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MathewSaelua 5,August,1960

by: Mathew Saelua

TULSA, Oklahoma, august 5 1960

Three teenagers, yesterday criminals today
named heroes. Ponyboy Curtis, Johnny Cade,
and Dallas Winston saved children that was
trapped in a burning old abandoned church.
The church was located in windrixville and the
church started burning at about 1:30 p.m. when
the three teenagers swooped in and saved the
children. The teacher Riki Noguez said After
we finished lunch we let the kids go play for a
little while because we had some time to spare,
then all we seen was black smoke and ash the
next thing you know there breaks a fire.
thought that one of the kids did it but then here
The police department is still
investigating what was the cause of the fire and
found only pile of ashes. We interviewed Dallas
winston and he said, Ponyboy Curtis and
Johnny Cade just swooped in the church and
started helping the kids, and then when
jumped in it was crazy man, wood crashing to
the ground and once the last kid escaped we
barely made it out ourselves. But what they
did took guts. We also interviewed Ponyboy
Curtis and we asked Why would you put
yourself at risk to save a couple of children.
Ponyboy curtis answered We just did what we
had to do and we felt that they still have a lot to



We also interviewed one of the children

that has been saved and she said I thought it
was god saving me and also if you see one of
the people who saved us today again can you
tell him i said sorry for biting him? The two of
the boys were identified as the murderers of
Bob Sheldon. We interviewed Cherry Valance
and she said Bob Sheldon and the rest of the
people he was with was drunk and was trying
to drown Ponyboy Curtis and all they did was
all self defense. Since Ponyboy Curtis and
Johnny Cade only did it for self defense and
saved the children from the burning church
there charges were cleared. But Johnny cade
was in big critical condition from a burning
chunk of wood collapsing on his back. The
doctor Albert Jenkins said that his spine was
damaged and he can't be walking from now on
and the he had 3rd degree burns and he
inhaled a lot of smoke and ash so he is in very
bad shape right now, but we are doing all we

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