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Fire Protection & Automation System

The most Reliable The most Reputable

Our Mission Statement:
Corodex Fire Protection & Automation
Engineering Division, through its quality
management procedures, high quality skilled &
dedicated technical staff provides quality & most
cost effective engineering solution as per the
latest recognized international codes of practice
& standards for re protection & automation
systems to become the most reputable & reliable
in this eld.
Concorde Corodex provides
complete cost effective solutions
for all types of re protection &
building management system
requirements as per the latest
international standards to suit the
customer requirements.
Following this objective, today
the company plays a leading
role in re protection & BMS
market which includes Design,
Engineering, Supply, Installation
& Maintenance of the complete
range of products from
internationally recognized &
approved manufacturers.
Concorde Corodex offers complete turnkey and specialized solutions
in Fire Protection. With special emphasis to the industrial sector,
CONCORDE CORODEX has provided and continues to provide total
solutions for major projects in the government and institutional sectors.
CONCORDE CORODEX is closely associated with prestigious
organizations and works hand in hand to provide the most optimum
solutions for their varied applications and requirements.
These organizations include:
Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
CO2 Fire Suppression Systems
Fm200 Fire Suppression Systems
Inert Gas (IG100) Fire Suppression Systems
Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems
Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
Gas Detection System
Safety Equipments
Sprinkler System
Deluge / Pre-action System
Foam System
Fire Fighting Equipments
Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
CO2 Fire Suppression Systems
Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
Fire Suppression Systems
Analog Addressable Systems Conventional Systems
Network Systems with graphic monitoring stations
High Sensivity Smoke
Detection Systems
Linear Heat Detection Systems
Designed as per NFPA 72
UL Listed & FM Approved
Low Pressure Systems
High Pressure Systems
Total Flooding
Local Application
Central Bank with Selector Valves to protect multiple hazards
Designed as per NFPA 12
UL Listed & FM Approved
FM200 Fire Suppression Systems
Inert Gas (IG100) Fire Suppression Systems
FM200 Fire Suppression Systems
Inert Gas (IG100) Fire Suppression Systems
Cylinders available from 10Lbs to 1000Lbs Capacity fast
acting system suitable for computer, telecommunication,
electrical rooms, control rooms, art galleries and
Designed as per NFPA 2001
UL Listed & Fm Approved
The most human friendly re suppression agent
No adverse effect on Environment
No adverse effect on objects protected
Quick & Cost Efcient restoration after discharge
No visual disturbance during discharge
Central Bank with selector valves to protect multiple hazards
Designed as per NFPA 2001
UL Listed
Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems
Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems
Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
Safe, non toxic & environmentally acceptable
Requires less Water than Sprinkler & deluge systems
Offers the ability to scrub the surrounding air, removing
airborne smoke particles
Absorption of water soluble toxic, irritant gases &
decomposition particles created by re
Manual & Automatic operation
Hazard specic discharge timings sequences
Designed as per NFPA 750
Suitable for kitchen Hood Protection
Optimal versatility, safety & effectiveness
Quick re detection & suppression
Superior wet chemical coverage that
quickly suppresses re & prevents reash
Quick clean up
Designed as per NFPA 17A
UL Listed
Gas Detection System
Safety Equipments
Gas Detection System
Safety Equipments
Fixed & portable type gas detector / systems
Flammable & Toxic sensors
Low maintenance
Auto Compensation for detector contamination & aging
UL Listed
Self Contained Apparatus
Mobile Air Cart
Escape Respirators
Sprinkler System
Deluge / Pre-action System
Sprinkler System
Deluge / Pre-action System
Automatic wet sprinkler system
Wide range of sprinkler heads suitable for various type
of hazards
Designed to NFPA 13 standards
UL Listed & FM Approved
Wet pilot, pneumatic or electric actuated systems
suitable for transformers, reactors, cable galleries,
LPG vessels, LPG storage tanks, oil storage tanks etc.
Wide range of spray nozzles suitable for various
types of hazards.
Designed to NFPA 15 standards
UL Listed & FM Approved
Foam System
Fire Fighting Equipments
Foam System
Fire Fighting Equipments
Low / Medium / high expansion foam systems
wide range of proportioning systems to suit various
Bladder tank & in-line proportioning systems
Subsurface foam injection system
Foam deluge & Foam pouring systems
Oscillating foam monitors
Suitable for oil storage tanks, bund protection, aircraft
hangars, generator rooms etc.
Designed to NFPA 11, 16, 409 standards
UL Listed
Automatic re hose reels
Landing valves
Fire hoses & nozzles
Fire cabinets
Portable & mobile re extinguishers
Water Monitors
Manufactures to International Standards
Patterson Pump
Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps
The full range of Patterson Pumps leadership in
design, engineering and fabrication is available
now for application to your pumping needs.
Discover for yourself why Patterson is the world
leader in reliability.

