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Type of Badhaka Sthana

Prashna Maarga explicitly describe about Badhaka Sthana should be seen in Prashna, through it says Prashna charts can studied
like natal chart but again it warned that it should be seen for particular problem the native consulting; not for full life. Chapter
15th in Prashna Maarga explains about Badhaka Houses and Badhaka House lords and its effect and remedies.
The miseries of man can b due to wrath of Devas (deities), dharma-Devas (family deities; Kula devata), serpents,
parents, preceptors, Brahmanic curses (curse of learned), Pitirs (sprits of forefathers from the same family or clan),
Pretas (spirits of the dead), Bhootas (spirits with special powers) etc. They may be also due to evil eye, curses, the
evil acts directed by enemies and other afflictions. Causes and remedies for such miseries are given in 15th chapter
in Prashna Maarga for the benefit of qurrents and astrologers. Thus the causes or reason, why men suffer? may be
due to -
1) Anger of gods
2) Wrath of dharma-devata or Kula devata (family deity)
3) Fury of serpent god
4) Dissatisfaction of mind and Pitirs (spirits of forefathers)
5) The curses of seniors and elders, preceptors
6) Curse of brahmins (acharyas or teachers or man of learning) -Not caste brahmins
7) Troubles caused by ghosts and also those resulting as a result of wounding words and expressions (Manasa-vaacha-
karmana; due to sadness and problems caused to others by mind-words-actions)
8) Poisons and Aabhichara karmas (Aabhichara = Big bad deeds done through Black Magic)

Whether one's past karma is favorable or unfavorable and in what manner it expresses itself should be carefully
defined. Many times own logic cannot reason with known factors for the suffering of a native. All this Prashna texts
are developed long back and people with modern outlook need not agree it and no astrologer is against a person
getting treatment if the case is psychological. In actual practice nowadays a person consults astrologers only when all
methods fails. So please dont direct all accuses against astrologers for spreading superstition or exploiting the
ignorant people etc.
Here I am presenting the various opinions prevalent in state Kerala and it is what explained in Prashna Maarga as
different opinions.
1) If Arudha lagna is Chara lagna (Moving sign) then 11th house becomes Badhaka Sthana; If it is Sthira lagna (Fixed Sign)
then the 9th becomes Badhaka Sthana; and if the lagna is Ubhaya (Mixed sign) then the 7th House becomes the
Badhaka Sthana. This concept is known as Samanya Badha (common houses of harm; This is the most popular and
authentic concept about the houses of harm)
2) Aquarius is house of harm for all movable signs; Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius have Scorpio as house of harm; for
Taurus it is Capricorn; for Aquarius it is Cancer; for Gemini and Pisces the house of harm is Sagittarius. (Sloka 112).
This concept is known as Maha Badha (Houses of great harm; This also a well popular and approved concept)
As per Prashna Maarga the 3 categories in to which the agents of harm fall into are
1) Hantu kama: Death wishing; the spirits who attack the native wishing to kill him, with an intention of total
2) Rantu kama (Rati kama): Sex wishing; the spirits who attack the native wishing to indulge in enjoyments
especially sexual enjoyment.
3) Bhoktu kama (Bali kama): Sacrifice Wishing; the spirits who attack the native, wishing to get sacrifices and
[Editor: These categorization points to the underlying base reasons for psychological problems viz, unfulfilled
desires and sin feeling, sexual desires and death wish]
From the perspective of the ancient astrologer, this can be perceived as Attack of some spirits to attack individual to
murder him, to get sacrifices, or to enjoy with the victim.
The first one will not leave the victim without killing him, so treatments or remedies will not work usuall y. (Since the
psychologically the native himself dont want to get cured and what to die). The 2nd one will leave those natives after
getting their dues (after wish fulfillment), and the 3rd one also generally dont want to leave the natives but they can
be pacified and controlled.
The ancient astrologers decipher the nature of the problem (psychological disease) from the Prashna chart itself, and
by observing the symptoms indications provided by the native.
The signs, planets and the symptoms indicate the category of the agent of harm with which the individual is affected.
This system should more learned from qualified gurus (who is efficient in mantra, Tantra and astrology).
Based on the following two the astrologer categorizes the Badha (Agent of harm)
1) The symptoms shown by native (like crying, climbing tress or heights, bathing too much or even want to be
naked etc)
2) The planetary positions at the time of Prashna. The astrologer can use friendship/enmity of planets between
the lagna/lagna Lord and planets in houses of harm or related to houses of harm etc as well for arriving at
proper conclusions.

