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What is a CSRSO?
Community Service Recognized Student Organizations (CSRSOs) provide an opportunity for
over 2,000 students at the University of Chicago to engage in experientia earning and service
through community service pro!ects and programs" #ith over $0 active CSRSOs, there is a
pro!ect or program for everyone"
%hough CSRSOs have strong ties to community partners, they are sef&governing student
organizations" 'any focus on (ays to further the (or) of their partner organizations through
coa*orative vounteering and programming, (hie others have deveoped their o(n uni+ue
programs" , CSRSOs provide some direct service to the neigh*orhoods surrounding the
University of Chicago campus, and the city of Chicago at arge"
-f you are interested in participating in or partnering (ith any of the organizations *eo(,
pease contact the organization representative"
-f there is a type of community service that is not currenty *eing underta)en *y one of our
organizations and you (oud i)e to start an organization, pease contact us at
For more i!ormatio o CSRSOs a" other UCSC #ro$rams %isit& '(s()'(hi(a$o)e"'

CSRSO Dire(tor*
Commu)nity is (here yarn and peope intert(ine" Reaxing meetings 0&2 times per (ee)
provide an opportunity for mem*ers to sociaize, (or) on pro!ects, earn from other
mem*ers, and teach ne( mem*ers" , +uartery fundraiser (ith proceeds donated to a
charity is a foca point of a mem*ers" 'em*ers are aso often invoved in +uartery trips
to yarn stores, and art pro!ects such as yarn *om*ing and magazines"
Contact 'attie %oma1 commu)nity"uofc.gmai"com
1a2s UChi(a$o
2a(s is geared to(ards getting students to vounteer hands&on at oca anima sheters and
partner (ith community groups to raise a(areness on campus a*out ho( to get invoved"
Contact ,nneiese 'arty1 amarty.uchicago"edu
So'thsi"e So3i"arit* Net2or0 (SSN)
Southside Soidarity 3et(or) aims to create a vehice through (hich University students
can ma)e a su*stantive connection (ith the surrounding community through pro!ects that
incude, *ut are not imited to, advocacy, community service, and community organizing" -t
aso aims to have a group in (hich individua research on oca poitica, socio&cutura, and
economic issues can enter into coective diaogue and (hich is dedicated to disseminating
this )no(edge to a (ider University and community audience"
Contact ,i!a 3emer&,anerud1 ai!a.uchicago"edu
,rtShoud promotes art on campus and in 4yde 2ar) *y mentoring youth in Chicago 2u*ic
Schoos through afterschoo programs and *y deveoping (or)shops and events"
Contact 'o5 3a)ayama1 mna)ayama.uchicago"edu
4eats 5 1ie(es
6eats 7 2ieces see)s to connect the University community to the surrounding area through
the arts, (ith a focus on muticutura expression"
Contact 8rica 9etemmerman 1 edetemmerman.uchicago"edu
Ear3* Chi3"hoo" E"'(atio
,:'as is a student organization at the University of Chicago dedicated to reducing the
educationa and achievement gap *et(een young 4ispanics and the average ,merican
student" -t (i provide an after schoo pre&schoo iteracy program that focuses on reading
comprehension and that is founded upon the most recent research on eary chidhood
education especiay as it pertains to young 4ispanics"
Contact 'arvin 8spinoza1 marvinespinoza.uchicago"edu
E3emetar* S(hoo3
So'thsi"e S(ri663ers
Southside Scri**ers strives to get )ids excited a*out *eing creative, excited a*out (riting,
and excited a*out creative (riting" Scri**ers provides supervised (riting activities to
chidren ranging from 2nd grade to ;th grade in 4yde 2ar) eementary schoos"
Contact <atie O=Shea1 )aoshea.uchicago"edu
St'"ets Tea(hi$ at Ra* S(hoo3 (STARS)
S%,RS provides opportunities for U of C students to teach and to re>ect together on
teaching, earning, and education" %he organization provides 8S: tutoring to students at
Ray 8ementary Schoo"
Contact 2aya Cho(dhary 1 pcho(dhary.uchicago"edu
Mi""3e S(hoo3
Wome a" Yo'th S'##orti$ Ea(h other (WYSE)
