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"# %&'((')
Philadelphia, PA September 2014
1he lree Student Newspaper o Chestnut lill College
NEWS 2 Arts & Culture 4 Features 6 Sports 7
Lxcitement buzzed through
the Chestnut lill College com!
munity when an announcement
was made that the campus book!
store was being reamped and
taken oer by Barnes & Noble
,B&N,. Students hoped that
this new bookstore would make
buying textbooks and other mer!
chandise a more pleasant experi!
ence, not to mention easier and
Cristina Lo Piccolo, that act!
ing manager o the ClC book!
store, which is a branch o B&N`s
college diision, eels that this
moe will be especially beneF!
cial and conenient or students.
1he school wanted a change,`
Lo Piccolo said. 1he sta at our
store is here to help not only stu!
dents, but teachers and parents in
order to make the transition into
the new school year and semester
easier or all parties.`
1he new B&N store is, in!
deed, a big change and a step
up rom the old bookstore. 1he
new bookstore oers B&N no!
els and other leisure reads, in ad!
dition to textbooks aailable in
multiple ormats. loweer, the
store oers more than just books.
,Sorry, there`s no ca!, 1here`s
updated school spirit merchan!
dise and apparel, and the expand!
ed candy and snack aisles are also
loweer, while students like
lrances Lllison `15, beliee the
store`s layout is more organized`
now, they wish the store could
sell more merchandise and are
disappointed that they seemed to
hae reduced their stock o ari!
ous apparel items.
Nick lratto `16, agrees. 1hey
had more shirts last year,` he said.
loweer, he also acknowledges
that the bookstore has made
improements` or the better.
Lo Piccolo is hoping that
students realize that the new
bookstore has much more to o!
er than just merchandise. It`s
much riendlier and open,` she
said. It`s a happier enironment.
\e`re more ocused on our cus!
tomers. \hen they come into
the store, we greet them within
ten seconds. \e are more open
to suggestions to make the store
1he B&N management plans
to create an innoation group,
which will consist o students,
aculty, and sta to discuss how
to keep pricing reasonable while
still bettering the clothing selec!
tion and textbook options.
Right now, the management`s
main concern is making things as
conenient or customers as pos!
sible and to help students transi!
tion into the new semester. \e
are here to sere them and their
needs,` Lo Piccolo said. \e are
riendly people. Come down to
see us, een i it`s just to chat.`
Barnes and Noble Bookstore Comes to Campus
1his semester, Janice Bash!
man, an accomplished proes!
sional writer with a just-pub!
lished young adult noel, joins
the Lnglish department or the
Frst time as an adjunct creatie
writing instructor.
\ithout giing too much
away, Bahsman`s book, Preda!
tor,` which is now aailable in
paperback and in electronic or!
mat, is about a teenage girl who
makes an astonishing discoery
while researching bog bodies in
Ireland with her ather and as a
result, is thrown into signiFcant
danger on multiple ronts.
Bashman`s inspiration or
this plot line came rom photos
o the \estern Coast o Ireland
that appeared on her lacebook
page. Soon ater seeing these
photos, she began to research
the area and to ormulate the
story in her head.
I hae always had an interest
*+,-./0, 1+/./23 '24.+56.7+
859:/4;,4 <7523 =>5:. )70,:
in science and mythology and it
all came together, but I had to
Fgure out how to make it work
as a story,` Bashman said. 1hat`s
where the research came in. She
had to speak to numerous spe!
cialists and scientists on arious
topics rom the science behind
bog bodies to how to bypass se!
curity in an Irish airport. A lot
o people are willing to help as
long as you tell them why you`re
researching, and as long as you`re
not asking or too much.`
But it is not always singular
eents like seeing pictures on
lacebook that inspire Bashman,
who is also the editor o the
international e-zine, 1he Big
1hrill,` to write. It all began with
the magic pencil. \hen I was
little I always thought pencils
!"#$%&#'($ *+,-.#/0,(
1-2-$/ 3..4/40' /0 536
70'/4'8-. +#9- :
image: Liana Florez `15
courtesy of: Janice Bashman
In order to better ensure the
saety and security o students
liing on campus, Allied Barton
Security Serices has implement!
ed a new late night security policy
at Sugar Loa lall, according to
Polly 1eti, who heads the security
Ater talking with security
oFcers and students through
her open-door policy, 1eti, who
was a police oFcer or 30 years,
realized that risks to the isolated
Sugar Loa campus increased
largely ater midnight. 1o take
proactie steps against poten!
tial threats, she added an extra
saety eature to keep unauthor!
ized persons out o the building.
Ater midnight, security locks
the door and i students want to
enter, they must ring a doorbell.
Security will check their ID cards
beore letting them enter the
\hy let a problem in when
you can keep it out` said 1eti,
who oten rotates what time she
works in order to see ClC and
its relationship to security at di!
erent times o the day and di!
erent days o the week.
Ater the policy was enacted
at Sugar Loa, students expressed
praise or the increased secu!
rity. She is now looking into the
possibility o enacting increased
security measures or other resi!
dence halls.
New doors or the second
and third noors o lournier that
connect the residence hall to the
classrooms,oFces hae been
ordered. 1he current doors are
not locked and people can enter
and exit through them at their
discretion. 1he doors that will be
installed this semester will elimi!
nate this saety concern.
1eti has discussed dier!
ent ways in which students can
change their perspectie regard!
ing campus security. Simple mea!
sures such as deeloping an acti-
!7#&;8$ <-=8,4/> ?'=,-#$-.6
70'/4'8-. +#9- :
Student Body Welcomes
New Security Measures
@8,4'9 /%- $8&&-, /%- 7A7 "00B$/0,- 8'.-,2-'/ # ,-C#&; #$ "#,'-$ #'. 10DE- /00B 0C-,F
In addition to textbooks students can nd CHC apparel, snacks, and other neccessities.
1he GriFn 2
Vol. V, Issue 1
The Free Student
Newspaper of
Chestnut Hill College
Megan Welch 16
Andrea Wentzell 15
Business Manager
Layout Editor
Adele Giangiulio 16
News Editor
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Arts & Culture Editor
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Arts & Culture Editor
Nicholas Kowalski 16
Feature Editor
Nicholas Johnson 15
Sports Editor
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Photography Editor
Beth Bachmayer 16
Photography Editor
Copy Editors
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Layout StaB
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Susan Magee, MFA
Faculty Adviser
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heard and submit editori
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represented in submis
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Chestnut Hill College.
Submissions also do not
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publications and factual
correctness. If an error
is found, email the issue
number, the error, and
the correction that needs
to be made to the.griBn.
chc@gmail.com. Correc
tions may be printed in
the next issue.
I you saw a ellow student
in trouble at a party, would you
interene But i you said yes,
would you know how to help
\hen you are a bystander, it
isn`t always easy to know what
you should do and how to do it.
Student Lie hopes to Fx
that problem. 1he department
has taken the initiatie to in!
struct students on how to in!
terene in harmul situations by
implementing the Step UP! Be a
Leader, Make a Dierence pro!
gram, which is currently being
used on other college campuses
Step UP! was ounded by the
Uniersity o Arizona C.A.1.S.
Lie Skills Program and Nation!
al Collegiate Athletic Associa!
tion in an eort to encourage
pro-social behaior when deal!
ing with situations like alcohol
abuse, hazing, eating disorders,
sexual assault and discrimina!
