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Raj K Pandey, GPO Box: 19862, Kathmandu, Nepal, rajkpandey2!"ma#l$%om, rajkpandey2!

Dear Sir/Madam:
Subject: Application for the Position of-- According to Your Organizational Requirements
Please find herewith the enclosed my resume including other necessary supporting documents for your kind
reference and consideration purpose for the applied position. With due respect and humble submission, hereby
represent myself as a candidate and submit the !ob application, "io#Data, profile and certificates for your perusal.
ha$e working e%perience since &''( with: )i* +sian De$elopment "ank )+D"*/,epal -esidence Mission. )ii*
/apan nternational 0ooperation +gency )/0+*. )iii* 12 3o$ernment4s Department for nternational De$elopment
)D5D*/6nabling State Program#,epal. )i$* 7ffice of the Prime Minister and 0ouncil of Ministers at the PM 7ffice
of ,epal through D5D/Strengthening Pro!ect: 7ffice of the Prime Minister and 0ouncil of Ministers under the 12
+id. )$* 8imalaya "roadcasting 0ompany )8"0* -adio Station. )$i* 1nited ,ations Population 5und, 0ountry
9echnical Ser$ices 9eam for South and West +sia )1,5P+, 0S9 for S+W+ 0ountries*. )$ii D5D/-ural +ccess
Program )-+P*. )$iii* /apan nternational 0ooperation +gency//apan Medical +ssociation )/0+//M+* funded
School and 0ommunity 8ealth Pro!ect )S08P*. and )i%* Sa$e the 0hildren#,orway )pre$iously -edd "arna,
,orwegian semi#go$ernment international humanitarian organi:ation under the 3o$ernment of ,orway ),7-+D*
and a founder member of the nternational Sa$e the 0hildren +lliance, which is currently Sa$e the 0hildren*.
Moreo$er, was also implicated as a 0onsultant for )i* 1nited States +gency for nternational De$elopment
)1S+D*/,ational Democratic nstitute ),D*. )ii* 1S+D/nternational 5oundation of 6lectoral System )56S*. and
)iii* 1nited ,ations 0hildren 5und )1,065*/-egional 7ffice for South +sia )-7S+*.
0urrently, am working with ,ational 6ntrepreneurship De$elopment 0enter ),6D0*. a federated ape% body of
1,DP/M6D6P and M6DP+4s fifty#three district based partner ,37s. created and funded by 1,DP/Micro
6nterprise De$elopment Program )M6D6P*, which is !oint initiati$e and funding of 1nited ,ations De$elopment
Program )1,DP*. Department of 5oreign +ffairs and 9rade )D5+9* under +ustralian +gency for nternational
De$elopment )+us+D* of +ustralian 3o$ernment. Department for nternational De$elopment )D5D* of 12
3o$ernment. 0anadian +gency for nternational De$elopment )0D+* of 0anadian 3o$ernment. ,ew ;ealand
+gency for nternational De$elopment ),;+D* of ,ew ;ealand 3o$ernment. and M6D6P and M6DP+ Programs
are e%ecuted by 3o$ernment of ,epal )37,*.
am a Double Masters Degree holder in the field of: )i* Masters Degree in "usiness Studies )M"S*. and )ii*
Masters Degree in -ural De$elopment )M+*. 5urther, ha$e also completed third Master Degree in the Public
+dministration )MP+*, albeit ha$e one back paper of <( marks for the final certification process.
ha$e attended some professional training courses to upgrade myself for the result#oriented performance with
the reputed organi:ation e%actly like yours.
am looking forward to hear from you a positi$e response for an inter$iew in the near future.
=ours sincerely,
-a! 2 Pandey )M"S, M+, MP+*
/awalakhel, >alitpur
3P7 "o%: &'?@<, 2athmandu, ,epal
Mobile: !""-#$% !&'$# &(&&)
Mobile : )'AA#(&* '?B& ?&CD<'
&o'#le: (9))*1+ 98,1 8688- Raj, 98-1 219-, ./o Radha, 98-1 810,29 ./o 1oph#ya, Phone: ,1,16): Pa"e 1

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