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Company Information

For more than 100 years, we have acquainted guests with the living heritage of India -
and a legendary experience in hospitality.
It began on ecember 1!, 1"0#, when $amshet%i &usserwan%i 'ata opened 'a%(s first
hotel, the 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower, )umbai. 'his grand hotel epitomi,ed a philosophy
that still holds true today- provide impeccable service and unparalleled facilities so every
stay is a memorable one.
. part of the 'ata /roup of companies www.tata.com, India0s premier business house, 'a%
1otels 2esorts and *alaces comprises 34 hotels in 50 locations across India with an
additional 16 international hotels in the )aldives, )auritius, )alaysia, .ustralia, 78,
79., :hutan, 9ri ;an<a, .frica, and the )iddle =ast. >ver the years, 'a% has won
international acclaim for its quality hotels and its excellence in dining, business facilities,
interiors, and world-class, personali,ed service.
In India, 'a% is recogni,ed as the premier hospitality provider, spanning the length and
breadth of the country, and gracing important industrial towns and cities, beautiful
beaches, historical and pilgrim centres, and wildlife destinations.
.n innovator in dining, 'a% was the first to introduce 9ichuan, 'hai, Italian, )exican, and
?alifornian cuisine into the country. In 1"4@, it was the first to open a @5-hour coffee
shop in India at 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower, )umbai. 'oday, each restaurant is reflective
of that tradition, setting benchmar<s for an outstanding culinary experience.
Corporate Holding Structure
'he Indian 1otels ?ompany ;imited, owner of the 'a% brand, comprises of hotel assets,
their management and the brandingA franchising and mar<eting activities of these hotels.
'he 'a% /roup consists of hotels under three categories-
iB 'hose owned directly by 'he Indian 1otels ?ompany ;imited CI1?;B and its
iiB 1otels owned by .ssociate companies
iiiB 1otels on management contract from third party owners
'he group structure is depicted below-
'he group has grown both by ownership of hotels and partnering with li<e-minded
organi,ations and individuals in the ownership of hotels, so as to encourage the
development of hotels and simultaneously provide with them with the benefit of
professional management and a well recognised brand. 'hese partnerships are our <ey
.ssociate companies which include-
.ssociates - 8ey *roperties-
.ssociate ?ompany 8ey *roperties
>riental 1otels ;imited ;uxury 1otels
'a% ?oromandel, ?hennai
:usiness 1otels
'a% 2esidency, Disa<hapatnam
)an%arun 1otel, )angalore
;eisure 1otels
'a% )alabar, ?ochin
'a% /arden 2etreat, ?oonoor
Fisherman(s ?ove, ?hennai
'a% /arden 2etreat, )adurai
*iem 1otels ;imited :usiness 1otels
'a% *resident, )umbai
'a% :lue iamond 1otel, *une
'a% 2esidency, :angalore
'a% 2esidency, &ashi<
'a% 2esidency, ;uc<now
;eisure 1otels
'a% Diew, .gra
Indian 2esort 1otels
;eisure 1otels
Fort .guada :each 2esort + the
.guada 1ermitage, /oa
'a% 8erala 1otels and
2esorts ;imited
:usiness 1otels
'a% 2esidency, =rna<ulam
;eisure 1otels
'a% /arden 2etreat, 8umara<om
'a% /arden 2etreat, Dar<ala
'a% /arden 2etreat, 'he<<ady
'a% /D8 1otels + 2esorts
;uxury 1otels
'a% 8rishna, 1yderabad
:usiness 1otels
'a% eccan, 1yderabad
'a% :an%ara, 1yderabad
:enaras 1otels ;td ;eisure 1otels
'a% /anges, :enaras
'a% 8arnata<a 1otels +
2esorts ;imited
;eisure 1otels
'a% /arden 2etreat, ?hi<magalur
/ateway 1otels + /ateway
2esorts ;imited
:usiness 1otels
/ateway 1otel on 2esidency 2oad,
9ubsidiaries E 8ey *roperties -
9ubsidiaries 8ey *roperties
9t $ames ?ourt 1otel
;uxury 1otels
?rowne *la,a, 9t. $ames, ;ondonF 31
:uc<ingham /ate , ;ondon
:usiness 1otels
?rowne *la,a ;ondon E 9t. $ames
.sia *acific 1otels
;eisure 1otels
'a% =xotica, /oa
7nited 1otels ;td. :usiness 1otels
.mbassador 1otel, elhi
8'? 1otels ;td. :usiness 1otels
'a% 2esidency, ?alicut
Taj Hotels
From world-renowned landmar<s to modern business hotels, and idyllic beach resorts to
authentic 2a%put palaces, each 'a% hotel offers an unrivalled combination of warm Indian
hospitality, contemporary, efficient service, and modern luxury. 'a% 1otels, 2esorts, and
*alaces are organi,ed into three categories- ;uxury, ;eisure and :usiness.
G'a% ;uxury 1otels
G'a% ;eisure 1otels
G'a% :usiness 1otels
'a% ;uxury 1otels
'he =mbodiment of 'rue Indian 1ospitality
'a% ;uxury 1otels capture the essence of the 'a% experience and are synonymous with
lavish accommodations and unrivalled service. Hith vantage locations in every city, each
hotel offers luxuriously appointed suites and rooms, gourmet specialty restaurants and
bars, state-of-the-art business facilities, modern fitness centres, re%uvenating spas, and
well equipped banquet and meeting facilities.
'a<ing /uests :ac< to the .ge of 2efinement and Fairytale :eauty
'a% ;uxury 1otels also encompass authentic palaces. 'ransporting guests bac< to the age
of <ings and courtesans, these exquisite buildings resplendent with domes, terraces,
carved pillars, and archways built in the true royal style have recently been refurbished
with modern luxuries. 'o heighten the authentic palace experience, a team of butlers
serves guests in the <ind of style that a mahara%a would have offered his guests.
Fine ining that 9tands .part
. distinctive feature of the 'a% ;uxury 1otels is the trend setting, award-winning
restaurants and bars that serve a wide variety of cuisines from across the globe. From
contemporary *an Indian cuisine to =ast )editerranean, ?hinese, Dietnamese cuisine, the
restaurants at 'a% are setting benchmar<s for an outstanding culinary experience.
