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The Deadly Seduction Manuscript

2008 Derek Rake. All Rights Reserved. Page 1

Deadl y Seduc t i on Manusc r i pt

With a preview of How To Seduce Out Of Your League ebook

By Der ek Rak e

The Deadly Seduction Manuscript

2008 Derek Rake. All Rights Reserved. Page 2
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The Deadly Seduction Manuscript

2008 Derek Rake. All Rights Reserved. Page 3
Thi s I s How You Do I t .

Yes, I can help you to seduce out of your league.

Indeed, this is a bold statement for me to make. But, as you read further in
this manuscript, you will discover that I will be able to deliver that promise.

I have discovered that successful seduction (or persuasion in general) hinges
on one fundamental principle.

Seduction has no direct linkage to the amount of money that you have, your
physical traits, and to a large extent, your social status.

Instead, persuasion or seduction has everything to do with how you make
the woman feel. It is about invoking feelings in your target in a conscious
and systematic way, and in NLP-speak, anchor her feelings to you.

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I n or der t o per suade or seduce a woman, you wi l l need t o
t ouch her on an EMOTIONAL l evel .
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you are able to connect with a woman emotionally, irrespective of your
looks, the money you have, or your social status, she will be attracted to

As David DeAngelo said, Attraction is not a choice.

Think about it. If you have the knowledge, you will be able to seduce any
woman you want as long as you play your cards right.

How will your life change?
The Deadly Seduction Manuscript

2008 Derek Rake. All Rights Reserved. Page 4

The How To Seduce Out Of Your League report is written to show you
precisely how to do that.

Your Bi ggest Bar r i er To Seduc t i on Suc c ess

The first thing that you have to understand is that due to societal
programming, men and women have certain beliefs and pre-
assumptions about dating in general.

In the report, I go into great lengths to describe how men and women
perceive dating (its not WHAT you would expect), and how you could use
that knowledge to propel you to seduction success.

Suffice to say, you will need to be aware of your own perceptions and be
prepared to change them. For example, do you know that women WANT to
be seduced?

This may be a surprise to you, but women WANT to be swept off the feet.
And heck, they WANT sex as much as men do. Sometimes even more!

However, women dont behave like that because the SOCIETY deems it to be
inappropriate for them to be so. However, if you understand this particular
point, you are already ahead of 95% of all men out there in this game.

Havi ng The Seduc er s Mi ndset

Now that you know of the inhibitions that a woman has (resulting from her
beliefs and how the society EXPECTS to behave), your job is to overcome
those inhibitions. This is done in three steps.

The Deadly Seduction Manuscript

2008 Derek Rake. All Rights Reserved. Page 5

The Seducers Mindset


You will notice that this is similar with what people to do sell.

You will need to know your person you want to sell to, and what her needs
or wants are.

Then you make them realize what how badly they want your product, and
how you can fulfill their particular need.

All this done covertly without coming across as a pushy salesman.

You see, you cant make a woman like you by telling her. Instead, you
subtly make her come to the conclusion that youre the man that she
wants herself.

(In the How To Seduce Out Of Your League ebook, I outline a method of
planting conclusions in her mind)

Next, I will share with you a dark seduction technique that is known among
the inner circles of the seduction community, but not widely discussed

The Deadly Seduction Manuscript

2008 Derek Rake. All Rights Reserved. Page 6
Fr ac t i onat i on The Key To I nc r easi ng A Womans
Sex ual Desi r e

This might sound counter-intuitive, but often comfort and sexual desire do
not normally go hand-in-hand.

Being nice to a woman may make a woman feel comfortable with you, but
this at the same time reduces the sexual attraction that she has for you.

Creating sexual desire requires 'tension' apart from comfort. The feeling of
uneasiness which is caused by anxiety and 'heartache' which is then followed
by release of the tension through comfort and pleasure is what creates
sexual desire.

Most men don't know this, but it is your ability to walk away from a woman
which creates attraction to you, since this creates tension between you and
your woman.

This will put your woman in the proverbial hot seat to pursue you instead for
that sexual release. While you make her 'fractionate' between the two
extreme states, her sexual desire will increase in the process.

Here are the steps that a pickup artist takes to cause the target to create,
increase and anchor her sexual desire on him.

First of all, the pickup artist would create moments of happiness in
the target. He makes the target feels good through entertaining her,
making her laugh, and perhaps demonstrate social proof and high value.

After this, the pickup artist would create tension by taking away the
'good feeling' from his target.
The Deadly Seduction Manuscript

2008 Derek Rake. All Rights Reserved. Page 7

This is done by planting in the target feelings of 'distress' with your
absence. By creating distance between you and your target, it will pump her
attraction levels for you to the extreme. This is where intense sexual
desire is created.

The final step in the process is to release the 'tension' and let her fall into
your arms.

Creating this alternating state of joy and tension is the key to increase
attraction and sexual desire for you.

The fractionation technique is deemed to be a 'dark' seduction technique
because of the (possibly ill) effect that it causes on the target. Use it at your
own (and your target's) peril.

A more advanced example of this technique is the October Man Sequence

Here, other NLP concepts such as symbolism is combined with fractionation
to result in a technique which is reputedly has been getting men from
meeting the target to sex in 15 minutes.

In How To Seduce Out Of Your League, I devote an entire chapter on a
similar technique but required no NLP knowledge.

In the chapter on How To Make Her Work For You, I go into depth a
technique called Role Reversal where I give you the specific steps to make
you the prize and make her chase you instead (the idea of prizability as
popularized by Swinggcat of Real World Seduction).

The Deadly Seduction Manuscript

2008 Derek Rake. All Rights Reserved. Page 8
The How To Seduce Out Of Your League ebook contains all of the above,
and more -

How t o use one simple technique wi l l gener at e massi ve
at t r act i on t o you wi t hi n t hr ee mi nut es f l at . Now you don t
have t o wai t days, weeks or mont hs t o get anywher e wi t h any
woman at al l .
The two strategies t hat wi l l make you st and out of t he pack
and make women see you as t he most desi r abl e, at t r act i ve
man t hey have ever met .
The r ul es of devel opi ng and usi ng humor to amplify your
irresistibility to women.
The ar t and sci ence of usi ng t he r i ght wor ds at t he r i ght
t i me t o overcome womens objections, and get pass t hei r
def enses t o make t hemwant you t o seduce t hem.
How t o bui l d your inner game and develop massive self
confidence so t hat you can appr oach women anyt i me, anywher e
you want wi t h ZERO f ear .
Why bad boys get all the women they want, and l eave t he
ni ce guys behi nd. Fi nd out how you can use what bad boys
know t o seduce women out of your l eague.
Two most common reasons guys fail with women. Thi s i s why
most guys wi l l never be successf ul wi t h women, and how t o
t ur n t hi s t o your advant age.
The 'Golden Rule' when deal i ng wi t h women. I f t her e i s onl y
one t hi ng t hat you shoul d know about seduct i on, t hen t hi s
i s i t , hands down.
One nifty verbal trick t o make your t ar get i nt er est ed i n
you. Al l you need t o do i s t o say t hese wor ds and she wi l l
eat out of your hands i n no t i me at al l .
The 'Approach-Reversal' t echni que whi ch wi l l make women
appr oach you i nst ead.
The Deadly Seduction Manuscript

The infamous covert technique to get a woman to give you
her phone number. Thi s t r i ck al one i s wor t h t he pr i ce of
t he whol e ebook.

Now is the time to act. Get How To Seduce Out Of Your League today and
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Your wingman in cyberspace,

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