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Creation of the Cordillera Autonomous Region pushed

Northern Luzon lawmakers have bonded together pushing for the creation of the
Cordilleras Autonomous Region (CAR) under a proposed Organic Act embodied in !
&Cordillera autonom' will bring to the national attention as well the benefits of
accepting and promoting cultural diversit' through the formulation of multi(cultural
policies for )ndigenous *eoples ()*s) and )ndigenous Cultural Communities ()CCs)+, the
Northern Luzon lawmakers stressed%
! "#"$ is -ointl' authored b' Rep% Nicasio .% Aliping+ /r% (Lone 0istrict+ !aguio
Cit')+ Rep% .anuel 1% Ag'ao (Lone 0istrict+ 2alinga)+ Rep% 3edd' !rawner !aguilat+ /r%
(Lone 0istrict+ )fugao)+ Rep% 4leanor !ulut(!egtang (Lone 0istrict+ Apa'ao)+ Rep% .aria
/ocel'n 5% !ernos (Lone 0istrict+ Abra)+ Rep% Ronald .% Cosalan (Lone 0istrict+
!enguet)+ and Rep% .a6imo !% 0alog (Lone 0istrict+ .ountain *rovince)%
3he authors noted that Article 7+ 1ection 89 of the 8$:; Constitution mandates the
creation of autonomous regions in .uslim .indanao and in the Cordilleras consisting of
provinces+ cities+ municipalities and geographical areas sharing common and distinctive
historical and cultural heritage+ economic and social structures and other relevant
characteristics within the framework of the Constitution+ the national sovereignt'+ and the
territorial integrit' of the countr'%
3he Autonomous Region in .uslim .indanao (AR..)+ in accord with the
Constitution+ was created under R%A% No% #;<" and was strengthened and e6panded under
R%A% No% $=9"% owever+ the authors said+ the Cordillera Autonomous Region has 'et to
be realized%
4arl' this week+ the special Ad oc Committee created b' the ouse of
Representatives has approved its rules of procedure to guide its consideration of the
proposed !angsamoro !asic Law as contained in ! "$$" and designed to replace the
e6isting AR..%
3he CAR proponents recalled that on /ul' 89+ 8$:;+ *resident Corazon C% A>uino
issued 46ecutive Order No% ??= creating the cordillera Administrative Region with the
mandate to administer the affairs of government in the region+ accelerate the economic
and social growth and development of the units of the region+ and prepare for the
establishment of the autonomous region in the Cordilleras%
1ubse>uentl'+ two Organic Acts creating the CAR were enacted in 8$$= and 8$$:
but both Organic Acts failed ratification mainl' because of the people@s lack of awareness
NR # 3597B
SEPT. 22, 2014
and understanding of the autonom' issues+ coupled with misinformation drives undertaken
b' some sectors+, the' lamented%
3hen in ?==#+ the Regional 0evelopment Council(Cordillera Administrative Region
(R0CACAR) decided to renew the pursuit of regional autonom' after it had determined
that the onl' wa' to drasticall' address underdevelopment and povert' in the region
would be through regional autonom'%
&Bith polic' and budgetar' support from the national government+ the authors said+
the R0C(CAR has since engaged in information+ education and communication ()4C) and
capabilit'(building activities towards regional autonom' at all levels in the region down to
the grassroots+, the' recalled+ adding that this campaign resulted to the draft Organic Act
filed in the 89
Congress as ! 99$9%
&*ulse surve's conducted thereafter revealed an increasing support to regional
autonom'+, the' noted%
3he authors of ! "#"$ stressed that Cordillera autonom' would be the most
effective option to provide the region with the needed solid foundation to pursue
sustainable development as the region hopes to benefit from the management and use of
its natural resources%
3he transitor' provisions+ among other vital provisions+ in the proposed CAR
Organic Act+ contained in ! "#"$+ statesC
(a) &3he coverage of the plebiscite shall be the provinces of Abra+ Apa'ao+ !enguet+
)fugao+ 2alinga+ .ountain *rovince+ the chartered Cit' of !aguio and the component Cit'
of 3abuk+ 2alinga%,
(b) &An' two or more provinces andDor cities voting favorabl' for this Organic Act
in the plebiscite shall comprise the Cordillera Autonomous Region while those voting
unfavorabl' for this Organic Act in the plebiscite shall revert to its mother region prior to
the establishment of the Cordillera Autonomous Region%,
)t is also vital to note that 1ection " of ! "#"$ statesC &3he Cordillera
Autonomous Region is an integral and inseparable territorial and political subdivision of
the *hilippines%,
&3he Cordillerans+ as citizens of the *hilippines+ shall owe allegiance and fidelit' to
the Republic+, the authors declared% (<=) dpt