)embers of the ;eading 1otels of the Horld, ;td.
'he following hotels are members of the ;eading 1otels of the Horld, ;td.-
'he 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower C)umbaiB
'a% ;ands =nd C)umbaiB
'he 'a% )ahal 1otel C&ew elhiB
'he 'a% Hest =nd C:angaloreB
'a% ?oromandel C?hennaiB
'a% 8rishna C1yderabadB
'he *ierre C&ew Ior<B
'he following hotels are part of the ;eading 9mall 1otels of the Horld, ;td.-
'a% ;a<e *alace C7daipurB
2ambagh *alace C$aipurB
7maid :hawan *alace C$odhpurB
'a% =xotica 2esort + 9pa C)aldivesB
'a% =xotica 2esort + 9pa C)auritiusB
'a% :oston C:oston, 79.B
?ampton *lace C9an Francisco, 79.B
'a% ;eisure 1otels
=scape the >rdinary at >ur ;eisure 1otels
'a% ;eisure 1otels include idyllic beach resorts, genuine palaces, turn-of-the-century
garden retreats, and historic and pilgrim centres. 9howcasing the best of every
destination, 'a% ;eisure 1otels are replete with adventure, romance, comfort, and style.
>ffering a 1oliday to 2emember
'a% 2esort 1otels offer delightful rooms by the sea, restaurants that serve the freshest
catch of the day, the latest water sports facilities, tennis courts, freshwater swimming
pools, spas, and travel assistance. 'a% /arden 2etreats are a great escape in the midst of
nature, offering restored colonial architecture, gracious rooms with a view of exquisitely
landscaped gardens and a wonderful atmosphere of peace and calm. >ther ;eisure 1otels
echo the country(s rich and varied past, and are located in close proximity to the focal
points of Indian art, culture and history.
Fun the Hhole Family ?an =n%oy
'a% ;eisure 1otels are a complete family destination offering a wide variety of activities
for all age groups. For the young members of the family, 'a% ;eisure 1otels offers
exciting, fun-filled holidays that provide the best in children activities ranging from
sports, culture, environment, adventure, music, and entertainment. *arents can relax
throughout their holiday by leaving their children in the care of the hotel staff, which will
ma<e sure that the younger guests have a holiday to remember.
Hell =quipped for the *erfect =scape
'a% ;eisure 1otels offer everything from comfortable rooms with a view, friendly
efficient service, specialty restaurants and lively bars, telecommunication facilities such
as Internet connectivity, well equipped business centres, conference facilities, and
banquet areas. >ther features include swimming pools, casual dining restaurants, fitness
centres, travel assistance, spas, various sightseeing options, bac<water cruises, and much
more. 'he restaurants offer an array of delectable Indian and world cuisines. 9ome
recipes from homes in the region often go bac< two to three generations.
'he Fine .rt of 2elaxation
'he 'a% ;eisure 1otels also promise a whole new experience of tranquillity and total
Jwellness(. .t the 9pas, .yurveda, yoga, meditation, and herbal <nowledge come together
to create a holistic experience in harmony with its location.
'a% :usiness 1otels
>ffering the Finest 9tandards of 1ospitality and 9ervice
;ocated in the heart of India(s <ey commercial cities and towns, 'a% :usiness 1otels
provide modern conveniences and spacious comfort for both leisure and business
travellers ali<e. Dibrant and progressive, they retain the warmth and spirit of India while
offering multi-cuisine restaurants and contemporary business facilities.
Hell =quipped to )a<e :usiness 'rips 9moother and )ore *roductive
'he :usiness 1otels of 'a% are spread across India, 9ri ;an<a, .frica, and the )iddle
=ast, esigned to satisfy every need of the business traveller, the hotels offer everything
including well appointed rooms, telecommunication facilities such as wireless internet
connectivity, efficient service, specialty restaurants and lively bars, well equipped
business centres, and conference facilities and banquet areas. >ther features include
swimming pools, coffee shops, fitness centres, and helpful travel assistance.
;eading the Industry with Innovation
'a% :usiness 1otels are witnessing a new spirit of change. 2ecognising the evolving
needs of its guests, 'a% :usiness 1otels are in the process of rolling out an enhanced
product offering across its hotels. =xtensive research has been conducted across the
country to understand the needs of guests to create a product offering that will set the
benchmar< for business hotels in India.
)ember of the ;eading 1otels of the Horld, ;td.
'he :;7=, 9ydney is part of the ;eading 9mall 1otels of the Horld, ;td.
Mr. Raymond Bickson
Managing Director & CEO
Mr. Anil P. Goel
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Aoy !. Misra
"r. #ice President
"ales & Marketing
Mr. Prakash #. "h$kla
"r. #ice President %echnology &
Chief &nformation Officer
Mr. De' Ba(ai
#ice President )egal &
Com(any "ecretary
Mr. "$mit G$ha
#ice President
De'elo(ment and Proects
Mr. Fran* +eller
"r. #ice President &
Chief O(erating Officer
%a )$,$ry -otels . &nternational
Mr. A/hiit M$keri
Chief O(erating Officer
%a )$,$ry -otels . &ndia
Ms. 0yoti 1arang
Chief O(erating Officer
)eis$re -otels Di'ision
Mr. 0amshed ". Da/oo
Chief O(erating Officer
B$siness -otels Di'ision
Mr. Rai' G$ral
Chief O(erating Officer &
"r. #ice President
Mergers2 Ac3$isitions & De'elo(ment
Mr. Pra/hat Pani
Chief E,ec$ti'e Officer
Roots Cor(oration )imited

Mr. Raymond Bickson
)anaging irector + ?hief =xecutive >fficer
2aymond :ic<son(s experience in hospitality spans
thirty years and four continents. In $anuary @00#, )r.
