, if you have worked through unsurpassed.
these lessons, you can now understand Advantages of the EPM 2400: The “Input EPU”
the crucial importance of Oneness for your jack on the heavy duty devices (the RAD 2400
overall success in metaphysical training. HD and LPOG 2400 HD) leads to a second
Now you can understand why Oneness is generator in the Heavy Duty orgone generating
to be at the beginning of any meaningful units. This second generator can be powered
metaphysical training. Cosmic up with a pulse input from the EPM 2400.
consciousness helps you in many ways. When having both generators running, you can
Above all, with this consciousness you will more than double the power output of your
act from a Divine perspective rather than heavy duty device.
from a limited human perspective.
The advantages of this exact frequency
The advantages of being One are generator are obvious: With it you can now
set your generator output at any frequency
obvious especially in metaphysical work. that you desire, any frequency that best
Persons who are One need no longer be reflects your needs.
in danger of getting possessed by low
astral beings who pose as high spiritual This exterior precision pulse module has been
teachers or evolved warriors of ancient designed to meet the requirements of persons
times in order to entice their victims. Such who desire to set any frequency of their choice
with absolute precision, stability, and reliability.
beings are constantly trying to seize a This exact frequency requirement is desirable
human body so that they can manifest on for specific purposes such as performance
the material plane. Oneness at the enhancement in sports, or when you work with
beginning of your training protects you a radionics system that is based on actual
against these dangers for good! frequency settings. Therefore, you can use it in
conjunction with a stick pad, pendulum or other
Oneness will allow you a much faster device to determine frequencies that work very
overall progress in any type of much like radionics rates. This way you can
either set up a system of exact frequencies that
metaphysical path! reflect specific trends or you can use a book
that gives you a list of these frequencies.
Being certain that this course will be The radionics qualities of this extraordinary
a decisive help on your path, I remain device allow you to get a frequency rate either
by rubbing a stick pad, then, when you feel the
“stick”, by pushing the “random” button, or by
Yours in Oneness of Cosmic consciousness releasing the other buttons to set frequencies
whenever you feel the stick.
Karl Hans Welz

38 Tel. 770 924 0223 - e-mail: