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now LhaL Symplecuc LlemenLs ls lmplemenLed, our nexL sLep ls Lo evolve Lhe
vlvC alpha connecLor for a beLa release whlch wlll enhance Lhe lnLegrauon and
vlslblllLy of faculLy and Lhelr scholarshlp ln CpenLmory . As we look Loward
unlverslLy-wlde adopuon, we plan Lo creaLe a broader group of sLakeholders Lo
help manage Lhe larger seL of unlverslLy lnLeresLs and help prlorluze feaLures.
LsLabllshlng a group of daLa sLewards wlll help faclllLaLe our undersLandlng of
Lhe daLa and relaLed lssues. ln addluon, a common seL of acuvlues and
sLandards needs Lo be creaLed by dolng an analysls across Lhe varlous schools.
Lmory ll8S1 ls a source for laculLy lnformauon on 8esearch, Servlce, and
1eachlng. 1he soluuon lncludes capLurlng faculLy lnformauon wlLhln a cenLral
sysLem, provldlng a paLh for faculLy Lo deposlL Lhelr scholarly conLenL ln a
reposlLory, and maklng selecLed faculLy lnformauon and Lhelr deposlLed scholarly
conLenL publlcly avallable Lo promoLe faculLy and Lhelr work. 1he overall sLraLeglc
goals lnclude:

LsLabllsh an auLhorlLauve source of faculLy prole and acuvlues daLa
romoLe researchers Lhrough lnformauon rlch proles and web pages
Lnhance dlscovery by creaung llnks beLween proles and conLenL
CreaLe mechanlsms Lo measure lmpacL of research and scholarshlp

Lmory ll8S1 ls Lhe rsL place Lo dlscover more abouL Lhe greaL work of faculLy aL
Lmory. lL ls deslgned Lo provlde a plauormLo beuer manage and promoLe
scholarly acuvlues and proles, as well as llnk Lo Lhe lnsuLuuonal reposlLory for
faculLy-auLhored conLenL. ubllcauons, granLs, professlonal acuvlues, Leachlng,
and areas of research are all elemenLs malnLalned wlLhln a slngle sysLemand
avallable for reuse Lo creaLe Cvs, bloskeLches, and web proles. ln addluon, Lhere
are opporLunlues for exLendlng Lhls lnformauon Lo creaLe enhanced neLworks for
collaborauon, lmpacL reporung, and new ways of dlscovery. 1he overall soluuon
conslsLs of lmplemenung muluple sysLems, lncludlng Symplecuc LlemenLs as a
cenLral knowledge base lnLegraLed wlLh Lhe lnsuLuuon's open access reposlLory,
CpenLmory, and wlLh vlvC Lo promoLe Lhe work of faculLy.
Spencer, Lugene L, MeLz, 1errance !, and lerguson, Chrls u. CreaLer 1han Lhe Sumof lLs
arLs: 1he lnLegraLed l1/Llbrary Crganlzauon." !"#$%#&! ()*+), 1 !an. 2004, 31 !uly 2014 ,
resenLers: Llsa Macklln, Mary M. WalLers, 1lm Morrls
!"#$%&# ($")*#"+,-.+/ 01*$2-3 45 $*6 7-8"$"1 !9::$89"$%9* )9 ("929)# ;$3<:)1
=#+#$"3,> !"#$)# ("9?:#+> $*6 @*,$*3# A9"BC9D