1he goals o the program
are to educate students on suc!
cessul tactics or helping oth!
ers, boost their desire to help
and ensure the saety o those
inoled. Originally, the pro!
gram targeted student athletes,
but it has since deeloped into
a comprehensie lesson or all
students that inoles open dis!
cussions between mentors and
Krista Bailey Murphy, dean
o student lie, beliees this is
an important addition to the
Dear Neighbor` mentality o
ClC. 1he students here at
ClC want to do the right thing,
but now we are proiding them
with the skills to do so,` she
All Resident Assistants
and Orientation Leaders were
trained during the summer on
the basis o the Step UP! pro!
gram. Orientation Coordinator
Charles Dais elt as though he
got a lot out o the training. It`s
important that we not only step
up campuswide, but through!
out the outside community as
well,` Dais said. \e all need
to help one another and i we
rise to the occasion, it gies us
a great opportunity to really
change someone`s lie.`
ClC sta members will be
isiting each o the lirst \ear
Initiatie ,l\I, classes to ex!
plain to Frst years the impor!
tance o interention. Also,
throughout the year, Step UP!
Bystander Training Empowers Students
image: Nicole Carney `16
presentations will be gien or
upperclassmen, who hae not
already completed the neces!
sary training. ClC`s President
Sister Carol Jean Vale and her
cabinet will also be partaking in
the bystander instruction.
As a part o training, partici!
pants are gien a red and gold
knotted bracelet to symbol!
ize the interconnectedness and
strength that can be ound at
ClC. 1hese bracelets can be
ound on students and aculty
alike, reminding us that it is e!
eryone`s responsibility to step
up and do the right thing.
Ultimately, our goal is to
cut back on the dangers that
can occur rom negligence,`
Murphy said. \ou can neer
eliminate risks completely, but
we want to ensure that all o
our students can rely on one an!
other to step up and hae their
!"# %&'()**)"+ ,&)-./)+.* 0+- 1" %&'()1 2(0)/
!"#$ &'() *+,-. #$- /"#0- '1 #$- 2"-3-. +45 &'() 6)+5(+#"'4 7-+)
!"#$%&$'( *'&%(+', $#( -(./01( '0 *&213'4
SIorL IcLIon - NonhcLIon MusIc ArL
ComIcs PIoLogrupIy PoeLry DoodIes
!"#!$%&" ()&!#*+ ),-)."/ 01
!"#$%&'% )*++ !,++#-#.$ /0% 1&2 3*%#0104 51-16*&#
$% '((#)*$+, -./0$%%$1+%2
70'/4'8-. G,0& +#9- H
on plan or crisis situations can
help protect students rom saety
threats. She also recommends
that students try to approach is!
sues on campus with an attitude
that is thoughtul o potential
threats toward indiidual and
community saety.` I you look
at the security procedures on
campus with a saety lens, you
can deconstruct it to discoer
why it exists.
1o illustrate this, she ex!
plained how some students try
to bypass swiping in and out o
residence halls or conenience
purposes or in order to sneak in
riends. A limited perspectie can
only see the present: your day is
more eFcient and your night
more enjoyable. But shiting your
iewpoint, she said, exposes the
threats to saety inherent in these
actions. lor example, i there is a
Fre and you did not sign in and
you are unable to exit the build!
ing, the Fre department will not
know to look or you. I you did
not sign out, they will waste their
time looking or you when you
are somewhere else. By widen!
ing your angle, you could see that
the policy requiring students and
their guests to sign in and out is
not a rule, but a saety eature.
1eti expressed how much
she loes the community at
ClC and how much she worries
about keeping it sae. 1o her, she
needs to optimize security at the
College in order to sustain this
wholesome community. ClC
is like a dome,` she said, And
it`s my job to make sure it doesn`t
70'/4'8-. G,0& +#9- H
were magic because people
could write books with them,
and I thought that was really
cool,` she said. O course,
people were writing the books,
but the pencils low could they
write such wonderul things with
loweer, Bashman was not
always set on becoming an au!
thor, een though she loed to
write. ler Frst career was in 1V
and Flm production because she
loed to create stories, yet, there
was little satisaction ater shoot!
ing and editing a piece o Flm
because, \ou`re not in control
o eerything, whereas in writ!
ing you control the whole story.
\ou birth it rom you and your
own imagination.`
It was not until 2008 that
Bashman was published or the
Frst time and since then, she
has co-authored a successul
non-Fction book, \anted Un!
dead or Alie: Vampire lunters
and Other Kick-Ass Lnemies
o Lil,` along with numerous
short stories and articles. She
also has two more noels in the
works. I do it because I loe to
do it and I eel like I need to do
In addition to all the writing
and editing Bashman does, she
has taken up a position here at
ClC teaching a short Fction
?7+@ A,65+/.B '26+,-4,4
Bashmans Predator
Newest Addition to YA
writing course or the Lnglish
department`s creatie writing
minor. I hae a small class and
they really participate, which
is wonderul,` she said. I am
not the type o person that will
lecture or an hour because I
don`t think it is beneFcial to the
students particularly in writing
class. I like to hae a back and
As an experienced writer and
a Bram Stoker Award nominee,
Bashman is well-qualiFed to gie
adice to aspiring writers. Don`t
listen to other people i they
tell you your work isn`t good or
you`ll neer get published or suc!
ceed because i you do you will
get discouraged,` Bashman said.
So don`t gie up.` She stresses
that success will only come out
o the loe you pour into your
1he GriFn 3
!"##$ &'(()# *)+(,-".
!" $%&'(")( *+,,
:719 ;< = ;>? @A;B
*'# /'#) 012'#3"(,'1 "14 " 5)(",.)4 678)49.) :,+,( ;8)+(19(!,..&<=7'3
6"(9#4"$> ?7(= @A
1o u.m. - 6 p.m., TIe PIIIu. BroLIerIy ove Cup - CIesLnuL HIII CoIIege
1o u.m., OpenIng Ceremony - SEPTA CIesLnuL HIII WesL SLuLIon (wILI LIe HogwurLs Express)
11 u.m. - q p.m., DumbIedore`s Powers Muze - Woodmere ArL Museum
11 u.m. - q p.m., CompIImenLury KnIgIL Bus ServIce
11 u.m. - q p.m., TIe HunL Ior LIe Horcrux, DeIense AguInsL LIe Durk ArLs CIusses & SorLIng HuL DemonsLruLIons
*#,4"$> ?7(= @B
1o u.m. - 6 p.m., Hurry PoLLer ConIerence - CIesLnuL HIII CoIIege
1o u.m. - 6 p.m., TIe BuIes oI CornwuII Huy Muze - Woodmere ArL Museum
IIm SIowIng: Hurry PoLLer & TIe Sorcerer`s SLone - Teens, nc. CenLer
I%-,- .4. >08 4'/-,'J
I was hired or my summer in!
ternship by \l\\-1V ,Channel
12, in Philadelphia.
A02 .4. >08 9-/ >08, 4'/-,'K
I began applying in December
`13 , January `14 during win!
ter break or as many jobs as I
could in the 1V,Radio Feld,
since the summer deadline is in
March. O all the applications I
sent out, I was contacted by two
local 1V stations or interiews.
I thought one job was a guaran!
tee since I had spent numerous
weekends isiting since my se!
nior year in high school and all
through college. I was sent rejec!
tion emails rom both. One said
I needed more experience and
was not qualiFed ,or an intern!
ship,, and the other that I had
not been chosen. It was the last
week o school and between F!
nals and preparing to moe out,
it was so hectic. 1hat week I re!
ceied an email and phone call
rom \l\\ saying they were
interested in interiewing me i
I was still interested in the job. I
couldn`t answer ast enough! On
my Frst day o summer acation,
I was interiewed and hired or
the lriday Arts position.
