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Pfizer UK Industrial Trainee Scheme 2015/2016

Pfizer Neusentis
Pharmacology - Industrial Trainee


Neusentis is a Pfizer Research Unit focussed on New Science Therapeuticsand was launched in 2011.
Current new medicine development at Neusentis consists of small molecule and biologics that modulate
ion channels, neurotrophins and solute carriers in a range of indications including pain and sensory
disorders. We also employ stem cell-based technologies to impact either therapeutically or to further our
understanding of the relevant area of biology (eg disease modelling via differentiation of induced
pluripotent stem cells derived from patients). The unit also maintains a watching brief on other emerging
new areas, such as epigenetics and optogenetics. The insight we gain from understanding how to
modulate both established and novel targets (ion channels, neurotrophins and solute carriers) is also
helping us to understand the biophysical basis of sensory disorders and explore new ways to develop
Common to each approach is a process by which we research the mechanisms of the diseases. We then
decide upon the best approach based on this novel information. This could include defining a new drug
target, a novel screen to identify molecules that act upon those targets, or it may be to develop a cell
therapy to restore tissue function. We use state-of-the-art molecular, cell biological, biochemical,
pharmacological and drug development tools in our quest to discover the medicines of the future.


You will be working to support ongoing projects within Neusentis. You will work closely with an
experienced scientist and be given the opportunity to develop your own project. Project examples include
using molecular biology techniques to understand the expression profile of key targets implicated in pain
signalling pathways. Alternatively, using recombinant systems, develop assays with which to tease out the
role of individual targets as part of complex sensory mechanisms and their response to treatment with
novel pharmaceutical agents.


In addition to relevant lab-based skills which could span (but is not limited to) biochemistry, molecular
biology, pharmacology and cellular biology, the following attributes would be desirable:

Pfizer UK Industrial Trainee Scheme 2015/2016

Flexible and proactive
Scientifically ambitious
Hard-working and takes initiative to solve problems
Good team working and communication skills

Interested candidates please apply through our website www.pfizercareers.com and select job
Pharmacology - Industrial Trainee-1002434 until October 3