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These are some essays written by me (Infernus/FvFargas) between

2003 and 2008 for my online project Legion of Satan.

They have remained unaltered and unedited, just as they were
written back then, including the grammatical errors. It is
important to understand that Im not a native English speaker (Im
a Romanian) and they have been written a long time ago. A lot has
changed since then.

I decided to re-publish these now in September 2014 for free as a
pdf, but I kindly ask you to respect my author rights and always
specify the author and the original source if you want to use this
material. Ive seen my material copy-pasted word-by-word too
many times without having my name specified.

Right now I am writing under the pseudonym F.v.F. or F.v.Fargas
amd Im running a Romanian occult community called Ocult-
Ro.com (www.ocult-ro.com). Some of these articles have been re-
written, modified and published at ocult-ro.

If you wish to contact me, feel free to send an e-mail at


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Standing up for ourselves.................................................................................................. 28
About parents, friends and ways to talk with them. Few advices for teen
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Religion and its importance .............................................................................................. 41
Satanic Rituals .................................................................................................................. 44
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Demonic Possession.......................................................................................................... 61


Satanism is a religion of the soul, a religion of love, but also a religion of hate for
all of those things that enclose liberty and thought .

Many people say that satanists are, to a certain degree , inversed christians .


Christianity represents weakness and spiritual enclosure . Satanism, on the other
hand, represents mans evolution, both mental and spiritual.
As we all know, christian priests are against magick and spiritual meditation .
With the help of magick you can heal and destroy . Any man has the right to use
magick . With the help of magick and spiritual meditation you open a new world.
A world in which you dont need to kneel in front of a false god to ask for food, a
world in which you fight to obtain what you desire . Through magick and
meditation you can find the power to advance, to evolve from the rank of a worm
on the scale of evolution to something grand .

All of this, magick, meditation, occult power etc have been offered to us by Satan .

Unlike christians , we do not have forbidden knowledge ! The impossible is a
barrier that waits to be torn out, an horizont that is and can be touched.

So yes, in this way we certainly are inversed christians and we are proud of that .

But what precisely is satanism ? Well, to give you my opinion, I believe there are
two types of Satanism, or even something in between .
The first type is what I like to call individual satanism . This is the way I live by
and worship my god.
The individual Satanist does not follow any tradition, but rather creates his own
tradition and belief . Unlike the traditional satanist, the individual Satanist is a
little more free to expand his practices and beliefs as he feels, and to borrow from
more traditions and beliefs (i.e. demonolatry, chaos magick, etc.) to create his
own religion or type of Satanism. You can call this personal Satanism .

The second one is the traditional way . The original form of Satanism is without
discussion, traditional Satanism or devil worship . Traditional satanism is also
recognized as devil worship.
Traditional Satanism or as others call it, orthodox traditional Satanism, has
most of its roots and traditions in the first century Gnosticism and the Black
Witchcraft period of Elizabethan-era.

While I am not much of a traditionalist, I do however respect tradition and do
acknowledge that our religion has its roots deep in Christianitys dark ages .

What both individual satanism and traditional satanism have in common, is
the worship of Satan . Unlike laveyan satanism or modern satanism, individual
and traditional Satanism present Satan as an entity . A superior being . As an
angel or a god . A god that left His throne in Heaven so that we could be free. A
god that listens to us without saying a word .

Satanists see Satan as friend , a teacher and also a parent . Satanists worship
Satan, the fallen angel or god (depends on each mans principle) in harmony and
dedicate themselves, showing RESPECT and TRUST to Satan .

Treating Satan and the Demons with respect will not only offer you respect back,
but you can draw to a close relationship with them so that they will be more
interested in you, helping you to evolve and teach you how to protect yourself
from the obstacles that life, many times, lays in our paths .

Satan offered us the necessary knowledge to escape the claws of death
(weakness, guilt, stupidity, falsehood.. christianity) and to live as we desire . For
us, there is no such thing as sin (but we are all responsible for our actions) . The
goal in Satanism is to apply this knowledge in everyday life . Satan encourages us
to be self-taught, to experience and enjoy the pleasures of life . Either they are of
spiritual nature or material/carnal nature .

Another goal in Satanism, as in life, is to evolve . Not with technology, but with
the spirit. The human spirit has to evolve every day until death, and probably
beyond death . Satan wants to see us evolve, not how we waste our lives, weak,
sad, sinless .

To be a satanist is not so easy as it seems . That is why all of these new kinds of
satanism emerged . To lighten all the work related to spirituality .

Being a satanist isnt about staying on the internet, on a forum, philosophizing
while enjoying a chips pack Brother Nero (he spoke of something like that)

To be a satanist is to practice Satanism . To practice it by heart .

The Devils teachings have always been appreciated . Even though theyve been
considered unclean, His teachings to mankind have been, and will always be
appreciated by those who accept this path .

I embraced this path and enjoy Satans gifts every day .

Our Lord on the WorldWideWeb :

Before I start speaking about our Lord Satan, I feel I should say a few about
something that got my attention in an unpleasant way .

When I first started to gather information about satanism, I didnt want to know
all the types of satanism out there or about history and important events
related to this religion . Those are not so important to me . But the protagonist of
this religion . I wanted to know about SATAN .

Ive noticed that many people who want to promote satanism in any way, dont
talk strictly about Satan . Most of them want to explain what satanism means,
want to explain through arguments based on information aspired from books or
other methods less important, but few speak about Him from their own
experience . Few speak about Him as they view or feel Him . And that was my
biggest curiousity . How do others perceive Satan ?

Who is Satan ? Why is He worshiped ? What does He do ? Does He have all the
acts and certificates in order ?

My God :

I perceive Satan as a teacher, a parent, a friend .

A teacher because He teaches us the secrets of life, the dark secrets of our nature
as humans . He teaches us to be free and in the same time responsible for our
actions. He teaches us to experiment any curiosity we have, without restraint or
fear of sin . A parent because He protects His children and guides them in life . A
friend that is always near in case of need . A friend that advices us but lets us
choose for ourselves .
When I asked for His help, he gave it to me . When I asked for His advice, He
gave it to me . And when I ignored it, I realized I made a big mistake and suffered
the consequences .

However, Satan is not so pink & fluffy as many websites nowadays claim to be .
Satan IS a God of Darkness (from a symbolic point of view) and has the ability to
exercise His power in our disadvantage as humans . He can do both good and
evil . Even though He is with us in case of need, He will NOT put food on our
table, He will NOT help us win the lottery . His help is spiritual and moral . Then,
He lets us handle life alone .

Yet there are some occasions when He helps us in life, and to give an example, He
may release us from pain, I do not believe that asking Him to bring your dear love
will help . And more, I dont even consider this request to be proper or should I
say, necessary (asking a GOD to bring you woman) . You are very capable to do it
alone .

One more thing Id like to say about Him, for it is quite important to know for
some :

Know this.. Satan might forgive, but He never forgets . As I said, He aint so dear
and loving as others might tell you .

He is my God, which I will serve with joy and respect forever !

That is how I see Him .

Beliefs, myths and information :

Of course, there are many different beliefs regarding Satans nature, for each man
is an individual and there is no document that explains exactly what and how is
Satan . Important is what you feel and either if youre a satanist or a demonolator
we all have the same feelings for Him .

For example, there are demonolators who consider that Satan and Lucifer are two
different entities (while others believe they are one and the same) . Lucifer being
a pre-christian God of the Sun . And Satan being the universe, through which all
energies flow .

Another example . Satanists who consider Satan (name proceeded from the
Hebrew language with the significance of adversary, encountered in most of the
Christian and Islamic writings as a representation of darkness and evil) to be the
Devil, King of Hell and darkness, and Lucifer (name proceeded from the Romans
with the signification of light-bearer . The prefix Luc or Lux means light, or so I
heard..) being the angel that after the rebellion left Heaven and became King of
Earth . Lucifer is also associated with Venus, the Morning Star . As I heard, in
ancient times the light that came from the morning star was used in rituals and
ceremonies .
And there are those who believe that Satan and Lucifer are two personalities of
the same being.

In my country, which is dear ole Romania, Satans image had quite a picturesque
representation . His power is recognized and feared by all the aboriginal
Orthodox Christianity . In our country, just like vampires there have been
invented myths and stories concerning Satan, like He might transform Himself
into a black cat, a dog, a chicken, a fly, a horse etc.