If lagna lord has drishti of Badhakesh (lord of house of harm) then it is Ranthu kama (sex wishing);
If Badhakesh (lord of house of harm) has aspect of 6/8 lords it is Hanthu kama (death wishing);
Lagna or lagan lord (lagnesh) has (i.e. aspect-conjunct-placement) (drishti-yoga-sthiti) of 6/8 lords it is again Hantu
kama (death wishing).
If no planets in Badhaka sign and Badhakesh also has no drishti of other planets and lagna /lagna lord with some
other planets (other than 6/8 lords) then it is Bali kama (sacrifice wishing).
See all indications (lakshanas) and see all those afflictions and see which one is more repeating and declare the
result. (Dwi-Tri samvada bhaval; More than 2-3 symptoms indicate one and the same result; This is one of the base
rules in astrology). If only 6th Lord has some connection with Badhakesh or place then it may be due to Abhichara
(big evil acts directed by enemies, possibly with the help of black magic as well). If lord of Badhaka-Sthana (house of
harm) aspects lagna or the lord of lagna then it is Drishti-Badha; If the lord of the 7th is in house of harm or aspected
by both lords or joins them then also it should be inferred as Drishti Badha (Drishti Badha means that the native has
seen some thing and out of that shock or fear, the mind became imbalanced and the sprit or psychological problem
afflicted the native). See the following chart, to know a real life story -
29th march 1983, (birth time not given but the mother of the girl told me that she is born in sandhya (late evening)
and they dont properly record it as their religion dont care about astrological charts or astrology) 18.45 PM (approx),
kottayam, Kerala
See the alpayu combinations in the chart, indicating that less longevity. Now let us see the Prashna Chart -
Date: April 14, 2009
Time: 7:30:33 AM
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 77 E 13' 00", 28 N 40' 00"
Delhi, India
Arudha lagna is Leo and Udaya lagna (Ascendant; rising sign) is Aries. Note that Sun the lord of Arudha lagna is
weak being in Rasi Santhi (sankranthi dosha). This is a case of Drishti Badha and the category of Badha (agent of
harm) turns out to be Hantu kama.

She has seen a dead body (suicide or killed) of an old person in a lonely place, that is at a hilltop near to her native
place at a young age of around 12 yrs, and got psychologically affected. All modern treatments failed. Aries sign
represents places where Goats wander and grace/Leo is again hills and mountains where 6th lord Saturn sits and
aspected by Badhakesh Mars.

She completed her degree education with difficulty but now the sickness is acute. (It was growing graph) and now is
showing even suicidal tendencies. This is a feedback given by parents when told her time is so bad and can show
these tendencies according to Prashna. Further there is some pitru dosha in family too as indicated by Gulika in
cancer sign - a mother sign. With Ketu and Lord moon is in Scorpio in debilitation again Moon is motherly person and
4th house denotes own home. Therefore we infer that, some body is related to mother and a lady died in water,
become preta (wandering sprit, which is yet to go to the other world or attain moksha) and may be affecting the family
as last rites not performed well.

A detailed analysis can be given in this direction, and the major point derived by the astrologer would be that, the
native is one affected with Hantu Kama (a psychological patient with suicidal tendencies), and since his horoscope
shows less longevity, the native due to her death wish (death desire) will die before the disease being cured itself in
an early age. By the help of remedies and treatments things could be kept under control to an extend, but at the end
neither the remedies nor the treatment is going to be completely beneficial; that is complete cure cannot be expected.
Even though in this case, not much treatment or remedies can be suggested, there would be many cases in which
the astrologer reaches the clear conclusion about the cause, remedies and even the possible treatment that will cure
the patient.
This ancient branch of astrology directly connected with psychology and Ayurvedic treatment should be of interest not
only to astrologers, but also to psychologists and Ayurvedic practitioners I bel

First House:

Physical stature, general appearance, character and temperament, complexion, form and
shape, constitution , action, will, ventures
Fifth child; mother-in-law, great grandchildren, childhood in general
Important for matters concerning health; one should examine the 1st, 3rd, and 8th
houses to ascertain the probable life span
Health, vitality and energy, habitual thinking, natural disposition and tendencies;
personality and struggle for life, success or failure in attempts.
Head and upper part of the face; brain, skin, acne, brain, breath
Name, fame, reputation.
Happiness or misery
Demise of partner, speculative activities of father
General candor, dignity and honor, general well-being and prosperity.
People in the country, person asking the question.
Virtues, longevity
View occupants and aspects to Ascendant to determine fortunes and misfortunes in
Appropriating other's money, gambling on other's money.
Gains and profits to younger siblings; fame , reputation, and patrimony of mother.
Higher studies, life in a foreign place or connection with stranger's to native's
children, danger to maternal uncle, speculation of father, neighbors of elder siblings
and elder siblings short journeys.
In Horary, the first house represents the person who is asking the question

Second House:

Artha (wealth) house, food, right eye, face, neck, glands, nape of the neck, throat
and throat ailments
Speech and ability to express his/her thoughts verbally, family, close relatives of the
native: (grandmother and grandfather, wife, mother, children, brothers, sisters, all
close relatives).
Voice and vocal chords
Money matters, currency, fortune, profit and gain or loss, one's power and
resources, worldly attainments, possessions of value, jewelry, precious stones and
metals, documents, bonds, securities, stocks and shares, promissory notes,
mortgages, bank balances, and exchangeable negotiable assets, law suits,
extravagant or economical, loans, money lent or borrowed, national wealth, banking
activities, revenue, money of the querist.
Efforts in acquisition of wealth, miserliness or liberality, rank, position.
Share of profits to partner.
Death of individual, common diseases of the natives father.
Ability to express one's thoughts, softness of speech, oratorical abilities.
One's reputation regarding sports.
Second marriage. The second house is eighth to the seventh (representing the first
wife), and normally after the death of the first wife one marries for a second
time. (Some Astrologer's prefer to use the eighth for the second marriage, as the eighth
is seventh [spouse] from the second, which is the death of the first marriage.
Vision or power of observation, right eye, memory, imagination, nails, tongue, nose,
teeth, cheeks and chin.
Protection of others, family members, close dependents.
Clothes, gold, good silver, pearls, rubies, minerals, corn, cereals.
Gains to native, but losses to younger siblings and their changes, mother's gains and
her elder siblings,, profession and success of children, long journey to maternal
uncle, purchase of a house, land, or vehicle by elder siblings.
Danger to partner, death of partner
Illness of grandchildren