?' 2%#/ .-;#,/&-'/ 0, .4C4K
$40' .4. >08 4'/-,'J
I was so lucky to work with Fe
awesome \l\\ producers on
the lriday Arts program, which
airs lriday nights at 8:30 and
again Sunday morning at 11.
I%#/ .4. >08 .0 4' # />;4=#E
I rode the train rom New Jersey
to Philadelphia and walked to
\l\\, which is located at 6th
and Arch. A usual day consisted
o meeting with the producer I
would be working with to discuss
the storyline o the project, Flm
ootage, and Fgure out how the
editing style should be. I would
spend the remainder o the day
,except lunch breaks, watching
Flm ootage and editing using li!
nal Cut Pro.
@4. >08 E4B- 4/J
I absolutely loed working at
\l\\ and in the city. 1his in!
ternship was an awesome experi!
ence, more than I eer expected
to learn. My producers were all
so talented and interesting to
work with. 1hey each taught me
aluable lessons and inormation
about the production o a show.
1hey were always aailable when
I needed help and trusted my
judgment while editing which!
eer segments we were working
on that day.
@4. /%4$ -M;-,4-'=- %-E; >08
=E#,4G> >08, =#,--, 90#E$J
I took away more than I expected
to with this experience. I really
had no idea what my days would
be like. I hae known or years
that I wanted to work in some
type o 1V,news business, I just
didn`t realize in what area. A!
ter spending the Frst couple o
weeks at \l\\, I realized that I
want to continue on ater gradu!
ation with a career in editing and
@0 >08 %#C- #.C4=- #D08/ 4'K
/-,'$%4;$ G0, 0/%-, $/8.-'/$J
\es I do! lirst, get inoled either
in or outside o school. Dem!
onstrating your inolement on
your resume makes a big dier!
ence and helps catch the recruit!
er`s eye. linding an internship is
ery competitie, especially in this
area. lae someone prooread
your resume beore you send it
out. A second pair o eyes might
catch something you did not.
Plan early i you are interested in
a summer internship. 1his is the
most competitie time o year
or interns. Research the com!
pany you are applying or. 1he
recruiters always ask questions
at the interiew to see how pre!
pared you are and what you really
know about the business. Lastly,
sell yoursel. \ou hae to show
the recruiter that you are the best
candidate or the job!
I%#/ 2#$ /%- &0$/ 4'/-,-$/4'9
/%4'9 >08 %#. /0 .0J
I loed editing the segments or
the programs I worked on. I also
got to go on location shoots with
the producers, cameramen, and
ideo technicians to get Flm oot!
age and interiew guests or the
programs. 1he stories were so
interesting. Seeing the work and
details that go into a production
rom the Frst idea to the moment
it airs was so exciting. And know!
ing that I had role on the team
that created those great programs
was wonderul. I will admit that
seeing my name as Production
Intern` at the end o the show
was pretty awesome too!
!"#$%" '()%($*
Megan Dicus 15
courtesy of: Megan Dicus `15
1he GriFn !
"#$%&' )*&+%,- ./0
1&*"'234"2*5 +'2",'
26 78 9: ;<=><<8? 2 @A
sweating in my new dress, it
is oercrowded and I am so
excited. 1aylor Mali, DerB
rick Brown, Cristin O`Keee
Aptowics, and Sarah Kay are
@CDE6 6D 6@F< 6G< 86@=< @6 !H6G
and \alnut`s Rotunda to perB
orm spoken word poetry.
&.)<<I< J@>A8 EK 6G<
L>DJ; J76G JG@6 8<<A 6D C<
the most natural opening subB
ject-United States PresidenB
tial triia. 1his nawlessly tranB
sitions into her poem 1at`
which describes the amously
at president`s escapade in
which our grown men had
to dislodge him rom his
bathtub. Between her outB
Ft choice, a yellow cardigan,
and the way I am sitting on
the edge o my seat, just waitB
ing or her to speak the next
line in the poem, eerything
about Cristin O`Keee AptoB
wics makes me want to be her
best riend.
Next up is Derrick Brown,
who mixes humor with sentiB
mentality in a way that opens
you up to ulnerability and
then grabs hold o your exB
posed heartstrings. Brown is
obiously not taking to the
heat ery well and comments
-,*2&' -"#MM +'2",'
Since My Chemical RoB
mance`s split last year, sorrowul
ans assumed that this could be
the demise o not only a beB
loed band, but any uture projB
ects associated with Gerard \ay
and company.
But lo, the ans` prayers
hae been answered. 1his past
spring, \ay announced ia his
1umblr that he had been signed
to a solo record deal with \arB
ner Brothers Records, and that
his Frst solo LP was near comB
Action Cat,` the Frst single
o the much-anticipated album,
was released in June o this year
and ans nocked to see his preB
miere perormance as a solo artB
ist at the UK Reading and Leeds
lestials last month. Since then,
he has perormed small, intiB
mate shows in the UK and reB
cently announced tour dates in
Japan or lebruary 2015.
1he album, titled lesitant
Alien,` is set or release on Sept.
30. \ay and his touring band,
1he lormones, perormed a
signiFcant portion o the new
material at their Reading lestial
8<6 6G78 8EAA<>N
A music ideo or the second
single o the LP, No Shows`
was released on \outube on
Aug. 19, and it has already garB
nered nearly hal a million iews.
It is clear that dedicated ans are
desperate or a resurgence o
new material rom \ay.
Action Cat` is an amped
up rolling party o surging gang
ocals and gnarled Stratocasters,
but its oerall sound could hae
been borrowed rom MCR`s FB
nal release, Danger Days,` due
6D 768 KDJ<> KDK O7C<N
No Shows` is reminiscent
to early Strokes releases, eaturB
ing ocal distortion and simpliB
Fed guitar melodies. 1he music
ideo itsel is a twist o chaos
and sel-control-as \ay croons
on a nashy stage, club kids beB
dazzled in glitter and 1980s-style
make up watch on almost moB
tionless. 1he aesthetic recollects
lenton Bailey`s Party Monster`
starring Macaulay Culkin.
1he album is produced by
Doug McKean, who is best
known or his expert engineerB
ing work with big-time proB
ducer, Rob Caallo ,1he Goo
Goo Dolls, Linkin Park, Green
Day,. Ian lowles, guitarist o
ska band, 1he Aquabats!, is also
eatured on lead guitar or the
In recent interiews, \ay
says lesitant Alien` has a
strong Britpop innuence that
he eels is lacking in American
>@;7DN P< G@8 8@7; 6G@6 6G< JD>F
o Blur ,particularly Damon
Albarn,, Daid Bowie, and the
design campaign or the Flm
1rainspotting` has caused the
album to sound ery dierent
rom ormer band My Chem`s
punk-pop sound.
Since the band`s split, \ay
has also continued work on
Album Preview: Gerard Ways Hesitant Alien
his ongoing comic book series,
1he Umbrella Academy` and
began a new series titled All
Ages` about a group o cats
in high school trying to Fnd
their place in the world. le also
helped direct and write the seaB
son two Fnale o 1he AquaB
bats! Super Show!` which was
later nominated or a Daytime
Lmmy Award.
lesitant Alien` is now
aailable or pre-order on
i1unes. It will be aailable on iB
nyl, CD and digital ormat at the
end o this month.
review: Spoken Word by Sarah Kay
on this or the Ftieth time as he
J7K<8 6G< 8J<@6 I>DA G78 C>DJN
le perorms a poem titled, A
List o Places \ou Should NeB
er Kiss Someone` that ends up
being my aorite o the night.
