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Questions about the movie Artificial Intelligence:

1. Describe the scene:

In this scene, first is shown the sea while a man talks about the ice caps that melted and
all the cities that drowned due to the greenhouse effect. Then he mentions the
government solution to the problem that was causing so many people death. The
solution was robots, like he said they were never hungry and did not consume resources
beyond those of their first manufacture.
Then appears a different man, he looks to be giving a class where he talks about the
dream of building artificial intelligence. After that, he walks up to a woman and sticks a
needle in her hand. She screams and then he asks her what he had done to her feelings.
She answers he did nothing to her feelings, did it to her hand. With that, he reveals that
shes a robot and show to the other people a component of her, the component that
provides the artificial intelligence. He then suggests the building of a robot that can
love, a child robot that can truly love his parents. That man wants to build a robot that
acts, thinks, dreams and genuinely feels. When he says that, a woman asks him why
they should build it. He answers: In the beginning, didnt God created Adam to love

2. Do you think robots will be so perfect in the future that they will become part of
the family? Why?
No, I dont. Im not saying robots will not become as intelligent as a human being; Im
saying that they wont be able to integrate in our families. Can you imagine telling your
problems to a robot and actually ask for its opinion? What it thinks its the most correct
thing to do in certain situation? I cant see that happening.
I think robots will be always seen as robots, not entities, and therefore they wont be
able to be a part of the family, despite the perfection that they can reach.

3. Will robots ever have emotions? Will they be able to fall in love, for example?
No, robots will never ever have emotions. Emotions are a characteristic that only
animals can have. They might get some kind of artificial emotions, but I think they will
never be able to truly falling in love.

4. What about people? Will they be able to fall in love with robots?
Yes, they will. Nowadays we see people that fall in love with objects. If I think that is
natural? Absolutely not. In Nature we dont see any specie falling in love with an object
and it is rare a specie that have relationships with a different specie.
So, it might there be people falling in love with the robots, due to the similarity with
humans, but it wont be natural because theyre not even living beings.

5. What is the future of robots? How present will they be in our lives?
I think the future is now. In the present we already see robots everywhere. They might
dont have the aspect they have in the movie AI, they might just be some simple robots
but we already see and interact with a lot of them. Thats why I think in the future there
will be robots literally everywhere and we, humans, will have something that can do the
harder jobs for us when we only need to program them.

6. What's your opinion about Artificial Intelligence?
The movie is about a family that bought a robot. The robot has the form of a little boy
and can feel, think, speak it is just like a human.
Personally, I dont think that human robots are morally correct, I dont agree with that
idea. I dont mind with animal robots, like dogs or cats, but I do with human robots.
The human being is such a special and unique individual so, why trying to create and
imitate us?
Despite my opinion, artificial intelligence has been developing a lot and I hope to see
great innovations in the future.

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