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->Taglines of Public Sector Banks in India :

1) State Bank Group Pure banking nothing else !ith "ou all the #a"$
%) &llahabad Bank & tradition of trust
') &ndhra Bank (uch )ore to do* #ith +,- in focus$
.) Bank of Baroda India/s international bank$
0) Bank of India 1elationships be"ond banking$
2) Bank of (aharashtra ,ne fa)il" one bank$
3) 4anara Bank Together !e 4an$
5) 4entral Bank of India Build & Better 6ife &round -s$
7) 4orporation Bank Prosperit" for &ll$
18) 9ena Bank Trusted :a)il" Bank$
11) I9BI Bank Banking for &ll$
1%) Indian Bank Taking banking technolog" to the co))on )an$
1') Indian ,;erseas Bank Good people to gro# #ith$
1.) ,riental Bank of 4o))erce !here e;er" indi;idual is co))itted$
10) Pun<ab =ational Bank & =a)e "ou can Bank -pon$
12) S"ndicate Bank +our faithful > friendl" financial partner$
13) -4, Bank ?onours +our Trust$
15) -nion Bank of India Good People to Bank #ith$
17) -nited Bank of India The Bank that begins #ith -$
%8) @i<a"a Bank & :riend +ou can Bank -pon$
-> Taglines of Pri;ate Sector Banks in India :
1) &Ais Bank B;er"thing is the sa)e eAcept the na)e$$
%) Bank of 1a<asthan 9are to drea)$
') 4atholic S"rian Bank Support all the #a"$$
.) 4enturion Bank of Pun<ab To re<oice #orking* <oin us$
0) 4it" -nion Bank Trust and BAcellence since 178.$
2) 9hanalaksh)i Bank Tann$ (ann$ 9han$
3) :ederal Bank +our perfect banking partner$
5) ?9:4 Bank !e understand "our #orld$
7) I4I4I Bank ?u) hain naCC$
18) IndusInd Bank !e (ake +ou :eel 1icher$
11) I=G @"s"a Bank Di"o eas"$
1%) Da))u > Eash)ir Bank Ser;ing to B)po#er$
1') Earnataka Bank +our fa)il" bank across India$
1.) Earur @"s"a Bank S)art #a" to bank$
10) Eotak (ahindra Bank 6ets )ake )one" si)ple$
12) 6aA)i @ilas Bank The 4hanging :ace of Prosperit"$
13) =ainital Bank Banking #ith personal touch$
15) Saras#at Bank Ser;ice to the 4o))on (anC$
17) South Indian Bank BAperience =eAt Generation Banking$
%8) +es Bank BAperience our eApertise$
->Taglines of :oreign Banks in India :
1) &B=-&(1, Bank (aking (ore Possible$
%) &bu 9habi 4o))ercial Bank ,ur @ision$ +our :uture$
') Bank of 4e"lon B,4-the Bank "ou can trust$
.) B=P Paribas Bank The bank for a changing #orld$
0) 4iti Bank The 4iti ne;er sleeps$
2) 4hina Trust 4o))ercial Bank !e &re :a)il"$
3) 9eutsche Bank & Passion to Perfor)$
5) ?SB4 The #orld/s local bank$
7) DP(organ 4hase Bank The right relationship is e;er"thing$
18) Standard 4hartered Bank +our 1ight Partner$
11) Scotia Bank +ou/re richer than "ou think