1aylor Mali takes the stage
next. Beore tonight, I had only
eer listened to Mali in my car
while driing on the highway,
letting his humorous poems
make the miles go aster. SeeB
ing him in person is weird, but
his perormance is eerything I
had dreamed o. lis sense o
humor seems to Ft eeryone
in the audience. 1he poem that
seems to resonate most with
the crowd is Miracle \orker,`
and my aorite line is I`m not
your mother, or your ather, or
your jailer, or your torturer, or
your biggest an in the whole
wide world, een i sometimes
I am all o these things. I know
you can do these things I make
you do. 1hat`s why I make you
;D 6G<AN 2.A @ 6<@LG<>N "G78 78
what I do.` Sarah Kay enters
rom stage let and it is her turn
6D K<>ID>AN &O<> 6G< K@86 I<J
years, I had only seen her perB
orming poetry ,most notably,
I I Should lae a DaughB
ter`, through the screen o my
computer. Now she is right in
ront o me and I am mildly
star struck. She just released
a new book titled No Matter
6G< +><LF@=< 6G@6 8G< ><@;8
seeral poems rom. It is ery
obious that she has been
perorming spoken word poB
etry or a while, but she comB
ments on how this is dierent
or her. Kay says that she preB
I<>8 6D A<AD>7Q< G<> KD<A8
and perorm them, but she
was instructed by Derrick
Brown to read them rom her
book as a sort o product
1he poets go on to take
turns on stage, each perB
orming a longer set. Out o
these, some o my aorites
are Ghost Ship` by Sarah
Kay and the the impotence
o prooreading` by 1aylor
Mali. Derrick Brown adds
music in the background o
his poems to create an ambiB
ance that brings in a whole
dierent leel o experience.
Cristin O`Keee Aptowics
perorms quirky poems and
proides commentary conB
sisting o hoots and hollers
rom backstage wheneer
another poet mentions her
name. Ater the perormance,
the poets do a meet and greet
as well as book signings and
pictures. 1he night comes to
a close and was as amazing as
I hoped it would be.
M'#*1,- ,%%2-&* ./:
I you think great ood, lie
music and a un night out with
riends against the backdrop o
this beautiul city sounds like
it goes oer your budget, think
Night Market Philadelphia is
a completely ree outdoor eent
hosted by 1he lood 1rust, a
Philadelphia based nonproFt orB
ganization dedicated to proiding
aordable, healthy ood options
to the community.
Recently named Best City
Lent` in Philadelphia MagaB
zine's Best o Philly` issue,
Night Market Philadelphia conB
tinues to thrie in its ourth seaB
son. Inspired by Asian outdoor
markets, Night Market traels to
about Fe dierent Philadelphia
neighborhoods each year and
partners with local restaurants
and ood trucks in an attempt
to celebrate up-and-coming
neighborhoods and showcase
Philadelphia's dierse ood and
drinks and ibrant arts and culB
ture scene.`
I attended Night Market's Old
City eent on May 15, and dierse
and cultural it was indeed. lrom
start to Fnish, the our block long
estial was completely packed
and the atmosphere was so alie,
the air was practically buzzing
with excitement ,or perhaps that
was just me,. 1he eent boasted
85 endors in total - the most in
the eent's history - lie music, a
ree photo booth and some guy
with a clay molding table. VenB
dors ranged rom Night MarB
ket staples like Little Baby`s Ice
Cream truck, to Caribbean cuiB
sine specialists, a lobster truck,
and appearances rom 18 o Old
City's own restaurateurs. I myB
sel sampled one o the specials
rom Philly's own Mac Mart Mac
'n' Cheese truck. It was bualo
chicken mac 'n' cheese to be exB
act, and by God, was it lie changB
ing. Sweet, spicy, cheesy, heaen
grazed my taste buds that night,
and rom then on, I was neer
6G< 8@A<N
I you want to get in on some
lie changing ood, eclectic enterB
tainment and just all around ree
un, not to worry, the next and
Fnal Night Market eent o the
2014 season is 1hursday, Oct. 2,
in Chinatown. 1he eent will be
taking oer 10th and Race Streets
rom - 11 p.m., and will eature
lion dancing, kung u, and o
course, Night Market's signature
dierse range o dining options.
I'll most deFnitely be there, utenB
sils blazing. My only adice is
bring cash ,there won't be many
debit,credit riendly options,,
and show up early to aoid lines.
!"#$$%&' )#*"+ ,-./0+
1he GriFn !
Going Out Guide: Oct. 2014
"#$%&% ()%#*+,& -./
01&$,# 0+%22 3#$+1#
1he all is a season o begin4
nings, some to look orward to
and some not so much. But o
course, we won`t dwell on the
latter. 1his season, the one thing
people can depend on to add
some excitement to the tedium
o eeryday routines is 1V. Not
only will aorite shows be com4
ing back or another season, there
are also dozens o new shows set
to premiere that look like ery
promising competition or an-
aorites like Supernatural,`
Scandal,` and Grey`s Anato4
On 1uesday, Oct. , 1he
llash` joins the C\`s line-up
o an aorites like 1he Vam4
pire Diaries` and its parent show
Arrow.` It ollows Barry Allen
,Grant Gustin,, a.k.a. the llash,
as he Fghts crime with the power
o supersonic speed and tries to
sole the mystery o his mother`s
murder so he can clear his ather`s
name o the crime.
Deeloped by writer,produc4
ers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreis4
berg and Geo Johns, this show
is based on the DC Comics super4
hero and will contain many other
people, heroes, and illains in the
same unierse, as well. 1hose
who watch Arrow,` based on the
DC Comics hero Green Arrow,
hae already been introduced to
the socially awkward, but brilliant
orensic scientist in Season 2 and
are aware o the circumstances
o how Barry becomes the llash,
which inoles an explosion and
a lightning strike, hence the light4
ning bolt on his suit.
Arrow` ans, as well as ans
o superheroes in general, are
sure to enjoy this action-packed
new show, and i that is not
enough enticement, there are
plans in the making or an Ar4
row-llash` crossoer episode!
New Fall Shows to Watch
"#,,51 )1*,05$1 -.!
(,&+#$"6+$&7 3#$+1#
!"#$% '(($) *+, -$./+)$( 0/1.+%/2 3/.,
532 North th St., Philadelphia
lriday through Sunday rom 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Price: lree
Impress your riends and amily with your knowledge o a
literary genius or just ake it by going to Poe`s historic home!
4+256 327(8.7%, $)" 3.,81
Philadelphia Art Museum
Lakins Oal, 26th Street and the Benjamin lranklin Parkway
Price: lree
Relie a legendary moie moment. Visiting this sculpture and
the steps will take you back to your childhood in an instant.
*9/($",(89/$:1 ;(+5.+<,%=,1.
South Street, Broad to 18th
,89: ..
Noon to 8 p.m.
Price: lree
Come to South Street and enjoy the day with ood and music
or ree! 1his eent is open to all ages. \hat could be better
than spending the day with your riends eating ree ood and
listening to music
!"#$%&'$ )*$%+&,-
>9, '/%<+%), >+?/2 !@,).A
Oct. 3, 8:30 p.m.