:ic<son moved to India and %oined the :oard as
=xecutive irector + ?hief >perating >fficer of 'a%
;uxury 1otels, overseeing the operations of all luxury
properties and playing a <ey role in the global expansion and
development of future hotels. 1e assumed the role as )anaging
irector + ?hief =xecutive >fficer of 'he Indian 1otels ?ompany
;imited in $uly @00#.
)r. :ic<son brings extensive international hotel experience to the 'a%
/roup in operations and management. 1e most recently served fifteen
years as the Dice *resident + /eneral )anager of 'he )ar< in &ew
Ior< for 'he 2afael /roup 1oteliers )onaco and with the )andarin
>riental 1otel /roup. 1is career includes a variety of management
assignments for over ten years with 2egent International 1otels in &ew
Ior<, ?hicago, allas, *uerto 2ico, )elbourne and 9hanghai, as well
as training at some of the world(s most renowned hotels as the 1otel
*la,a .thenee *aris, ;e )ontreux *alace 9wit,erland and the 8ahala
1ilton 1awaii.
.n .merican national, )r. :ic<son attended the Kcole 1LteliMre
;ausanne in 9wit,erland and .dvanced )anagement *rogramme at
1arvard :usiness 9chool. 1e was voted one of the 'op 10 :est 1otel
)anagers by ;eaders )aga,ine from 1""4-@00@. )r. :ic<son is a
)ember of the Horld 'ravel + 'ourism ?ouncil CH''?B,
International :usiness ;eaders Forum CI:;FB and is an advisory board
member of 'he ;eading 1otels of 'he Horld C;1HB, ?ornell 1otel
9chool ?entre for 1ospitality 2esearch and =cole 1oteliere de
;ausanne in 9wit,erland.
G 'op
Mr. Anil P. oel
?hief Financial >fficer
.nil /oel is charged with the tas< of overseeing the 'a%
/roup(s finance, mergers and acquisitions, purchase and
audit functions. Hith over @5 years of experience in the
'ata /roup in various financial roles, including ?hief
Financial >fficer of 'ata 'ea, he brings a unique
understanding of fiscal responsibility to 'a%. .nil is also a &on-
=xecutive irector in 'a% /D8, >riental 1otels ;imited, Indian 2esort
+ 1otels ;imited, 'a% 9amudra, amongst others.
.nil graduated in 1onors from 9hri 2am ?ollege of ?ommerce in
elhi and is a ?hartered .ccountant.
G 'op
Mr. Ajoy !. Misra
9enior Dice *resident, 9ales and )ar<eting
In his @5 years with the 'a% /roup, .%oy )isra has
wor<ed in various capacities, from sales and mar<eting
to operations. .%oy %oined the 'a% in 1"60 in the
?orporate 9ales and )ar<eting epartment through the
'ata .dministrative 9ervices. 1e served as /eneral
)anager of the 'a%N@0*resident in )umbai and .rea irector in the
9ri ;an<a and )aldives regions. 'oday, .%oy represents 'a% in industry
organi,ations such as the Horld 'ravel and 'ourism ?ouncil, India
Initiative CH''?B, Horld 'ourism >rganisation CH'>B, 1otel
.ssociation of India C1.IB, :ombay ?hamber of ?ommerce and
Industry, and the ?onfederation of Indian Industry C?IIB.
.%oy )isra holds a degree in ?ivil =ngineering and an ):. from
elhi 7niversity.
G 'op
Mr. Prakas" #. S"ukla
9enior Dice *resident, 'echnology and ?hief
Information >fficer
Hith over @0 years experience in the information
technology industry, *ra<ash 9hu<la brings valuable
expertise to the expanding networ< of 'a% 1otels. 1e is
currently responsible for total I' deployments at the 'a%
/roup and is on )(s management committee. Hith a bac<ground in
some of the industry(s most venerable corporationsO7nisys A 9perry
and I:)O*ra<ash has provided I' solutions for numerous clients-
)organ 9tanley, /oldman 9achs, ?itigroup, and 9olomon 9mith
.n .merican national, )r. 9hu<la is a graduate of 2utgers 7niversity
with degrees in =lectrical =ngineering and =nglish, and &ew Ior<
*olytechnic 7niversity with a )aster0s degree in ?omputer 9cience.
)r. 9hu<la attended the .dvanced )anagement *rogram at 1arvard
:usiness 9chool.
G 'op
Mr. $e% Bajpai
Dice *resident ;egal + ?ompany 9ecretary
)r. ev :a%pai is responsible for the ;egal function of
the 'a% /roup. 1e is also the ?ompany 9ecretary of
Indian 1otels ?ompany ;imited. Hith over 16 years of
experience in ;egal .ffairs, ?orporate .ffairs and
'axation, ev has wor<ed in the .utomobile, ?onsumer
urables and Fast )oving ?onsumer /oods sectors.
)r. :a%pai has been nominated on ?ommittees of the apex industry
organi,ations of ?onfederation of Indian Industry and Federation of
Indian ?hambers of ?ommerce and Industry, concerning regulatory and
intellectual property related matters and has also represented the
Industry before *arliamentary ?ommittees.
ev is a Fellow )ember of the Institute of ?ompany 9ecretaries of
India and a ;aw /raduate from the 7niversity of elhi.
G 'op
Mr. Sumit u"a
Dice *resident evelopment and *ro%ects
)r. 9umit /uha oversees the development function of
the Indian 1otels ?ompany ;imited and is responsible
for planning and implementing the growth strategy of
the ?ompany through the multiple routes of renovation,
management contracts, /reenfield pro%ects and
acquisition of new properties for the ?ompany.
:efore %oining the 'a% /roup, 9umit wor<ed in different functions in
other 'ata companies li<e 'itan Industries, 'ata 'ea and 'ata &I8
'ransport 9ystems. Hithin these companies he has had exposure across
various functions including pro%ects, sales and mar<eting and general
)r. /uha is a graduate from the Indian Institute of 'echnology,
8haragpur and holds a */) from the Indian Institute of
)anagement, .hmedabad. 1e is a member of the 'ata .dministrative
G 'op
Mr. &ran' (eller
9r. Dice *resident + ?hief >perating >fficer
'a% ;uxury 1otels E International
Fran, Peller %oined 'he Indian 1otels ?ompany
;imited as 9enior Dice *resident + ?hief >perating
>fficer, in &ovember @00#. *reviously he was 9enior
Dice *resident )iddle =ast + &orth .frica, )illennium 1otels +
2esorts and prior to that 9enior Dice *resident >perations, .sia *acific
+ /eneral )anager for the same /roup.
