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The two nations are developing a southern route from Russia to the Arabian
Sea that will increase Russian trade in the whole of the Indian Ocean region.

2. Even in its more recent history, Bangladesh has been reluctant to take sides
when it comes to country-specific resolutions at the UN: it has abstained on
resolutions concerning Bosnia, Georgia and Kosovo, for instance. Kosovos
request for recognition as a sovereign state is still under consideration at
Bangladeshs Foreign Ministry.
3. Abbas criticized Israels occupation of the West Bank and east Jerusalem,
saying its restrictive policies have led to the emigration of Christian
Palestinians. He also reasserted the Palestinians claim to east Jerusalem,
captured by Israel in the 1967 Mid-east war, as capital of their hoped-for state.
4. Conflicts in Aceh and the southern Philippines.
5. The Philippines invited Malaysian military personnel to Mindanao to observe
Malaysian-mediated peace talks between the Philippine government and the
Moro Islamic Liberation Front.
6. Four ASEAN members Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand
contributed troops and civilian police to the United Nations Transitional
Administration in East Timor. In 2006, the Democratic Republic of Timor-
Leste sought assistance from Malaysia (as well as Portugal, Australia, and New
Zealand) to provide assistance in restoring stability after a domestic crisis
erupted into large-scale violence.
7. More recently, the world has been witnessing a trend in global trade
segmentation, with ongoing negotiations under three mega groups: the Trans-
Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment
Partnership (TTIP) and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
Agreement (RCEP). India does not participate in the former two, and
participates only in the ASEAN+6 grouping which is negotiating the RCEP.
8. India-Japan CEPA and China-ASEAN FTA could be reference points.
9. After Kurmanbek Bakiyev was ousted from office as President of Kyrgyzstan
as a result of riots in Kyrgyzstan in April, 2010, he was granted asylum in
Belarus. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko expressed doubt about
the future of the CSTO for failing to prevent Bakiyev's overthrow, stating,
"What sort of organization is this one, if there is bloodshed in one of our
member states and an anticonstitutional coup d'etat takes place, and this body
keeps silent?"
10. It helped force France to unilaterally declare the end of nuclear testing in the
South Pacific (aboveground at any rate) in 1974, successfully argued that
Naurus initial claim to phosphate lands had transformed in both substance
and form throughout proceedings and thus was rendered inadmissible in
1992, and claimed another victory when it challenged the ICJs jurisdiction in
its case against Portugal in 1993. The whaling victory only adds to that list and
demonstrates again Australias legal prowess. In the case against Timor-Leste,
Australia will benefit from its experience with the procedures and unique legal
dimensions of the ICJ.
11. Chinas Maritime Silk road -- The route, which China claims as an important
trade corridor, extends from its naval base in Hainan Island (South China Sea)
to Bagamayo in Tanzania, Africa, with several of the ports encircling mainland
India. These include Hambantota(Sri Lanka), Gwadar (Pakistan), Chittagong
(Bangladesh) and Marao Atoll (Maldives). Also, besides India, China is the
only other country to have a fully functional embassy in Male.