B$8/.$( B/./,1A Oct. 26, 8
Oct. 2014
./'+/ 0&*/12#&-
>9, C++51A ,89: => = ;:<:
;+62, '@,)7,A Oct. 22,
0&+$*3#&+ 04#*%#&-
D,%$%" E$6A ,89: .=> ? ;:<:

04# 5*&6*&,-
>9, F($.(/),%1A Oct. 26, 6:30
7+&"3 8*29 :';#
;719G$(($A Sept. 30, 8 p.m.
=$*3#>, +2 ?@1'$-
H$1+) I%$JA Oct. 12, :30
lan-girl away, riends.
Next on the list or those who
loe romantic comedies is NBC`s
A to Z,` created by Ben Queen.
lans o low I Met \our Moth4
er` and 500 Days o Summer`
certainly need to watch this show,
which tells the loe story o An4
drew Lonand ,Ben leldman,
and Zelda Vasco ,Cristin Milioti,
rom beginning to end, hence the
cleer title. Get it
Andrew is an employee o
an internet dating site and Zelda
is a serious lawyer with a bit o
a rebellious attitude. Clearly, these
two are rom dierent worlds,
which makes their chance meet4
ing and subsequent loe story
een more compelling. Join An4
drew and Zelda on their romantic
journey 1hursday, Oct. 2.
Now we moe to dramedy,
which i it`s not obious, is a
mashup o drama and com4
edy. Alongside 1he llash,` the
C\ is set to air its other new
show, Jane the Virgin,` which
stars Gina Rodriguez as woman
named Jane Villanuea, who as
the title suggests is a irgin. \hy
is that at all interesting \ell, Jane
is pregnant, and no, this is not an
adaptation o anything rom the
Bible. In Jane`s case, no act o
God is inoled in her pregnancy.
Instead, it turns out she was ac4
cidentally artiFcially inseminated
by her doctor. Oops. And to
make matters more complicated,
the sperm donor is Raael ,Justin
Baldoni,, who is not only a cancer
surior, a ormer playboy, and a
ormer crush o Jane`s, but he is
also her new boss. Jane`s got her4
sel into quite a pickle! Oh, and
her amily is extremely religious.
Play with that how you will. Jane
the Virgin` will premiere on Oct.
o dozens o shows premiering
this all, such as Gotham,` Red
Band Society,` and low to Get
Away with Murder.` It is certainly
going to be a lot o 1V to keep
up with, but then again, that`s
what DVR is or.
2#%&(10 1**$0,& -.!
1here is good news and
there is bad news when con4
sidering My Lerything,` the
sophomore release rom Nick4
elodeon child-star-turned-pop-
superstar, Ariana Grande. 1he
bad news is it is not a great al4
bum. 1he good news, howeer,
it is not necessarily a bad one
My Lerything` is a clear
departure rom Grande's Frst
album, \ours 1ruly.` Gone are
the 90s Mariah-esque soul bal4
lads. Instead Grande leans to4
wards more exciting pop tunes
with a strong hip hop innuence.
Beore its Aug. 22 release,
three o the album's singles-
Problem,` Break lree,` and
Bang Bang` ,eatured on the
deluxe ersion o the album,-
charted in the 1op 5 on the
Billboard lot 100 list, which
speaks olumes or Grande's
meteoric rise to ame, and her
incredible command as a rela4
tiely new artist. Unortunately,
it makes the album's weaker
points all the more disappoint4
My Lerything` opens
strong, with the jazzy club
banger Problem,` her chart
topping collaboration with Iggy
Azalea. lrom there, her R&B-
esque ocals now seamlessly
through dance-y pop tracks,
like Break lree,` the album's
second single, eaturing popular
LDM producer Zedd and One
More 1ime,` a song that remi4
nisces on a relationship past. It
is through the Frst Fe or six
tracks where the listener really
gets a sense o a young woman
Fnally coming into her own.
loweer, it is the second
hal o the album that seems
to all nat, accomplishing the
seemingly contradictory task
o being directionless and yet
oerly repetitie. 1he album
eels as though it completely
loses ocus halway through.
1he collaborations tend to
become heay handed, to the
point where Grande hersel is
almost lost-not een eaturing
credits rom prominent hip hop
artists Childish Gambino and
1he \eeknd bring anything
new or worth listening to. She
brings to the table a more adult
sound, but not much else.
1hat being said, the album's
stronger tracks are incredibly
strong. 1ake the hauntingly
beautiul Best Mistake` ea4
turing rumored boyriend Big
Sean, or example. 1his song, a
KD%$)",:1 L+2$( *%+G,11 /)
MI6 !@,%6.9/)#:N
B+)./)7," +) *$#, O
!"#$% '()*(+, !-*./.
0-./1(23 456 7)(-689*/:;
!"#$ &$'()*
!"#$% '()$*+,%- . /010 2 3456 ,010
'(# 7#$8- 9:;<*:11=>*
+",) -./ 0 12. 0 1343 567 !"#$8"79
!"# %#&'' ()**+*+,
Regular - >2.50
1res Amigos - >3.50
Cinnamon 1wist - >3.50
Gooey GriFn - >3.50
Lone Star - >3.50
+*-.*/0*# +-*(&1',
Grifn Glory - $3.S0
!"#$%$&&'$() +,&-.%$&&'$() -/0 1&$-2
13$$($ +4&$-0 5/ 1'//-25/ +.'&" !&$-0
1he GriFn !
"#$% %'()*+%# ,-!

I made a phone call in Sep.
tember o 2012 while sitting in
the Piazza to schedule an ap.
pointment at the ClC coun.
seling Center in order to ad.
dress my emotional health.
I had wanted to call earlier,
but I did not want someone to
answer. Calling around mid.
night, I still elt a sharp pain
in my chest as the kind oice
on the phone gae me my op.
tions. I selected option one-
to make an appointment. \ith
a shaking oice, I let my name,
number and my aailability.
In two days, my phone rang.
I recognized the number-I
let it ring. Once it ibrated to
indicate a oicemail, I listened.
1he oice gae me a time and
a place but asked me to call. I
called at midnight.
Ater climbing to the third
noor, I sat down on one o
the benches. I had planned
or at least ten minutes to sit
and slow my breathing. liteen
minutes until the appointment.
/01 2134561 078 4758 69 7::5;1
early in order to Fll out some
paperwork. I held my chest to
calm the pain. At 10 minutes,
# 46998<
I walked toward the center
but saw three people that I
knew standing by the ending
machine next to the center. I
roze. 1hey were not moing.
1hey were not getting a drink.
1hey were talking. Standing by
a bulletin board, I turned and
467:618 69 :178< #6 078 49=1.
thing to do with tutoring. 1hey
moed. I walked toward them,
nodded my head to say hello
and then continued to walk to.
27:8 601 899:4<
Stopping at the ending ma.
chine, I looked right and looked
let. A ew students sat at the
tables. Ater deciding that they
21:1 699 8546:7>618 2560 6015:
math problems, I opened the
doors and sat down.
A numbing noise now.
ing rom a radio greeted me.
Checking the time, I realized I
had Fe minutes. I needed to
knock. An oular magnet sat
on the side table next to my
chair. Little screws clung to it,
making a tower-like shape. I
picked it up and tried to build
a castle while the static white
noise lowered my heart rate.
Ater the screws ell a ew
times, I Fnally made an ab.
stract castle.