)r. Peller has extensive international experience in the 1otel Industry,
particularly with 1ilton International, where he served as /eneral
)anager + irector 'o<yo :ay 1iltonF ivisional irector E 9outh
.sia and /eneral )anager &ew elhi 1ilton. 1e also served as
/eneral )anager at 'he &ew Ior< Dista and /eneral )anager at
QHindows on the HorldQ at Horld 'rade ?entre in &ew Ior<F *rior
assignments have been as /eneral )anager :risbane 1ilton, .ustralia
and /eneral )anager *erth *armelia 1ilton, .ustralia and previously
held various )anagerial positions with 1ilton in Dancouver and
)ontreal, ?anada.
. 9wiss A .ustralian ?iti,en, )r. Fran, Peller was born, educated and
trained in 9wit,erland and attended executive programs at the ;ondon
:usiness 9chool as well as in &ew Ior< and )ontreal.
G 'op
Mr. A)"ijit Mukerji
?hief >perating >fficer, 'a% ;uxury 1otels E India
.bhi%it )u<er%i manages a portfolio of the thirteen 'a%
;uxury 1otels in India, which consists of landmar<
hotels in <ey metro cities including the group(s flagship
hotel, 'he 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower, )umbai, historic
royal *alaces, and luxury residences.
.n hotelier with a career spanning 1" years and four continents, )r.
)u<er%i has spent almost 10 years as a /eneral )anager and run
several hotels which won international acclaim under his stewardship.
1is last assignment was as .rea irector - 'a% 1otels, &ew elhi.
)r. )u<er%i is an alumnus of ?ornell C=ssecB and 1arvard :usiness
9chool, and has a flair for =uropean languages.
G 'op
Ms. *yoti +arang
?hief >perating >fficer
;eisure 1otels
In a career spanning @# years with 'a% 1otels, $yoti
&arang has held a variety of positions, from sales and
mar<eting to operations. ?urrently, she serves as ?hief
>perating >fficer of the ;eisure ivision of 'a% 1otels
2esorts and *alaces, and is responsible for the operations and
performance of @4 ;eisure hotels in India and abroad.
1er last assignment was as ?>> of the :usiness ivision. In that
position, she successfully lead the expansion and upgradation of the
portfolio of :usiness 1otels located in <ey industrial and business
cities. $yoti spearheaded a positioning ma<eover of the :usiness hotels
and lead a team which established the norms for 'a% :usiness hotels of
the future. 9he also directed the launch of :;7=, 9ydney, which
mar<ed 'a%(s entry into the premium hotel mar<et in .ustralia.
$yoti is a graduate of the ;ady 9hri 2am ?ollege, &ew elhi and holds
an ):. from Faculty of )anagement 9tudies, elhi. 9he has attended
programs at the Hharton 9chool of )anagement and the International
Institute for )anagement evelopment in ;ausanne, 9wit,erland.
R'ravel .gent,S the leading 79 national newswee<ly maga,ine of the
travel industry, named $yoti as one of the most powerful women in the
travel industry worldwide.
G 'op
Mr. *ams"ed S. $a)oo
?hief >perating >fficer
:usiness 1otels
.s ?>> of the 'a% /roup :usiness 1otels, $amshed 9.
aboo oversees the performance of @# properties across
India and abroad. *rior to this assignment, $amshed was
?>> of the ;eisure ivision of the 'a%.
:efore %oining the 'a% /roup, $amshed served as ?hief =xecutive
>fficer of 'ata Tuality )anagement 9ervices, spearheading the 'ata
:usiness =xcellence )odel, a group-wide initiative aimed at service
excellence, and 'itan Industries ;imited, where he gained experience in
various functions. $amshed(s repertoire includes extensive experience
in sales, mar<eting, operations and =nterprise 2esource *lanning.
)r. aboo is an Indian national and an =ngineer from the Halchand
?ollege with a degree in )anagement from U;2I - $amshedpur.
G 'op
Mr. Raji% ujral
?hief >perating >fficer + 9r. Dice *resident
)ergers, .cquisitions + evelopment
2a%iv /u%ral is heading )erger, .cquisitions and
evelopment for the /roup. In the ## years with the
/roup )r. /u%ral has held various positions in the
company from 9ales and )ar<eting, heading operations
and development for =astern 2egion and International ivision. )r.
/u%ral has served on the :oard of International 1otel and 2estaurant
.ssociation CI1+2.B, currently a member of the ?hain ?ouncil,
*resident of Federation of 1otel and 2estaurant .ssociation of India
CF12.IB, apart from being the ?hairman of Hest :engal 'ourism
evelopment ?orporation and ?hairman 'ourism 9ub-?ommittee of
the .ssociate ?hamber of ?ommerce and Industry C.9>?1.)B.
1e has been responsible for creating 'a% .sia ;td., and for bringing in
?? .frica to develop Hildlife 9afaris in India with 'a% /roup. )r.
/u%ral is on the board of 'a% International 1otels C1ong<ongB and
>riental 1otels C1ong<ongB.
)r. /u%ral has been appointed the ?hairman of the .ll India :oard of
1otel )anagement and ?atering 'echnology by the 7nion )inistry of
1uman 2esources for a period of # years from 1st 9eptember @00!. 1e
is also a member of the Horld *residents >rganisation CH*>B.
)r. 2a%iv /u%ral graduated in :usiness )anagement, ma%oring in
)ar<eting from :anares 7niversity C:17B.
G 'op
Mr. Pra)"at Pani
?hief =xecutive >fficer
2oots ?orporation ;imited
.s ?=> of the wholly-owned subsidiary of 'he Indian
1otels ?ompany ;imited, *rabhat *ani manages the
operations of /inger 1otels and is responsible for their
growth across India.
