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Grade 7 Math: Calendar Project Name: _____________________

1. With your birthday acting as "zero", you must list 6 important dates of the year using
integers to move either forward or backward from your birthday to the important date.
The actual year in which the event occurred does not matter, only the date

2. You may use the date calculator found at <www.calendarhome.com> to figure out the
number of days from your birthday to the event.

3. You must create an equation of at least three different operations and one negative
number to describe the movement forward/backward from your birthday to the date of
each event. (Keep in mind the order of operations!). You will be graded on the
complexity of your equations. 3 solutions must be positive, 3 solutions must be negative.

- You may not: •perform one operation up, then the opposite back down.
•add or subtract by 0.
•multiply or divide by 1.

4. You will present the project on a poster entitled "(Your Name)’s Calendar Math". As
the centrepiece of your poster, you must provide the proper calendar of the month of the
year in which you were born, with your birth date highlighted in some way. (Search the
year of your birthday on www.google.ca, and then click on the month of your birth in that

5. Then, extending from your birth date and surrounding the calendar, you will provide a
picture depicting each event and its equation underneath, without the answer.

6. Include instructions for someone else to solve. Your explanation must explain how to
apply the order of operations using integers

7. Finally, a small, unobtrusive key of the resulting solution and date must be provided at
the bottom of the poster with the actual year in which the event occurred. Turned upside

• You will earn marks for the accuracy & complexity of your equations and of the
resulting dates; for how well your pictures depict the important dates; for your
key and for the design, neatness, layout, et cetera of your poster.
• This is an individual project.
• 1 Day late = 10%, 2 Days Late = 20 % & 3 Days Late = 30% off.
• 2 periods in the computer room for research and word processing will be given.
The expectation will be for you to complete the task at home if additional time is

- This project is worth 20 marks and is due on _____________________________ .

7 Math – Calendar Math Project

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
A. Mathematical Explanation shows Explanation shows Explanation shows Explanation shows
Concepts x 2 complete substantial some very limited
understanding of understanding of understanding of understanding of
Explanation of the the mathematical the mathematical the mathematical the underlying
Order of Operations concepts used to concepts used to concepts needed concepts needed
using Integers solve the solve the to solve the to solve the
problem(s). problem(s). problem(s). problem(s) OR is
not written.
B. Typically, uses an Typically, uses an Sometimes uses Rarely uses an
Strategy/Procedures efficient and effective strategy to an effective effective strategy to
x2 effective strategy to solve the strategy to solve solve problems.
solve the problem(s). problems, but does Not communicated
6 mathematical problem(s). This is Strategy is not do it in the work. Major
expressions that clearly communicated with consistently. flaws are present
have at least 3 communicated with minor flaws or Strategy is partially or missing info.
operations & 1 no flaws or missed missed info. communicated with
negative number info. flaws or missing
D. Presentation The format is The format The format shows The format is
presented in an demonstrates a minimal attempt at attempted. The
engaging fashion. committed effort to organizing the project appears to
The information is organize the information. be rushed.
organized information.
exceptionally well.

Student Evaluation: Be sure to evaluate your work once it is completed.

a) How well did you use your time to complete this project?

b) Do you feel this is your BEST work? Why or why not?

c) What aspects of this project did you like or dislike?