I picked up a pamphlet on
depression and anxiety. Read.
ing, I elt my chest throb. Lach
line more obious than the
last. I wanted to leae. I did not
need help. lelp means some.
thing is wrong with me. I can
do this mysel. I hae or years.
1here is nothing wrong. \hy
I went to stand but roze.
1he door opened. Another
student walked into the waiting
room. 1he pain in my chest
burned. \e looked at each
other. She raised her eyebrows
with her mouth open, and in
her apprehensie ace I saw my
own. I tried to smile. She sat
down. I knocked on my coun.
selor`s door.
1he oFce adorned with
blas prints with sot oranges
and blended yellows welcomed
me to sit down in a slightly
reclined chair. 1he women
sitting on the couch across
rom me smiled. Ater Flling
out some paperwork, I began
my lie story. She neer inter.
rupted, she neer judged and
she neer laughed. lor the Frst
time, I was mysel. lelping me
see where I needed to recon.
struct my perspectie, she reas.
sured me that I would be okay,
and my chest started to eel
better. She said that it was not
uncommon, that it was not un.
conquerable. In that moment, I
was who I was, no one else, not
unny Nick, not sad Nick, not
arrogant Nick, not ake Nick. I
was Nick, it elt good.
\hen the 45 minutes were
Fnished, she told me that she
would see me next \ednesday,
and she walked me to her o.
Fce door. A student was play.
ing with the magnet. I smiled
at the top o his head. Open.
ing the door, I walked with
each step alling more deliber.
ate than the preious one had.
Some people were stand.
ing outside the Student Actii.
ties OFce. 1hey were talking
about their lILA class, and or
a moment, I roze. \ere they
looking at me I looked down
the hall and waked. lor the
Frst time, I elt as i I did not
care. lor the Frst time, I elt as
i I would be okay.
My Experience With
the Counseling Center
Since actor and comic
Robin \illiam`s death last
month, many hae posed
the same questions asked
eery time a suicide occurs:
\hy didn`t he seek help
\hy did nobody notice
something was wrong low
could he not know how
loed he was
But I hae one more
question to add to this list:
\hy do we wait until ater
someone takes their own
lie to ask these questions
1he answer is simple. \e
wait because talking about
mental illness is uncomort.
But the ery reason it
makes us so uncomortable
is the same reason why it is
so crucial to discuss. 1here`s
still a heay stigma sur.
rounding mental illness.
Stigma is when we, as a
society, iew a certain trait in
a negatie light because we
think it`s a disadantage. In
other words, it`s a negatie
stereotype. Stigma can lead
to misunderstanding and
discrimination, een when
it`s not intended. \hen it
comes to mental health, our
society tends to iew mental
illness as a naw.
But consider how prea.
lent mental illness may be on
our own campus.
According to a study con.
ducted by the Substance
Abuse and Mental lealth Ser.
ices Association, or SAM.
lSA, one in our o people
between the ages o 18 and
24 hae a diagnosable mental
illness. 1his means that each
o us probably has a riend,
classmate, or teammate who
is liing with a mental illness,
201601: 21 7:1 727:1 9? 56 9:
loweer, a 2012 surey
rom the National Alliance
on Mental Illness reports that
around 40 percent o students
with mental illnesses do not
seek help, and the number one
reason they don`t is because
9? ?17: 9? 465@=7<
1his means that it is more
than likely that there are stu.
dents on this campus with
mental illnesses who don`t
get the help they need be.
cause they are scared o being
judged by others.
1hink o it this way. I
your body got sick tomorrow,
your riends would tell you
to take care o yoursel, to
seek proessional help, to go
to the emergency room i it
was serious enough. But i it
was your mind that got sick,
would they tell you the same
1he act that it`s still a
question that needs to be
asked saddens me deeply.
Because I don`t think that
any o us mean to perpetu.
ate this idea that mental ill.
ness makes you abnormal,
or deter anyone rom seek.
ing help. 1he problem is
simply that we don`t talk
about it until ater a tragedy,
like suicide, happens.
But why wait I we start
the conersation now, we
can crush the stigma sur.
rounding mental illness, and
encourage others to get help
when they need it.
I you need help contact
the ClC Counseling Center
at 215-248-104, the Na.
tional Suicide Preention
lotline at 1-800-23-8255,
or Campus Security at 215-
Let`s start talking.
!"#$%&' )*&+#, -*#,+. /+%'0#
$'"/A#BC/#"D (A#/EA
On Aug. 11, people around
the world were shocked when
the news o Robin \illiam`s
death suraced. Shock turned
to conusion and despair when
it was ound that \illiams had
taken his own lie. Not only
did people mourn the loss o
the actor, but they also began
to wonder how such a happy
comedian could hide so much
psychological pain until it was
too late.
Unortunately, this is the
case with many college stu.
dents, too. Suicide.org identi.
Fes suicide as the second lead.
ing cause o death or college
students, with homicide as the
leading cause. 1he suicide rate
or young adults has tripled in
the past Fty years. An aerage
o 12 young adults commits
suicide eery day.
lour Uniersity o Penn.
sylania students committed
suicide in the past year, three
o which occurred in the same
semester. Six students com.
mitted suicide at Cornell Uni.
ersity in 2009. 1wo occurred
in the same week, in the same
department. In 2012, a Drexel
Uniersity student was ound
dead in the Schuylkill Rier,
and two days later, his death
was determined to be a suicide.
Ater hearing about all o
these cases, it is not surpris.
ing to learn that the emotional
health o college reshmen has
declined 12 percent in the last
25 years, according to College
Degree Search. 1his is the
lowest it has eer been. 1his
decline is most likely caused
by actors that students expe.
rience when they begin their
college education. Lmory
Cares 4 U, a suicide preention
group at Lmory Uniersity,
identiFes actors such as una.
miliar enironment, academic
and social pressures, home.
sickness, decreased academic
perormance, and experiment.
ing with drugs and alcohol. It
seems clear that one signiF.
cant actor is a lack o proper
coping skills.
\hile there are many rea.
sons or a college student to
experience suicidal thoughts,
there is only one that leads to
suicide. Lery act o suicide
begins with untreated depres.
sion. According to the Suicide
Preention Resource Center,
most students who commit
suicide during their college
career are not clients o the
school`s counseling center.
liteen percent o college
students screened positie or
depression. Sixty-one percent
said that they elt sad and 30
percent o these people elt so
depressed that it was diFcult
or them to unction at least
once in the last year.
\hat does this mean in
terms o suicide preention
Not all students who need h-
!"#$%&'# "$)*)%&+ ,' -./
0$+&+ . 12,3)'4 52,67&/8
-,'#)'$&% ,' 5.4& 9
Colleges See Disturbing Rise in Suicides
1he GriFn !




"#$%&' )"**+ ,-.
)/&'") *01"&'
lor baseball ans, once the
playos and the \ild Card
rounds start, so do the predic2
tions about which major league
ranchise will win the \orld Se2
ries. lere are mine. loweer, it
is important to note that this was
written beore the playos start2
ed, so the teams in this bracket
may not be 100 percent accurate.
1his year`s home Feld ad2
antage goes to the American
League ,AL, because they won
the All-Star game played in July
by a Fnal score o Fe to three.
I think the Baltimore Orioles will
be the team out o the AL Last,
and either the Detroit 1igers or
the Kansas City Royals will be
representing the AL Central. But
or now, I will say it`s the 1igers
because een though they are
currently a hal-game behind the
Royals, they are the better team.