:efore %oining the 'a% /roup, *rabhat *ani served as ?hief >perating
>fficer in 'ata 'elesevices ;imited. 1e has extensive experience across
wide geographies in India in handling portfolios of 9ales, )ar<eting
and >perations in large companies engaged in the F)?/ and 'elecom
1e has been actively associated with ?onfederation of Indian Industry
C?IIB, and has been a member of the 9outhern 2egional ?ouncil the last
three years, while co-chairing the 9ub-?ommittee on ?orporate 9ocial
*rabhat *ani holds a degree in =ngineering from :irla Institute of
'echnology + 9cience, *ilani, and *ost-/raduate iploma in
)anagement from II), .hmedabad.
G 'op
*72= is India(s first international restaurant with a focus on organic
ingredients. *72= cuisine is based on the cutting-edge wor< of &ew Ior< based ?hef
)ichel &ischan, a well-<nown proponent of organic well being whose coo<ing finds
expression in the many flavourful dishes on his menu. 'he recipes come alive with
ingredients that are wholesome, home-grown and at their seasonal best.
'he *72= experience allows guests to shift from an off white and minimalist space
which has a %uice bar to a elevated dining area with rich deep tones, emphasi,ed by a
candle lit ambience. 'he *rivate ining 2oom has a warm intimate dining experience
that you will yearn to come bac< for. 'he wall recesses are stoc<ed with select wines and
canisters of exotic loose-leaf teas, a long communal steel table to seat up to ten guests.
'his allows for a private gathering for guests, a perfect meeting room for a high-powered
business lunch or a co,y evening meal.
>rganically spea<ingV
*72= cuisine allows you to en%oy food that(s bursting with flavour and yet naturally
balanced using fresh, wholesome and organically grown vegetables, healthy meats and
delicate seafood E to give you an unusual medley of rich flavours and textures that
support the spirit of well-being. Delvety textured sauces rich with taste are achieved
simply, with fruit and vegetable extracts and pristine stoc< reductions.
=xecutive ?hef $ohn )ooney(s unique cutting edge techniques and innovative ways of
coo<ing using steaming broths, citrus ,ests and versatile oils along with fruit and
vegetable extracts and pristine stoc< reductions, allows the full-bodied flavour of the
ingredients to shine through, without overpowering.
'he distinctive menu at *72= offers a gamut of delicacies from the Shiitake Mushroom
Rice Cakes with English Pea Sauce to the Mixed Vegetable Ceviche for the vegetarians.
'he non-vegetarian palate has no limits to the fine dishes from Grill Cured Salmon with
Caramelized Cauliflower Pistachio and !h"me Roasted Chicken Grilled #amb Cho$s
with Pomegranate Molasses #obster and Sweet Corn Succotash !amari Shrim$ and
Scallo$s will satiate your senses. ?ulminating a delectable meal into a memorable one are
the esserts such as the intriguing Eight Pure flavours of %rganic Chocolate Corn !hree
&a"s that are served in three exciting combinations that include ?orn ?repes, ?orn Ice
?ream and ?andied ?orn + :lood >range 9auce.
Indulge in the mystic at *72=, as the signature alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
made with organic fruit and vegetable %uices at the %uice bar, are sure to ta<e you by
surprise. 'hese include the #emon Grass Martini 'orseradish and (asil Martini !ea
and %range Martini and )affir #ime Martini amongst numerous other variants.
.n extensive wine list including a range of organic wines li<e (ianco di Custoza doc
white wine *++, Val$olicella doc red wine *++, and Soo$aca doc (ianco white wine
@005, organic beers li<e =c<o and a fine selection of organic loose-leaf teas li<e Monke"
Pick and -ade Green C?hinese teasB, %rganic Cinnamon and Cardamom Makaibari
Golden !i$s Car%eeling teaB and 'a.ua Silver leaf C.ssam teaB will entice guests with its
plethora of varieties.
*urely designedV
?hic, contemporary yet minimalistic, the sprawling @@00 sq. ft. area uses a blend of
natural colours, materials and design. .s you enter, guests are treated a vision of
subliminal simplicity, an off-white room with tones of beige, olive green and wood with
mother of pearl accents on the wall.
'ranscend to a unique world as you pass between pillars of running water into a warm
intimate elevated dining area with rich deep tones. 'he colours are accentuated a shade
deeper, with dar< wood flooring, blac< carved partitions along with an orange accent on
the ceiling.
?rema )arphyl Italian marble flooring, white wic<er chairs with white leather upholstery
and carved wooden partitions are %ust some of the facets of the splendidly designed
'he $uice :ar is furnished with white wic<er bar stools and white leather upholstery,
while the *rivate ining .rea has a large wine rac< covering one wall, two display rac<s
for teas and other artifacts covering the other two walls with strip lighting that illuminates
the displayed items. .ccessori,ed with :lac< Faux clay canisters and a metal wire
elliptical vase, *72= is sure to set a benchmar< as the chic dining space in the city.
:ringing in a new culinary experience to India with the first of it(s <ind international
restaurant focusing on organic ingredients, *72= allows you to discover a whole new
way of en%oying food that(s bursting with flavour, yet naturally balanced.
2estaurant etails-
G'a% ;ands =nd W G )umbai
Attire, Smart casual
Hours, -.,/0 pm 1 .,23 pm
4,00 pm 1 --,23 pm
Reser%ations recommended
'his specialty restaurant with its air of sophistication reflects the overall
contemporary aesthetics of the hotel. 'he carefree style is echoed in the refreshing
ambience created by the casual hues and layout of the restaurant. ;ight-hearted and airy,
Graze evo<es images of casual conversations about nothing at all, light summer bree,es
playing in the leaves, crisp blue s<ies canopying lively green fieldsVallowing guests to
wander in a land where culinary revelations await.
'he Feast...
