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Fill in the blanks with appropriate word/words in your Answer

a. We need for allegiance of Allah.
b. We shall only Allah the glorious.
c. part of Iman.
d. Salat is Deen Islams .
e. He whose conduct is good, Behave with all.
f. Salat key.
g. Man will show to all creations of Allah.
h. Patriotism is a part of .
i. Quran Mazid is Allahs .
j. Hazrat Daud (As) was a in his childhood.
3. Answer in brief of the following questions: 110=10
a. How do you define Iman?
b. Write the Arabic expression which we use to show our gratitude to
c. What is Ibadat?
d. What are the forbidden time of Salat?
e. What is AHKAM?
f. What did the Great Prophet (Sm) say about good conduct?
g. What did the Great Prophet (Sm) call upon the people of Makka?
h. How many are the goals of reciting the Quran and what are they?
i. What was the comment made by the priest Bahira about our Prophet
j. Where was the Hazre Aswad place?
4. Answer the following questions including a & b. 58=40
a. What are the important issues of life here after? Describe these.
b. Write the history of Qurbani in brief.
c. What are the Wajibs of salat?
d. How many Masarif of Zakat are there? Describe Masarifs.
e. What are the bad conduct from which we shall keep ourselves away?
f. What are the ways and means to demonstrate our love for the country?
g. Al-Quran is whose message? How many are the goals of reciting the Quran
and what are they.
h. What do you mean by Tajvid? Mention what benefit do you get by
reciting the Quran with correct prounciation?
i. Please give an account of the birth and family history of Hazrat
Muhammad (Sm).
j. What is the Madina charter? Describe some of the clauses in the
Madina charter.

Primary Education Completion Examination-2013
Model Test
Subject: Islam and Moral Education
Time: 2 Hours 30 Minutes Full Marks: 100

1. Write the correct answer in your answer script: 140 = 40
1. Who is our Rabb (sustainer and cherisher)?
a. Parents b. Allah Tala
c. Physicians d. Spiritual Guides
2. What is the name of the last prophet?
a. Hazrat Abu Bakar (R)
b. Hazrat Isa (A)
c. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm)
d. Hazrat Musa (A)
3. What do we mean by Al-Asmaul Husna?
a. Human qualities
b. The attributes of the angles
c. The most beautiful names of Allah
d. Virtues of the prophets messengers
4. What is on the part of Muslims regarding faith on all prophets?
a. Optional b. Part of Iman
c. Courtesy d. Excellent behavior
5. How many Farz (compulsory) salat are there in five times of salat?
a. Five Rakats b. Ten Rakats
c. Fifteen Rakats d. Seven Rakats
6. What is the meaning of the word Ibadat?
a. prayer b. obedience
c. charity d. siam
7. How many Rukons are there in Islam?
a. three b. Four
c. Five d. Seven
8. How many forbidden time for salat?
a. three b. four
c. five d. seven
9. What does Allah do when a man repents after a misdeed?
a. Remembers him b. Frogives him
c. Admonishes him d. Leaves him alone
10. Which is not considered to be a natural disaster?
a. Flood b. Earthquake
c. Conflagration d. Torndo
11. What is called Human rights of man?
a. Humanity b. Human rights
c. Religion of man d. Mankind
12. What is Akhlaque?
a. Behaviour b. Good manner
c. Nice d. Best
13. What one should do with others indoing good deeds?
a. Rebuke b. Beat
c. Command d. Co-operate
14. The letters which are pronounced from the middle of the throat?
a. - b. -
c. d.
15. The pronunciation which comes when the last end of the tongue touches
the palate
a. - b.
c. - d.
16. What letters are pronounced from the last end of the throat tube
a. - b. -
c. - - d. -
17. When was our prophet (Sm) born?
a. 522 AD b. 570 AD
c. 610 AD d. 622 AD
18. Who was Hazrat Sulaiman (As)s father?
a. Hazrat Isa (As) b. Hazrat Daud (As)
c. Hazrat Musa (As) d. Hazrat Ibrahim (As)
19. For how many years did Hazrat Nuh (As) invite people to the Deen of
a. 650 year b. 950 year
c. 850 year d. 750 year
20. In which year of Nabuyat did Miraz of our Great prophet (Sm) happen?
a. 10
year b. 11
c. 12
year d. 14
21. What year did prophet (Sm) emigrate (HIZRAT) to Madina?
a. 570 AD b. 610 AD
c. 622 AD d. 632 AD
22. What was Hazrat Adam (As) made of?
a. Fire b. Stone
c. Clay d. Water
23. What is called the man who believes in Allah and performs his order?
a. Musafir b. Muslim
c. Atheist d. Unbeliever
24. Which is the main source of the power in the world?
a. Ocean b. Air
c. Gas d. Sun
25. What is the meaning of Halimun?
a. Forbearing b. All-Hearer
c. All-Wise d. Almighty
26. What is the meaning of Ohi?
a. Rasuls words b. Allahs words
c. Mans words d. Believers words
27. What is the meaning of Meejan?
a. Amalnama b. Balance
c. Religion d. Believers
28. What is the meaning of the word Gafurun?
a. All-Seer b. All-forgiving
c. Provider d. Allah the all powerful
29. Who are the dearest preson to Allah?
a. Scholars b. Saints
c. Fakir-Sonnashi d. Prophets and Messengers
30. What is the meaning of Masjid?
a. the place of conference b. the place of joy
c. the place of sijdah d. the place of playing
31. Whose house is mosque?
a. mans house b. Allahs house
c. prophets and messengers house d. Saints house
32. Perform Salat and pay Zakat-who said?
a. Muhammad (Sm) b. Allah
c. Followers d. Arabian People
33. Who are called Ashraful Makhlukat?
a. trees b. animals
c. birds d. human beings
34. What is the meaning of Khalifa?
a. competitor b. representative
c. protoster d. cherisher
35. Which is the greatest and last book?
a. Bible b. Quran
c. Gita d. Tripitak
36. What is the meaning of Sifat?
a. the place of pronounciation b. to decorate
c. the rule of pronunce letters d. to express
37. How many letters of Arabic language?
a. 17 b. 31
c. 21 d. 29
38. What is the meaning of Waqf
a. to pause b. to read
c. to continue d. approved
39. What is the meaning of Idgam?
a. Humming sound b. Combination of pronunciation
c. General d. Stop
40. In which dynasty was Hazrat Ibrahim (As) born?
a. In Ohud b. In pastornal dynesty
c. In Israeel d. In Daud