Lastly, the Los Angeles Angels,
led by Mike 1rout, will come out
o the AL \est diision.
1he AL \ild Card is looking
like it a matchup o the Oakland
Athletics and either the Kansas
City Royals or the Seattle Mari2
ners. I beliee that the Royals will
be the ones to preail and match
up with the Athletics in the \ild
Card game. In that game, the
Athletics will knock o the Roy2
als and moe on into the playo
Now, looking at the our
teams in the bracket, it has to be
the Detroit 1igers who will ulti2
mately win the American League
,AL, and moe on to the \orld
Series. 1he only other team that
can be competitie with the 1i2
gers is the Athletics. Both o
these ranchises hae outstand2
ing pitching stas. 1he 1igers
eature Max Scherzer, Justin Ver2
lander, and the newly acquired
Daid Price, each o whom hae
all, at some point in their careers,
won the Cy \oung Award ,Best
Pitcher,. On the other hand, the
Athletics counter with Jon Lester,
Sonny Gray, Je Samardzija, and
Scott Kazmir.
I choose the 1igers to preail
in this matchup because their
pitching sta has been there be2
ore, as opposed to the young
talent the Athletics hae in their
arms. loweer, their pitchers,
with the exception o Lester,
hae not experienced the playos
beore. \ou hae to score runs to
win the game, and the 1igers` o2
ense is dynamic. 1hey can score
runs at will and the combination
o their pitching and oense will
carry them to the \orld Series.
On the National League ,NL,
side o the bracket, the \ashing2
ton Nationals will be the team
out o the NL Last, the St. Louis
Cardinals will most likely win
their NL Central diision, and the
Los Angeles Dodgers will repre2
sent the NL \est. As or the two
\ild Card teams in the NL, they
will most likely consist o the San
lrancisco Giants and the Pitts2
burgh Pirates.
In an exciting NL \ild Card
game, I predict that the Giants
will beat the Pirates and moe on
to Fll the playo bracket. Len
though the Giants hae been
struggling lately, i they can get
back to perorming the way they
had been all season, they will be
too much or the Pirates to han2
Looking at the big picture,
there is no one that is een close
to the leel that the Los Angeles
Dodgers are on. 1hey are just
too good. 1hey hae the pitch2
ing, the deense, and the oense
to run through this NL playo
bracket. I beliee that they will ul2
timately ace the Detroit 1igers in
the \orld Series. Both the 1igers
and Dodgers hae high-powered
oenses who like to rely on the
long ball ,home runs, to score
their runs. loweer, both teams`
pitching stas are the best in their
respectie leagues. 1he Dodgers
hae Clayton Kershaw, the best
pitcher in the game o baseball.
1he 1igers will hae to deal with
the Dodgers` closing pitcher,
Kenley Jansen late in the game,
so that is a situation they want to
aoid. ,Jansen has 41 saes this
I beliee that the L.A. Dodg2
ers are better and will come out
ictorious in this excellent \orld
Series matchup. I understand that
the best teams do not always win,
but I do not think that will be
the case here. I predict that the
Dodgers will win this series in
seen games and become cham2
pions o the world or the Frst
time since 1988. 1his \orld Se2
ries will be one or the ages.
zo Major League Baseball PlayoB Predictions
From the features section
Student Suicides on Cam
puses a Growing Problem
!"#$%#&'( *+", -./' 0
elp will ask or it, but eery stu2
dent experiencing depression
and suicidal thoughts is in des2
perate need o help. Because
college can be a stressul tran2
sition or Frst-year students
and a balancing act o study2
ing, workloads, Fnancial pres2
sures and relationships or all
students, many will experience
some orm o stress or de2
pression at least once in their
college career. loweer, as
these symptoms worsen, there
are some common warning
signs o which aculty, sta,
and other students should be
aware. 1hese warning signs
include talking about suicide
or death, diFculty sleeping
or eating, drastic changes in
behaior, withdrawal rom so2
cial actiity and riends, loss o
interest in hobbies or school,
giing away prized possessions,
and loss o interest in physical
appearance or hygiene.
\hile it is extremely im2
portant to recognize these
warning signs and take action
to get help, it is also equally im2
portant not to make assump2
tions. People must remember
that een someone who seems
happy and conFdent might be
haing diFculty coping with
their stress or emotions. Len
the most seemingly content
people could be at risk or de2
pression or suicidal thoughts.
I a riend or student
seems to be struggling, there
are many options to get help.
Lery college campus has
completely conFdential coun2
seling centers that are aailable
to students at all times. 1here
are also helplines that are ree
to call. laculty and sta o
the school are always aailable
to lead a struggling student in
the right direction or seeking
Although suicide among
college students is on the rise,
there are still ways to help. It is
important to pay attention to
eery warning sign, no matter
how obious or obscure, and
get help as soon as it is needed.
Students who are experiencing
depression or suicidal thoughts
must know that people will
listen. Most importantly, the
words I need help` really can
be the dierence between lie
and death.
Looking for a part time babysitter to watch a fve and
four year old after school in Roxborough. Both children
attend school and will need to be picked up at 2:30 p.m.
and 3 p.m., a drivers license and car are necessary.
Hours are typically from 2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. or 4:30
p.m. - 8:00 p.m. with a $40 per visit minimum. Referrals
and background checks preferred for interview.
Contact Jennifer Rando at JenniferRando1@gmail.
com or by phone at 215-421-7983
!"!#$%&&'( *"+&',
!"#$ &'( )')
*#$+ ($,(-./(
()**+,)** ./0/
123 45*
!"#$ &'( )"&* + ,-.&-"( /(0&1#2
Crande's Vocal Prowess in My Lverything"
!"#$%#&'( *+", -./' 1
track about two loers la2
menting oer a complicated
history together, is easily the
album`s magnum opus, show2
casing the lyrical and ocal
talents o both artists. Oer2
lapping a pretty piano loop oer
a simple drum beat, the track is
as pleasing sonically as it is lyri2
1hroughout the album`s en2
tirety, what does not waier is
Grande`s ocal prowess. ler
talent as a singer is blazingly
eident, een through the
album`s weaker moments.
I there is anything that can
be taken away rom this, it is
that Cat Valentine is no more,
and long gone are the days
o Victorious` past. \hat
stands in its wake, howeer, is
still yet to be seen. \hile My
Lerything` may hae missed
its mark, it still leaes hope
or the uture, as Grande can
only get better rom here.
!"# %&'()*+
)*#'+, .#''!
)/0' 1+23 45('!
)*'23 6523+,'!
!"# %"#& '()"#%*+'"( ,"(+*,+
-#. /*%0"(
1he GriFn 9
!"#$%! '()%#$
As the new school year
kicks o, ClC`s all sports
teams are starting to get back
into action, and one team
looking to improe on a disap*
pointing, yet hard ought, 2013
season is \omen`s Volleyball.
1he team lost some eteran
talent rom last year, including
outside hitter Alex DePalma,
but expect the return o sec*
ond team, all-conerence li*
bero and team MVP Regina
1rabosh. Other key returning
players are Rachel Biro, Madi*
son McBride, and team-assist
leader Lmily Drew. 1he team
added Fe new members this
o season, including junior
walk-on lrancesca laillace and
junior transer Justine Ganan.
1he GriFns come into the
season lacking eteran experi*
ence as they hae a ery young
team with just one senior play*
er returning. \e`re looking or
eeryone to step up, whether
you`re a senior or reshman,
starter or non-starter,` said
lead Coach Kim Kolesnik.