In our peasantry we recognize His names : Satana, Dracul,Luceafrul, Necuratul
(The Unclean), Spurcatul (The Filthy/Foul or Vile), Diavolul (The Devil), Naiba
(English appellation : Old Nick ?!..didnt find a better translation/appellation),
Avestita (he is described as Satans wing in Dimitrie Cantemirs Descriptio
Moldaviae.. but it was used as an appellation to Satan in the old language), Samca
, Zolobina, Nazarana, Zura, Dezana (or Dezena Im not very sure), Uniil
(another reference to the devil.. although Ive made some research on it and its
actually the name of a Demon from our mythology), Scaraoski etc.

Over time Satan has been present in all religions but one emphasizes more .

Malek Taus (Taus Malek, Malak Taus or Malik Taws) has been identified in most
of the RHP (right-hand path) religions as Lucifer/Satan .

In the Semitic languages (cognate in south-west of Asia and north and east of
Africa : Arabs, Jews, Syrians etc) the word Malik means king or angel and the
word Taus Peacock . From these translations ensues the name Peacock
Angel/King .

Malek Taus is considered to be Satan because he also possesses the name Shaytan
(just like the one in the Koran) .The Peacock Angel is the central figure in the
Yezidis/Yazidis religion . Keep in mind that the Yezidi religion is different from
Satanism ! Many people consider the Yezidi people Satanists or Devil Worshipers
but that is just a bewilderment . Even though they might have something to do
with demonolatry and MAYBE they do worship Satan (under the name Malek
Taus), their beliefs differ from ours (remember that they also believe in God and
worship Him)

Of course, their beliefs cannot be defined with exactness, for they have always
been secretive when it came to their religion, because they feared of the
persecutions done by Christians and other RHP religions . But we can realize in a
small measure what their beliefs are from some texts such as the Book Of
Revelation ( Kiteba Cilwe or as others called it, Al Jil Wah ... an important thing
about this book is that now it is considered a sacred text by satanists too . They
think of it as such because it is said that the text was dictated by Satan himself to
a Yezidi leader named Sheikh Adi at the end of the 12th century . This is because
of the confusion I talked about above.. they think Yezidi are undercover
satanists), The Black Book ( Mishefa/Meshaf Res ) or Quret Al Yezid . Anyway..
Enough about them for Im getting to another subject .

The last thing I want to say about Satan is that, however you call Him, He will
always be our God .

Have His name on your lips, His spirit in your soul and His image in your mind !
Honour Him with all your being and He will reward you greatly .

Slava Satan !

Types of Satanism

According to the websites we find today on the internet, there are dozens of types of
Satanism. For me this is amusing, but only to one point. The point when these types of
Satanism get to affect the image of my god. Personally, I really dont care what other
people believe, I dont care about their beliefs, but I just cant accept any insult, either
direct or indirect, towards Satan. That is my limit. And many times this limit has been
exceed. I shall now begin to discuss a little about few types that I have stumbled upon,
and will try to elucidate as much as I can.
Before I begin to talk about these types I must remind you : A SATANIST is one who

The two real types of Satanism :

1.Traditional Satanism/Generational Satanism/Devil Worship

Because of the birth of the atheistic Modern Satanism, many people have began
considering Traditional Satanism (and the newly invented Theistic Satanism) to be the
theistic type of Satanism. Many people believe that a traditional Satanist is one who
simply considers Satan to be an entity, as opposed to the Modern Satanist who considers
Satan to be a mere symbol. That my friends, is a bewilderment. First of all, there is no
such thing as atheistic Satanism. Satanism is a religion and a religion cant be
atheistic. Its logic. Satanism is a religion and thus, theistic.
Traditional Satanism is the type of Satanism that exists only in families of Satanists that
have traditions and carry the old teachings. It is called TRADITIONAL for a reason
because it is based on TRADITION. And tradition literally means passing on from the
Latin traditionem. This traditionem is a custom or a belief that is passed from
generation to generation, either by word-of-mouth or by writings such as family journals
(called grimoires). That means that if one has a tradition that he follows, then that makes
him a traditionalist. And this, my friends, as opposed to what many of you thought,
makes Traditional Satanism the rarest form of Satanism. In my humble opinion, it
represents 10% of the Satanic community. Traditional Satanism is also called
Generational Satanism or Devil Worship. Some people even call it Medieval Satanism.
They are the descendants of the black Witches of the Medieval times. These Satanists,
not all, but the majority, have the same traditions.. strict traditions. Some may believe in
the Devil, in God, in Heaven and Hell and in the Antichrist. This is the most common
belief of a Traditional Satanist. These are traditions and beliefs.. Old, but theyve been
kept in the families. But.. there are Satanists and Demonolators who do not have these
traditions. It depends of what generation youre part of and how old your family is.

2. Theistic Satanism/Individual Satanism

Also because of the birth of the atheistic Modern Satanism, people have created a new
type of Satanism which they call Theistic Satanism. I personally dont like calling it
Theistic Satanism, for reason that its absurd to call it Theistic. Its like saying Theistic
Religion. I like to call it Individual Satanism. I call it as such because unlike Traditional
Satanism, it doesnt have a set of rules or strict beliefs to follow. It is highly individual,
independent of any tradition. Or rather, creates his own tradition and belief. Unlike the
traditional Satanist, the individual Satanist is a little more free to expand his practices
and beliefs as he feels, and to borrow from more traditions and beliefs (i.e. demonolatry,
chaos magick etc) to create his own religion or type of Satanism. You can call this
personal Satanism. Or you can even call it Modern Satanism, because it is the newest
form of Satanism and because it is based on modern ideas and modern practices. Thats
how I see it. Modern Satanism = Satanism of today with new beliefs. Traditional
Satanism = Satanism of the past.

Non-Satanic types :

1.Modern Satanism/LaVeyan Satanism

This subject has been discussed in more depth in the The 'new satanism' essay. What I
want to add here is that, these people are NOT Satanists. A Satanist is one who worships
Satan. They dont do that. They do not believe in Satan.
People should stop putting these people alongside Satanists because they have nothing to
do with our religion. They are narcissists, humanists or whatever.

2.Spiritual Satanism/Alien Worship

Beginning with the name of this type of satanism everything connected to it is a total
mess. Can you tell me, dear reader, how can a religion be if not SPIRITUAL ? Well?..
Spiritual Satanism is a religion invented by a lovely lady called Maxine Dietrich, the head
of the Joy Of Satan organization. This religion is something very similar to the movie
E.T. . It explains how Satan is an extraterrestrial called Enki or Ea or Ptah (Gods of
mythology who have no connection to Satan. Enki being a Sumerian god who later
become known in Babylonian mythology under the name of Ea. Ptah/Phta/Fta is an
Egyptian god corresponding to the Greek god Hefaistos or the roman god Vulcan who, as
a legend says, created the earth) who came to earth via spaceship to help humans and
then went back to his planet Nibiru.
I know this might sound funny to most of you, but with this theory Maxine manipulated
and continues to manipulate the minds of thousands of children. This neo-nazi
organization has nothing to do with Satanism and it is a total disgrace to our religion.

* I dont say that one cannot be a Satanist if he doesnt think and feel the way I do. I
stated many times that Satanism is a highly individual religion. Satanism represents free
thinking ! And that is what I encourage everyone to do before they start following any
religious path, be it Left Hand Path or Right Hand Path. A true Satanist questions
everything including his religion. If one is dumb and cannot think too far, he will follow
blindly and believe any bullshit he can find on the internet, without using his brain.

What Satanists Do

I know I said that every satanist makes his own rules, his own goals . That is true . We all
decide what to do with our lives . Our religion does not forbid us anything. We are all
responsible for our actions .
However, there is one goal that every Satanist must pursue : Evolution .
Satan urges us to evolve, to be greater than any Christian out there, to be independent
and intelligent . To live our lives to the fullest and to enjoy them . If one chooses to
destroy his life, it is his decision . That is not the path that Satan leads us to .
I am sick of hearing that Satan is responsible for every stupid teenager who is destroying
his life or that Satan made X kill Y for no reason . Our Lord would never make us destroy
ourselves . Instead he teaches us how to fight for ourselves, to be warriors not slaves .
People always looked at us (Satanists) with fear and disgust . Were seen as criminals, as
rapists, yet our religion does not include anything so bad that isnt found in any other
religion . So I decided to write down a bit about our basic activities, in hope that some
day, the truth about us will be known and that we will no longer be seen as any kind of
human garbage .

It is specially written for :

1. Christians, Jews, Moslems, Buddhists etc . It is written for all religions gathered
in Right Hand Path .
2. Modern Satanists who cannot accept the truth about Satanism . Which, through
their new theories, have created a new philosophy, in order to be better accepted
in the world we live in .
3. Fake Satanists who stained our image with their illegal activities .

