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Aspiration to be a doctor.

The profession as a doctor is seen as a noble and highly praised job. When we recall our primary school memory, we will
notice that most of the children, when they were asked about what they want to be in the future, almost half of them will
say doctors. Others might opt for other admired professions such as teacher or lecturer. Some might want to be a fireman
or a policeman because they pictured these jobs as adventurous and they can help people who are in danger. As for my
childhood memory, I always dream to be a doctor or a teacher, but more to doctor because my immature brain at that
time have the understanding that a doctor will help people and when we are sick, we will see the doctor and we will be
cured. I was persistent with this ambition until Standard 6.
When I enrolled in secondary school, I fell in love with Chemistry because I had a bad experience with this
particular subject. I failed the first test in Chemistry during my Form 4, and that was the only paper that I ever failed in my
entire educational period up to now. I was really frustrated and I studied hard for Chemistry until I decided to become a
chemical engineer.
The turning point of my love to Chemistry was when the SPM results were announced. Alhamdulillah I got
straight As, and at that time I suddenly thought of becoming a doctor. I do not know how and why such idea came. As far
as I could remember, I had two reasons for that. The first one was because I obtained good results and I noticed that it was
difficult to enrol in a medical school unless you result is power. The other reason was because none of my family
member is a doctor, so I thought again, why not I become one. My parents had no influence on my decision and they gave
full support to me when I decided to choose medical course. That moment, I do not have any idea how difficult life is to be
a medical student and even worse during houseman ship.
When I step my foot in IIUM, The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue, then only I started to ponder on the reasons
for me becoming a doctor. At that time, I was very inspired by the talk given during the taaruf week by one of our lecturer.
He mentioned that the role of doctors are not limited to hospital or treating patient only, but we also play role in a society
as they trust doctors and respect us. Doctors should have a good quality in skills and also attitude in order to be a good
example to the society. Moreover, we are Muslims and by being a good doctor, we are portraying the good teachings of
Islam and become an exemplary by the people we are dealing with everyday.
I also observed that the lecturers in IIUM have many good qualities. They are not only doctors, teachers but also
a mentor who I can always take example from them and applied it to life as a step for me to achieve my dream.
Therefore, I had decided that I want to become a competent and safe doctor and I will try as much as possible to
give benefits to others based on the knowledge that I have, especially to the betterment of the ummah and also for the
glory of Islam. Insya Allah.