Ll1S: Llbrary
EF 0$)$ G)#D$"6+,-. $*6 0$)$ H<$:-)1 4++<#+
uevelop and engage daLa sLewards early ln Lhe plannlng of Lhe pro[ecL. As we began
our lmplemenLauon, we dlscovered slgnlcanL challenges around our P8 and granLs
lnformauon and reallzed lL would have been helpful Lo begln wlLh our daLa
sLewards. We conunue Lo resolve daLa quallLy lssues, whlch has beneLs beyond
Lhls pro[ecL.
IF @J)#*6 5-2# D-), K#D 0#&#:9.2#*) L"92 M#*69"
Whlle our vendor had exlsung reposlLory connecLors for uSpace and LrlnLs, we
were one of Lhe rsL cllenLs for whlch Lhey developed a general connecLor for a
ledora reposlLory.
NF (:$* ),# 42.:#2#*)$%9* -* (,$+#+
1he lnlual commlLmenL lncluded a full sysLem, lncludlng ubllcauons, CranLs,
rofesslonal Acuvlues and Lhe ablllLy Lo generaLe a Cv. An lLerauve lmplemenLauon
plan, beglnnlng wlLh only ubllcauons, helps manage expecLauons and allows for
dlscovery of faculLy scholarshlp.
OF @*P$P#2#*) 9L ),# 7-8"$"1 @*,$*3#+ Q3$6#2-3 !"#6-8-:-)1
Whlle Lhe llbrary was engaged lnlually ln Lhe sysLemcongurauon, Lhelr llmlLed
lnvolvemenL ln subsequenL sLages proved challenglng. 1he full engagemenL of Lhe
llbrary, ln Lhelr role as represenLauves of Lhe faculLy, became a crlucal success
facLor As one dean descrlbed Lhe naLure of Lhelr lnvolvemenL, lf Lhe llbrarlans
aren'L happy, Lhen Lhe faculLy aren'L happy."
RF S$*$P# 5#3,*-3$: 0#8)
uurlng early sLages of Lhe lmplemenLauon, Lmory made a cholce Lo lmplemenL new
areas of Lhe soware LhaL were laLer redeslgned, requlrlng a serles of exLenslve
daLa re-mapplngs ln order Lo allgn wlLh dellvered funcuonallLy.
0$)$ Q6&-+9"1
erson uaLa 1eachlng CranLs
8eporung and
Lmory unlverslLy was founded ln 1836 and ls composed of nlne schools: Lmory
College, Cxford College, School of 8uslness, CraduaLe School, School of Law, School
of Medlclne, School of nurslng, School of ubllc PealLh, and Lhe School of
1heology. Whlle gulded by cenLral admlnlsLrauon, Lhe schools are able Lo exerclse
a good deal of auLonomy ln denlng academlc pollcles, managlng budgeLs, and
guldlng Lhelr faculLy, creaung whaL ls someumes called a muluverslLy." 1he
unlverslLy has a vlslon sLaLemenL LhaL expresses lLs commlLmenL Lo engagemenL
and collaborauon.

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5410.B24?1/20 +0 5>) ,247- 5>4239> 823419)23. 7)1-)4.>+C +0 5)18>+09= 4).)148>=
.8>2714.>+C= >)175> 814)= 10- .28+17 18/20D

Llbrary & lnformauon 1echnology Servlces (Ll1S) was formed ln 2013 wlLh Lhe goal
of beuer allgnlng varlous servlce funcuons across Lhe Lmory enLerprlse, lncludlng
l1 funcuons. 1he Ll1S organlzauon ls Lhe merger of a servlce unlL wlLh an academlc
unlL, provldlng Lhe opporLunlLy Lo evaluaLe Lhe poLenual of l1 becomlng an enabler
of sLraLeglc change.
;$3<:)1 ("9?:#+

G,$"# U*9D:#6P#>
0-+.:$1> $*6

G)9"-*P ;$3<:)1
$<),9"#6 !9*)#*)
!9::#3) =#+#$"3,
V8W#3)+ $*6
!9::$89"$%9* $*6
Submlsslon lnLo CpenLmory ls now parL of Lhe annual faculLy reporung for self-deposlL ln addluon Lo medlaLed deposlL by Lhe sLa ln Scholarly Communlcauons.
G12.:#3%3 @:#2#*)+ 42.:#2#*)$%9* X#P-*+
M4MV Q:.,$ !9**#3)9"

G12.:#3%3 @:#2#*)+ =#$61 L9" T#*#"$: =#:#$+# L9"
G3,99: 9L S#6-3-*#
(<8:-3$%9*+ @:#2#*) Q&$-:$8:# L9" Y+# 81 Q:: G3,99:+
V.#*@29"1 4*)#P"$%9* !92.:#)#