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AP English 11 Language and Composition 1!1"
#eneral $n%ormation&
1. 'upplies& (e)uired& *i+e 'ub,ect 'piral -oteboo. /which will be 0our source o%
paper as well as 0our dail0 ,ournal12 blac.3blue pen2 pencils2 highlighter2 %lash
dri+e space %or storage2 and inde4 cards. 5ptional& Post!it notes
6. Mrs. Brauzer or Mr. Cresswell will be a+ailable %or a%ter!school help b0
appointment on Monda0 through *rida0. 7he .e0 is 8b0 appointment9 ma.e
sure that 0ou ma.e the necessar0 arrangements to sta0 a%ter school.
. Additionall02 this is an '5L course: students who recei+e a passing score can still
ta.e the %inal e4amination at the end o% the 0ear e+en i% the0 are e4empt.
Course 5+er+iew&
As stated in the Fall 2010 AP English Course Description, the AP Language and
Composition course engages students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a
variet of rhetorical conte!ts" and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variet
of purposes# $oth their writing and their reading should make students aware of the
interactions among a writer%s purposes" audience e!pectations" and sub&ects" as well as
the wa genre conventions and the resources of language contribute to effectiveness in
writing#' (his course will merge the College $oard%s curriculum with our count%s
curriculum in its use of American literature to meet all ob&ectives#
#eneral $n%ormation) Following is a list of activities that students will participate in
throughout the school ear#
*ocabular enrichment) throughout the ear" students will stud new roots and
vocabular words through varied activities# *ocabular activities will be on a
weekl basis and will help prepare students for P+A(" +A(" and AP e!aminations#
,n addition" vocabular units are used to enrich students% writings#
-rammar" mechanics" and usage instruction will be reinforced primaril through
the writing e!ercises#
.eadings from 50 Essays and other sources will be used to prepare for the AP
Language and Composition /!amination#
American Literature selections will be studied as e!amples of literar stle for
specific time periods and movements#
(imed 0riting e!ercises for the AP /!amination" +1L preparation" and +A(
preparation will var throughout the ear#
$i2weekl multiple choice 3ui44es on literar analsis and5or vocabular#
,nitiall" the will focus on e!ploration of passages and 3uestions" recognition of
distracter' 3uestions" and an understanding of what" e!actl" is a 3uestion asking
the student to identif#
#rading& -rades will be based on a 100 point scale with varing weights that are as
,n2class essas" one page essas" vocabular homework" multiple choice 3ui44es
6 a weight of 1
7ui44es" pro&ects" &ournals 6 a weight of 2
(ests" e!tended papers 6 weight of 8
1ther pro&ects" papers" and mini2tests as noted on assignment#
5n certain essa0s and papers2 students are re)uired to ha+e a rough dra%t. 7he
rough dra%t to %inal dra%t process must show signs o% re+ision that will include
sentence re+isions2 diction anal0sis2 and grammar corrections. (ewrites ma0 also be
used %or students to show impro+ement in the writing process.
Certain essa0s that are related to a no+el as well as the P;C' 11
grade research
paper must be submitted to the turnitin.com ser+ice2 ha+e a rough dra%t2 and
include )uotes2 citations and wor.s cited page. Points will be deducted %rom those
papers missing an0 o% these elements# $n!Class directions will be gi+en %or
Certain $n!class essa0s and one page essa0s will recei+e a score o% <!= based on the
AP scoring guide and rubric. #rade e)ui+alents will be gi+en in class.
$nstructional 5b,ecti+es& (he following ob&ectives correlate with the state standards
and the count curriculum#
(he student will)
Continue to implement a self2monitoring sstem on increasingl difficult te!ts
based on strategies in the reading process
Anal4e the format and content of a variet of non2fiction materials
/!pand grade level vocabular
/stablish links to reading materials
Continue to use the ,nformation 9anagement Process to seek information and
gain knowledge
+eek individual reading enrichment and en&oment
:se elements of various literar genres for critical evaluation
:se the writing process with a heav emphasis on persuasion and rhetoric
.efine the use of precise language
.efine the use of structural techni3ues for an analtical essa
Anal4e" evaluate" snthesi4e" and organi4e information from a variet of sources
into a documented paper addressing a 3uestion" problem" or issue# ;./7:,./<
/=-L,+> 11 ./+/A.C> PAP/.?
