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Supply Chain Management

1. How geographically diverse is the firms supply base? How politically diverse is it?
2. Is the firm vulnerable to widespread revolution across the region? If so, how does the
supply management fight this?
3. Where does the firm vendors source their products and materials from, and can they be
4. Does the firm have backup suppliers in the event the primary vendor goes down?
5. Is quality built into the firms supply chain, or do inspection and correction occur after the
6. Is supply chain management a strategic senior level position in the firms organization or
is it a part of an operations activity?
7. Is the movement of information and money as critical in the firms supply chain as the
movement of materials? In other words, does it take longer to create paperwork and
process payments than it takes to deliver the services?
8. Does the firm have a built-in change management process that constantly reviews the
elements of the supply chain and looks for opportunities to improve quality and
operational efficiencyor does the firms systems, policies and procedures block
9. Does the firms supply chain minimize the amount of touches and the touch time in
supply chain transactions, so as to reduce the number of potential failure points?
10. Continuity or contingency planning has become a key element of supply chain planning
and management. What are some best practices that you can share in developing and
embedding these approaches?

Human Resource

1. Is there any particular Human Resources philosophy set to influence the practices
observed in the Human Resource Department?
2. What are the Human Resource practices that are done in manning every department?
3. Is the Human Resource Department greatly interested in fresh graduates or preferred who
those who has experience in practice?
4. How is hiring governed?
5. In case of immediate loss of employee through foreseeable or non-foreseeable, does the
company immediately man the vacant through internal or external hiring?
6. How are employees motivated? Through incentives and rewards, career advancement or
by instilling words of motivation?
7. How are employees compensated?
8. How are employees given benefits? Does the company comply with the rule of law in
giving employee benefits?
9. How does the Human Resource Department deal with employee-to-employee and
employee-to-employer conflicts?
10. Does the Human Resource Department trainings and education to employees? If so how
is this done?