#?S8 is a nationa mentoring organization (hich (or)s to empo(er young (omen (ith the
information and resources they need to ma)e heathy, informed decisions and *ecome
eaders in their communities" %he U of C *ranch (or)s at 'adero 'idde Schoo in :itte
Contact Christine #ong1 christine(ong.uchicago"edu
7i$h S(hoo3
appU2 is the ony organization on campus that speciAcay targets the coege appication
process" Our comprehensive year ong curricuum provides a uni+ue com*ination of one&
on&one mentorship and group sessions" Our horizonta structure compes every mentor to
ta)e greater responsi*iities in curricuum deveopment and eading initiatives"
Contact 6o(en ?ang1 *o(enyang.uchicago"edu
Fia(ia3 E"'(atio Iitiati%e
Binancia 8ducation -nitiative provides coege students (ith the uni+ue opportunity to
mentor high schoo students a*out Anancia iteracy and entrepreneurship"
Contact @incent ?u1 vincentyu.uchicago"edu
Risi$ 1hoei8 De6ate
Rising 2hoenix 9e*ate is dedicated to connecting ChicagoCs high schoo de*ate teams (ith
experienced coege coaches, providing ogistica support to ne( teams, and organizing
training sessions for students as (e as coaches"
Contact Caros 2eni)is1 cpeni)is.uchicago"edu
SpashD Chicago runs after&schoo and (ee)end programs for high schoo students" %heir
goa is to introduce students from diEerent (a)s of ife to topics that aren=t approached in
the traditiona cassroomF anything from pirate history and cuture to tap dancing and
reigious cutsF in a fun, coa*orative setting"
Contact 3atasha 4arn(e&9avis1 nharn(edavis.uchicago"edu
Whate%er It Ta0es
#hatever -t %a)es (#-%) see)s to eve the paying Aed in test prep *y oEering free S,% and
,C% prep courses to high schoo students in the oca community" #-% is currenty (or)ing
students from high schoos in the greater Chicago area and oEering (ee)y casses on
Saturday and Sunday starting at the *eginning of each academic +uarter"
Contact Caire Guang1 caire+.uchicago"edu
M'3ti.:e%e3 A(a"emi( 1ro$rams
6rightSpar) aims to create opportunities for <&02 students to expore a spectrum of topics
outside the scope of the average cassroom experience"
Contact <atie Schiing1 )dschi.uchicago"edu
Ca3%ert 7o'se T'tori$
Cavert 4ouse tutors use their academic privieges to *eneAt eementary and high schoo
students (ho need hep (ith their education through one&on&one tutoring in a arge group
setting, (hich fosters not ony productive tutoring sessions, *ut aso esta*ishes a sense of
Contact #estin %om1 (estintom.uchicago"edu
Chi(a$o A"o3es(et Metorshi# 1ro$ram (C7AM1)
C4,'2 see)s to esta*ish an ongoing reationship *et(een the U of C and the 4yde 2ar)
3eigh*orhood Cu* (423C), a oca community center *y oEering one&on&one tutoring to
eementary and midde schoo students"
Contact 9ianya 2u1 dpu.uchicago"edu
Chi(a$o 7o#es
Chicago 4O28S oEers students the opportunity to tutor chidren iving at temporary
sheters" #e are currenty (or)ing (ith Ridgeand 9aycare Center, a sheter for famiies
(ho have experienced domestic vioence"
Contact Severine Cao1 severinecao.uchicago"edu
Chi(a$o Yo'th 1hi3athro#* Gro'# (CYG1)
%he C?2H is an organization composed of students from across the University of Chicago"
#e com*ine a passion for improving peopeCs ives (ith a determination to right the socio&
economic (rongs imposed on South Side residents" 6y organizing high schooers through a
representative and democratic *ody of students, (e faciitate their potentia for
phianthropic (or)s" #e aso (or) to ac+uire funds (hich this *ody of students decides
ho( to appropriate"
Contact 3ichoas 2ar)er1 nichoas(par)er.uchicago"edu
Comer T'tors
Comer %utors see)s to organize and train tutors (ho (i provide academic services to in&
patients at the University of Chicago Comer Chidren=s 4ospita"
Contact Stephanie Hrach1 sgrach.uchicago"edu
Frie"s o! Washi$to 1ar0
Briends of #ashington 2ar) is partnered (ith the city&(ide Chicago ?outh 2rograms to oEer
tutoring programs to youth from the neigh*oring #ashington 2ar)"
Contact 'aryann %amrazi1 mtamrazi.uchicago"edu
3eigh*ors provides service opportunities for a( students in the surrounding community to