Compose a variet of written forms to include in a student portfolio
0rite personal essas using literature as a model
Compose" revise" and edit technical writing forms
0rite logicall developed arguments for a variet of situations
:se the speaking process as a strateg for learning
<emonstrate the speaker%s responsibilities in a variet of situations
<emonstrate two2wa listener2speaker responsibilities
Prepare and deliver formal speeches
:se listening as a strateg for learning
*irst Mar.ing Period
L,(/.A.@ P/.,1< F1C:+) =A(,*/ A9/.,CA=+ A=< C1L1=,AL
,ntroduction to AP /nglish to include the AP test" both multiple choice and essa
sections" the grading scale of essas ;12A scale including descriptors of what each essa
will be evaluated on?" e!pectations" count curriculum re3uirements" state mandated tests
in 0riting and Literature" and the count%s .esearch Paper .e3uirement for graduation#
,n addition" there will be a review of skills" discussion techni3ues" and active reading#
$. Introductory Activities
.eview of literar terms and discussion of rhetorical strategies most often used# Also"
discussion of the importance of +ub&ect" 1ccasion" Audience" Purpose and (one in
writing will be discussed#
A# -uided .eading and Class Analsis) <ick -regor%s e!cerpt =ot Poor" Bust
$# +ummer Camp essa b =anc -ibbs#
$$. Rhetorical Strategies and Skills Focus
<iction) Connotation versus <enotation" (one" +atire" +mbolism" /!position
$$$. Literary Pieces
=ative American Literature) notes on stlistic elements and period
1# Archaic) 0orld on (urtle%s $ack'C,ro3uois 9th
2# Contemporar) /!cerpt from The Way to Rainy Mountain b =# +cott
8# At ,ssue) 9ascots
D# Pilgrim at Tinker Creek .evisited E +ummer .eading Assignment
Colonial Period Literature) notes on stlistic elements and period
1# Anne $radstreetCmemori4ation and :pon the $urning of 1ur >ouse'
2# Bonathan /dwardsC+inners in the >ands of an Angr -od'
8# persuasive techni3ues) logos" ethos and pathos
a# +atire as persuasion
b# +wift 9ultiple Choice practice test
D# The Scarlet etterCfocus on smbolism
$>. Presentations/Discussions
1# $radstreet .ecitation
2# +ocratic +eminar on The Scarlet etter b =athaniel >awthorne
8# Class informal debate on the use of =ative American images as mascots
>. Major Writings
1# Annotating (e!ts and -uided /ssa for either -regor or -ibbs 0riting
2# Construct and wear our own +carlet Letter that represents our shortcomings#
After wearing it for a da" write a &ournal response discussing how it felt to have
our shortcomings e!posed for all to see and comment on# 0as it difficult to
wear it when ou were the onl one in our classF 0hat tpe of comments did
ou receive from othersF
8# Possible Practice AP essas) Bamaica Gincaid" 1AAA AP Language 7t# 2
The !nion" 200H AP Language 7t# 2
>$" Visual o!"onent
1# Political Cartoons of =ative American issues specificall mascot issues) in a
&ournal entr students will discuss how political cartoons are used to satiri4e
these issues#
2# +tudent produced +carlet Letter
8# +amples of =ative American images used as mascots) after collecting various
=ative American mascots from sports teams" students will discuss the moral
issues raised b their content#
>$$. Research Pa"er
1# -uidelines and (oulmin 9ethod of Argument
2# Count .esearch Paper +tudent >andbook
21utlining 2Peer /valuation
2=ote2taking 2.evising Content
2Formatting 2.evising for Fluenc
2Argument 29LA +tle
>$$$. Inde"endent Reading #he Prince b0 =iccolI 9achiavelli#
As ou read the political treatise" track the arguments that the author makes in each
chapter# (his should be no longer than a paragraph with at least one 3uote from each
chapter# (hen choose a world leader from the 1A00%s on and compare and contrast the
leader with 9achiavelli%s ideas# @ou will do this for five chapters of the book# @ou ma
=1( choose the first H chaptersJ the have to be spread from throughout the book# $e
prepared to defend our ideas in class#
'econd Mar.ing Period
L,(/.A.@ P/.,1< F1C:+) ./*1L:(,1=A.@ A=< .19A=(,C,+9
$. Rhetorical Strategies and Skills Focus
/!pand on Argumentation and Persuasion) Appeals" $ias" Audience and Logical
$$. Literary Pieces
.evolutionar Period) notes on stlistic elements and period
1# Persuasive techni3ues in speeches and other nonfiction works to include
structure" deliver" organi4ation" and rhetorical common devices
2# Archaic) 2(homas Befferson <eclaration of ,ndependence'
2Possible stud of /li4abeth Cad +tanton <eclaration of