If you really care about food, you will as< a lot of questions at /ra,e- nothing ever tastes
the way you expect it to E there are surprises awaiting you at every corner. =ach meal is a
roller coaster of sensations. elicately garnished with =uropean tones that enhance
natural flavors of the food rather than overpower them, the cuisine at Graze will have
discerning guests underta<e a whole new gastronomic %ourney. 'he menu boasts of
specialties li<e seafood Clobster, <ing prawns, crabs, oysters, caviar, scallops and daily
fresh fishB, meats Cstea<s, duc<, foie grasB and the freshest of vegetables C,ucchini,
mushrooms, aubergines, baby carrots, fat green asparagus and fresh green peasB and
desserts CsoufflXs, flans and fondants, exotic grilled fruit <ebabs and assiette of chocolate,
tropical fruits such as passion fruit and pomegranateB. .n exhilarating menu waits to be
explored. 'he foie gras, sautXed and served on crisply toasted brioche is delicious, the
asparagus and carameli,ed baby carrots tossed in anise and tarragon %uice burst on the
tongue into a cascade of delicate flavors and the soups are li<e nothing you(ve ever tasted
before E racy, oddly elegant and teasing you to spoon in more and more.
/ra,e is managed under the expertise of award-winning ?hef de ?uisine 9teven ;iu.
Ioung, creative and experimental, ?hef 9teven is ahead of the curve and strives to serve
inspiration with his food. 1e uses .sian herbs and spices with extraordinary confidence
and an instinctive understanding of each of his ingredients. 1e combines them, coaxes
new tastes from them and yet maintains such firm control that no single flavor ever
dominates a dish.
1aving wor<ed as $unior 9ous ?hef at 'he orchester 1otel ;ondon, 78, as ?hef de
*artie at 'he 9avoy 1otel ;ondon, 78 and emi-?hef de *artie at 'he 9herwood 1otel
'aipei, ?hef 9teven(s sense of ?lassic or &ouvelle French, :ritish or International
?ulture ?uisine contributes tremendously to the innovative compositions at his
.t /ra,e, guests can choose from an extraordinary list of very affordable wines, a
selection unarguably unparalleled in the city. >ffering over @00 wines to complement any
taste and budget, the unique concept of RFlight of HinesS E a taster of # wines from the
menu, grouped appropriately to match similar themes E offers the best way of savouring
stimulating wines.
;unch guests in a hurry are also graciously catered to at Graze/ . unique set lunch option
termed R;unch :oxS served from 1@.#0 p.m. until #.00 p.m. offers a three course meal
which contains a combination of meals that is quic<ly served and varies everyday.
?ombinations include !em$ura $rawn and calamari with $onzu dressing or salad le
graze with hazelnut vinaigrette 0orwegian $ink salmon with tomato consomm1 and corn
salsa or grilled free range chicken with as$aragus veloute or home2made tagliatelli with
$orcini broth and orange cream brulee or baked a$$le
flan with home2made ice2cream
amongst many others.
Hhat an =xperience...
In a contemporary style of plating food where herbs and sauces do not mas< the original
flavor of food, ?hef 9teven(s display <itchen conducts live preparation activities li<e
searing, ba<ing, s<illet grilling and blending with sauces, the pyrotechnics in the <itchen
are to be seen E as each meal comes to a close, there is a sense of exhilaration.
'hose loo<ing for an extraordinary dining experience will not be disappointed. 'he
exclusive ?hef(s 'able at /ra,e showcases the finest creations of the ?hef. 'he ?hef(s
'able entertains those loo<ing for an enhanced dining experience, one that graces them
with extra attentionY 1ere, guests are personally attended to, with a touch of flair,
flamboyance and finesse. *ost a prior one-on-one interaction to understand the guest(s
tastes and budgets, ?hef 9teven will ma<e to order a special menu. .n evening at the
?hef(s table is made up of so many small, considerate gestures that by the time it ends
you feel utterly relaxed and thoroughly cosseted.
'he spatial composition of the different elements in the restaurant E stri<ing display
coo<ing, fresh coloration and unique features offered by the al fresco dining terrace E
combine to create a dining experience enhanced by the numerous choices in the menu.
'he dramatically illuminated glass ceiling comprises of multiple suspended panels and
the highly polished wooden floor reflects elegantly upholstered accent walls. Featuring a
continental height bar with a floating top, the illuminated glass panels emanate a suffused
glow. 'he luxurious fabrics in a palette of melon, sage and deep olive in the main dining
area complement the colors of the food and combine with the strategically placed art and
wall sconces to create a pleasing ambience. Hine display cabinets comprised of rich
millwor< and glass appeals instantly to patrons. =very ob%ect has been carefully chosen to
harmoni,e with the rest.
2estaurant etails-
G'a% 2esidency W G :angalore
Attire, Smart casuals
-.,/0 pm 5 /,00 pm for lunc"
4,00 pm 5 -.,00 midnig"t
Taj Spas
'a% 9pas offer a spectrum of authentic and
traditional Indian wellness treatments and
experiences in a stylish and soothing ambience.
rawing from ancient India healing wisdom and
.yurveda, 'a% 9pas believe that a spa unfolds a
way of life wherein the life force is the bedroc< of
'a% 9pas enrobe guests in exclusive experiences
and environs whilst offering an array of signature
treatments, yoga and meditation. 'he treatments
9elect a spa to learn more about available
treatments and how to ma<e a reservation-
G 'a% 9pa, 2ambagh *alace, $aipur
G 'a% 9pa, Fisherman(s ?ove, ?hennai
G 'a% 9pa, Fort .guada :each 2esort + 'a%
1oliday Dillage, /oa
G 'a% 9pa, 'a% ?handigarh, ?handigarh
G 'a% 9pa, 'a% =xotica, :entota
G 'a% 9pa, 'a% =xotica, /oa
G 'a% 9pa, 'a% =xotica 2esort + 9pa, )aldives
G 'a% 9pa 'a% =xotica 2esort + 9pa, )auritius
include a choice of Indian, royal and holistic
experiences, applications and ceremonies specially
designed to maintain physical, mental and spiritual
Inspired by the ancient Indian science of the
planning of space, 'a% spas unfold a refreshing
idiom of spa design that emanates a harmonious
balance of energy and elements in their restful
tropical overtones, organic design and
contemporary finishes. 'he spas are equipped with
single and double treatment suites, beauty
treatment rooms, meditation and yoga pavilions,
relaxation pools and fully-equipped gyms.
