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sadasfKamui allows the user to transfer anything to another dimension.

Once a ta
rget is sent to this dimension, it is unable to escape.[3] This technique, when
used through the right eye, is also able to make the user "intangible" by transp
orting portions of their body to the same pocket dimension.[4] While both awaken
ed their Mangekyo Sharingan,[5] Obito was able to instinctively make regular use
of Kamui while Kakashi seemingly didn't become aware of it until some time afte
r Sasuke Uchiha defected from Konohagakure.
Kakashi likens the characteristics of this technique to those of the Flying Thun
der God Technique, but notes that it seems to be much more versatile since it re
quires neither a seal nor a summoning tattoo to be performed.[6]
Obito using Kamui to teleport.
Each eye is able to transport targets by creating a swirling distortion that ope
ns a void into another dimension. This technique's effect acts as an attractive
force, both visibly drawing the target inwards and distorting their form until t
hey disappear. A user of the right eye requires physical contact to absorb a tar
get, while a user of the left can do so from a distance. Kamui also allows the u
ser to teleport to virtually any location they desire by absorbing their own bod
y into the swirling distortion. When using Kamui to teleport, whatever the user
is touching will be warped along with them and their chakra becomes untraceable.
Tobi using shuriken
Obito ejecting multiple shuriken from Kamui's dimension.
After storing a target within Kamui's dimension, the user can then eject it from
their eye at any time. This can be done with varying degrees of force, as demon
strated by Obito, who ejected various weapons at a moment's notice, giving oppon
ents little opportunity to react accordingly.[7] While in Kamui's dimension, the
user can transport targets out of said dimension at any time, even without esta
blishing physical contact.[8] Despite not always being present, Obito could keep
targets under genjutsu while they were confined inside this technique's pocket
dimension, thus keeping them incapacitated for extended durations.[9]
A user of Kamui can synchronise with other spacetime techniques, allowing them ac
cess to other dimensions. After entering a new dimension through this method, th
e user is able to travel to and from said dimension, as well as any other connec
ted dimensions, at will.[10]
Left Eye
Kakashi using Kamui from a distance.
The long-range version of Kamui, an ability belonging to Obito's left eye, is pr
imarily based on line of sight and, as such, does not require physical contact t
o warp a target into the other dimension. By focusing to create a barrier space
and concentrating on the target within, Kamui will distort space and the target
will be drawn into the other dimension. The barrier can be expanded, as Deidara
was forced to fly further away in an effort to escape its effects.[11]
Right Eye
Tobi Chains
Minato passing through Obito.
The short-range version of Kamui, belonging to Obito's right eye, requires physi
cal contact to warp a target. However, this eye has a unique variation of telepo
rtation akin to intangibility. When activated, any part of the user's body that
overlaps with a solid object is seamlessly warped to the other dimension, making
it appear as though the user is phasing through them. This ability can dodge mo
st attacks, and by overlapping their entire body into large objects, the user ca
n completely conceal their presence while temporarily erasing all traces of thei
r chakra. This ability can also be used to travel through the ground; a characte
ristic that Obito often exploited to ambush his opponents from below.[12] The us
er also seemingly possesses the capability to extend this intangibility to whate
ver they are touching at the moment of activation,[13] as long as they are able
to maintain some form of contact with at least a part of the desired item or per
son.[14] It also allows the user to bypass even the strongest Barrier Ninjutsu,
as Obito passed through the one meant to prevent anyone from entering the area w
here Kushina Uzumaki was giving birth.[15][16]
Both Eyes
Obito simultaneously uses Kamui in both eyes
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When both eyes are used together on the same target, the teleportation process w
orks twice as fast.[17] Through both eyes, the user can create two distortions a
t the same time and connect them. This was demonstrated when Obito first used th
e long-range Kamui to synchronise with another spacetime technique, and then used
the short-range Kamui to teleport himself, as well as those touching him, throu
gh the portal into another dimension.[18]
The user can not only create two distortions, but also create a portal in their
line of sight that can connect two dimensions. Doing this, however, requires a t
remendous amount of chakra and places significant strain on the user's eyes, cau
sing both to bleed.[19]
Using both eyes on one's self allows the user to augment their other techniques,
such as aiding in the usage of attacks through "intangibility" or expanding the
range and number of targets to teleport through projectiles.[20]