Basic activities

We DONT do :

1.Human sacrifice :

As I said in the F.A.Q. section of the website, it is hard to say if human sacrifice is
part of Satanic tradition . And of course, not all Satanists follow tradition .
However, killing in the name of Satan is not what a sane person would do no
matter what tradition he is following . It is, from my point of view, a stupid and
inhuman tradition that has no purpose and risks our freedom .
Now.. I am not saying that Satanists cannot be criminals . There are bad people in
every religion and our religion is no exception . But crime is not part of Satanism .

2. We do NOT have rituals in which we rape women and then kill them.

Nothing is beautiful except man: but most beautiful of all is woman Black
Book Of Satan (I highly suggest you read this book)

As I said above (actually I quoted brother Nero), there are bad people in every
religion and our religion is no exception . Nevertheless, I doubt there are any
rapists in our religion .
In Satanism, but especially in traditional Satanism, there is a great appreciation
of women . Women have a very important role in ritual work, and that has
nothing to do with rape or murder, but with beauty and lust . Satanism is a very
carnal religion . Most rituals delve into sexual intercourse and thus, women (or
the mistress) are of immense importance and they are very loved and respected .

3. Set churches on fire :

If you are both a satanist and a pyromaniac, then thats another story . Its your
problem . We do not risk our freedom for burning down some christian church .
It is another absurd action that we are condemned for . You burn a church..
Another one appears, no problem..

4. We DONT devastate cemeteries and we DONT exhume corpses :

Destroying a cemetery or exhuming corpses is as stupid as church arson . What
did the poor people do to you to disinter them ? Or to destroy their graves ?!

It is possible that a satanist to be found in a cemetery . But that doesnt mean he
is there to destroy . Cemeteries can be very pleasant places . Some even nicer than
parks . There you can find anyone walking in peace . As long as youre not about
to destroy, you may very well walk in a cemetery .

We DO :

1. Rituals : There are many kinds of rituals but mostly we do rituals to thank
Satan and the Demons, to worship them, to ask for guidance, for protection and
so on .

2. Animal Sacrifice :

Animal sacrifices ARE a part of satanic tradition but they are NOT obligatory . In
the past, any god asked for sacrifice . Even Jehovah (God) . There are satanists
who do animal sacrifice once a year in the name of their god . But not all of them .
Few of us agree with this . I for one dont do it . And, even if I did, I cant see the
great crime . Jews make sacrifices . Christians make sacrifices . Why cant I ? In
every second an animal dies so that we may not starve . Why cant an animal die
once a year in your gods name ? In conclusion it is your problem if you choose to
sacrifice animals in the name of Satan . Satan does not ask for sacrifice, but he
doesnt throw it away either . I repeat . I do not consider this to be necessary .
For more information read the Animal Sacrifice essay .

3. Meditation :

We do it to improve the power of the mind to superior levels . Also, meditation is
necessary so that we may be able to control our minds during a ritual or a
telepathic communication with Demons, so that we can realize what is REAL and
what is created by the subconscious .

4. Celebrate :

In satanism, as in any other religion, there are celebrations .

The New Satanism
By Infernus

Over time, Satanism had a lot to suffer because of the RHP religions (Right Hand
Path Christianity , Islamism etc.) . Because of this, Satanisms traditions have
deteriorated so much that today, there is so little information remaining about
its original form .

Besides these kicks received from the enemy religions, now some new methods
have appeared to deteriorate the remaining origins .
Today we meet these, so many fellows who call themselves Satanists . These
individuals will clearly tell you that Satanists do not believe in Satan and that we
do not worship Him. They will bring you so many philosophies that you never
imagined that they could have anything to do with Satanism. Theories like we
consider Satan to be a symbol or an astral force that Satanists use. They bring
you their own theories formed in their nave minds, but not a grain of truth
regarding the religion called SATANISM .

During my religious changing and moving on the path of Satanism, I encountered
some problems while trying to understand the pure, original form of Satans
religion. There are so many persons out there who deny the true nature of
Satanism, that at the beginning it was really hard for me to decide which path I
should follow. Hence I was constrained to take each one along and study it, until I
have found my way and until my soul approved to me which is the real one and so
I followed it with no objection.

First of all, I wish to specify that there is only one true kind of Satanism : THE

The new types of satanism of which I started to speak about above, are (from
my point of view) nothing more than childish philosophies that have absolutely
nothing to do with the religion called Satanism . Normally, I shouldnt have taken
these in consideration, but I thought I should clarify this problem too.

So, without further ado, allow me to present you the new types of Satanism .

Today, we hear about these types such as LaVeyan Satanism and/or Modern
Satanism . These types are, no more and no less than the roots of a circus mans
philosophy of life .
It all started back in 1966, when a man called Anton Szandor LaVey decided to
create a movement (I say a movement and not religion because it has nothing to
do with real spiritual belief. Its a philosophy created by a simple man) based on
his philosophy of life . This movement, now called LaVeyan Satanism, first
appeared in 1966 with the foundation of C.o.S. (Church of Satan) and the
appearance of the Satanic Bible, both created by Anton LaVey .
This laveyan movement represents a philosophy that helps the individual to
separate from his former religion, mainly Christianity and which will introduce
him into some sort of Satanist way of thought . In worst cases, the movement
represents even the worship and adoration of mister LaVey .

Moving further, we get to modern Satanism which has its roots in LaVeys
movement .

These sweethearts who call themselves Modern satanists do not believe in any
god but themselves . They consider that the only true god is himself (which
transforms them from satanists into narcissists ) .
They perceive Satan as a symbol or a force . A source of energy which they use .
And that bothers me.. You USE Satan ?! Its revolting .
Modern Satanism took birth with the foundation of C.o.S . It has the basic
laveyan philosophy because LaVey himself contributed to the development of
modern satanism . But, also like LaVeyan Satanism, it cant be called a religion
but a simple philosophy and/or atheism . Why ?..
Well its simple..

RELIGION = 1. The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power
(divine), especially a personal God or gods.
2. Form of social knowledge characterized through faith in entities
or supernatural forces .
3. Belief system .

To call modern satanism a religion for the simple fact that it has a belief system
(Laveys philosophies) is foolish . Modern satanism is not a religion but 98%
philosophy, and 2% would be magick (not spirituality . besides this, very few
modern satanists practice magick.. LaVeys magick, of course..) .
Even LaVey declared that Satanism is a religion of the flesh . Well, while
Satanism is indeed very carnal and sexually oriented, a religion has to be based
on spirituality too . And spirituality does not exist for them .
They do not believe in anything, and yet they dont understand why people call
them atheists, narcissists or humanists and not satanists . What could it be so
hard to understand for them, I dont know... Oh well.. I guess that some are just
limited.. limited, yes, but even so, they call themselves GODS !
Come on, lets think about this one too, shall we ?

God : 1. (in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) the creator and
supreme ruler of the universe.
2. A superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature
and human fortunes.
3. A greatly admired or influential person.

The only reason for which a modern satanist could be called a god would be if he
is very admired (rock star ?!) or a person with influence . But all I see in them is
arrogant fools, trying to be something theyre not. Its pathetic . Getting to say
that I am a God or Satan is a force (something without brain, without
character, with no life) is a source of power which I use to evolve seems really
stupid, at least to me. Satan is a source that you use ? I assure you that Satan is
not the fire at which everyone is roasting their pork meat or marshmallows .

Their theory is based on the Satanic Bible in most part . They consider that if you
read this book and see that your ideas match with LaVeys it means you are a
satanist but you didnt know that .
My opinion about this is that it doesnt matter at all if you read that book . If you
have the dull impression that this book can define you, youre a man who needs
to work a bit at his character/personality .
You see, Modern Satanism has been created to ease a satanists work . It has
been created because it has a simple and comfortable philosophy . Many young
people search for a philosophy with which they can be proud of and stay calm and
secure on their way . All they need to do is read some books, starting with
LaVeys, agree with the them, and thats it ! The Satanist is born !.. or should I
say.. the GOD ! (you're a satanist when you feel it, deep inside your heart.. when
you feel that satanic spirit in you.. when you feel Satan and His unholy essence in
your soul.. not when you read a book that you can find on amazon.com that is
worth a few dolars. a book written by a circus guy -- yes, he really worked at the

They want to shape satanism on their liking, to fit them better . If you do not
accept the truth, you have no place in this religion . Yes, they shape it . We
(Satanists) keep on to the original form not the philosophy from a book full of
stolen information (for example, the book Might Is Right) .