1ighly trained and dedicated spa therapists offer
treatments with unique products made from pure
Indian herbs, Indian aromatherapy oils, natural
creams and special ingredients.
and experiences
G 'a% 9pa, 'a% /reen ?ove 2esort, 8ovalam
G 'a% 9pa, 'a% ;a<e *alace, 7daipur
G 'a% 9pa, 'a% )alabar, ?ochin
G 'a% 9pa, 'he 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower,
G 'a% 9pa, 'a% Hellington )ews ;uxury
2esidences, )umbai
G 'a% 9pa, 7maid :hawan *alace, $odhpur
G 'a% 9pa, 7sha 8iran *alace, /walior
?reated specifically for 'a% 9pa,
our array of re%uvenating
therapies fuse ancient and
modern techniques.
'he 'a% 9pa at 2ambagh *alace,
$aipur offers the ultimate in lavish
relaxation in richly appointed
treatment rooms.
G .'2I7) ;>7&/= W G 'a% ;ands =nd , )umbai
T"is in%iting lounge6 t"e perfect %enue for informal meetings6 offers a %ariety of
delicious cocktails6 mocktails6 and snacks.
Attire, Smart Casual
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, 89:+;S6 BARS
G />;=& 2./>& W G 'he 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower , )umbai
#oted t"e )est C"inese restaurant in Mum)ai6 <it" its e=otic mysti>ue and mout"5
<atering fare6 olden $ragon offers an e=perience too tempting to pass up.
Attire, Semi &ormal
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, CHI+;S;
Reser%ations recommended, ?es
G 1.2:>72 :.2 W G 'he 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower , )umbai
uests can sa%our t"e finest martinis6 c"ampagnes and Cigars at t"e Har)our Bar6
<"ic" opened its doors in -@// as Mum)aiAs first licensed )ar and offers spectacular
%ie<s of T"e ate<ay of India.
Attire, &ormal or semi5formal
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, BARS
G 8>&8.& ?.FK W G 'a% *resident , )umbai
T"is cafB offers a <inning )lend of coastal cuisine ser%ed in an in%iting setting.
Attire, Casual
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, C9ASTA8 C S;A &99$
Reser%ations recommended, ?es
G ).9.;. :.I W G 'a% ;ands =nd , )umbai
T"is contemporary Indian restaurant offers a selection of traditional Indian
fa%ourites in a modern and interacti%e en%ironment.
Attire, Smart Casual
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, C9ASTA8 C S;A &99$
Reser%ations recommended, ?es
G ).9.;. 82.F' W G 'he 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower , )umbai
Masala !raft rein%ents classic Indian cuisine <it" a contemporary t<ist.
Attire, Semi &ormal
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, +9RTH I+$IA+6 S9:TH I+$IA+
Reser%ations recommended, ?es
G )I&/ I.&/ W G 'a% ;ands =nd , )umbai
uests can tantali'e t"eir taste )uds <it" aut"entic Sic"uan cuisine at t"is C"inese
restaurant6 offering panoramic %ie<s of t"e Ara)ian Sea.
Attire, Smart Casual
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, CHI+;S;
Reser%ations recommended, ?es
G *72= W G 'a% ;ands =nd , )umbai
IndiaAs first international restaurant <it" a focus on organic ingredients6 offers food
t"at )ursting <it" fla%our6 yet naturally )alanced.
Attire, Smart Casual
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, I+T;R+ATI9+A8
Reser%ations recommended, ?es
G 9=. ;>7&/= W G 'he 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower , )umbai
T"is elegant lounge offers an impressi%e selection of delicious snack and finger
Attire, Semi &ormal
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, 89:+;S
G 91.)I.&. W G 'he 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower , )umbai
&rom s"a<arma to sand<ic"es6 and rotis to rotisserie c"icken6 t"is restaurant ser%es
an array of Indian and International fa%ourites
Attire, Casual
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, A885$A? $I+I+
G 9>78 W G 'he 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower , )umbai
T"is a<ard5<inning6 rooftop restaurant offers spectacular %ie<s of Mum)ai and t"e
Ara)ian Sea along <it" sumptuous ;ast Mediterranean cuisine.
Attire, Semi &ormal
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, I+T;R+ATI9+A86 M;$IT;RRA+;A+
Reser%ations recommended, ?es
G 9'.2:>.2 :.2 W G 'he 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower , )umbai
T"is li%ely young )ar offers first5rate entertainment
Attire, Semi5formal
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, BARS
G '1.I *.DI;I>& W G 'a% *resident , )umbai
At t"is restaurant6 guests can sa%our t"e ultra5fres" fa%ours of aut"entic T"ai
Attire, Casual
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, S9:TH5;AST ASIA+
Reser%ations recommended, ?es
G '1= P>I.? /2I;; W G 'he 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower , )umbai
#oted t"e )est in t"e city6 t"is restaurant offers ;uropean cuisine and a selection of
%intage <ines in an unforgetta)le setting
Attire, &ormal
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, &R;+CH
Reser%ations recommended, ?es
G '2.''>2I. W G 'a% *resident , )umbai
uests can enjoy a slice of Italy at t"is in%iting restaurant.
Attire, Casual
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, I+T;R+ATI9+A86 A885$A? $I+I+
G DI9'. W G 'a% ;ands =nd , )umbai
Scenic %ie<s of t"e sea perfectly complement t"e refres"ing fla%ours of t"is trendy6
all5day dining restaurant.
Attire, Smart Casual
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, A885$A? $I+I+
G H.9.:I :I )>2I)>'> W G 'he 'a% )ahal *alace + 'ower , )umbai
Mum)aiAs first contemporary *apanese restaurant6 Dasa)i s"o<cases food )y t"e
legendary c"ef Masa"aru Morimoto6 kno<n to many as t"e *apanese Iron C"ef.