+entiments and .esolutions'
8# Contemporar) 29artin Luther Ging" Br#%s speech , >ave a <ream' and
Letter from $irmingham Bail'
2-eorge 0# $ush%s Address to the =ation after A51152001
2Possible stud of +tephen Ba -ould%s 0omen%s $rains'
2Possible stud of <ave $arr Lost in the Gitchen'
D# +laver in America) +ince a central theme of the literar period is freedom
and &ustice" slaver in America will be studied at this point in the
#" $arrati%e o& the i&e o& 're(erick Douglass, an American Sla%e
2# +o&ourner (ruth%s Ain%t , a 0oman'
H# .omantic Period) notes on stlistic elements and period
1# Longfellow%s Psalm of Life' and (he (ide .ises" (he (ide Falls'
2# $rant%s (hanatopsis'
8# (he $irch (ree' b Bames .ussell Lowell
4# 9 $rigantine' From The Water Witch b Bames Fenimore Cooper
22student analsis of poetic devices
$$$. Presentations/Discussions
1# +tudent prepared <eclaration of ,ndependence ;see writing
2# $arrati%e o& the i&e o& 're(erick Douglass, an American Sla%e
+ocratic +eminar
8# .omantic .ecitations
$>. Major Writings
1# +tudent <eclaration of ,ndependence) After anal4ing the
organi4ation and devices of Befferson%s <eclaration"' students are
to write their own declaration following the structural pattern of the
original# (he are to use 2 different tpes of allusions" and D
different devices# (he sub&ect of their declaration is their choice)
what is it that the wish the could free themselves fromF
2# ,n a formal essa" students will compare and contrast $ush%s and
Ging%s speeches# +tudents will focus on the devices each used" the
purpose of each speech" and whether each leader was successful in
achieving their goals#

D# Possible Practice AP /ssa) Lincoln" 2002 AP Language 7t# 2
Alfred -reen" 2008 AP Language 7t# 2
>. Visual o!"onent
1# Art (ransparencies) >udson .iver painters to include (homas Cole"
Asher $# <urand" and Albert $ierstadt ;website)
2# Civil .ights *ideo b the Anti2<efamation League
8# *ideo of 9artin Luther Ging" Br# delivering his speech at the Lincoln
9emorial# 7uestions to consider for &ournal entr) >ow does Ging
deliver his speechF 0here was there emphasis in his deliverF 0h do
ou suppose he wanted to emphasi4e these pointsF
>$. ontinue and o!"lete Research Pa"er
>$$. Inde"endent Reading Assign!ent ! Please select %rom the literar0 choices
mentioned below to respond to&
$n a ?topian societ02 the goal is to create a greater2 happier2 and more stable nation
built on e)ualit0. As 0ou read 0our no+el2 note what the goal o% the utopian societ0
is2 wh0 that societ0 %ailed2 how could the0 ha+e made it wor. in achie+ing their
Please choose %rom& #he $and!aid%s #ale &y At'ood( We &y )evgeny *a!yatin( #he
Le+t $and o+ Darkness &y Le,uin( Iron $eel &y -ack London( #he #i!e Machine &y
$, Wells( #he hrysalids &y -ohn Wyndha!( #he Running Man &y Richard .ach!an
/Ste"hen 0ing1 or 2to"ia &y #ho!as More
7hird Mar.ing Period
L,(/.A.@ P/.,1< F1C:+) (.A=+C/=</=(AL,+9" -1(>,C+ A=<
019/=%+ *1,C/+
$. Rhetorical Strategies and Skills Focus
<escription" +etting" 9ood" ,mager" and Philosophical (hought
$$. Literary Pieces
(ranscendentalism) notes on stlistic elements and period
1# /merson and (horeau
a# 3uotes and philosoph
b# 0here , Lived and 0hat , Lived for'
2# Allegor of the Cave' b Plato
8# 1n Compassion' b $# Ascher
D# 0alt 0hitman
a# +ong of 9self' e!cerpt
b# 1%Captain" 9 Captain'
c# 0hen Lilacs Last in the <oorard $loom%d'
-othic) notes on stlistic elements and period
1# /dgar Allen Poe) (he Fall of the >ouse of :sher'Cstud of setting
and mood
2# Faulkner%s A .ose for /mil'
0omen 0riters Across (ime
1# /mil <ickinson
2# 9arge Pierc
8# Lucille Clifton
8# =ikki -iovanni
D# <eborah (annen (here is =o :nmarked 0oman'
H# Budith 1rti4 Cofer (he 9th of the Latin 0oman) , Bust 9et a
-irl =amed 9aria'
M# Alice 0alker ,n +earch of 1ur 9others% -ardens'
N# Gate Chopin%s (he +tor of an >our'
$$$. Presentations/Discussions
1# After studing e!cerpts of 0hitman%s +ong of 9self"' students are
to write their own song' that uses free verse and has an e!tended
metaphor with specific imager from that metaphor# ,n their song"
the can include their thoughts on life" the future" and the past# Also"
students ma focus on their beliefs ;which are not limited to religious
beliefs?# 1nce students compose their poem" the are then to illustrate
that poem on O of a poster incorporating images from the e!tended
metaphor# +tudents will present their songs to the class#
2# (he .aven' .ecitation
8# Formal <ebate ;1!ford +tle?)