As a friend once said : Modern satanism is a xeroxed paper perfectly
manipulated by LaVey . It is . It is a forgery .

However, I DO believe that Laveys Satanic Bible (so, the book most
recommended by modern satanists) is good for something related to this
religion . This book is good for those who are new to satanism, especially for
those who wish to depart from their former religion, because it contains those
philosophies I talked about, that help the individual to exceed the nature of his
former religion, and to introduce him into the BASIC satanic philosophy . It
shows, in small amount, a Satanists way of life and thinking in our days .

Of course, I dont consider that the Satanic Bible could totally introduce you in a
satanists way of life . To adopt the way of life of a satanist, you need more theory
and more than that, you need spiritual experiences as many as possible, in your
life that you have began as a satanist .

The fact that modern satanists dont believe in a god is also due to lack of
spiritual experience with Demons and Satan himself . And in case that they tried
to make a ritual and this God (Satan or a demon) didnt show up, they quickly
lost their hope and remained at simple theories, leaving spirituality . Because,
according to modern Satanisms theory, you are above all, and that pisses them
off when they see that no god showed himself ( right before them.. the gods on
Earth) . So, they get comfortable in the chair, get on the internet and start
philosophizing about LaVeys theories . From my opinion, they are just poseurs
who wish to appear something theyre not .

Satanism was always about DEVIL WORSHIP and DEMON WORSHIP . If you
do not believe in these Entities dont call yourself a Satanist . Its very simple.. Its
about Satan, then its SATAN-ism.. Its about you, then its.. something else .
Dont try to be something youre not ! Dont try to interpret all in your naive
mind, as you like it, just to fit you.. accept the truth ! Its original, its quality . Not
original ? we know well.. its CHEAP !

If someone still opposes/objects satanisms true nature after its been exposed to
him, then he is a coward and a hypocrite . Then he has no right to ruin the origin
and tradition because it doesnt fit him . In my eyes, that person is a cockroach
which must be squashed .

My Devil Worship
by Infernus

When people ask me what is my religion, I always tend to say Devil Worship
instead of Satanism . The main reason for this is because Satanism has become
something that just doesnt have anything to do with the worship of Satan (yes,
the devil) . Either if its the so-called laveyan/modern Satanism or
theistic/spiritual Satanism, it just doesnt compare to my beliefs. For me, the
most important thing is the worship of my god . Not magick, not ritual, not
philosophy, not this not that. Unlike others who tend to widen their beliefs and
practices by either performing magick or studying the occult and/or mythologies,
I like to stick up to the basic (yet, most important) thing in my religion. Im a
simple worshiper.
Some of you may say this is ignorance and laziness, but its really not so. You see,
I am also very skeptical. I believe in what I know. I like proof, not opinions.

Of course, I am interested to know more about my religion and my god and I do
like to experience new things especially when it comes to ritual practice, but its
very rare that I get to believe what I hear or read in a book. For example, there
are many people out there who affirm that Satan is the God X from Y mythology,
and that Satanism is actually Paganism . Many people have tried to tell me that
Satanists are in fact, pagans .

If that is so, then I will not call myself a satanist but a devil worshiper. Im not a
pagan, I worship Satan, the devil.
I DONT deny the fact that Satan was worshiped under different names in
different cultures, that he appears in different mythologies, and I dont say that
Satan (the God/Angel) appeared with the rise of Christianity . This deity existed
long before any mythology, civilization. There was God, there was Satan.. and
later there was man and his religions.
What Im saying is that we cannot be sure that He is the god X in Y mythology.
There is no document or proof that says Satan is the God X or a document older
than Christianity that speaks of SATAN . At least not a reliable source. Im saying
that I do not wish to worship a god of which I dont have proof that is Satan. Who
can show me, with real proof, that Satan, the god that I worship, is a god from
mythology but under a different name ? Well?..

Pagans worship god X . Satanists worship SATAN . Simple as that. Set is Set, Ptah
is Ptah, Malek TaUs is Malek Taus.. and Satan is Satan.
It is said that Satan is Set, Enki, Ptah or Malek TaUs. Why ? Because they look
alike or because they have the same jobs or because of this and that . Well, if
Satan is Malek TaUs, that means that I am also Yezidi ? Come on !
Again.. I am not a pagan, I am not a wiccan, I am not an alien worshiper.. I am a
Satanist, or better said, a Devil Worshiper .

However, I am not a Devil Worshiper as in, a traditional Satanist or as others say,
christian Satanist . No . Im not a traditional Satanist (but I do respect and
believe in most satanic traditions) . As I said, I have my own type of Satanism .
My own type of Devil Worship.

Also, when people ask me who do I worship, I tend to say The Devil instead of
Satan . By now, I came to realize that people are somehow affected when they
hear of the Devil . This name, either shocks or blocks people when they hear it,
even though some wish to appear unaffected by it. But the truth is, it really does
have an effect on people. Probably because it is given to serve as a name for pure
evil, for Evil as an entity. It is a strong word. And for this, I choose to use it many
times instead of Satan, when I refer to my god.
I want to make people understand that this entity, this god, IS indeed Evil at
times, dangerous, yet powerful and beautiful. I want people, especially those who
call themselves Satanists or Demonolators, remember that this God and His
Demons can be evil and should even be afraid of to some extent . I am sick of this
pink-happy-pretty view they have on Satan and the Demons . They end up
thinking of Satan as some kind of toothfairy, and when they see His true nature,
they run back to Jesus . I am also sick of those people, who come and tell you to
invoke a Demon, too see if he is there, or to command him to do something, or to
play with him, or to fuck with him and so on.. And they say it like, its a toy that
absolutely ANYONE can play with. Im so sick of this .

Another reason for which I use this name is because I believe that Satan is indeed
the Devil, that helped man to free himself from Jehovah, that urges us to sin . The
one that urges us to enjoy our lives and live them as we desire . Yes, I worship the
Devil, the enemy of Jehovah. Yes, I worship the Devil, who is the God of This
World and The Dark Lord of Hell .
Now that I said that, youll probably start wondering.. So, you believe Hes the
red guy with a pointy tail and horns, right ? Well, I personally dont imagine
how Satan looks. I prefer not to view/imagine Him in any way, because I believe
He is a spirit and can change His form as He wishes, or even dont have any form
at all. But sure, if I knew he was the red guy or a goat (even if, this isnt even a
religious view on Him. This little story about the Devil having horns and looking
like a goat is actually a folkloric description.. his appearance is not described in
the bible or any other religious text), or the ugliest monster, Id still worship Him.
I dont care how He looks, I care how He is..
But thats just my opinion, of course. I cant say for sure how He looks because I
never saw Him. So its up to the individual. Many traditional satanists see him as
portrayed in the Christian Bible. Its their view.. For some He is a Dragon (as in
the book of revelation), a Serpent or even a beautiful angel (the most beautiful of
angels). I dont really know how its the best, viewing Him or not.. Some say its
good to imagine how he looks to be able to concentrate better on Him, but I dont
do this because I believe that would mean I would be concentrating on my own
creation, made up in my mind.
Another thing that people ask me when talking about the Devil is, if I believe he is
a fallen angel .
Yes, I could say He was an angel, but I dont like the thought that he fell, that he
was punished and cast out of Heaven . I believe He left Heaven because he didnt
want to serve God and so He chose to build His own spiritual empire.

Basically, what I do is follow my instinct and believe in what I know to be true or
what I consider to be the truth. And I suggest everyone to do the same. Its the
best way I have found to connect to Satan. Staying honest with myself and
following my instincts is my key to Satans universe .

Satanic Unification
By Infernus

Ive noticed that many people are interested in the satanic unification nowadays .
Moreover, they are eager for such a situation.. but do they know what satanic
unification really is ?.. I wonder .
Here is my question to them :

What do you understand of satanic unification ?
Im asking because most of the people I talked to about this subject gave me some
extremely cretin and senseless answers .
Seriously, Ive asked them all.. what is satanic unification from their point of view
And here are their responses :

Satanic Unification represents the gathering of all satanists, constructing an
astral army of Satan . With this unity satanists will fight with Gods angels on the
astral plane


Satanic Unification shall take place when everyone will be with one consent
regarding the faith in Satan and his demons and when all demonolators,
traditional satanists and modern satanists will unite and will work together to
promote this faith, especially through the satanic community on the web

... and there have been many other responses but these two got my attention the
most . Both responses are REAL, word by word from people I met.
Lets take these responses and think at them well .

