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adrenal cortex (steroids)

-aldosterone (mineralcorticoid): raises blood pressure after renin/angiotensis signal

-cortisol (glucocorticoid): after stress, more metabolism and less growth and immunity

adrenal medulla (tyrosine derivatives "catecholamines")
-epinephrine and norepinephrine: fight or flght sympathetic response

anterior pituitary (peptides)
-adrenocoricotropic hormone (ACTH): when stress, signals adrenal cortex to produce glucocorticoids
-FSH: choose a follicle in menstrual cycle; spermatogenesis
-hGH: bone and muscle growth, lipolysis
-LH: ovulation; T & E secretion
-TSH: regulates thyroid gland function
-prolactin: suckling stimulates lactation

posterior pituitary, made in hypothalamus (peptides)
-oxytocin: uterine contractions during birth; milk secretion in lactation
-vasopressin (ADH): homeostasis of BP by regulating water reabs

embryo/placenta (peptide)
-human chorionic peptide (HCG): stimulates corpus luteum to stay alive and produce E&P

heart (peptide)
-atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP): when BP high, vasodilates and less Na reabs

ovary/placenta (steroids)
-estrogen: LH surge in menstrual cycle; female secondary sex characteristics in pregnancy
-progesterone: supports gestation in menstrual cycle, embryogenesis in pregnancy

pancreas (peptides)
-glucagon: increase blood glucose levels
-insulin: decrease blood glucose levels
-somatostatin: inhibits hGH and TSG, inhibits some digestive componants

thyroid (mixed)
-T3/T4 [tyrosine derivatives]: regulate metabolism
-calcitonin [peptide]: less blood Ca

parathyroid (peptide)
-PH: increases blood Ca levels

testis (steroid)
-testosterone: male sex characteristics

pineal (peptide)
-melatonin: unclear in humans

thymus (peptide)
-thymosin: stimulates T lymphocyte development