Third House:

Mental inclinations, ability, memory, intellect, inclination to study, restlessness,
mental confusion.
Arms, fingers, dexterity, adaptability, co-ordination, hands, throat, shoulder blade,
collarbone, nervous system, lungs
Correspondence, communications, books, letters, papers, writings, accounting,
mathematics, press
Courage, firmness, valor, bravery, prowess and heroism.
Younger brothers and sisters, cousins, kindred, casual acquaintances, neighbors,
short travel.
Eating unspoiled or pure foods, edible roots and fruits.
Vehicles, bicycle, bus, train, or railway, boats, car trips, boat trips.
Rumors, gossiping, carrying tall tales.
Post Office, telephone, TV, telegraph, radio, telecommunications, computer, airmail.
Library, bookstore, mediator, messenger, reporter, publicity officer, editor,
Change of residence, signature, signing contracts or agreements.
Neighboring countries, treaties, roadside places, partition of property.
Illness of Mother-in-Law
Children of friends

Fourth House:

Mother, ones home, home life, residence, domestic environment, grave
Breasts, digestive organs, digestion, lung problems
Emotional disturbances
Conditions at the end of life, one's final illness; illness of friends
Private affairs, secrets and secret life
House, fields, pastures, farms, mines, immovable personal property, property
damage from floods
Real Estate, buildings, ancient dwellings, monuments,
Banks, schools, colleges, public buildings, mansions, entrance into a house
False allegations, trust
Small wells, water, milk, ponds
Vedic and secret texts, herbs, caves
Where stolen property is kept
Graves, hidden things

Fifth House:

Progeny, inclinations, pleasures, artistic talents
Gains to wife, gains to business, partners luck
Recreation, entertainment, amusement, sports
Romance, courtship, love affairs
Acting, drama, music, dance
Cards, crossword puzzles, games
Lottery, gambling, stock market,
Banquets, festive occasions
Kidnap, rape, licentiousness
Good morals, discrimination between virtue and sin
Chanting of Vedic hymns and mantras, religiousness, spiritual practices
Wisdom, profound learning
Enormous riches

Sixth House:

House of sickness, disease, exhaustion
Dietary habits, food, food allergies, digestive nerves, colon, untimely meals
Clothing, hygiene, sanitation
Favorable results in competition
Debts or borrowing money, miserliness
Employees, tenants, servants, subordinates
Enemies, obstacles in any undertaking
Maternal uncle, short journeys of the mother
Insanity, intense anguish, incessant eye trouble
Theft, calamity, prison
Purchase or sale of conveyance by younger brother or sister
Sanitation and public health
Loss to the partner, investment or purchases made by the partner, loss to the
Separation from the partner, secret enemies of the partner
Occupation or business of the partner
Danger to ones elder brother or sister

Seventh House:
House of marriage, union, or legal ties
Those with whom the native transacts
Litigation, duels, arbitrations, war and foreign affairs, open warfare
Fines, divorces, legal bondage, contracts
Break of journey, influence in foreign countries, honor and reputation achieved
Danger to longevity
Recovery of lost property, description of the thief
International relationships, international trade, public meetings
Mothers immovable property, mothers vehicle
Adopted child
Second Born
Secret enemies danger, difficulties, death
Badhakasthana for people born in Dual (Mutable) Signs (Ge/Vi/Sg/Pi)
Associates and friends of father, partnership with fathers friend

Eighth House:
Longevity or span of life
House of Death
Second marriage, eighth being seventh [spouse] from the second - eighth [death]
from seventh [marriage] - with second being eighth to the seventh. Some Astrologer's
prefer to use the second house for the second marriage; please reference second house
information above.
Inheritance, legacies, wills, insurance, gratuity, unearned wealth, dowry
Death natural or unnatural, drowning, fire
Accident, suicide
Mystery and misery, misfortune, sorrow and strife, worries and privations
Delay and dejections, disappointments and defeat, loss and obstruction
Blame and ill-repute, danger from enemies, corruption
Wrong actions, theft, robbery, fighting
Surgeons, medical officers, health inspectors
Slaughter houses, butchers, coroners
Public mortality and death rate
Infection, flood, famine, fire, diseases
Earthquakes, natural calamities or grief
Financial relations with foreign countries, the nations exports and imports
Surrender or loss, debts due to foreign countries, territory of another country
Public loans, public debts and interest rates, deficit budget
Estate duties and public sales
Insurance money of the deceased
Difficulties in journeys