a# (opic 1ne) ,s there true e3ualit for women and minorities in
America todaF
b# (opic (wo) After reading (wo 0as to $elong in America'
b $# 9ukher&ee" choose a side to argue on the issue of
H# After choosing random names of students from the class" students will
write a descriptive essa about their chosen classmate# (he are not
allowed to use names or other details that will identif the individual#
(he are to use metaphor%s specific to their classmates% interests to create
a one page" tped essa that captures their essence#' +tudents are to read
their essa5dedication to the class#
$>. Major Writings
1# +tudent produced poem of their individual +ong of 9self' ;see
2# Annotation) $oth 1%Captain' and 0hen Lilacs Last' were both
tributes to President Lincoln# (he first became immediatel popular
amongst Americans and is still well2known todaJ the latter" according
to 0hitman" was a greater tribute to the president# After anal4ing and
annotating both poems" a class discussion will occur where ou argue
that 0hen Lilacs Last' is a greater tribute to the late president# :se
specific 3uotes and e!amples from the poem to support our argument#
8# /ssa) ,n Poe%s short stor" (he Fall of the >ouse of :sher' the
setting not onl sets the mood" but becomes a living entit within the
stor# 0rite an essa where ou discuss specific points in the stor
where the setting becomes life2like and how that techni3ue builds the
suspense within the stor#
D# +tudents will write thoughtful 3uestions to be asked during the debate"
rebuttal or construction to defend their position#
H# Possible Practice AP essas) .ichard .odri3ue4" 200D AP Language
7t# 8 and5or 0illiam >a4lett" 200M AP Language 7t# 8
>. Visual o!"onent
1# A5/ *ideo on /dgar Allen Poe
2# +tudent produced poster of personal song'
8# Parod) (he +impson%s (he .aven'J &ournal response) wh do ou
suppose Poe%s (he .aven' still captures the imagination of people
>$. Inde"endent Reading Assign!ent 7om Bro.awAs #he ,reatest ,eneration3
$rokaw argues that there was one generation that was
Pbirthmarked for greatness" a generation of Americans that would take its
place in American histor with the generations that had converted the =orth
American wilderness into the :nited +tatesPa generation that" b and large"
made no demands of homage from those who followed and prospered
economicall" politicall" and culturall because of its sacrifices# ,t is a
generation of towering achievement and modest demeanor" a legac of their
formative ears when the were participants in and witness to sacrifices of
the highest order' ;11?#
As ou read this novel" take notes in a &ournal on wh $rokaw feels the were the
greatest generation" what each person represented" and how it made them great#' @ou
will be turning in this &ournal for a grade# ,nclude parenthetical citations for this part#
(he second part of this assignment is to choose either our generation or our parents%
generation and discuss wh the can be considered great# .emember to include ma&or
events that defined the generation# @ou should include at least 8 biographies which
e!emplif the challenges and the was these challenges were met# (his must be tped"
double2spaced# @ou will be getting a separate grade for this part#
*ourth Mar.ing Period
L,(/.A.@ P/.,1< F1C:+) ./AL,+9" =A(:.AL,+9"
$. Rhetorical Strategies and Skills Focus
<uring this last marking period" the focus will be on creating arguments from
multiple sources# ,n addition" review of specific skills will depend on the weakness of
the classJ hence the review will var from class to class#
$$. Literary Pieces
.ealism and =aturalism) notes on stlistic elements and period
+nows of Giliman&aro' b >emingwa
