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Mythology in Comics

Comic literature is an all-encompassing art with a fascinating range which has the potential of
transforming any subject in to its distinctive style of metaphorical communication through unique
graphical representations and textual tenor. Mythology is one such subject which has gained
tremendous contemporariness and popularity among the children and adults alike owing to its
transmutation with the touch of comic art. Conversely, the mythological stories and characters have
also been instrumental in feeding the imagination of comic craftsmanship. In fact the popular culture of
metropolis comics is branded as the modern mythology since like classical mythology the characters and
protagonists of classical mythology are also endowed with super heroes, magical powers, uplifting
themes and battle between good and evil.
The classical mythology themes had strong religious overtones which are supplanted by the
representation of strong moral ethics and virtuosity of the modern comic protagonists. However, some
of the ancient superheroes have been planted in the modern comic contexts in a new light offering a
refreshingly modern interpretation and treatment for todays audience. For instance the modern female
super hero Wonder Woman has her roots in Greek mythology since she is depicted as the leader of an
Amazonian tribe of female warriors who are recurrently mentioned spanning the multitudinous works of
Greek mythology. Thus, the modern comic books online abound with such instances where the ancient
and modern action heroes are interchangeably related to one another.
The superheroes of both the mythological and comic genres are entrenched in strong moral and ethical
values and are shown to use their paranormal and mystical powers for fostering peace and cosmos of
social existence. However, the modern varieties of these daring dare devils are far more complex and
intriguing than the former generation of superheroes. They modern heroes can come from varied social
backdrops and they often have to maintain and live the modalities of dual life to execute social justice.
However, both have evolved in keeping with the altering social perceptions and outlooks. The comic
book art therefore aims to harmonize the best of both the worlds in order to create a lasting impact on
the readers mind.