Three types of Patterson pumps are effective in
re control systems: the horizontal Split Case, the
vertical Turbine and the Vertical In-Line. These re
pumps operate with pressures in excess of 390 psi
and up to 5000gpm.
Patterson Fire Pumps conform to, and in some cases
surpass, the rigid standards set forth by approving
and listing authorities. They are UL and ULC/
cUL listed, FM and NYBSA approved, and meet
the requirements set forth by the National Fire
Protection Association (Pamphlet No.20)
Precision balancing of all factors in the design of Patterson
Horizontal Split Case Fire Pumps provides mechanical
dependability, efcient operation and minimal maintenance.
Simplicity of design ensures long
Patterson Pump
Patterson Turbine Pumps
The Patterson Vertical Pumps employ the latest design
concepts and engineering technology in producing highly
efcient pumps that are adaptable in a variety of industrial/
municipal/power application, including re pumps. They
can be staged as necessary to meet desired pressure
requirements. Minimum oor space is required, and the
pumps operate in low NPSHA applications. Fire pump
application capacities are from 500 to 4,500 GPM, with
pressures up to 300 PSI. Non-fre pump application capacities
are from 500 to 7,000 GPM, with up to 700 ft. TDH.
Latest vertical Turbine Technology
Multi-purpose Vertical Turbine Pumps
Pattersons patented Multi-purpose Vertical Turbine pumps
are superior performing, solids handling, municipal/industrial
pumps which offer the highest hydraulic performance, lowest
rotor vibrations and noise levels. They are designed for
easy integration into retrot plans for water treatment, ood
control, municipal / industrial water supply and more. Pumps
discharge, motor and controller are above grade, allowing
maintenance in a clean, safe environment. Components can be
replaced without teardown of the entire unit. Capacities range
from 1500 to 20,000 GPM.
Fire water Tanks
Fire sealant and cable coating
Wide range of sectional steel tanks available to suit many
bulk commodity storage requirements. From potable water to
municipal sludge,we can also offer coated steel solutions to
suit all applications. Be it epoxy powder coated, glass coated,
or galvanized mild steel, we got the right solution for you.
All tanks hold approvals from the Loss Prevention Certication
Board (LPCB), Factory Mutual (FM) and the Water Research
Council (WRC) accreditation bodies, allowing us to offer a full
range of sprinkler system holding tanks. Galglass are also
listed as an approved supplier for TRANSCO & DEWA.
The KBS Panel Seal ABL consists of mineral wool
panels coated with KBS Coating. KBS Sealant to ll
gaps and KBS Coating to coat the penetrating cables
and support system.
Only the visible sides of the panels and penetrating
items have to be coated with KBS Coating.
KBS Panel Seal ABL can be installed as a single or
double panel seal, depending on the required re
resistance time.
KBS Coating is a water-based ablative re protective
coating, KBS Sealant is a water-based ablative re
protective putty. KBS Coating is suitable for penetration
seals and re protection of cables or other utilities.
Both products last for the lifetime of cables. KBS
Coating is highly exible, totally weather and water
resistant and compatible with various chemicals.
KBS Coating and KBS Sealant are produced only by
Grunau Illertissen GmbH maintaining a quality system
which fulfls the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001.
Fire water Tanks
Fire Sealant and Cable Coating
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