(he .oaring (wenties and the American <epression
The )reat )ats*y novel stud
>arlem .enaissance) notes on stlistic elements and period
0ritings and poems from the following authors)
1# Langston >ughes
2# Bames 0# Bohnson
8# Paul Laurence <unbar
D# 0# /# <ubois
9odern and Contemporar Literature
1# /#$# 0hite 1nce 9ore to the Lake'
2# -# 1rwell +hooting an /lephant'
8# +tephanie /ricsson (he 0a 0e Lie'
$$$. Presentations/Discussions
1# +ocratic +eminar on The )reat )ats*y, The +ungle, an( 'are,ell to Arms
2# >arlem .enaissance51A20%s Pro&ect) from a list of time period tops and
musician and artists" prepare a presentation using specific e!amples of their
music or art works that discusses the contributions the person made to the
movement and wh their work was influential to future generations#
$>. Major Writings
1# For 0hite" 1rwell" 0oolf" students will be responding to AP form of
3uestions focusing on either rhetorical strategies or open2ended
2# +tudent practice on the snthesis tpe 3uestion
8# Possible Practice AP essas) +nthesis 7ts#
1pen /nded 7t# 8 from 200M e!am
+usan +ontag" 2001 AP Language 7t# 8
Audubon5<illard" 2008 AP Language 7t# 8
>. Visual o!"onent
1# A5/ *ideo on F# +cott Fit4gerald
2# *arious political cartoons and graphics to support the snthesis 3uestion on the
AP e!am
8# Artwork and music from artist of the >arlem .enaissance#
>$. AP 45a!ination Pre"aration
Prepare for AP /!amination b reviewing test2taking strategies for the 9ultiple
Choice and (imed 0ritings sections# (his will include review of the test" sample
3uestions from the past and time2managing skills# (he AP Language and Composition
e!am will take place on 0ednesda morning" the a#m# session" 9a 1M
>$$. Inde"endent Reading Assign!ent #he -ungle b0 ?pton 'inclair. Possible
'ocratic 'eminar or student dri+en assignment will be gi+en.
Literar0 (esource List
Applebee" Arthur =#" et al# (he Language of Literature# /vanston" ,llinois) 9c<ougal
Littell" 2000#
$ullard" +ara" ed# Free at Last# 9ontgomer" AL) +outhern Povert Law Center" 200D#
Cohen" +amuel" ed# H0 /ssas) A Portable Antholog# $oston) $edford5+t# 9artins"
-regor" <ick# =igger# =ew @ork) 0ashington +3uare" 1AQM#
-uggenheim" Charles" dir# A (ime For Bustice# narr# Bulian $ond# *ideocassette#
+outhern Povert Law Center" 200D#
Genned" R#B#" <oroth 9# Genned" Bane /# Aaron# (he $edford .eader# $oston)
$edford5+t# 9artins" 2000#
.oskell" >eph4ibah" and <avid A# Bolliffe# /verda :se) .hetoric at 0ork in .eading
and 0riting# =ew @ork) Pearson5Longman" 200H#
@agelski" .obert P#" and .obert G# 9iller# (he ,nformed Argument# $oston) (homson
0adsworth" 200D#
.e3uired .eading List
(his is a list of novels that students will be reading during the school ear# 0e
recommend that students first check the Forest Park Librar ;especiall at $ack (o
+chool =ight? and then go to used books stores or ama4on#com to purchase their own
#he Prince b =iccolI 9achiavelli ;a link to an online version is)
http://www.constitution.org/mac/prince00.htm or http://www.gutenberg.org/catalog/world/readfile?
#he Scarlet Letter b =athaniel >awthorne
6arrative o+ the Li+e o+ Frederick Douglass( an A!erican Slave b Frederick <ouglass
#he ,reatest ,eneration b (om $rokaw
#he ,reat ,ats&y b F# +cott Fit4gerald
Fare'ell to Ar!s b /rnest >emingwa
#he -ungle b :pton +inclair
Please choose %rom& #he $and!aid%s #ale &y Margaret At'ood( We &y )evgeny
*a!yatin( #he Le+t $and o+ Darkness &y Le,uin( Iron $eel &y -ack London( #he
#i!e Machine &y $, Wells( #he hrysalids &y -ohn Wyndha!( #he Running Man &y
Richard .ach!an /Ste"hen 0ing1 or 2to"ia &y #ho!as More /7
Inde"endent Reading1

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