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A Graphical Password Authentication System


Graphical passwords provide a promising alternative to traditional alphanumeric passwords.
They are attractive since people usually remember pictures better than words. In this extended
abstract, we propose a simple graphical password Authentication system. In proposed work a
click-based graphical password scheme called Cued Click Points (CCP) is presented.

Existing System
The most commonly used authentication technique is alphanumeric passwords. But these
passwords are prone to dictionary attacks, eves dropping, shoulder surfing and social
engineering. In order to overcome these drawbacks Graphical passwords have been introduced
for authentication process. Though the graphical password schemes provide a way of making
more user-friendly passwords, besides increasing the level of security, they are vulnerable to
shoulder surfing.
Disadvantages of Existing system
Very difficult to remembering the passwords.
The major drawback of this approach is that such systems can be expensive and the
identification process can be slow.

Proposed System
Here, the main objective of this project is to provide security to the confidential files,
folders in computing devices through graphical passwords through cued click points. Here in this
the user can get authentication by selecting the correct image and clicking on the correct regions
which were given at the time of registration.

Advantages of Proposed System
Shoulder surfing can be eliminated.
Graphical password schemes provide a way of making more human-friendly passwords.
Here the security of the system is very high.

Forgot Password
At the time of registration the user provides his details and selects the image among a raster of 3
images for authentication. After selecting the image the user makes three clicks based on his
place of interest. The image is divided into 3X3 regions. And all the click points regions are
calculated. These details are saved in the database for authentication process

At the time of login, the user after giving his login id and selects the image which he selected at
the time of registration. The user makes three clicks on the image. Now the click regions of the
present click points and the click regions given at the time of registration are compared if correct
the user logins successfully, if not the login fails.

Forgot Password:
If the user forgets his password then his password will be sent to his mail which is given at the
time of registration with the click regions details.
Software And Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements
CPU type : Intel Pentium 4
Clock speed : 3.0 GHz
Ram size : 512 MB
Hard disk capacity : 40 GB
Monitor type : 15 Inch color monitor
Keyboard type : internet keyboard
Software Requirements
Operating System : Windows
Language : JAVA
Back End : ORACLE10g
IDE : NetBeans7.1