Answer 1 : Satanic Unification represents the gathering of all satanists,
constructing an astral army of Satan . With this unity satanists will fight with
Gods angels on the astral plane

First of all, any rational man would laugh his ass up at this response because it is
really awkward . But how can you explain to a person who lives in his own world,
far away from reality, that it is wrong ?.. ill try to do this right now.

Well.. Even though I DO believe in the existence of Demons and Angels, of Satan
and God and I DO believe in the astral/spiritual world, I cannot imagine how
YOU, a human, a sucker.. can destroy an Angel . Because, in the REAL world,
these spirits called angels or demons have an incredible power, and you cant do
more then to pray that you havent been noticed by such an entity (and this is not
my imagination . it is a reality that I have felt on my skin . Im referring to the
presence of Demons and Angels now, and their power that I had the chance to
feel with all my being) .There is no apocalyptic war between Satan and God, and
maybe there will never be .
So, Im nicely asking all the warriors to take a seat at the psychologist . Its worth..
I swear !
Satanism is a religion of reason, of reality, not of imagination .

Answer 2 : Satanic Unification shall take place when everyone will be with one
consent regarding the faith in Satan and his demons and when all demonolators,
traditional satanists and modern satanists will unite and will work together to
promote this faith, especially through the satanic community on the web

Satanism is a religion that urges the adept to be individual, to think and act alone
Therefore, it is impossible that everyone will be with one consent regarding the
faith in Satan and his Demons . Every man is an individual and hence there is no
document or proof that explains exactly what and how is Satan and his demons, it
is impossible that all people believe the same . So, each man believes in what he
personally thinks and feels, or what he wants to believe . Modern Satanists do
not believe in Satan so it is impossible to get at an agreement with a traditional
Satanist . Yes, we could unite because we have common enemies, the adepts of
the Right Hand Path (christians, jews..etc) and so if our religion is attacked, we
could all unite to defend Satanism and ourselves . In this way we could unite with
almost any antichristian organization or satanic organization but we couldnt
unite to work together, we couldnt unite to promote Satanism .
The same thing with demonolators, while they do worship Satan, He isnt the
primary deity in their religion and many of them end up worshipping/working
with the patron/matron demon . They also see Satan totally different than us but
that I will not explain in this essay. So this idea falls too..
Of course, there IS satanic unification, Im not saying it isnt.. But its rare .

Ok then . If I dared to say their answers are wrong, what is the truth about satanic
unification then ?

Before giving a straight answer, Id like to tell you something interesting and
beautiful . Its on the subject and many of you might learn something from it .

While I was stepping into satanism and demonolatry, there have been some
people next to me that helped me a lot on this path . These few rows Im about to
write down are dedicated to them, but specially for X (I will not name him for
secrecy sake, but he knows who he is), who had been by my side, teaching and
guiding me on the path that I was stepping, little-by-little to our god, Satan.
Looking back in the past, I see how my relations with satanists and demonolators
that I have met intensified or got lost . But from each one of them I have learned
something and for that I am fully grateful . Even though there have been
discussions and fights (even on the subject of Satanism.. as I said above, we cant
always have the same beliefs for we are all different and also have different
experiences with Satan and the Demons), and from some I had been constrained
to estrange, there is something that unites us all.. SATAN ! Because of Him I
have met them, because of Him we have and still are united . And for that , I
respect every fellow satanist and demonolator, because through the spirit of
Satan, like it or not, we are family .

To be honest, I dont think I wouldve got to know so much and my relation with
Satan and the Demons wouldnt been so tight without their help.. and now id like
to name some of them and doing so you might understand better the aim of this
essay .
As I was saying, Im writing first of all for Brother X, a very good friend who
helped me a lot with my relation with Satan through his advices for more than 6
years and continues to do so . This man has all my respect, as a satanist but also
as a friend . He has done his duty for Satan through me, sharing his knowledge,
time and patience . For me, he is a model satanist, and should be taken as
example . Not only for his knowledge, but for his devotion to Satan ! And with
this occasion I would like to thank him for the lend assistance and spent time,
because with his help, Ive learned a lot and I have been helped both mentally and
spiritually .

Another good friend to which Im grateful is Brother Uberlegenheit . He too
managed to help me a lot and teach me many things that I needed in my life and
my relation with Satan . These honorable gestures made him another good friend
and brother (symbolically speaking..) and thus determinated me to add him to
the list and present him to you, as another model Satanist/Demonolator .

Also, not very recently, another Satanist made his importance felt in my life as a
friend and brother and even though, im not sure he will like to have his name
listed here (hey look.. shut the f**k up and let me do my job) I am going to tell
you some about Hase . I know him since 5 years or so, but we got a little closer
two years ago when we got back in touch . In this time he prove that he is a real
follower of Satan .
Hase, just like the others, shared his knowledge and helped me spiritually, and
for that hes got all my respect and I wish to thank him .
There have been others, but theres no reason to enumerate them here . Anyway,
I know that without them it wouldve been more tough .

These gestures made them my brothers.
Why I wrote all of this, is because I wanted to explain with examples what it
means.. respect for your brothers . A very important thing that even I, in my
arrogance, have forgotten .

Getting back to the question . What is satanic unification ? All I have wrote
represents, from my point of view, the true unification of satanists . We do not
need to unite to explain the world about our god . Many people see it this way .
They want to unite to show the world our religion, when the world doesnt even
want to know about it.
We are united because of Satan, and the purpose of this relation is to learn from
each other and MOVE ON. This is what I consider to be the real unification of
Satanists .

Your Romanian brother, Infernus :)