mentor and tutor at oca, o(&income eementary and high schoos"
Contact Renee ,hers1 rahers.uchicago"edu
O##ort'ities Thro'$h O#erati$ S*stems
OOS=s mission is to assist oca and internationa communities in overcoming the digita
divide" %hey aim to teach computer s)is aong (ith the 8ngish anguage throughout the
year in neigh*orhoods around Chicago and over the summer in Huatemaa"
St'"ets !or E"'(atioa3 E;'it*
Students for 8ducationa 8+uity is a CSRSO partnered (ith %8,C4 BOR ,'8R-C, that is
ready to have a ',IOR impact on the pro*em of educationa ine+uity" #e are a committed
group of students dedicated to cosing the achievement gap through coective action and
engagement (ith the issues at hand"
Contact %amari 'ier1 tamdre.uchicago"edu
So'th Si"e Free M'si( 1ro$ram
%he South Side Bree 'usic 2rogram (formery )no(n as the #ooda(n Bree 'usic 2rogram)
is an a&vounteer organization providing free music education in schoos and community
centers in south side Chicago" %he programCs essons teach *oth an instrument and music
Contact Iuia Size)1 !size).uchicago"edu
So'th Si"e S(ie(e S(ho3ars
6eieving that human ife may *e enriched through the gro(th and dissemination of
)no(edge, this group is committed to deveoping, creating, and deivering a sustaina*e
afterschoo science curricuum to under&served Chicago grade schoos, particuary those of
the South Side" #e aspire to positivey impact chidren s scientiAc thin)ing, eements of
heath education, communication s)is, and overa schoo preparedness"
Contact 8is <im1 ey).uchicago"edu
St'"ets Em6ra(i$ Ne2!o'" Di%ersit* (SEND)
S839 is an organization that see)s to engage the arger 4yde 2ar) community high schoo
students *y providing opportunities to experience diEerent cutures through cutura sho(s
and cassroom essons"
Contact ?eehyun <im1 )imyee.uchicago"edu
Stri%e T'tori$
Strive %utoring provides high&+uaity one&on&one tutoring to Chicago 2u*ic Schoos
students to improve academic performance, forge strong reationships *et(een tutors and
students, and ao( interested vounteers to serve the community"
Contact 9an 'oore1 danmoore.uchicago"edu
Woo"3a2 A!ter S(hoo3 <i"s 1ro$ram
#ooda(n ,fter Schoo <ids 2rogram provides a safe environment for )ids to study after
schoo as (e as to assist (ith home(or) and promote educationa gro(th"
Contact 8zra <arger1 )arger.uchicago"edu
Ameri(a Re" Cross
,merican Red Cross supports the cause of the ,merican Red Cross in heping peope
prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies" ,s the Arst ,merican Red Cross
coegiate cu* of -inois, that chapter see)s to ta)e a strong eadership roe in recruiting
support for the Red Cross"
Contact 'eissa @eas+uez1 meissav.uchicago"edu
Co33e$es A$aist Ca(er
Coeges ,gainst Cancer supports the ,merican Cancer Society through the organization of
fundraisers, provision of educationa materias, and spreading a(areness of varied
advocacy events throughout the year"
Contact 'eissa :ie*erman&<ein1 mie*erman)ein.uchicago"edu
R' For It
Run Bor -t is a marathon&service cu* that exists to provide its mem*ers (ith *oth an
extreme physica chaenge and the opportunity to fundraise and perform service for an
organization" -n addition, they aim to educate their mem*ers a*out varying socia !ustice
issues in Chicago *y vounteering in 4yde 2ar) and throughout Chicago"
Contact 'c-ntyre S)arzyns)i1 mcs)arzyns)i.gmai"com
Chia Care
China Care provides Anancia support to orphans in the China Care Boundation to receive
medica treatments, as (e as educationa and emotiona support to Chinese chidren
adopted into non&Chinese famiies"
Contact Christie ,uyeung1 cauyeung.uchicago"edu
G3o6a3 Chia Coe(tio
Ho*a China Connection is interested in *uiding connections and friendships *et(een the
(estern (ord and China through cutura exchange and anguage immersion" %hey (or)
to(ard the creation of series of cutura presentations, pane discussions, and topica
seminars in the high schoos at Chicagoand area"
Contact ?echen Hu1 yechengu.uchicago"edu
G3o6a3 Water 4ri$a"es