Ninth House:
Wisdom, faith and divine worship, devotion to God, higher communications
Religious and philosophical beliefs, philosophy, devotion
Fortune, invention, discovery, exploration
Churches, temples, mosques, places of worship, pilgrimage to holy places
Meditation, intuition, spiritual preceptors, dreams and visions
Father, Guru, short trips involving spouse
Legal arbitration, law, legal departments
Immigration and emigration
Long journeys, air travel, sea voyages
Publishing of books, long distance communications
International affairs, import and export, national trade, circulation of money
Charities, visits to holy places sacrifice, good conduct, penance
Wells, tanks, water sheds, vehicles of servants
Childrens pleasures and speculative benefits ; pleasures derived from sports (5th
from the 5th)
Mothers illness, spouse of younger sibling (brother or sister in-law), friends to elder
Hospitalization of Mother-in-Law
Badhakasthana for people born in Fixed Signs (Ta/Le/Sc/Aq)

Tenth House:
Reputation, character, morality, honor, dignity, and public esteem
Profession, occupation, business
Name and fame; power and prestige
Success and status, credit and conduct
Rank and renown; ambition and authority
Worldly activities and responsibilities
Promotions, advancements, employer, superior
Government, judge, honor from the government, seal of authority
Doctor, medicine, prosperity, teaching
Adopted son, Fathers self-acquisition, retirement
Health issues of children; debts incurred by children
Maraka house to both Mother and Father
Mothers opponents
Danger to younger siblings
Head of the State, Presidents, National Leaders
Losses to elder siblings and secret activities of elder siblings

Eleventh House:
House of friends, society, community, associates, admirers, supporters, advisors,
well-wishers, close acquaintances
Hopes, wishes, realization of dreams, wealth
Devotion to God, fortune
Gains, success in undertakings, profits, speculation, writings, incoming wealth
Pleasure, prosperity, progress in attempts, Trusts
Cure of disease, happy news
Elder siblings, paternal aunts and uncles, brother in law
Left ear, right foot, left hand, knee
Mothers longevity
Fathers short journeys
Birth of Children, childrens competitors, partners pleasurable pursuits,
Recovery from ill health; discharge from hospital
Victory over enemies; freedom from misery and pain
Jewelry, silk
International friendships, government policies and planning, exchange of amenities
Government loans, electric companies, gas companies, museums, estates
Stores, associations, societies
Badhakasthana for people born in Moveable (Cardinal) Signs (Ar/Ca/Li/Cap)

Twelfth House:
Losses, impediments, hospitals, prisons and imprisonment, areas of confinement,
Asylums, nursing homes, mental hospitals
Separation from family; going to a place far away
Hidden house; hidden side of life; fear from enemies
Termination of employment; unseen or unexpected troubles
Sound sleep or not (3rd house shows ones awakening from sleep, the 6th signifies
trance, the 9th house relates to dreams).
Sorrow and sin; poverty and persecution; limitations and restrictions
Mental pain and agitation; anger, deceptive actions
Feet, left eye, bodily injury, mutilation, bodily harm
Fears, secrets, solitude, silent suffering, inferiority complexes, self-undoing
Secret plots and schemes, conspiracy, envy and malice, treachery
Intrigue and deception, fraud, scandals, secret sorrows, disgrace
Rape, poisoning, crimes in general
Suicide, murder, or assassination, banished persons, treason, spies, underground
movements, secret and occult societies
Exile and extradition; lost goods never recovered, long hidden wrath, disobedience
Obstacles, misery, and misfortune, unseen and unexpected troubles
Waste and extravagance; expenses
Bed comforts, pressures of money, unusual expenses
Drudgery and deception
Litigation, danger, difficulties, and disappointments to children.
Success in places that are remote from the place of birth
Success with large animals
Sickness of spouse; long journeys of mother
Younger siblings profession
Fathers permanent possessions
Psychic research, occult investigations, detective work
Popularity and prosperity
Greatest self-sacrifice, unselfish deeds, seclusion, social barriers
Donations, charity, institutions and associations with same

. Central signs
The 1, 4, 7 and 10th houses of any sign - They represent the strength of the chart and life as a whole, and give the capacity to
achieve the desired goals.

2. Thrikona signs
The 1, 5, 9th houses of any sign - They correspond to the Dharma houses and are the houses of good luck, success, wisdom and

3. Panapara
2, 5, 8, 11 - Related to stability, preservation, income and material security.

4. Apoclima
3, 6, 9, 12 - Planets placed on these houses are considered weak or not very powerful.Those houses correspond in meaning to the
dual signs.

5. Upachaya
3, 6, 10, 11 - Planets placed in those houses tend to grow and improve over a period of time.

6. Apachaya
2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12 - Planets placed in those houses tend to obstruct or harm, become unfriendly over a period of time.

