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Garage #oor *epair a+d ,+stallatio+ -ervices
.&ortes Garage #oor *epairs/ -"ggested 0ips 1or 2ai+tai+i+g Garage #oors
Main entrance for your house is garage door. So, it should be in a good condition as personal and
valuable things are at stake. Durability and stability of the garage door can only be maintain by the
proper maintenance. According to garage door repair Mississauga garage is place that should have
strong garage door as it is an essential part of house. Garage door enhances beauty and also protects
vehicles from theft.
Garage door 3a"gha+ proessio+als from various companies suggest that installation of
appropriate threshold and seal play a vital role in maintenance of garage door. Garage doors are the
largest movable equipment of the house. Maintenance of garage door is important to ensure it is
working in a proper way.
4")ricati+g Garage #oor
hile lubricating a garage door there are certain things that should be kept in mind. !ithium spray
or silicone sprays should be used for lubricating the garage door parts such as the top part of the
metal roller that comes with a ball bearing, stems, hinges, nubs and the lock. "t is recommended that
parts of squeaking garage door should not be lubricated with a lubricant. #hain rail, the chain,
garage door track and the spring shouldn$t be lubricated with a lubricate.
&roperl! Clea+i+g 5 0he Garage #oor 0rac6
!ubricant shouldn$t be sprayed on the track of the garage door if the garage door becomes noisy or
sticky. "t can even result in collecting of particular material that will harden and can even
complicate the functioning of the door. Garage door track should be clean by wiping the inside
portion of the track with a help of a cloth. %here must of a pebble, leaves or dust that is resulting in
improper working of garage door.
,$porta+ce 5 Weather -eals
eather seals helps in saving energy and it prevents moisture from going inside. "t should be
applied on the bottom part, in between the garage door panels and on the frame of the garage door.
eather seal should fit between the threshold and seal. %his will help in keeping the rain, insects
and critters out of the garage. #heck that seal is all&weather adhesive, suits look of the home and a
good quality product before selecting the weather seal for the garage.
*ealig+i+g o Garage #oor -e+sors
"f the garage door sensor are not working properly this can be out of the fact that sensors are
knocked out of line. Garage sensors need to be organi'ed by gently pushing the sensor in the right
position. %he correct position of the sensor is when they are facing each other. %here will be a light
that will be blinking at the indicator showing that the sensors are not in the correct position. And
when the sensors are arranged in the correct position a solid light will appear replacing the blinking.
.&ortes Garage #oor *epairs/ is a %oronto based company that provides repairing, replace$e+t
a+d i+stallatio+ sol"tio+s for garage doors. %hey undertake repair of garage door openers, spring
panels, cables, rollers and hinges.
8 -aet! 0ips 7! &ortes Garage #oor *epairs ,+d"str!
Garage door are the largest entrance of the house. eight of the door and
human or motor efforts are reduced by the operating mechanism that is a
spring&loaded. %hey can swing hori'ontally or slide. Doors can be of
woods, fiberglass or metal and even prevent heat loss. According to the
professionals of garage door repair Mississauga industry, regular
maintenance of the garage door is necessary for proper functioning.

(umerous e)perts of Garage door Mississauga industry suggest that modern garage door are made
up of steel sheet which is formed to look like a raised panel wooden door. Different type of garage
door are sectional door, single panel door and roller doors.
Upgrade 0he 5ld -pri+g
%he most important and the dangerous part of the garage door is garage spring. %hey do wear out
when they break and this could result in an in*ury. A door that is insulation installed are more energy
efficient. So, regular inspection by a professional is necessary and replace them if required.
Chec6 0he -aet! Ca)le
Safety cable is entailed if your garage door has e)tension spring so that it secure the wall and
ceiling at the end. +)tension springs are under high pressure if the garage door is down. ,isual
inspection of the cables that attached to the spring system to the bottom brackets on the both side of
the door. orn cables are in endanger to fall and cause in*ury. %hese should be repair with in the
time and by a trained technician.
-tr"ggli+g #oors (re -ig+ 5 (+ U+sae Co+ditio+
"f you are facing problem with movement of the door it is an unsafe condition. "f the awkward
operations continues on manually operation of the door you may have a spring system out of
balance. %his effect the other door components. %his should only be repaired by a professional.
8d"cate 'o"r Childre+ ()o"t -aet! 5 Garage #oor
%hey should be kept away from moving around the garage door if door is going up or down and
doors are not meant for playing. "nstruct your kids to stay away from wall buttons, remotes and
escape lever.
&eror$ reg"lar saet! chec6s
2ai+tai+ 'o"r Garage #oor a+d :eep ,t Close
Garage door is an important part of the house as this protect your vehicle and adds to the beauty of
the house. So for proper functioning of the door it should be regularly maintained. Moving parts of
the garage door needs to be lubricated. "t should operate smoothly without hanging up and partly
open position. -eep your garage door shut for avoiding people scouting your garage for valuable
things. Automatic garage door opener offer safety and convince.
.&ortes Garage #oor *epairs/ provides repair and installation solution for residential and
commercial doors. %his is done with the help of insured, certified and trained technician. %hey
provide wide range of products and services at an affordable rate. #ontact us at 011&234&5650 for
Garage #oor *epair 7ra$pto+ and 7verhead Garage Doors.