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Bridgeport Public Schools

7/3/14 1

Bridgeport Public Schools
Assessment of Effectiveness of Facilities and Security Functions

Upon the recommendation of Gary Richards, Superintendent of Wilton Public Schools,
Deborah Brennan, Regional Director, and Bill Brautigam of the National Executive Service
Corps (NESC), met with Fran Rabinowitz, Interim Superintendent of Bridgeport Public
Schools (BPS). After sharing background information, we discussed the challenges
associated with the arrangement with the City of Bridgeport for its provision of facilities and
security services to the schools. The purpose of this proposal is to assess the current structure
and delivery of services and make recommendations for strengthening them.

The Bridgeport Public Schools consist of approximately 22,000 students in 33 buildings the
second largest system in the state. BPS have faced serious financial and academic challenges.
During the tenure of the state-appointed school board in the 2011-2102 school year, a Memo
of Understanding (MOU) was agreed to with the City of Bridgeport in which the City would
manage and provide security and facilities services to the Schools. The impacted staff remain
on the school payroll and in the school unions, but are managed by City supervisors.

Ms. Rabinowitz has requested an objective assessment of this structure, as defined by the
MOU. Have the intended benefits been realized? How significant are the cost savings? What
has been the impact on service quality in the schools? Have performance standards been
established and tracked? Have sources of conflict been identified and addressed, e.g.
differing priorities; differing approaches and policies regarding problem resolution;
disagreement on emergency response; employee performance. What underlying issues
remain, and can they be satisfactorily managed within this structure?
Analyzing and addressing these questions and issues would hopefully enable the parties
involved to define any necessary changes and move ahead with shared commitment.

Bridgeport Public Schools
7/3/14 2

The purpose of the project is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the delivery of facilities
and security services to the Bridgeport School District according to the agreement with the
City of Bridgeport. Based on its findings, NESC will make recommendations to improve
effectiveness of service delivery.

Understand and evaluate the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU),
including respective responsibilities, accountability, decision making authority,
performance metrics, etc.
Understand how the services were provided and managed before the MOU was signed,
and the projected objectives and benefits of the new arrangement
Analyze the scope of services provided functions, number of employees, budget,
management processes, workload, performance metrics, etc.
Assess the benefits (including cost savings) and identify the issues (including service
delivery satisfaction levels) with the current arrangement. Compare to the initial
objectives of the arrangement.
Investigate how these functions are managed in other similar school districts, including
the associated benefits and challenges
Make recommendations to improve effectiveness of delivery of services

1. BPS will organize a steering committee with whom NESC will interface throughout
the project (or not just Superintendent?). BPS will also identify a project coordinator
to facilitate the administrative requirements of the project, e.g. providing background
information, setting up interviews
2. BPS will provide and NESC will review background documents including: MOU, cost
structures (before and after implementation of MOU), facilities and security employee
performance measurements, cost allocations, etc.
3. NESC will develop an interview guide and interview appropriate staff, board members
and stakeholders to assess effectiveness of and issues with current service delivery:
a. Superintendent
b. School Board members (9)
c. City representatives from Security and Public Works (4)
d. Central Office representatives (4)
e. Sample of school directors, including principals and assistant principals (10)
2. NESC will summarize preliminary findings and review with Superintendent (Steering
3. NESC will create and conduct a confidential on-line survey of facilities and security
services to determine current satisfaction level and identify issues
a. Together, BPS and NESC will develop a list of services provided and
appropriate performance metrics
b. NESC will develop and review proposed survey with Superintendent
c. NESC will test survey with small sample of participants (5), and revise as
d. BPS will provide e-mail addresses of survey participants
e. NESC will conduct and analyze the on-line survey among 95 school directors

Bridgeport Public Schools
7/3/14 3

4. BPS will identify and introduce, and NESC will interview appropriate individuals in
similar districts (Hartford, New Haven, Stamford?) to assess how their districts provide
similar services
5. NESC will summarize findings, identify critical issues, and review with
6. NESC will make recommendations to improve effectiveness of service delivery,
including appropriate recommended changes to the MOU.
7. NESC will provide a final report

NESC aims to keep BPS informed of project progress with periodic checkpoints, including
Preliminary Findings, Major Findings and Critical Issues, and Proposed Recommendations.
It is anticipated that the survey will be a tool that could be adapted and used annually to assess
ongoing service quality. NESC will also issue a Final Report at the conclusion of the project.