7. Day signs
Simha, Kanya, Tula, Vrischika, Kumbha, Meena have more strength during daytime.

8. Night signs
Mesha, Vrischika, Mithuna, Karkata, Dhanu, Makara gain greater strength during nighttime.

9. Watery signs
Karkata, Meena and the second half of Makara sign.

10. Human signs
Tula, Mithuna, Kumbha, Kanya.

The directions of Signs
Mesha, Simha, Dhanu East
Vrisha, Kanya, Makara South
Mithuna, Tula, Kumbha West
Karka, Vrischika, Meena North




This can be said as:

1, 5, 9 in the east
2, 6, 10 in the south
3, 7, 11 in the west
4, 8, 12 in the north

Nadi Grantha
In Puranas 72 Granthas but in present time only 22 Granthas available in India.
Devakeralam or Chandra Kala Nadi
Kapila Nadi
Kamlamuni Nadi
Shukra Nadi
Buddha Nadi
Saptarishi Nadi
Satya Nadi
Soory Nadi
Nava Nadi
Kumar Nadi
Eeshvar Nadi
Markandey Nadi
Bhrugu Nadi
Dhruv Nadi
Kuja Nadi
Kakbhujandar Nadi
Shani Nadi
Agast Nadi
Garg Nadi
Guru Nadi
Jemini Nadi
Bhrugunandi Nadi
Nadi predictions depends with two reasons. Some nadi grantha predict with Rashi Chakra basis those
called Sahinta,some nadi basis of predictions depends on navamansa and Varga basis.
Nadi Ansha
In 24 hours 12 Rashi and average time of each rashi is 2 hours. 150 Nadi in one Rashi,called
2x60x60/150 = 48 Seconds time.The time of one nadi is 48 seconds.
Shodash Vargas
Sr.No. Varga Ansha Predictions
Name of
1 Rashi Each 30' Predictions of Life D-1
2 Hora Each 15' MONEY of Life D-2
3 Dreshkan Each 10'
Relations with brothers and
4 Turyansha Each 7.30' Land and Properties D-4
5 Saptamansha Each 4.17' Happiness with children D-7
6 Navamansha Each 3.20' Happiness with Life mate D-9
7 Dashamansha Each 3.00' Karma and business D-10
8 Dwadashansha Each 2.30'
Mother father's happiness and
9 Shodashansha
Vehicles and happiness D-16
10 Vishansha Each 1.30' Religion and Spirituality D-20
11 Chatura Vishansha 1.15 Education D-24
Nakshtransh or
Nature Image in social
base,inner strength
13 Bhishansha Each 1.00' Unhappy time D-30
14 Ravyedansha Each 0.45' Happy and Unhappy time D-40
15 Akshavedansha Each 0.40' Ancients of life D-45
16 Shashtiansha Each 0.30' Indications of life D-60
In the library of Chennai Tamilnadu has this grantha,it has 9152 Shlokas.This nadi grantha has 150
Nadi ansha.One Nadi ansha also divided by two parts, 48/2=24 seconds time.One is poorva bhaga and
other is Uttara bhaga.Prediction of life of human kind depends on these ansha.It is a wonderful
science.Nava nadi and Devakerlam Nadi depends on same basis.
Names of 150 Nadi
Vashudha,Vaishnavi,Brahmi,Kaalkootahi,Shankari,Sudhakar sama,Saumya,Sura,Maya
manohara Madhvi Manjushwana Ghora Kumbini Kutila Prabha Para Payaswini Mala Jagati Jarjhara
Dhruva Moosala Mrugdara Pasha Champaka Damini Mahee Kalusha Kamla Kanta Karala Karikara
kshama Durdhara Durbhaga Vishwa Visheerna Vivhala Anila Bhima Vikata Avila Vibhrama Sukhaprada
Snigdha Sodara Sursundari Amrutprashini Kala Kaamdhuk Karveerini Gavhara Kundini Vishakhya
Vishnashini Narmada Sheetalaa Nimna Preeta Priyavardhini Mandhana Chitra Vichitra Chirjeevani
Bhoopa Gadahara Nala Nalini Nirmla Nadee Sudhamrutanshu Kalushankura Trailokyamohakari
Mahamaya Susheetala Sukhada Suprabha Gakalika Shobha Shobhana Shivda Shiva Balaa Jwala
Gadaa Gadhaa Nootana Sumanoharaa Sumatyansha Somvallee Somalata Mangala Mudrika Sudha
Malapavarga Pashyata Navaneetaa Nishacharee Nivruti Nirgata Sara Samaga Samada Samaa
Vishvabhara Kumari Kokila Kunjarakruti Endra Swaha Swadha Vahri Peeta Yaksha Achalprabhaa Sarini
Mdhura Maitri Harini Harinee Marut Dhanajaya Dhanakaree Dhandaa Kakshpambuja Eshani Shoolini
Raudri Shivakari Kala Kunda Mukunda Parata Basita Kadali Smara Kadala Kamini Kalshodbhava
Veerprabhu Sangara Shayagya Shatavari Virahapa Stravagi Patlini Nagasa Pankja Parameshvari.
Dhruv Nadi
Writer of this nadi grantha is Jaymuni. Dhruv nadi has 250000 shloka and in 43 parts. Prediction
depends on navamansha,also depends on Vaidic regulations.No uses of nadi ansha but predictions
depends on 5 Varga.
Kapila Nadi
This Nadi depends on palmistry and prediction made by Chakra of life,predictions depends on
Parashara regulations.
Saptarushi Nadi
Prediction depends on talk with Saptarushi Atri Parashara vashishtha Kaushik Agast Jaymuni
Bhujandar Narada and Vidur.From birth to death predictions available in this nadi grantha.
Bhrugu Nadi
It depends on 150 nadi ansha,this grantha gives prediction from 12th house,by the trikona of 12th
house 4th house gives Garbhavastha prediction.It out from Vedic Astrology.
Kakbhujandar Nadi
It is story of talk with Vashishtha and Kakabhujandar.Mundane astrology depends on this grantha.
Shukra Nadi
Prediction through Ashtak varga and each varga depends on eight parts of life.
Markandey Nadi
It is a story talk with Vashishtha Vishvamitra and Goddess Parvati. It has prediction of life and indicate
reason of life.
August Nadi
Prediction depends on right hand print also makes good knowledge of head lines.
Budh Nadi
It makes major incidents of life with years of life.
Nandi Nadi
It is palmistry grantha and has prints of palms.
Find Position of birth place.
Ascendant is Aries,Rahu having place in first house,Moon and Saturn in third house,Venus
and ketu in 7th house,Sun in 8th house,Mercury and Mars in ninth house and Jupiter in 12th
house.The birth of native took place near a government place.The surroundings at birth can
reasonably by supposed to relate to the first house,sice that house deals with all matters
connected with birth. Now government place is represented by two planets viz. Sun and