Our sport is so mental that on
!"!! $%& '() *(++,-./++

Despite losing two key
players, Kelly Dennis `14 and
Marie Deleal `14, the \om*
en`s 1ennis team is ready to
take on a new season.
lead coach Albert Stroble
has positie expectations or
this season. Last year we
were ranked 40th in the coun*
try, made our 3rd straight
NCAA appearance and 2nd
straight year in the coner*
ence Fnals,` he said. Char*
lotte Dawson `15, Morgan
Oechsle `15, Iman \illiams-
Mulesa `16 and Axe Owens
`16 are returning starters who
will proide a lot o leader*
ship and experience.`
1here are three new addi*
tions to this year`s team: Frst-
year player lannah lills,
Associate lead Coach Nate
Geigle and Graduate Assis*
tant Coach leather McMas*
Geigle is a graduate and
ormer tennis player at \est
Chester Uniersity and Mc*
Masters is a graduate and or*
mer tennis player at Ursinus.
\omen's Tennis Stepping \p
1he Philadelphia Lagles
are the Frst team in NlL his*
tory to start a season 2-0 ater
being down by more than 14
points in the second hal o
both games. In their Frst game
against the Jacksonille Jag*
uars, the Lagles ell behind ear*
ly and went into haltime down
1-0, ollowed by a 34-point
turnaround led by Nick loles
and the extremely dangerous
1here are many dierent
ways the Lagles attacked on
oense, including the game-
winning 68-yard touchdown
pass to Jeremy Maclin. Ater an
amazing comeback ictory, the
Lagles traeled to Indianapolis
to take on the Colts in a Mon*
day Night lootball shootout.
Once again, the team struggled
in the Frst hal, but maintained
a reasonable deFcit. In the sec*
ond hal, the Colts took a 20-6
lead midway through the third
1he Lagles answered with
two touchdowns thanks to
Darren Sproles, who is po*
tentially the best o-season
acquisition in the league rom
the New Orleans Saints. Sp*
roles Fnished the game against
Promising 2014 season ahead for nfl east teams
Both proide knowledge and
experience o the game that
will hopeully lead the team to
their ultimate goal o becoming
CACC champions.
Aside rom becoming con*
erence champions, the team
also wishes to beat their ri*
als which include Concordia,
Goldey-Beacom, loly lam*
ily Uniersity, and Philadelphia
Uniersity. 1he team`s ocus
this year is to step up and
raise their leel o play.
Based on their 9-0 win
on Sept. 9 against Georgian
Court Uniersity, the \om*
en`s 1ennis team is doing ex*
actly that. Come and support
the team and check out the
women`s tennis page on the
GriFn athletics website or
game times, locations, roster
ino, and statistics.
!"##$%&'##( -6
*"+$,-. /"00$1( 1-4
2$,-. /"00$1( 2-3-1
*"+$,-. 3$,,4.( 3-1
2$,-.3$,,4.( 0-1
Played at the Dowling College In*
itational on Sept. 21 - 22.
2$,-. 71".. 7"8,91%
Place 5th o 10 in the Queensbor*
ough Community College Inita*
tional. Sam Mondello `1 placed
3rd and James Buckley `1 place
th in the 5 mile run.
*"+$,-. 71".. 7"8,91%
Place th o 14 in the Queensbor*
ough Community College Inita*
tional. Pagie Antall `1 placed 6th.
!%)),&0 $,1()2
Ior more information, visit: grifnathletics.com
,Current as o 9,21,
Indianapolis with 203 all-pur*
pose yards, catching or 152 o
them and ran or 26 including a
19-yard run or the touchdown
while bulldozing through de*
enders to the end zone.
Malcom Jenkins, the captain
deensie back also acquired in
the o-season rom New Or*
leans, was a key addition to
the deensie secondary as he
made a crucial interception
with just minutes let. 1hanks
to the ourth quarter turnoer,
Philadelphia was able to drie
down the Feld and tie the game
at 2 with almost three minutes
let in the game.
1he ensuing kicko led to
a terriFc deensie stand or
the Lagles, who orced a three-
and-out and receied a punt
with two minutes let. Start*
ing at their own 40-yard line,
the Lagles made it look easy
as they walked through the ex*
hausted Colts deense into the
red zone or a chip shot, game-
winning Feld goal by rookie
kicker Cody Parkey. 1he hurry-
up style o oense that the La*
gles typically run made it tough
or less conditioned deend*
ers to keep up or 60 minutes.
Philadelphia heads home this
Sunday or a diision rialry
battle against the \ashington
1here are many reasons to
be conFdent as an Lagles an.
Philadelphia holds sole posses*
sion o Frst place in the dii*
sion ater all three diision ri*
als lost their opening games.
1he \ashington Redskins ell
to the new highest paid de*
ensie lineman J.J. \att and
the louston 1exans. \att re*
corded a sack, a blocked ex*
tra point, swatted a pass, and
picked up a umble. 1he 1ex*
ans deense held the Redskins
oense to just six points. In
Robert GriFn III`s Frst game
since last years` season end*
ing injury, he completed 29 o
3 pass attempts or oer 200
yards with a lost umble, a sack
and an interception. Newly ac*
quired wide receier rom Phil*
adelphia, Desean Jackson, only
caught eight passes or just 62
In the Redskins` second
game against the Jaguars in*
jury prone quarterback Robert
GriFn III dislocated his let
ankle in the Frst quarter. Back*
up quarterback Kirk Cousins
came into the game and domi*
nated as he completed 22 o
33 pass attempts or 250 yards
and two touchdowns. Desean
Jackson was also injured when
a deender landed on top o
his shoulder as they were going
ater a pass. \ashington split
their Frst two games, as well as
the Dallas Cowboys.
1he New \ork Giants
ell to last place in the NlC
Last ater losing their open*
er against the Detroit Lions.
In their week-two matchup
against the Arizona Cardinals,
the Giants gae up the game-
winning 15 unanswered points
in the ourth quarter. Arizona
was able to orce our turn*
oers in their ictory while
playing with their backup quar*
terback, Drew Stanton, ater
starting quarterback Carson
Palmer was injured in week
one. 1he Cardinals went on to
win the game 25-14. 1he Gi*
ants problems go beyond Lli
Manning, as their special teams
made seeral mistakes and the
deense couldn`t stop the un*
prepared quarterback rom
stealing the win in New \ork.
image: GriffnAthletics.com
After a bid in the NCAA Championships last year the Wom:
en's 1ennis is gearing up for another chance to win.
any gien day any one o our
athletes can be the Fre we need
to be successul.`
1he team has a tough
schedule ahead o them with
many talented teams look*
ing to get in their way, espe*
cially Philadelphia Uniersity`s
Rams. Unortunately or the
GriFns, Philly U` won both
o the two meetings last year,
including one nail-biter o a
game that went into oertime.
1here`s just such a great rial*
ry between our two schools,`
laillace said. \e always play
neck and neck with them but
this year will be ours.`
Make sure you come out
to support the olleyball team
as they look to make a run or
the CACC playos. 1he team
has incorporated themes into
a ew o their home games
where ans help undraise and
win prizes. 1hese eents are
\outh Night, Get Real with
1eal, Dig Pink, GriFn Nation
Night, and Super lero Night.
lor dates, times, and locations
check the olleyball team page
on the GriFn athletics \eb