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Part I: Broken Bride

Fifteen years I raged against the constant C, the

speed of light, the diagrams and haunted sleep
on frozen sheets, in bed, my dreams, your garden grave,
I'd climb inside, hold your bones and slowly die, the
cooling space inside your chest, my broken bride, you
never breathed again.

The circuits fail, the cosmic strings like rubber
bands, I lose control, they snap, I fall through
mist to mud against my face, the taste of blood,
the world is strange, the stinking earth and giant
trees, through heavy air a demon shrieks, what
have I done? What hell is waiting for me?

I crashed before the birth of Christ, pterodactyls swarming
You died in 1989, just wanna get back to that morning in May
Keep you in bed, never escape, holding you close,
Listen to you breathe the evening glow
of fading light and cooling space.

Like motor oil down my throat, I couldn't speak, I dropped
the phone, the burning flares, the steam, your hair,
bits of glass, they sparkled everywhere, like winter
nights, the stars, the ice, all intertwined, to hold and
keep, like petals pressed in sheets, making love to
moonlight in our sleep.

But now above the pits of tar, in a cave I hide, that
massive screaming thing with wings of reaper's cloth,
it's standing just outside, I must get to my machine,
I will bring you back to life, fix your ruined lungs,
I'll undo what time has done!


I carve your sweet name
into the cave, I'm sure to die
All my strife has been in vain
The glaciers come and wash my words away

Part II: Tonight's The Night
Oh baby, baby, how I lost my mind
Time is quite the killer when you're left behind
The airbag held you 'til the engine slept
At home your pillow cooled while the willows wept


They come and go, love (Come and go, but they, but they)
But they're all the same (D-da, d-da, da da, da da)
Even big, bad bad-boys get scared at night
It keeps them safe (At home baby)
I'm gonna throw this rock down (Gonna throw it down, let it roll)
Tonight's the night (Tonight)
I'm gonna go out, fire it up, honey (I'm gonna lose 'em when I)
Gonna turn back time

Remember in the summer when I held your hand
on the southern shore, finding fossils in the sand
Oh baby, maybe someday you will find me
on that beach beside you again


Here we go!


I'm gonna save your life

Part III: The Lamb And The Dragon
Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh
So rapid the raptors, as coursers, they came
all the scratching and screaming, I barely escaped
while the fuel cells they drained far too fast, I am dragged
like worms on a hook through the hole to the
blackness beyond
at the end of days, where the world bleeds and burns

The sun is black as sackcloth made of hair
The stars have fallen to the earth, mountians tearing from the ground
Look at the people hiding from the red raindrops
while earthquakes shake the broken timber of this burning town
There's poison in the water, the ocean's blood that's turned
to slime and gotten hard
All the fish and whales are corpses on the scab
In the darkness soldiers gnaw their tongues in pain, you see
so help me God, at the end of time they're screaming and on their knees!
Oh let them die! Oh let them die!

The wrath of the Lamb! the martyrs cry
Break the seven seals, let the horsemen ride!
The soldiers bear the royal crest and scream into the sky
He will come! He will come! The Dragon's on the rise!


The King survived though his throat was cut, they say he's the chosen one
He leads our men from Babylon, the rebellion's worldy son
Against the Tyrant, we have joined with him as soldiers
He tells me this while he shakes a bit - he's staring at his gun.
The painful stings of flying things have worn away his flesh and popped his eyes
At the blackness, he lashes out and cries:
You cowards and your wrathful God will see what power means
when the Dragon comes - His will be done - in the fires you'll be cleaned!
Oh let him rise!
Oh let him rise!


I watch these people fall
The dragon shrieks and burns it all
I flip the circuits on, I've got dragons of my own
The portal glows and my machine's detroyed.

The Traveler has saved their souls from the Destroyer of Worlds
Then why does his heart still scream? Rise and speak.
I couldn't save her. I know she will die
But please, if I could only tell her goodbye
All I want is just one more day
that morning in May...

I've fought reptilian monsters
I've crossed a bloody sea
just to meet you here
and now I'm coming home, my dear
The light is ward, outside at dawn
The garden has no weeds, no grave beneath the tree
Through the silent house, my love after all
Curled up in a ball there you are

Part IV: Morning In May
Your socks on the wood floor
the moment i'd hoped for
i'm terrified to think you might be real

i curl up behind you
fit my body to yours like a shell
i smell your hair, oh love i can't believe you
i squeeze you to make sure you're really here, and i'm overwhelmed

i've been waiting for so long
to touch you and sleep in your eyes
and now as my hearts beating so hard
hold on and keep you at home in my arms

they tried to console me
but you're all the consolation i ever needed
years of smelling the clothes you left behind
photographs that seemed so far away
i don't need them now
you turned to me
alive, awake, and blinking
baby back so soon you asked
but i smile cause i never left at all

i've been waiting for so long
to touch you and sleep in your eyes
and now as my hearts beating so hard
hold on and keep you at home in my arms

you check the clock it's time to go
you grab your keys &you're out the door
i step outside and you're waving goodbye
it's all happening again like before
as you're starting the car and i'm tearing inside
i knock on your window
you stop just in time
around to the other side
i say 'baby i thought i'd come along for the ride'

i've been waiting for so long (time slows and i take your hand)
to touch you and sleep in your eyes (i hold you as we loose control)
together our hearts beating so hard
hold on
baby we're almost home ...

Bonus Song:
Save Our City
Mr. Mayor, the mission burns
the zombies are marching, they close on the square
Families are cold, look down at their souls
huddled in camps on the old marble steps of City Hall
Faith in their God, that's all that they've got
Across the room, beyond the pane
the whole world is churning, bleeding and burning, hailstorms and ash
The moon is as blood
over the soldiers who sag in the mud.

Save our city
Keep our souls, Lord
Through the rapture
of this world.

Little boy, I'm just a man, a mere civil servant
against this tyrant God
I've allied with our King, salvation he brings
protecting the city against all the troops Heaven sent
but the dead walk again, this is the end.
Oh I'm just a man, my time has come
Long live King Simius! May he deliver us from this nightmare!
And with a blast like the sun
his lips are unwrapped from the barrel of his gun.


Fought and fell for our great king
we burned alive and boiled
The dragon, red and wrathful calls
We rise and march once more.
Cursed in death, we starve for flesh
Our skin is cooked and curled
We'll eat our skin and smash them in
In Hell, we'll grind their bones.


Save our city
Keep our souls, Lord God
Through the rapture
of this world.

Save our city
(Fought and fell for our great king)
Keep our souls, Lord God
(We burned alive and boiled)
Through [the mayor's ruined head, the boy steps through the window] the
(The dragon, red and wrathful calls)
of this world. [and cries out from the ledge to the people below.]
(We rise and march once more.)

Save our city [There's a time to pray and there's a time to fight]
(Cursed in death, we starve for flesh)
Keep our souls, Lord God [Anything can be a weapon if you're holding it
(Our skin is cooked and curled)
Through the rapture [Defend what is yours, they will not take our souls]
(We'll eat our skin and smash them in)
and so we [it's time now to] rise and fight!

Save our city!
Keep our souls, Lord!
Rise now and fight!