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Behavioral Anchored Rating Scales [BARS]

1. Self Confidence:
Ability to believe in yourself.
Ability to take decisions and being firm on those decisions.
A. Low self-confidence, nervous.
. Somewhat sure about his ability but unable to e!"ress.
C. #!"resses his views but less fre$uently.
%. #!"resses his views and more sure about his decisions.
#. Always confident about what he does and takes u" challenging tasks.
&. usiness Accumen
Business Acumen as a Dimension:
1. Basic knowledge of area of business.
2. In depth knowledge of industry.
3. Ability to forecast predict.
!. "ace the challenging market situation.
#. $aunch the product creati%ely.
'. (echnical #!"ertise
Di&erent le%els for technical expertiseare as follows:
1. 'erson should ha%e basic technical knowledge and skills.
2. 'erson should know ad%anced concepts such as current technical
trends and practices.
3. 'erson should be able to apply technical knowledge and skills.
!. 'erson should possess ability to implement technical knowledge
and skills.
#. 'erson should possess ability to generate new technical ideas.
). *nitiative
Defnition: (he person must acti%ely participate in any task. (he person
must %oluntarily identify the needs and do the task according to the situation.
Level 1: (he one who not take initiati%e in doing any kind of work.
Level 2: (he person has the ability to do whate%er work is assigned to him or
Level 3: (he person has ability to )nd out opportunity and take initiati%e
whene%er asked to.
Level 4: (he person has the ability to )nd out opportunity* take initiati%e
without being asked and also in+uence others to take initiati%e.
Level 5: (he person has the ability to )nd the opportunity at the right time
which impacts the business positi%ely.
+. Analytical Skills
De)nition: ,uick logical way to analy-e situations and
deri%e conclusions .take decisions/
Dealing positi%ely with problems.
(o 0now root cause of the problems.
(o know which areas to be sol%ed .specify/.
1iew problems from %arious analysts.
.2ather the opinion of %arious analysts/.
Deri%e the best conclusion.
,. Communication Skills
a. -luency in #nglish
b. .rammar should be accurate
c. /ust have content and the content should have clarity
d. Listening Skills
e. Ability to influence "eo"le
0. Stress /anagement:
%efinition: Ability of a "erson to act a""ro"riately in a state of an!iety.
a. Can1t handle stress
b. Ability to remain calm under stressful situations
c. Ability to meet deadline on time and be calm
d. Ability to handle criticism and re2ection
e. Ability to make others calm even under stress