Satanist To be or not to be (a sermon)
By Infernus

Quite often I meet these.. people, who call themselves Satanists and who, at the
first sight seem to be real spiritual persons, truly bound up with Satan . Not only
are they well informed, but they are also very into this religion. They spend a lot
of their time talking or studying about Satanism . However, most of them have a
small problem . They do not know why they are doing all of this. Ironically, Ive
questioned them out of curiosity, why they worship Satan and why are they
Satanists . While some of them admitted they didnt know the right answer,
others gave me some responses that got me on the floor laughing like an idiot.
For example I once questioned a girl who kept telling me of her great relationship
with Satan, and this is what she said (word by word) :
I believe there are many kinds of souls. A part of these souls have been created
by demons. I believe that I am one of them because if I wasnt I would have not
got at this point.
Naturally, I started laughing but then I started thinking Is she serious ?! . I
mean, come on ! I always thought of Satanists as being smart people who dont
live on another planet like Christians .
Well of course, it is her belief and I cant really judge this. But it got me thinking .
If I was in her place, how much imagination should I have to create such a belief ?
How much imagination does it take to create a world of illusion in which one may
truly believe ?
Im not like this, and Im not saying this to seem like a smart ass or something,
but I like to question my beliefs and everything I see and hear . There is a golden
rule in the occult and Satanism which I love to follow : Question everything ! .
I like to believe in what I know to be true. I always hated people who follow
blindly something created in their minds, yet not having a drop of reality in their
beliefs. First of all because we live in the 21
century, a time of reason and truth .
I like to believe that man has evolved since the middle ages. But when I stumble
upon these fellows I start worrying . Its like that guy you see on the street . If you
ask him what he believes in, he will proudly say I believe in God. If you ask him
why, the bomb hits : I like to believe there is someone up there, greater than all,
who takes care of me. .
It is cute, I cant deny this. Yes, anyone can create his own religion. In fact, I
really encourage everyone to do so, but I also suggest sticking on to reality and
building beliefs on proof, on experience, not on imagination. Because in this way,
you can evolve. You can get somewhere.. anywhere.
I really think that if you believe in something, you need to have proof. A small
proof, a piece of reality. At least thats how I am. I like to think that my beliefs are
as real as they may get and that Im not heading towards an ape-like creature. I
believe in what I see.. The Sun ? Yes, its right up there shining. I believe in it. I
know its there. Satan ? Yes, Hes right beside me, has His hand on my shoulder
turning me to the right path as he always did. He proved to me he exists by
presenting Himself to me, by manifesting Himself on both the spiritual and
material realm, and showed His beauty to my eyes. I believe that Satan helps
me because I KNOW from my experiences that He does. I know, I have my proof.
But no, my dear reader.. I am not saying I hold the supreme truth. I too have
many questions, and not always do I find an answer. Like for example, I simply
have no clue how come Im here, how come this planet exists and how life began.
Hell knows, maybe God really did wave his hands and created all of this. Or
maybe Big Bang. I dont know. I could imagine, of course, but that wouldnt be
any truth, right ? I would blindly believe. Of course, I dont even care of the
creation of the world. I dont even think about it. There are other things that I
need to understand in my life, and I dont have time to search for such answers.
Im concerned about the present and the future, about myself and my God. I do
not wish to use my mind to invent answers in my limited mind (limited because
we, as humans, cannot understand many things regarding our nature, our world
and the spiritual world.. thats why these are called mysteries), but instead use it
to understand what I could do to become better, wiser, smarter, stronger. E-V-O-
L-U-T-I-O-N . You know ?..
Getting back to that girl I was talking about. What I told her, Ill tell you too.
In order to understand Satan, you must first understand yourself. Like He was a
part of you. If you cannot understand yourself, your nature, your abilities and
your secrets, you will never get to know the world around you . I mean, you will
not understand the beauty of it all, if you cant judge by how its affecting your life
(like Satan, for example. Why would you follow Satan if you cant realize what he
really does for you?) . You know, life is beautiful . And it would be a real shame if
you lived it in a lie and imagination. Stay in touch with reality, first of all. There
are times when you may love what you see and there are times when you hate
what you see but the important thing is that you see the real thing . You need to
understand whats in front of you to exceed it. As I said many times, Satanism is a
religion of reason, of reality, not of imagination. Satanism is life in my point of
view. It is the life of the Satanist. And thats why I advice you to stay real. Taking
this advice is doing yourself a favour, not to me or to Satan, but to yourself. Im
not giving you this advice because I want to appear a smart ass, but because I did
the same and it worked perfectly fine. Not all the time, but most of the time, when
I followed my instinct, when I examined the world and when I put my brain in
action to understand myself, then I understood what I have to do and what I need
to believe in (either if its Satan, or myself, or whatever..) to go beyond any
obstacle and to surpass myself .
Also, you must stop believing everything you hear from other people. Especially
when it comes to religion and spiritual belief. You know, that once you started
believing in what they say, that belief you got is actually not yours, but theirs ?
You need to build up your own beliefs (or your own kind of religion) . Start using
your brain, man. Stay real, stay honest (with yourself at least), and the truth will
If this is truly important to you, than make sure you get it right. If Satan is truly
important to you, make sure you get to know Him personally, not by what X said
He is like. If you dont do this, then you wont understand your own beliefs and
you wont be a part of them. Especially not in the eyes of these gods (Satan and
His demons) .
If it is something there, in your soul, search for it well.. It will be clear as crystal,
once youve understood yourself. Trust me!
Think about yourself, and be honest with yourself, and then think about Satan
and why you follow Him .
Me.. I worship Satan because I consider Him to be The Supreme Truth, The
Perfection. I learned many things about myself in this life, but there are still
many things I dont understand. And for that, I seek Satans guidance, Satans
wisdom to find and understand, first of all, myself, and then the world I live in. I
NEED HIM . I need to know myself and my nature, I need to know my God and
His nature, I need to know the world, life and death, love and hate.. everything.
But for that, I have to start from the bottom to get to the top. And for that, I have
Satan as my guide and teacher. Thats why I worship Him.
I dont wish to be arrogant, but it just bothers me.. the thing that many people
who call themselves Satanists dont even know why they do what they do, why
they believe in what they believe. And for Satans sake man ! There are even those
assholes who come with such a pride telling me how they are members or High
Priests of a great satanic coven/group/organization, or how much they read
about Satanism, and who cant even answer this simple question. I dont care who
you hang out with, I dont care how many books you read. And for your
personal information, know too that you wont find TRUE Satanism in books. In
my opinion, books dont matter in Satanism. Only if you wish to practice magick
or want to learn about the past and OTHER peoples views and experiences with
Satan . Thats why there isnt a bible in Satanism. Because we are all different
people and we experience Satan differently.
To learn about Satan, you need experiences . To learn from the source(Satan),
and from the soul. Open up your heart and search within your soul. Satanism is
in yourself, it is that dark spot in which your true essence is hidden and it is up to
you to discover it.
Those who follow blindly, are the people that, in exchange for a house and car,
would give away all their beliefs . The people that would leave Satan if you gave
them X dollars, and the next day youd see them sucking cock in the church .

I repeat : All is in your soul
Stay true, stay real.. Hail Satan !