Ho*a #ater 6rigades assists in designing and impementing (ater systems to prevent
communica*e inesses in communities through J day #ater 6rigades in 4onduras"
Contact ,rthur Ciey1 cieya(a.uchicago"edu
1artershi# !or the A"%a(emet o! Re!'$ee Ri$hts (1ARR)
2artnership for the ,dvancement of Refugee Rights (2,RR) approaches refugee advocacy
from three standpoints1 direct service, raising a(areness, and pu*ic poicy research"
Contact Re*ecca Huterman1 rguterman.uchicago"edu
Rotara(t C3'6
Rotaract provides an opportunity for youth to enhance the )no(edge and s)is that (i
assist them in persona deveopment, to address the physica and socia needs of their
communities, and to promote *etter reations *et(een a peope (ord(ide through a
frame(or) of friendship and service"
Contact ?uting Shao1 yutingshaoKL.uchicago"edu
A"o3es(et S'6sta(e A6'se 1re%etio (ASA1)
,S,2 see)s to reduce the use of commony&a*used drugs *y midde schoo students on
ChicagoCs South Side"
Contact 8is <im1 ey).uchicago"edu
Comm'it* 7ea3th Iitiati%e
Community 4eath -nitiative provides medica care and educationa and community
services to residents of the 'aria Sheter in the 8nge(ood community and patients at the
Community 4eath Cinic"
Contact Iuia 'ha*a1 !mha*a.uchicago"edu
CO338C% aims to connect individuas and famiies from the South Side to resources (hich
can hep address the socia determinants of heath"
Dia6etes 1re%etio Gro'#
9ia*etes 2revention Hroup provides community *ased gucose and *ood pressure
Contact Camie Cross1 ccross2.uchicago"edu
Ho*e'ed aims to increase a(areness of go*a heath issues on campus and in the
surrounding community"
Contact Cindy Sui1 xisui.uchicago"edu
7ea3th :ea"s
4eath :eads expands the capacity of cinics to connect their patients (ith the resources
they need to *e heathy, (hie creating a pipeine of ne( eaders (ith the s)is and
experience to change the heathcare system"
Contact ,nisha Hanguy1 aganguy.uchicago"edu
7ea3th 1ro!essios Re(r'itmet a" E8#os're 1ro$ram (71RE1)
42R82 mem*ers serve as mentors and friends to minority high schoo students" %hese high
schoo students come from schoos throughout the area to the University of Chicago
campus once a month (here they participate in a variety of ectures, discussions, and
hands&on activities (ith the goa of giving insight into the ife as a heath professiona as
(e as an opportunity to connect (ith medica students and physicians"
Contact Christopher Castaneda1 chriscastaneda.uchicago"edu
=o're*i$ O't to U"erser%e" Re$ios o! the Natio a"
E$a$i$ i E>e(ti%e Ser%i(e
IOUR388S see)s to expose medica students to the heathcare needs of diverse patient
popuations *eyond that of the University of Chicago 'edica Center through direct service&
earning experiences"
Me"i(a3 4ri$a"es
'edica 6rigades is a *ranch of Ho*a 6rigades, deveoping sustaina*e heath initiatives
and providing immediate medica reief in rura, isoated communities in 4onduras, 2anama
and Hhana (here there is very imited access to heathcare"
'89:-B8 increase access to heathcare in impoverished parts of 2eru, 8cuador, and
2anama through mo*ie cinics, fundraising, and education"
Contact Christie ,uyeung1 cauyeung.uchicago"edu
Missio !or Visio
'ission for @ision conducts comprehensive eye exams for Chicago 2u*ic Schoo students"
Contact ,*igai Honsaves1 agonsaves.uchicago"edu
O a Missio !or N'tritio
On a 'ission for 3utrition impements an after&schoo nutrition program to improve the
nutrition )no(edge of chidren and adoescents in the South Side communities and to
empo(er them to ma)e heathy choices"
Contact 4ia Caev1 hcaev.uchicago"edu
1e"iatri( 7ea3th a" We33ess Iitiati%e
%he 2ediatric 4eath and #eness -nitiative aims to provide free medica care to uninsured
or underinsured pediatric patients from underserved Southside communities"
Contact 8miy 6artett1 e*artett.uchicago"edu
1eer 7ea3th E8(ha$e
2eer 4eath 8xchange gives teenagers the )no(edge and s)is they need to ma)e heathy
decisions" #e do this *y training coege student vounteers to teach a comprehensive,