Project Duration
We estimate that this assignment will span about three-four months, depending upon
availability of BPS leadership, staff and stakeholders.
NESC is available to initiate project work within 14 days of approval of this agreement, or at a
mutually agreed-upon time. This contract is valid for 120 days after delivery. NESC will
consider extending this date in extenuating circumstances.

Professional Fees
Our professional fee for all elements of the project is $12,500. One-half the fee is due upon
acceptance of this proposal; the second half is payable upon completion of the final report.
In addition, reimbursement will be requested for project-related out-of-pocket expenses,
primarily transportation, incurred by the consultants in connection with this engagement. All
expenses will be billed at cost, and no significant expenses will be incurred without prior

Project Consultants
Our consulting team will be led by William Brautigam, overseen by Deborah Brennan, and
will include Richard Kilbride and Patrick Linskey, whose qualifications are summarized in
Appendix I to this proposal. Additional consultants may be added during the project, at no
additional cost to the client.

Bridgeport Public Schools
7/3/14 4


NESC agrees that it will not divulge to third parties, without written consent of BPS, any
confidential information obtained from or through BPS in connection with the performance of
this agreement. Release of such confidential or specific information to the public or any
public agency by BPS will be deemed to be equivalent to written consent.

Use of Name
Bridgeport Public Schools agrees to permit NESC to use its name in promotional material and
for reference purposes in support of fundraising and new endeavors. Such permission is
limited to the use of its name and will not extend to the release of any information pertaining
to the scope of the assignment or to any findings or recommendations, unless specifically
authorized by BPS.

Quality Control
NESC takes pride in the quality of the work of our consultants. We monitor this work using
an ongoing measurement program that relies on the cooperation of our clients. At the
conclusion of this assignment, we will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire concerning its

Use of NESC Consultants
It is understood that NESC consultants assigned to this project may be utilized only for the
fulfillment of this NESC engagement. BPS agrees that, should it wish to directly engage any
NESC consultant, either during the engagement or within a 12-month period following
payment of this engagements final invoice, prior approval by NESC and the payment of an
appropriate fee will be required.

It is understood that the NESC role is advisory. The implementation of any recommendation
remains the function of BPS. If BPS requests implementation or other consulting support, that
role will be negotiated in a separate agreement.

The signing of this agreement, in addition to confirming the services to be provided, releases
NESC from any and all liability in connection with its assistance and recommendations.

It is understood that either party may terminate this agreement by giving thirty (30) days
written notification to the other party. Thirty days written notice will allow both parties to
ensure an orderly and systematic withdrawal from the project. It is understood that BPS will

Bridgeport Public Schools
7/3/14 5

pay a pro rata portion of the amount due for work completed prior to the date of termination.

* * *

We believe that NESC represents unusual value in this situation as we understand it. The
consultants we will deploy on this assignment are competent executives whose professional
experience is extensive and relevant. Our consultants are highly motivated and individually
committed to helping Bridgeport Public Schools maximize its potential. Our professional fees
are based on the extent of our consultants time, our administrative support requirements, and
on our understanding of the task at hand.

Agreed for Bridgeport Public Schools

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Name Title

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Signature Date

Bridgeport Public Schools
7/3/14 6

Agreed for the National Executive Service Corps

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__________________________________ _________________________
Signature Date

Bridgeport Public Schools
7/3/14 7

Appendix I:
Consultant Biographies

William Brautigam spent his for-profit career with three companies in the computer and
computer services field -- Eastman Kodak, IBM United Kingdom, IBM US and Hewlett-
Packard. He managed the turnaround of a full-service outsourcing contract that involved a
Data Center, Network, Application Development/Maintenance and Desktop Support. He had
responsibility for startup and delivery of the initial phase of a $120 million system
development in the finance sector to create a six-year operational service for a global foreign
exchange system. In the Telco sector, he developed and negotiated a transition strategy for a
large outsourcing contract.