Standing up for ourselves
by Infernus

Ive wrote in a short essay here, somewhere, about satanist teens having
problems with friends and family because of their religion . We all know how
hard and frustrating that problem is. However, its not something impossible to
solve (my opinion) . Its a problem which you can take care of, one way or another
But what if another problem, similar to the one that teens have, is affecting your
love life and social life as an adult ? I have heard about and even met some people
who have a problem saying to their intimate partner about their religious
affiliations .
Ok now.. Why is this a problem ? Well, of course it wouldnt be a problem if ones
relationship isnt touching this subject, or it touches it yet it can be easily escaped
from that situation . But what happens if your partner (which you probably love
or wish to keep close) turns out to be a profound christian (one who goes to
church, or prays a lot, or one who fills up the house you both live in with christian
icons and stuff like that) ?
Some of you may say well, if youre a satanist you shouldnt get together with
Christians or muslims or jews or whatever RHP fellow because they are our
enemies and it is not appropriate to love one or marry one and have kids because
we need to keep our blood line purely endowed with satanic spirit . To one point
you are right. We should do that, but how many satanic partners are out there to
share our lives with, eh ? And honestly, when love strikes, theres no escape (or at
least it shouldnt.. love is a rare thing and too beautiful to miss) . As I said, I have
met people who fell in love with Christian partners and are afraid to tell them
they are satanists or even worse, they are ashamed to tell them . Now.. this is
really bad.. To be ashamed of what you are . It is absolutely absurd . One should
be proud of being a satanist . I for one, have moments when I feel like going on
top of a building and shouting I LOVE SATAN . I am proud . I am different ! .. i
dont know.. this problem is like the one that homosexuals have . They are
ashamed of what they are ... Why ? Because the world rejects them.. because they
are different . The world doesnt always understand us.. and when someone
doesnt understand something, he starts to hate it, and fear it . Like death !
People hate death and fear it because they do not know it . Thus, we fear them
right back . And it really sucks, having someone you love or like a lot, refuse to be
with you after they hear about your.. difference . So what could it be done in this
case ?
Let me give you an example . I had a friend who met a girl which he considered
perfect from all points of view : Serious, beautiful, smart, good in bed.. etc . It was
indeed, perfect . But there was a BIIIIIG PROBLEM between those two, sweet
lovebirds . Unfortunately, the girl was a christian who was weekly going to
church, who was keeping the fast, who was confessing her sins etc. And the guy,
was a dedicated satanist (quite a dark fellow I might add haha) . The real problem
was that she, while not knowing of his religious affiliation, was asking him to do
the same things (confessing sins, going to church etc) . When he told me about
this, he said he could do that because the Devil is not running from the church .
The church is running from the Devil (his exact words) . I consider this
inappropriate, because after all, those are christian traditions and he, as a
satanist, should not take part of such things for anything in the world . Its like
asking her to partake in a satanic ritual wearing the crucifix . That would be a
mockery and lack of respect towards Satan . He said he could do that in mockery
but still.. to me it seems.. awful .
I for one got tired long time ago of hiding my religion . And when something like
this happens, I dont hesitate to tell whats the deal with me . Because once Ive
said it, Im care-free . And what I say can be accepted or not. Of course, it also
depends on who youre dealing with . You cant go telling a Yehovas Witness that
because you will get f****d up on the spot . But he.. he couldnt tell her , for two
reasons : 1. He didnt want to lose her . She was dear to him, they got along well,
and as I said, love (or even sex) is something too good to miss . 2. Unfortunately,
he didnt trust her much and feared she might spread the word in their faculty (of
MEDICINE ! i got smart friends ! wow) and thus bring him problems there .
Because there hes got many Christian friends whose help is quite big and
precious .
My opinion on that is the following : If you stay with a person that you love or like
and respect (and who probably respects you back) you CAN tell her that . Its a
matter of trust and a relationship without trust is no relationship at all . I think
its worth the risk. Dont you?
She talked about her religion with no problem and fear . I believe it would be
normal if he did the same . You know.. Stand up for yourself and your religion !
This problem might appear simple, but its not always like that . I know, Ive been
there myself . Its like.. business.. you cant do business with a man you dont
know and dont trust . Even if you dont like that person, you need to accept it to
get the business work, right ? Because if youre partners in something, that
person could help you and so could you . The same with love . If that person loves
you or likes you, she likes you how you are and to get a relationship work well, i
think its best to know your partner and have no secrets . Even if its normal to
have some secrets, because they are part of your private life and you cant really
share all youve got to someone else . Some secrets are to be discovered at a
certain time, yes.. But WHY keep THIS a secret ? Especially when this thing truly
represents you . Especially when its necessary to stand up for your religion,
because this is one of the biggest reasons for which our religion is a minority . We
dont stand up for ourselves in society . Were afraid to say were satanists
because we might lose our jobs, our friends, our lovers, we might have problems
at school.. etc . I think its worth the risk . For me at least, Satan is more
important than a job, a friend and a lover all together . There are billions of jobs
out there, billions of girls, and friends.. friends come and go . But Satan will
always be there . Satan will always love you . Satan will always be loyal to you (if
you are to Him) .
Thats why Christians have the power . Thats why Christians are respected and
seen well . If you ask a Christian (a REAL christian not some dude on the street)
about him he will first say I am a Christian.. who does this for a living. . Ok,
maybe its not the first thing he will mention but he will mention it and show it
soon and he is proud of that . Why are we all so afraid to say who we are ? Hey
look.. lets cut the crap, shall we ? I am a Satanist . You have 3 choices : Deal with
it, ignore it, hate it . I wont have you forever.. but I will have Satan . . Why
tolerate all this Christian shit of her, and hide your identity, your feelings and
thoughts just for.. a girl ? Or a job.. or whatever . There comes a time in our lives
when we have to take full responsibility for our actions and thus support the
consequences . Isnt Satan a reason good enough to take a chance ? I seen 14 y.o.
kids standing up for themslves more than we do . Yes, I am a metalhead and I
will fuck you up if you say anything about my hair . Seriously. If you have a
relationship with a girl and you show her that youre not some kind of monster,
that youre not a morbid asshole who wants to use her as a tool in a spooky
satanic ritual, that this thing isnt bringing any bad influence to her or to the
relationship, why would she leave you ? We dont have 3 cocks, we dont have 4
breasts, we piss like everyone, we eat and sleep like everyone.. right ? Were the
same . Its just that we worship the god of freedom, joy and power ! The true god
of humanity . Why become a worm in front of a woman ? Yes, love makes you
stupid sometimes, woman may twist your brains a lil bit.. But for Satans sake
man ! Stand up for yourself and your god ! The same with losing a job . Why lose
your job if your religion doesnt affect your professional abilities to work ? If you
are a man who works hard, just like all others.. if you are a man looking normal
and acting normal.. Why refrain from that ? Why let this discrimination get you
down ?
Even if we dont have an organization or ruling party to protect our beliefs and
rights (i dont think that anyone would ever lift a finger so that we and our
families may have access to the normal rights.. because we are the fucking
enemies !! the evil Devil Worshippers), we can do something so that we may live
better .
Anything ! For example, you can do somehow to exempt your child from religion
class in school . I mean, if we have kids and wish to raise them in our belief
system, then we should also keep them away from any non satanic thought
(because, I also said at the beginning that we should keep our blood line pure
satanic) . This is doing something for yourself, your child and your religion !
Right ? You can do that . At least until a certain age, when the child gets older .
And of course, not to force him to follow our path . Otherwise we wouldnt be any
different from Christians, right ? But if we want to raise him in our belief system
its best to educate him about it and if theyre ok with it, good.. they will follow us
. If not, let them free to choose and believe in whatever they wish to believe .
Because if they are Satanists, and have Satans spirit within them, they WILL
follow our path .
And speaking of kids education... Educating and raising kids in the satanic
tradition is also a problem on which we should be focused . Because our
traditions and ideology are collapsing . Its not much left.. Not just because of
Christianity which simply burned almost every piece of information about it but
also because of the new fellas who call themselves satanists and deny Satans
teachings and deny Satan himself . The new formed mentality that is breaking up
all our traditions and growing into something else which they call Satanism . At
least here in Romania these traditions are being totally ignored and I see this
thing happening and it somehow saddens me to know that our religion is
becoming something else because of this new-age thought . Many dont pay
attention to the basic satanic philosophy because.. it just doesnt suit them . And
thus becomes all this confusion, especially when they start smattering bullshit
about how they know Satan to be, some kind of fuckin E.T. alien or source of
power that they use .
And its hard to ignore it because it is important to us . As I said, tradition is
important and it shouldnt be left behind because we might want to learn more,
and also educate our kids about it.. Maybe we will want to have Satanic Holidays
in our families. If we dont learn and teach others about our traditions then who
will ? Spending time educating kids about our traditions would be perfect,
instead of wasting it in the law court or whatever other thing do to.. Sadly.. we
have other problems to take care of first .
Anyway .
Another thing you could do, is to sue the company or the boss if he fires you
because youre a satanist . You can work and look as better as you can to appear
as a normal citizen so that they may have nothing to reproach to you and wrong
you .
Right ? You can ! Its worth the effort, its worth the risk.. If we dont have the
power to stand up for ourselves and fight for ourselves, how could we do
something for Satan and his religion ? How can you represent your religion if you
are a coward and dont have the guts to say youre a satanist and to prove to the
world that you are better than they think ? I fought for my beliefs for a looong
time . I had problems with the police, with my teachers, with my family and so
on.. So I know its hard to fight for your belief . Many of my satanist friends told
me that its not easy to be a satanist . That satanism is not a path easy to follow .
There are many obstacles which we need to pass . This being one of them.. Other
obstacles ? Keeping your faith . There are times when were weak and our faith
simply trembles.. But we need to fight for ourselves and for our religion . We have
been submissive for too long !
We must act.. all legally of course . Unlike Christians, who killed to gain power..
We can do it better, in a better way . Doing so, Im sure that our religion will rise
up.. maybe in the next three years.. maybe five.. or maybe ten . We just need to
make these little steps up to the world .
BUT !.. When telling people youre a satanist, you also need to make sure that you
have strong arguments and that you will know what to say if they are asking for
more information on this . If you dont know why youre a satanist (and maybe
thats because youre not) dont say it, otherwise you will look like a complete
idiot and instead of showing to people that Satanism is a good religion, you will
show them.. different . Or, if youre a satanist and dont wish to say more, dont .
Dont answer if not asked or if youre not in the mood or if the person youre
talking to isnt too opened to it . We stayed in the shadows for a long time and
were still here, well and healthy so you can continue doing so too, if youre not
capable or in disposition to come to light .
The reason I wrote this is because I wanted to urge satanists who are capable to
discuss about their beliefs (as is my friend I talked about) to say what they are
and not to be ashamed or afraid of saying it . Satanists are getting weaker every
day.. and thats the real reason from my point of view .

About parents, friends and ways to talk with them. Few
advices for teen Satanists/demonolators
by Infernus

I remember.. my first discussions about satanism with mom and dad . Daaamn
stressing . But in the end, I managed to make them hear what I had to say . We all
need to make them understand us . I believe it is important that you stay opened
to them, because if you hide your thoughts and feelings about something that IS
influencing your life, it might come hard .
So, if any of you have these kind of problems, I might be able to help you .
Below are some advices and ideas that might be useful to your communication
with both your friends and your family .

Now, first of all, I say we get to the problems with friends .
In order to get rid of the bantering that your friends might make to you, you need
to explain to them . If they are real friends, they will understand . Or if they dont
understand, at least accept it , because this difference between you people
shouldnt break a nice friendship . But most of them understand, and that of
course if youre not an idiot and you are capable to explain clear .
You can simply explain to them, that we are not so different . We are humans too
. We dont have 3 cocks, we dont have 4 breasts.. we eat like everyone else, we
drink like everyone else, we sleep like everyone else . People alone create a
negative image about us because of the lies brought by Christianity . We dont
offer them this image ( or at least, not all . there are bad people in every religion
and our religion is no exception . and, unfortunately there are those teens who try
to be cool and do all sort of juvenile acts, but that period will surely pass)
The difference is that we honour our god who gave us liberty and knowledge, our
god that helps us to evolve both spiritually and mentally, our god who gives us
strength when we have problems .