Attire, &ormal
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, *APA+;S;
Reser%ations recommended, ?es
G HI&8 W G 'a% *resident , )umbai
DI+! is t"e all5ne< contemporary Asian6 "ig"5energy )ar <"ere distincti%e eli=irs6
t"e latest music6 mout"5<atering eats and an unparalleled am)ience come toget"er
to pro%ide an e=perience like no ot"er.
Cuisine 7 Type of Restaurant, BARS
.t the HI&8, the traditional blends with the modern in a setting designed to
appeal to all ages. *ortraying .sia in a contemporary style, HI&8 is an amalgamation of
modern dXcor complemented with a rustic, earthy feel. )usic plays an integral part of the
overall ambience and experience at HI&8. )oving guests from one mood ,one to
another, the evening at HI&8 begins with unobtrusive light music and slowly builds to a
crescendo of high-energy music pumping up your senses through the night.
2I&89 Z HI&8
.t HI&8, guests can indulge in one of the largest and most exclusive collection of spirits
from leading international brands. Hith over 50 brands of whis<ies including rare malts
such as a great 50-year-old /lenfiddich and a sublime 1"!5 /irvan first batch distillation,
premium and regular scotches, 'ennessee, :ourbon and ?anadianF HI&8 will surely
leave the ever increasing whis<ey lovers as<ing for more. ;i<ewise, a @3-year-old 2emy
)artin ;ouis UIII cognac will be the brandy lovers delight.
/uests can also choose from over @3 vod<as from 2ussia, *oland, 9weden, France,
Finland and 79., including flavored variants. . selection of eclectic coc<tails served in
unique and interesting combinations including champagne based, classics, some HI&8
signature specials, specially created Hin<tinis such as Hasabi )artini Cvod<a, wasabi
paste, sour mixB, and tall drin<s that include the exotic $apanese 9lipper Ctequila, melon
liqueur, pineapple %uice, sour mixB and Io<ohama Cvod<a, cranberry %uice, lychee %uiceB
are %ust a few amongst the plethora of offerings at HI&8.
HI&8 also provides guests with an exhaustive selection of the finest wines from over
130 countries, available by bottle and by glass specially chosen by )aster 9ommelier
2ichard ean. 'he wines include champagnes, spar<ling wines, white wines and red
wines. From the basic across the counter drin< to the hugely exotic concoctions, HI&8
caters to every poc<et, mood and occasion.
For those who believe in abstinence, HI&8 has a variety of Dirgin ?oc<tails li<e ?rac<er
Ccranberry %uice, grape fruit %uice, pineapple %uice, passion fruit, 4 upB, =xotica Craspberry
puree, peach puree, grape fruit %uice, passion fruit %uice, fresh ginger, honeyB, 9trawberry
;assi and the list continues...
For the refined taste of cigar lovers, HI&8 sports a fine selection of internationally
renowned cigar brands.
I&I&/ Z HI&8
HI&8 offers its guests a range of coc<tail snac<s that blend perfectly with its mood and
ambience. 'he sushi counter has a fine selection of authentic vegetarian and seafood
sushi and ma<i rolls. 'hese include 'ema<i 9ushi Ctempura prawnsB, )aguro )a<i Cred
tunaB, 9picy 9a<e )a<i CsalmonB, 8appa )a<i CcucumberB, .bo<ado )a<i CavocadoB and
>shin<o )a<i Cyellow raddishB, to name a few. /uest can also en%oy relish the &igiri
9ushi that includes 'ai Cwhite fishB, I<a CcalamariB, 9hime 9aba Cmac<erelB, 8ani 8ama
CcrabB and .nango Csmo<ed eelB, amongst others. In addition, HI&8 serves some of the
great favourites from 'hai *avilion and 8on<an ?afX.
9=2DI?= + '1= H>289 Z HI&8
'he service at HI&8 is stylish, friendly and professional. 'he bar staff has been specially
trained under the tutorage of &ic< 1aw<ins, the celebrity bartender from 78, and the
world-renowned /iancarlo )ancino, who has been awarded the J:ond :arman +
:armaids @005( award and selected as a top class bartender.
'he glassware by 9chott 9wi,ell, croc<ery by Dilleroy :osch and cutlery by 2osenthal,
accentuate the style and informal elegance of this unique bar.

;ava :ar the multi-level retro themed bar, designed with lava lights, a trendy dXcor and
chic furniture, exudes verve and style. 'he trendy bar serves a selection of exotic
coc<tails, international wines and fine liquors complemented with a choice of delicious
.sian snac<s. . $ and a live band, on select days, set the mood for a relaxed and fun
2estaurant etails-
G 'a% ?handigarh W G ?handigarh
Attire, Casual
--,00 am 1 -. midnig"t
&ic< 1aw<ins, the celebrity bartender from 78, provides the impetus at
istil. 2enowned widely for concoctions of fresh fruity mixes and tall drin<s, &ic<
churns out contemporary and extravagant drin<s li<e $osh collins that are lychee, melon
or raspberry flavoured, cai$irissimas with passion fruit, blac<berry or mango pulp,
muddles breezes and mules. .part from all the classic coc<tails, guests can also opt for
margaritas martinis and dai3uiris either fro,en, classic or with the fresh fruit
.dding a distinct touch to istil is the variety of entertainment on offer every evening.
/uests can roc< to the rhythm of popular live bands on a Jtuc<-away( stage, set the floor
on fire with the resident $s pinning easy listening trac<s and recorded music, or %ust
en%oy the screening of sports events with their favourite drin<.
istil offers a range of coc<tail snac<s that blend perfectly with its mood and ambience.
From the cold cana$1 $latter with smo<ed salmon, cavier, chic<en salami and much
more, to exotic cheese plattersF from sushi rolls with spicy tuna, &orwegian salmon and
?alifornia ma<i, to tem$ura with seafood, shrimp and exotic vegetablesF from 4house of
commons5 that include grilled prawn s<ewers and deviled sausage to Indian snac<s with a
twist and multiple choice of sandwichesF there is something to please every palate.
2estaurant etails-
G'a% ?onnemara W G ?hennai
Attire, Semi5formal
E,00 pm to Midnig"t
Reser%ations recommended