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Although we were homeless for 7 months,
we still heard missionary speakers and vis
ited with missicnaries from time to time.
In September, 1987 we attended the National
Missionary Convention in Memphis, Tennes
see. Cn Sunday, Sept. 20 we were at the
Crestview Christian Church, Memphis, where
Lee Turner, missionary to Pakistan, spoke
and reported cn a recent trip to Pakistan,
We had met him in India in 1980.
We heard many missionaries speak at the
convention. Among them were Ben Rees (Hong
Kong), Bill Loft (Spain), Ellis Back (Ari
zona) , and Ben Alexander (E.S.P. Ministry,
U.S.A.). There were scores of displays to
visit, friends to see, inspiring music and
Januairy 26, we attended a dinner at
Knott's Berry Farm for Julius and Virginia
Fleenor. We had visited them in Japan. Cn
February 25 we attended a dinner meeting at
Knott's for Far East Broadcasting Company.
F.E.B.C. operates radio stations in the
Philippines, Korea, Saipan, San Francisco,
etc., to broadcast the gospel to many lands
Joni and Nangaar Morse,
Rebecca, Anthony, Benjamin
in many languages. Some of our missionr
aries prepare programs to be broadcast by
February 11 Bob and Tasanee Morse, with
children Melody and Robert III, were guests
for supper at our home (Gertrude Hanson's
house). February 15 Joni and Nangsar Morse
and diildren Anthony, Rebecca and Benjamin,
and Joni's sister Genevieve were oiu: lunch
eon guests. Robert Morse, Sr., father of
Bobby, Joni and Genevieve, spoke at the
Parkcrest Church on April 17, We had a
good visit with him in our son Roger's
house that day, and also with Ellis Back
who was there,
Denis (Skip) and Karen Punches were at "
Parkcrest Christian Church February 21 and
we were glad to see them. They work with
Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) and
are going to Camerocn , AFrica to work with
a people who need to have the Bible trans^
lated into their own language,
Saturday, May 14 we went to a picnic in
Huntingtcn Beach, given by the church there
in honor of Dennis and Lorrita McKinney, cn
furlough from the Philippines. Sunday,
June 19 Charles and Roberta Selby, veteran
missionaries from J^arri in the Philip-r.
pines, visited us at our home in Atascar--
dero, July 28, C3iuck and Mickey Richards,
also cn furlough from the Philippines,
visited us at our home.
Lynette Larscn, a member of the Atascar^
dero Christian Church, is going to Hawaii
to work as a secretary in support of misr^
sicnaries of the Son Shine Ministries, InT^
temational. She came to our house for
lunch on July 6 to tell us of her work, and
to encourage us, as we were to present the
missicaiary program for the Atascadero
Church's Vacationa Bible School.
The big event of 1987 was the wedding
of Roger's daughter Kirsen and Ron Veith on
August 8 at the Parkcrest Oiristian Church
in Long Beach. Kirsen was our first grand-^
child to marry. It was a lovely wedding.
A reception dinner was given at grandmother
Faye Gilbert's home.
Roger escorting Kirsen to the altar
Carol Henderscai, daughter of Harvey's
sister Elizabeth, was married to Scott Hor-
ton cn Sept. 5 in St. Paul's Chapel, New
York. A reception for the Ho2ons was held
in the Marysville Christian Church on Oct.
23, We went to the reception, and cn the
same trip we visited other relatives. We
saw Harvey's older sister Doris in Wood^
land. We went to Orland and Coming to see
Helen's cousins Elvira Tangeman and Barbara
Fager, besides seeing all the kinfolk at
the reception.
Harvey's brother Robert asked us to
take him to the Bioraedical Center in Tir
juana. We went there Sept. 8. In March,
when he had a week's vacation from his work
in the sawmill at Hayfork, he asked us to
take him to Tucson to see his son Jon and
family, as well as going to Tijuana. We
met him at LAX and drove to Tucson , where
we had a very pleasant stay. We went to
the Desert Museum on Saturday, and went to
church Sunday at the Desert Chapel, where
Jon's family worships. We also went to
Catalina, AZ to see Herman and Bessie AsGh-r-
raann, translators of the Bible into the
Totcmac language in Mexico.
Oi our trip to Oregon for Christmas
with our daughter Ruth's family, we went to
Carmel to see Harvey's oldest sister Flor'r^
ence, 91 years old and in failing health.
It was our last good visit with her. (She
passed from this life cn August 3.) In
Eureka we saw Helen's cousin Lottie Peter^
son and her daughter Margaret. In Marys-r
ville we visited Harvey's sister Elizabeth
and her daughter Lois and son-rin-law
Michael Wood.
Cn Oct. 12 we saw Helen's cousin Fem
Boulton and her daughter lona Schedenhelm,
The same day we went to Clifton's for lunch
with Helen's cousins Leonard and Alice Hoey
and Justin and Miriam McKeal. On Dec. 9 we
went to Covina to the funeral service for
Helen's cousin Dr. Elvin Stantcn.
Cn Oct. 5 we went to Atascadero to see
Harvey's sister Emily, who had fallen and
suffered a broken let, and was in Twin
Cities Hospital in Templeton. When well e-
nough whe was transferred to a convalescent
hospital in Orange. We have visited her
there several times. She is partly para-^
lyzed from a stroke suffered in 1983, On
Marcih 10 when we stopped to visit Emily on
our way to Huntingcon Peach, Maureen Smith
Robinson followed us into the hospital
parking lot. She had recognized our car
and follcwed us. She had her adorable
little daughter with her. We had a nice
visit. In Huntington Beach we visited Park
and Ruth Netting. Park and Harvey were
office mates for three years at p.C.C.