Mercury.Here Mars the lord of the first house is simultaneously the lord of the sign occupied
by Sun and as such is in touch with symbols of Government places. Mars located with
Mercury again stressing the same fact.Mars aspects the Chandra Lagana and is also
influencing Mercury,lord of the Chandra lagana thus with reference to Chandra lagana too
birth denotes the influence of Government place.
Birth in Mother's house
Ascendant is Aries Sun and Venus in first house Mars and Mercury in 2nd house,Rahu in
third house,Saturn in fourth house Moon in fifth house Jupiter and Ketu in Ninth house.This
birth chart stated by prediction to have been born in his mother's house.This is again a
matter where the problem require the study of the influence on Lagana factors.Mars lord of
the Lagana fully aspects Moon (mohter) and the lord of the sign occupied by Moon
influences Lagana by location.There is thus a mutual link between the first house (birth) and
the 4th house (mother) indicating birth in mother's house.Considering the problem from the
Chandra Lagana,we see that Mars lord of the 4th house aspects the Chandra Lagana while
the lord of the Chandra Lagana i.e. Sun is in association with Venus,lord of the sign
occupied by Mars.Here again intimate relation is eatablished between the birth house and
the mother's house thereby confirming the truth of the statement in regard to the birth
having taken place in the mother's house.
Rahu Ketu Saturn always gives tension,negativity,and coldness in life.When Rahu in second
house,gives tensions related to MONEY and physical things,Rahu also gives habit to drink
alcohols,medicines related to addicts.Rahu makes face to dirty like black spots on face,skin troubles
on face,etc.When Ketu in the second house it gives long face and always gives feeling,there are
nothing in life.When Saturn in second house,much tensions related to money,no money after hard
work,when you want to say anything word power always in freeze and no values of
knowledge,personal family also out of reach etc troubles makes by these three stars.Here some well
known remedies those are very good after using and not much cost in the are area of remedies.
Remedies of Attraction
Attraction is must in life to show value of image of body in life,everything possible by the face if there
are good face,smile,good talk,imagine power etc.Marigold is the name of flower,there are two colors of
marigold,one like GOLD color and one like brown color,golden color require for the remedies of
attraction.Marigold related to flower of Jupiter and Venus.If Rahu Saturn Ketu makes bad effects on
face then take five flowers of marigold and grind them after dry.mix powder of turmeric one teas
spoon with powder of marigold.when you goes to sleep,first make pest of both on face and sleep,wash
face in morning,do this seven days continue and see results.
Attraction for Husband by Wife
Husband is the Mars in the birth chart of female kind by the astrology rules,wife is Venus and Relation
is Jupiter.Saturn Rahu Ketu always busy to disconnect relationship form husband and wife.I find and
good Mantra from a siddha,and I serve to troubled ladies those was very tensed from their
husbands.Mantra is "Aum Asy Shri Suree mantra swarth Nirman Varn Rishi Iti Shipsa Swaha" daily
chanting of this mantra after morning wake up 108 time daily,you find good results after 43 days.Do
not break chain of chanting mantra.
Money Provider Remedies
Nature at its boasts numerous funds, which they have knowledge, he takes advantage.Vegetables and
stones are the head in the area of nature.The lord of everything those related to physical is
female,and male only manage like a worker for the female.Kind of Vegetables,many plants are good
luck maker in this world.Like basil is a plant and if some one planted that in house in the are area of
north-east,it means there are much money and progress in life,the Sun rise gives first ray of positive
in that family.Water also money provider,if some one has running water in north-east area,it means
there will be every member of that family in job and every member can EARN MONEY FOR the
family.If some one has dirty place in this area that means there daily fighting for the money and each
member in bad condition.
Stopping family fighting
By the confusions and family relations there are much fighting start with family members by time to
time,it all by the star,and if anybody not thinking to stop fighting it means there are bread in
relations,and much tensions to family members.Fighting between husband and wife is also by the
effects of Mars and Venus,and it is good in the love time and bad in normal conditions.there are some
remedies to stop fighting in family.By the fighting ghostly strength start to enter in home,start spray
milk with honey in every corner of house daily when Sun set.Lite a candle of green color and make a
prayer to your own Isht as you like most for the removing faults from house.If there are much using
wine or any type addict in family then make try to out this type habits.
Buddhi Gyan and Samriddhi
Lord Ganesha is the head of above three kinds of strength.there are seven mantras for the making
good life by the Buddhi gyan and samriddhi.
Aum Ganeshay Namha
this mantra can increase power of education,work in office,any you can find good position in your area
of jobs.
Aum Gam Ganpataye namaha
In life and career this mantra can remove all type of tensions.supreme knowledge can help you in
troubles time.