fact&*ased heath education curricuum in Chicago 2u*ic Schoos"
Contact :aura Ransin1 auraransin.uchicago"edu
Remedy coects and purchases medica suppies from donor institutions and *rings these
suppies to internationa communities (ho need them most"
Contact Ha*riee :iu1 gyiu.uchicago"edu
Stri%e 7ea3th Metori$
Strive 4eath 'entoring provides intensive one&on&one academic tutoring, mentoring, peer
support, and disease management education to minority teenagers in Chicago iving (ith
sic)e ce disease"
Contact 4eena ?u1 heenayu.uchicago"edu
Team 74V
%eam 46@ impements campus and community outreach to raise a(areness of the high
incidence of hepatitis 6 and iver cancer among ,sian and 2aciAc -sanders"
Contact Hrace 2ar)1 par)graL.uchicago"edu
Tea Time a" Se8 Chats
Started as an 2002 Uncommon Bund proposa, %ea %ime and Sex Chats started to address a
need for comprehensive peer education that didnCt !ust treat sexuaity as a *atteground
against pregnancy or disease" #hie (e recognize that pregnancy and S%-s are important
topics, (e aso *eieve in ta)ing a*out !oy, peasure, intimacy, freedom, and
experimentationD Sexuaity shoud *e a positive, heathy experience, and (e strive to ta)
a*out a facets of it, from the do(n and dirty *asics of ora sex, to rope *ondage 000,
(eCre here to ans(er a of the +uestions you never )ne( you had"
Contact 2atricia Bernandez 2ineros1 pafernandez.uchicago"edu
Uite" A$aist I!e(tio's Diseases (UAID)
U,-9 is a student&run non&proAt (hose goa is to expose students to the Aght against
infectious diseases i)e 4-@M,-9S, 'aaria, %6, and other at a oca, nationa, and
internationa eve" N
Contact ?usef ,&Iarani1 ya!arani.uchicago"edu
A3#ha 1hi Ome$a
,pha 2hi Omega is a nationa co&ed fraternity that aims to deveop eadership s)is,
provide service opportunities, and *uid friendships through service"
Contact 8miy Siege1 emiysiege.uchicago"edu
Ca3%ert Cir(3e
Cavert Circe runs the 4omeess Bood Run 2ro!ect (%4BR2) (ith the aim of providing the
Undergraduate and Hraduate student community (ith a means of engaging in service
(hie providing reguar meas to ChicagoCs do(nto(n homeess popuation" %he program
faciitates (ee)y OrunsO do(nto(n (here *agged meas are distri*uted to ChicagoCs
Contact 'oie <uether1 m)uether.uchicago"edu
Frie"s o! the Woo"3a2 Co33a6orati%e
Briends of the #ooda(n Coa*orative aims to create a shared space (here activities for
art, education, and community empo(erment are given resources and support in order to
meet the needs of the community and forming meaningfu partnerships *et(een diEerent
organizations and groups of peope"
Contact Iuia Size)1 !size).uchicago"edu
7a6itat !or 7'mait*
4a*itat for 4umanity com*ats homeessness and poverty *y repairing and constructing
homes for those in need"
Contact 4uiting Pu1 huiting.uchicago"edu
Me i Ser%i(e
'en in Service (or)s to invove more maes in direct vounteer service" Connecting
University students to the surrounding communities, 'en in Service sets up engaging
pro!ects that especiay demand a mae presence"
Contact 3eson ,uner1 nauner.uchicago"edu
Scouts creates a community of students, staE, and facuty (ho (ere and are invoved in
the Scouting movement in the US or internationay" %his community (i primariy *e a
venue to provide community service to 4yde 2ar) *y providing vounteer resources to
Scout troops and civic needs"
Contact Ion Catin1 !catin.uchicago"edu
S#ri$ 4rea0 o! Ser%i(e
Spring 6rea) of Service is a group organized *y and for those graduate students interested
in providing ega services as part of a (ee)ong vounteer opportunity over spring *rea)"
-n the past, Spring 6rea) of Service has sent students to 6ioxi, 'S to provide vounteer
ega services in coa*oration (ith the 'ississippi Center for Iustice (O'CIO), the argest
pu*ic interest a( Arm in 'ississippi" :ast year (2002), Spring 6rea) of Service continued
to send students to 'CI, *ut aso sent a num*er of student to the Oreans 2u*ic 9efenders
(OO29O), the oQce tas)ed to provide indigent defense in 3e( Oreans, :,"
Contact Christine Ricardo1 cricardo.uchicago"edu