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Design Coordination and Consultation

Assist and coordinate all phases of design including the review of conceptual designs
during development recommending alternative solutions whenever design details affect
construction feasibility or schedules. Advise on site use and improvements, selection of
materials, building systems and equipment. Provide recommendations on relative
construction feasibility, availability of materials and labor, time requirements for
installation and construction and factors related to cost, including costs of alternative
designs or materials, preliminary budgets and possible economies.

Cost Estimates

Prepare a project budget for the Owners approval as soon as major project
requirements have been identified and update periodically.

Prepare an estimate of construction cost based on a quantity survey of Drawings and
Specifications at the end of the Schematic Design Phase for approval by the Owner.
Update and refine this estimate for the Owners approval as the development of the
Drawings and Specifications proceed and advise the Owner and the Architect if it
appears that the Project budget will not be met and make recommendations for
corrective action if not met accordingly.

Value Engineering

Review of the Drawings and Specifications as they are being prepared, evaluating initial
construction expenditures versus operating expenditures, advise on construction
feasibility of design for present costs versus future costs, thereby, optimizing the Total
Cost of the facility.

Pre-Purchase of Selected Materials

Investigate and recommend a schedule for purchase by the Owner of all materials and
equipment requiring long lead time procurement, and coordinate the schedule with the
early preparation of Contract Documents by the Architect. Expedite and coordinate
delivery of these purchases.

Governmental Agency Coordination

Represent the Owner and assist the Architect and Engineer in the acquisition of permits
and approvals required by governmental agencies.


Selection of Bidders

Selection of qualified bidders for each trade. Prepare pre-qualification criteria for bidders
and develop Contractor interest in the Project. Establish bidding schedules and conduct
pre-bid conferences to familiarize bidders with the bidding documents and management
techniques and with any special systems, materials or methods.


Set up and supervise bidding procedure. Prepare bid packages. Review the Drawings
and Specifications to:

1. ascertain if areas of jurisdiction overlap;
2. verify that all work has been included.

Analysis of Proposals

Receive bids, prepare bid analyses and make recommendations to the Owner for award
of contracts or rejection of bids. Review proposals with individual Contractors for Scope
of Work.

Construction Contract Negotiations

Select three (3) lowest bidders for each trade and conduct contract negotiations to
produce the best possible price.

Preparation of Contracts

Conduct pre-award conferences and prepare construction contracts.


Progress Schedule

Prepare a job progress schedule showing all phases of the work through project

Construction Scheduling and Monitoring

Schedule and conduct pre-construction and progress meetings with Contractors,
Owner, Architect and Construction Manager whereas they can discuss jointly such
matters as procedures, progress, problems and scheduling.

Supply a detailed schedule for the operations of contractors on the project, including
realistic activity sequences and durations, allocation of labor and materials, processing
of shop drawings and samples and delivery of products requiring long lead time
procurement; include the Owners occupancy requirements showing portions of the
project having occupancy precedence.

Provide regular monitoring of the schedule as construction progresses. Identify
potential variances between scheduled and probable completion dates. Review
schedule for work not started or incomplete and recommend to the Owner and
Contractor adjustments in the schedule to meet the probable completion date. Provide
summary reports of each monitoring, and document all changes in schedule.

Construction Cost Control

Revise and refine the approved estimate of construction cost, incorporate approved
changes as they occur and develop cash flow report and forecasts as needed.

Provide regular monitoring of the approved estimate of construction cost, showing
actual costs for activities in progress and estimates for uncompleted tasks.

Develop and execute a structure for evaluation and processing of Change Orders.

Recommend necessary or advantageous changes to the Owner and the Architect,
review requests for changes and submit recommendations to the Owner and the
Architect and assist in negotiating Change Orders.

Development and implementation of a procedure for the review and processing of
applications by Contractors for progress and final payments. Make recommendations to
the Architect for certification to the Owner for payment.

Shop Drawings

In collaboration with the Architect, establish and implement procedures for expediting
the processing and approval of shop drawings and samples.

Construction Supervision

Inspect the work of Contractors to assure that the work is being performed in
accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents.

Endeavor to guard the Owner against defects and deficiencies in the work. Require any
Contractor to stop work or any portion thereof, and require special inspection or testing
of any work not in accordance with the provisions of the Contract Documents whether or
not such work be then fabricated, installed or completed. Reject work which does not
conform to the requirements of the Contract Documents. Provide adequate personnel
at the project site with authority to achieve these objectives.


Upon the Contractors determination of substantial completion of the work or designated
portions thereof, prepare a list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items and a schedule for
their completion. Supervise the correction and completion of work.


With the Owners maintenance personnel, direct the checkout of utilities, operational
systems and equipment for readiness and assist in their initial start-up and testing.