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Simple Present Simple Past Simple Future

Do/ does + verb = study/

Did + verb = studied Will/shall study
He reads a lot of books.
(as a habit)
She sings well. (= she is
a good singer)
She goes to the temple
quite often. (habitual action)
They teach every week.
Whenever he comes, I
am busy.
People criticise whatever
he does.
He completed the
work yesterday.
India got freedom in
I finished whatever
you gave.
When he came, I
was busy.
They passed the
I came one hour
I ate my food
at noon.
Yesterday I had a
late dinner.
I shall continue tomorrow.
We shall help you.
You will get selection.
He will come next week.
They will get a chance.
If you study well, you will pass.
Our team will win the match.
Dont worry; we shall not disturb you.
She will sing a song this evening.

Present Continuous Past Continuous Future Continuous
Is/am/are + ing Was/were + ing Will be/ shall be + ing
Look, they are
working in the rain.
Please wait
there. We are reaching in
Dont disturb him. He is
sleeping and is not
feeling well.
I was
studying when the
teacher entered.
We were waiting for
you all these days.
You were
working hard and hence
you did not notice.
The man was
waiting for a chance
which he got at last.
When she came,
I was writing a letter.
When the man
reached, the train was
Tomorrow this time, I shall be
teaching you.
He is not opening the door. He will be
He left ten minutes ago. Now he will be
This year, we will be participating in the

Present Perfect Past Perfect Future Perfect
Have/has + 3
form Had + 3
form Will have/
shall have + 3
I have just
arrived. Please come a little
Sir, we have just
finishedthe work. The editing
is pending.
She is a fresh
graduate. She has just
done her degree.
Dont worry; he has
completed your work.
When we reached
the station, the train had
When I telephoned
the office, he had
gone for the day.
The man had
suffered a lot during his
early years.
The thief had
escapedbefore (when) the
police arrived.
By 2015, India will have become the
most powerful Asian country.
By the time he arrives, wewill have
made all the arrangements.
Dont worry; she is a lucky girl. She will
have got selection.
Please help him. He will have
become tired after a days work.
Present Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Continuous
Have been/ has been + ing Had been + ing Will have been + ing form
Shall have been +
I have been working for
a month.
We have
been waitingsince
October, 2006.
He has been
running this institute for 10
You have been doing a good
job, since day one.

She said she had
been waiting for you, but
you did not turn up.
Ten years back he
had been running the
business in small way,
but now he became a
Last time when I
went to Delhi, he had
been trying for a joint

We shall have been working in good
positions after the training.
After a few years, Indian engineers will
have been dominating the world of science.
They will have been waiting even after
many years.

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