During his career, Bill has been involved in various projects management. Currently, he is an
independent consultant with Management Strategies, and has participated in and led multiple
NESC engagements, including strategic planning, board development and operations analysis.
Bill facilitates the Board Chair Roundtable that NESC co-sponsors with the Fairfield County
Community Foundations Center for Nonprofit Excellence.

Bill has a BA in Business Administration (Finance major) from Michigan State University.

Richard Kilbride has more than 30 years of financial markets experience in senior
management and client facing roles. He has led global investment teams in producing
excellent investment returns and creating profitable businesses. His work experience includes
management positions at ING Investment Management, Furman Selz, Merrill Lynch,
PaineWebber and General Motors.

Rick currently focuses his time on public service and entrepreneurial activities and providing
private equity investing and business strategy consulting to start-up and second stage
entrepreneurs. He serves on his towns Park and Recreation Commission and is a Connecticut
certified EMT.

Rick has a BA from Colorado College and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at

Patrick Linskey is a specialist in business development, business and program strategy,
customer and product requirements, customer segmentation and client relationship
management. Before joining the National Executive Service Corps, Pat spent most of his
career with MasterCard Worldwide in a variety of management positions in the United States
and Europe. This work involved working with global key accounts, global e-Business and
emerging technologies, relationship management, and various new products utilizing
advanced integrated systems and technology. Earlier in his career, he worked for JC Penney,
GTE Corporation, and Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company.

Since joining NESC, Pat has been active in a number of marketing and strategic planning
projects, and has co-led NESCs practice and approach to helping clients with collaboration.

Pat received his MBA from Pace University, MA in International Relations from Boston
University, and his Bachelors Degree from Notre Dame University.

Bridgeport Public Schools
7/3/14 8

Deborah Bowen Brennan spent more than 20 years at Citicorp in marketing and sales, new
product development, and strategic planning in the consumer services group, information
services, and private banking. She also spent two years as Chief of Staff to the Vice Chairman
of Citicorp.

Since leaving corporate America, Debbie has been active in the nonprofit world in volunteer
roles with the Darien Community Fund and the King Low Heywood Thomas School in
Stamford. She was a Board member of the Harlem Partnership Project, serving in a strategic
planning role; served as Vice President at the George Washington Carver Foundation in
Norwalk; and is also active in her church, where she has served on Session and on the Mission

Ms. Brennan is the Regional Director for NESC's Fairfield County practice. She graduated
from Brown University and received her MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University.


Appendix II


Who We Are
Founded in 1977, the National Executive Service Corps is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit professional
services organization that provides management consulting, executive search and business
advisory services to the nonprofit and public sectors. NESC's mission is to make a meaningful
contribution to our communities by strengthening the management of Americas nonprofit
organizations, schools and government agencies through quality, affordable consulting services
that are donated by senior-level business people and professionals. Serving the five boroughs of
New York City; Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, and Westchester Counties; Central and Southwestern
Connecticut; and Central and Northern New Jersey, NESC belongs to a national network of more
than 30 independent Executive Service Corps affiliates across the country.

What We Do
NESC performs consulting and technical services in assisting organizations in the fields of arts
and culture, health and human services, public and private education, religion and government.
The objective of each engagement is sharply defined and tailored to the specific needs of the
client. NESC provides a wide range of management consulting and assistance including:
Strategic Planning
Business Planning
Board Development
Organizational and Operations Analysis
Human Resources
Budgeting, Financial Systems and Controls
Marketing and Branding
Social Enterprise/Earned Income
Facilities Planning and Management
Executive Coaching
Meeting Facilitation
Executive Search
Leadership Training/Mentoring

NESC is supported by modest fees for services and philanthropic contributions, which are usually
restricted. All clients are asked to have a shared stake in the consulting process to assure their


commitment to results.

55 West 39
Street, 12th

Floor, New York, NY 10018 (T) 212.269.1234 (F) 212.269.0959