Moon Is Best Remedies
Find Your birth chart Prediction
Moon represents Mother, Vegetation, Flowers, Constituents of Blood, Water, and is a Cool
Planet. In a Kundali the moons position indicates the Question or subject in mind. A
debilitated Moon relates to Malaria, Moon in 10 th house causes continuous change in Jobs
or Business or the persons tendency is such. Persons with moon in 10 th house regularly re-
arrange things or articles in the house. Moon Rules : Stomach, Digestive System, Large &
Small Intestine.Female genital system, Periods, swings in Mental outlook/Moods,
Sadness/Joy, dejection, Bladder.
Moon with other Stars in first House
Moon, Mars: wicked, poor, talkative and not virtuous.
Moon, Mercury: good speech, rich, beautiful, passionate, modest and addicted to other
Moon, Jupiter: good-looking, long-lived, very famous, has attractive eyes and hair on the
Moon, Venus: interested in good affairs, beautiful face, affluent, interested in being virtuous
and dear to king.
Moon, Saturn: EARNS MONEY IN bad ways, knows only bad things, mean-minded, be
attached to others money, won by unsocial elements.
Moon, Mars, Mercury: has a fine house to live in, very wealthy, just, free from enemies and
knowledge in scriptures.
Moon, Mars, Jupiter: happy, very prestigious, attached to his work, virtuous, many friends
and a great person.
Moon, Mars, Venus: subjected to much grief, vices, highly placed relatives, very intelligent
and bright in appearance.
Moon, Mars, Saturn: ever modest, fond of guests, donates liberally, very wise and stands to
Moon, Mercury, Jupiter: king, attractive physique, valorous and be always happy.
Moon, Mercury, Venus: very efficacious, virtuous, no knowledge of arts and well versed in
Moon, Jupiter, Venus: marries a highly placed lady, rich food to eat, very happy and
donates liberally.
Moon, Jupiter, Saturn: not so efficacious (appealing physique-Hora Ratna), firm, eloquent,
inimically disposed to the public, will have knowledge of poison and interested in bad deeds.
Moon, Venus, Saturn: has sons and MONEY , maintains fasting and other religious
observations, methodical planning, bright and good mind.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter: dark and long body, interested in fighting, suffers blood
related disorders and poorly dress himself.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus: not having sons and wealth, ugly ears, teeth and eyes, a
voracious eater, ascetic and wicked.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn: uneven legs, ugly hair and ugly teeth.
Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus: ugly physique, ugly nails and ugly sides, indulges in
unacceptable deeds and will be a tale-bearer.
Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn: very famous, helpful to others, free from enemies, attached to
his sons and affectionate to his preceptors.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus: interested in comforts, always pure and clean,
interested in listening to auspicious stories (puranas), a beautiful body and leader of men.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn: good knees and feet, follows his elders in respect of
fame, wealth and happiness, interested in performing sacrifices, worships etc.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn: more gains, subjected to fear, VENEREAL diseases
due to union with poor women and wanderer.
Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: endowed {with happiness, fleet of horses and many
friends}, proud, dear to good people and will befriend elders.
Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: loss of horses, practices self restraint, presents an
artificial person while his inward nature is different (cunning, diplomatic, unreliable), pious
and parents live with him.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: has vices and various diseases.
Moon with other stars in 2nd House
Moon, Mars: ruled by the public, dejected wife, looks old, ungrateful, a servant, wicked and
bright in appearance.
Moon, Mercury: very rich, free from vices and dear to king.
Moon, Jupiter: king, splendorous, virtues, destroys enemies, many sons and liked by the
Moon, Venus: virtuous, wealthy, either a king or a minister, many friends and attached to
his son.
Moon, Saturn: no wealth, follows bad course, troubled by enemies, argumentative in nature
and relatives perish.
Moon, Mars, Mercury: vicissitude, harsh in speech, scandalous in MONEY matters,
childless, much anger, diseases and forsaken by his relatives.
Moon, Mars, Jupiter: poor in status, devoid of wife, issue and wealth, very greedy and
Moon, Mars, Venus: diseases caused due to phlegmatic disorders, does not respect his
preceptors, very justly disposed and banned from the purview of scriptures.
Moon, Mars, Saturn: naturally wicked, fond of alcohol, interested in gambling, dejected soul
and forsaken by his relatives.
Moon, Mercury, Jupiter: a king, insulted much, beautiful and endowed with learning and
Moon, Mercury, Venus: affluent, number of friends, learned in scriptures, virtuous, and
always affectionate.
Moon, Mercury, Saturn: efficacious and helpful, spendthrift, grief on account of his wife, a
donor and will cheat others.
Moon, Jupiter, Venus: happy, good ideals, a king, very famous, very wise and a
questionable (mean) profession.
Moon, Jupiter, Saturn: free from anger, interested in good conduct, sweet in disposition,
attractive and affectionate to his son.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter: dear to sages/good people, interested in scriptures and epics,
devoted to Brahmins and pleasing to look at.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus: interested in visiting shrines, religious observations and
scriptures, worshipped by others and equal to a king.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Saturn: considers MONEY as most important, agricultural
profession, has a fleet of horses, gold, famous, poet, interested in giving donations/gifts and
attractive in appearance.
Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus: calculative, a scholar and dear to Brahmins.
Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn: successful, virtuous children, affluent, honored even by kings,
observes religious regulations, owns various kinds of horses, robes and things, free from
diseases and virtuous.
Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus: interested in performing sacrifices of religious nature and
serving the virtuous, able speaker, very wealthy and interested in scriptures.
Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn: dear to Brahmins, attractive body, speaks smilingly, always
happy and dear to the king.
Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn: a chief with the king, respected even by his enemies, much
wealth and donates liberally.
Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: chief among many men, respected by kings, is a minister,
always happy and famous.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus: interested in working for his relatives, very wealthy,
learned in scriptures and pure.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn: good friends, modest, disinterested, does not have
food to eat and suffers from lung disorders.
Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: devoted to elders and Brahmins, good looking,
liberal and skilful in divine undertakings, viz. Puja etc.
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn: has the seas as boundaries of his kingdom,
holds the flag of virtue aloft and very famous.
Moon is only supporter of human
Moon makes tensions when Rahu gives strength.Moon always freeze when Saturn gives
strength.Moon always hot when Mars gives strength.Moon always mad when Mercury gives
strength.Moon always donor when Jupiter gives strength,Moon always depends on others
when Ketu gives strength,Moon always like machine when pluto gives strength,Moon always
sycophant when Uranus gives strength,Moon always soul nature when Neptune gives
Worship of Moon
Always worship of new Moon,always walk when full Moon present,always make relations
when Moon is wax,always gives donations when Moon not present in night,always keep
safety when Moon in 6th or 8th house,always make journey when Moon in front,always do
hidden job when Moon in front.