Jon D. and Melody Beard
Dawn, Wesley, Marcyne
Our House in Atascadero
When we moved^ our goods went to four
or five storage placesi to Louise Caudle's
garage, to a rented storage space in Los
Alamitos, to Phil and Jeannie Beard's garb
age in Long Beadi, our potted plants to
David and Martha Van Wormer's patio in Ven^
tura. We had permissicn to store things in
a building at Atascadero Christian Home and
took some things there can every trip to
We accepted the gracious hospitality of
Harmon and Betty Hall to stay in their
house in Lakewood while they were travel
ling and visiting in the eastern U.S. It
was there that we were shaken by the Oct. 1
earthquake. We stayed in their house Sept,
1 to Nov. 18. On Jan. 14 we moved to Gerr-
trude Hanscn's house in Placentia, to house
sit for her during ner stay in India. On
March 16 we moved back to Long Beach, to
Phil and Jeannie's house until cn April 6
we took up residence in Atascadero.
Between the two house sitting periods
we stayed in our children's houses and visr-
ited friends and relatives, Philip and
Jeannie gave us a bedroom for our use, and
we had books and files stored in their gar-r
age. Many hours were spent sorting and
thinning out files and library. David and
Martha Van Wormer's house in Ventura was a
convenient stop on our trips to Atascadero,
and we spent a week there at Thanksgiving.
We spent two weeks over the Christmas holi-r
days at David and Ruth Root's house in Eut'
gene, Oregon,
cn March 29 and J^ril 1 we and our sons
David and Roger, with Harmon and Betty Hall
and Jerry and Evelyn Miller, took our
things to Atascadero,.
Emilie and Abigail Van Wormer
June 11 - Dick & Marilyn Geibelr - Bud and
Betty Rockefeller; from Long Beach.
June 16 Shelley Woodrome & Susy Kinkennon
of Ozark Christian College.
Jime 19 - Charles and Roberta, Rob and Lori
Selby, Camarillo.
July 4 - Beard family get-together: Dave,
Sharon, John & Matt, Phil; Roger,
Kaye, Marce11a, Teressa & Anne; Kirsen
& Ren Veith; Mike Same; David, Martha
Abigail & Emilie Van Wormer: Ruth, Jen
nifer, Jamie & Joel Root.
July 9 - Parkcrest Church shepherding group
Twila Bradley, Jean Kelsey, Leon & Eva
Brown, Mary & Jack Ward, Jack & Helen
Ehrman, John & Mary Weddle.
July 20 - Arthena & Sterling Cox, Redlands:
Dora Dean Painter, A,C.H.
July 27 - Paul & Dora Hunter, L.A.
July 28 - Ken & Lu Young; Juanita Sykes ,
A.C.H. (Atasc, Chr. Home)
Aug. 1 - Dale & Bess Jcnes , Long Beach,
Aug. 5 - Dan Scates, Pastor, Atas. Chr. Ch
Aug. 8 - John & Glenna Koeper, Hemet.
Roy and Margie Rickard, Santa Cruz.
Aug. 10 Margery Tripp, St ant on; Cindy
Espinoza, Chino.
All are invited to attend the Golden
Wedding celebration for Harvey and Helen
Beard on Saturday, November 26, liOO -r 3;00
p.m. at the Parkcrest Christian Church in
Long Beach. No gifts, please.
It was Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day)
and the folks from the Home began to gather
at our house at 1:00 p.m. for our "Open
House," Ken Young made many trips with his
car to bring people from the front of the
Home to our door, as the road is rough and
some might fall if they walked. Ben Hoff,
retired preacher friend in his 90's, gave a
woiderful prayer. David Van Wormer sang
"Bless This House," Martha accoirpanied him
cn the piano. There were 35 who signed the
guest book. Our neighbors, Tim and Debbie
Lagomarsino, came. Martha Van Wormer and
Helen Linn helped to serve the punch and
the cookies I had baked. David and Jan
Mayfield and Tiffany came later in the
afternoon. The folks at the home had
watched the progress of the building of our
house for months, and they were anxious to
see how it looked on the inside. The
weather was warm but a very pleasant day,
and one to remeiriber forever.
Hazel Vert, Helen Linn, Ben Hoff
at Open House
Parkcrest Christian Church
5950 Parkcrest Street
Long Beach, CA 90808
The Lord willing, we hope to return to
the mission fields some day. At present we
are still getting settled into our new home
in Atascadero. Helen is developing a minr-
istry of support and comfort for some of
the older residents of the Home. We are
active in the Atascadero Christian Church,
Harvey is preparing a series of lessons for
La Escuela Crintiana De La Biblia, a leadr-
ership training program of the Christian
Mission For Mexican Evangelism in Baja Calr
ifomia. Continue to send your gifts to
the Parkcrest Christian Church, Long Beach,
or to our forwarding agent. Make checks to
Parkcrest Christian Church. The money is
being kept until the time when we will need
it to go abroad.
U.S. Mailing address:
P O Box 6032
Atascadero, CA 93423^6032
Home address:
Atascadero Christian Home
8455 Santa Rosa Road #B
Atascadero, California
August 1, 1987 beginning balance
Less postage expense
July 31, 1988 ending balance
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage Paid
Long Beach, CA
Permit 363
Forwarding Agent:
Mrs. Evelyn Miller
10317 Eudora Avenue
Buena Park, CA 90620
Address Correction Requested