Definition of dream
In astrology Rahu is the ruler of dreams,when Rahu makes relation with Moon then dreams
comes in the time of sleeping.Some person start to see dreams in day time,some person
start to see dreams in the working time,dreams are must to think about realty of nature.
Example of Dreams
Moon in first house,Sun and fourth house,Mars in second house,Mercury in fifth
house,Jupiter and Venus in third house,Saturn in fourth house,and Rahu in sixth house and
Ketu in 12th house.
Moon always thinks,Sun always sees and Saturn always does,Mercury gives way of next by
voice,by expression and by communication,Mars gives strength and Jupiter and Venus gives
knowledge of paranormal and physical things,Rahu gives idea those not have any type
measurements and destinations,Ketu gives low label and Rahu gives high label.
Sun and Saturn in fourth house makes life only for showing image in evening and morning
time,the time of Rahu in first part of night and time of Ketu is the last part of night,middle
part of night always gives results of full Saturn.
In a month Moon makes connectivity with Rahu and Ketu,like 2.25 days when with Rahu or
with Ketu,2.25 days when in third house from Rahu or Ketu,2.25 days when in fifth house
from Rahu or Ketu,2.25 days when in seventh from Rahu and Ketu and 2.25 days when in
ninth house from Rahu and Ketu.
True dreams always when Moon makes gochara from birth time Rahu and Ketu,and lie
dreams always when Moon with Rahu by time Gochara.
Mars in second house gives nature to live by the helps of medicines,Sun and Saturn in
fourth house gives works related to home and illness of heart, it also gives weak
heart,Saturn always hits Moon of first from fourth house,fourth house is the house of
Moon,Moon is a wet star and Saturn is dry star,heart by the dryness makes feelings of
nothing with life.
When Sun with Saturn Sun always gives illness of heart,like Sun is soul and Jupiter is
Jeeva,(breaths),Venus is the physical star,and this start gives helps to Jupiter to take
breaths by the physical ways,Before Jupiter is Mars like a doctor and after Mars is
Jupiter,means breathing depends on doctor,after breathing Sun means soul Saturn means
works,and in fifth Mercury gives connection by plastic tubes in stomach area,and Rahu in
sixth gives nature of thinking when Moon in sixth,gives dreams like a person is drinking
blood,Mars and Rahu having connection like trikonatmak,and when Moon in 8th house,Rahu
gives dreams like a person saivng him by death,and when Moon in 10th house,gives there
are supports from family members and some persons going to kill father.
By this type many dreams arise,and true dreams always take time like one month,one
year,or 12 years time.