The same thing with parents . You can explain to them that the Devil aint so bad .
In that way they will accept you the way you really are .
What Ive learned in all these years, is that parents are as confused as you are .
Their parental care, is to ensure that you become a man and not some kind of
monster . A good man . A respectable man, of which they can be proud of .
Satanism/Demonolatry is something frightening and alarming to them . Some
might understand, and others might not . And it is good to make all you can to
not let them find out about your inclination . But, you cant keep it in yourself
forever . When you are ready to tell them, do it well .
I suggest that you take them easy . First, show them that this change doesnt
affect you and that it isnt something negative . Try to emphasize all the good stuff
that lays in yourself ( good grades/marks at school, good manners, maturity etc.)
. Trust me, these are very important . I admit, I was really bad with school . I
really aint proud of that . I hated it . And its not that I didnt learn, its because I
didnt go to school my parents created a vision of an irresponsible kid and it was
quite hard to change it . I also had many problems in life but I dont think its
time for me to share this with you. All I want you to know is that I dont waste
words, and that I too, been through these phases with friends, parents.. even
teachers and police, all because of my inclination . I took it and I learned a lot
from this .
Thus Im going to give you some advices . If you want to take it in consideration,
good. If not.. good . Youre doing it for you and not for me.

1. Dont make yourself conspicuous ! If you tell or give to understand whats the
deal with you to the wrong persons, you might be attacked ! I can even say its
something spiritual . There are Christians ( both fanatics and normal ) who react
very ugly to Satanism because they feel you as enemies . These are the people of
God, the ones who have His spirit in their souls and respond in His name . So,
you understand what I mean.. ( even if you do not believe in the existence of God,
this CAN happen )

2. When it comes to friends.. The only person you can trust is yourself and Satan .
Not even fellow satanists/demonolators can be trusted (of course, there might be
some exceptions) . Even though trust in our brothers (symbolically speaking)
would be a remarkable gesture and an act of respect to Satan, you cannot trust
them . Try to hide your greatest secrets . Few people know what trust and
respect means .

3. When it comes to parents . As I said, try to make a good impression . Show
them that this is a positive inclination and not a negative one . Be opened to
them, be pleasant.. As someone once told me : If you lock yourself in your
dungeon, and then come out as a clone of Marilyn Manson and start throwing
insults to the world and the christian religion, its obvious that you will be treated
like a rat .
Try to explain to them few things about satanism/demonolatry . Even if you dont
have enough knowledge . You can talk from the heart, with passion, all that it
means to you.
Find mature friends, well educated and well raised . Mothers appreciate
politeness, thus a friend with long hair or green mohawk, a pentagram necklace
and 100 pierces on his face that says to your mom Good morning Mrs. X , how
are you ? May I ?... thank you . etc will be more adequate than a shy swot
(bookworm/geek), church kid that doesnt know how to behave in the real world .
That young man could also impress your father through maturity and education .
Fathers cant stand immature people, dawdlers..
Getting back to the discussion with them.. If youre good at comparisons, try to
show them the differences between other religions and satanism (while doing
this, explain to them why you chose satanism instead of other religions.) If they
refuse to speak about it, remain calm and leave the room saying I thought we
could have a mature discussion . I guess I was wrong or something like that .
They WILL give you a second chance . If they still dont want to hear anything
and continue to think of satanism as a negative thing, tell them that when they
will bring you a real proof that satanism is a religion in which man is drawn to
evil, you will renounce the religion . Tell them to bring proof of something
really bad in Satanism that doesnt exist in Christianity for example.. Believe me,
its impossible . ;)

Keep in mind : Do NOT try to tell them other peoples theories, for example, what
you have read on a website . Tell them what is in your soul ! Its more clear and
more important .
Also, do NOT make them think you want to join a sect . It is obvious that they will
get mad if they hear this . Naturally .
Many sects are full of idiots ... and they are dangerous too ! You have no place
there .

I wish you all good luck .

Hail Satan !

Teens In Satanism
By Infernus

I wish to write about teens involved in Satanism because from my point of view,
they are the future of our religion, and so, I believe this to be an important
subject that deserves to be discussed and taken into consideration especially by
the adult Satanists out there .
Now, the first thing I want to point out is that, I consider that it is our duty to
help them in any way possible, to make the right steps to Satan . What do I mean
by that ? I mean try to keep them away from any wrong idea related to Satanism .
And there are many wrong ideas theyve got.. Starting with fighting parents and
leaving school, to serious criminal activities . These are problems that not only
them and their parents are facing, but us too .
I do not know how ugly the situation is in your country, but here, in Romania, it
is horrible . However, I am sure that this problem is everywhere and it needs to
be solved somehow .
The thing with these teens is that, they have not been taught so much (or even, at
all) about Satan and Satanism . There hasnt been too much attention paid to
them . Of course, here you could tell me Well, if they wish to know, they search .
They study, they do.. etc. Who taught me these things ? Myself. And youd be
right ! They could search, but they dont . At least most of them, dont search for
answers within books, history or in themselves. They search answers at other
people, and those other people arent always the best to be followed .
I am sure that you too have seen at the news or read in the papers about
Satanists responsible for suicide/murder/rape/church burning/graveyard
vandalism/etc , and that bothered you . Most of them Marilyn Manson or Cradle
of Filth fans, or listeners of the Black Metal genre .
You probably even started to curse them, because they have stained our religion
with a filthy image and ruined it because of their stupidity and unfortunately,
because of their illegal activities .
But did you ever think that maybe these kids you are cursing, really do love Satan
and search for a way to serve Him yet they do not know how ? Did you think that
maybe these actions they are making to bring them closer to Satan, is not only
destroying churches/graveyards but also themselves ? Did you think that you
could help them somehow ?
Of course, not all of them are real satanists and it is not your duty to help every
poor teen find his way in life . I say there is 1 satanist in 100, or 1 in 1000 . The
rest of them being nothing more than teenagers who cant find a place in society,
and because of that they decide to pretend that they are satanists to awake the
worlds interest and to look cool in front of their friends..
But when you find that one satanist.. Why not help him ? Why leave him struggle
to find out what satanism is all about, especially when there is so much
misconception about our religion ?
I remember how hard it was for me . How many problems I had, not only to find
Satans true religion, but also with my parents . You see, these problems are also
affecting parents and it really sucks having a parent keeping you away from
something that is really important to you . As I said, starting to fight with parents,
running away from home or anything like that is not such a great idea . But the
teens, they dont realize that . They believe that in this way, they would solve the
problems.. Yet they only make them worse .
I believe that if a teen would have someone older and more experienced than him
to explain whats the deal with satanism and to guide him to Satan, it would not
only be easier for him, but also for his parents . Even though most of the parents
are afraid to let their children with other satanists (and they have all the right to
be afraid), others would feel more comfortable if they knew that their child is
learning from an adult, especially if they knew the man in person and knew he is
not some kind of child molester .
That would be a step forward . These children need guidance. They search for
answers but they cant find anything, and so most of them decide to follow people
who arent always best to be followed. They decide to join groups (or sects) full of
wrong people. In Romania at least, there is one such a group in every town, and I
had the chance to talk with some of their so-called leaders and that broke my
heart. They are leaded by idiots.
These groups are controlled by leaders not too well documented, who usually
have a poor or hard life. Those that I have met were mostly the same age as the
members (so, also teenagers) and hence they have a tendency to get involved in
illegal activity . And thats what freaks parents out. Naturally ! Many groups are
very dangerous . If you are a teenager, I suggest you stay away from them . Im
very serious .
As I said, the leader doesnt have much documentation about satanism and its
traditions and philosophy, so he usually creates his own theory, a philosophy
specially to control the minds of the members . Thus the members will be
attracted by the leader because of his satanic philosophy and because of the fact
that he usually affirms he is a great satanic priest or even the Antichrist, who will
guide them to Satan .
Having this attraction, the members are easily influenced by the leader and
because of these influences, the leader has in control the whole herd .
The group members follow the philosophy of the leader and thus, at his
command, execute all kinds of strange rituals who usually imply in stupid, illegal
activities, ending up together with the leader, at the TV or in the newspaper or
even end up at their own funeral because of a command from the leader such as
selling their souls to Satan through suicide .
Knowing this, who would leave his child hang out with such.. assholes ?!
Seriously now..
Yet if the parents would know an adult Satanist who they could trust, then
MAYBE they would stay a little more relaxed knowing that at least the kid is not
out on a killing spree .
For example. Lets say a teen comes here and starts reading the website and his
parents catch him . If this was a website that encourages teens to commit suicide,
then obviously his parent would beat the hell out of the kid until all the satanism
is out of his brains . But this isnt such a website, so if the teen and his parent
would see what were about than maybe the situation would be better . Dont you
think ?
However. Not all websites, blogs and forums are like this . Even the internet is
full of bad information, and it can be dangerous just like the offline groups . So
what real teachings could these children get ?
Lets say they get on the internet and search for information . What do they find ?
Other bullshit .
Organizations like Joy of Satan for example . What kind of teaching is that ? That
neo-nazi spiritual satanism (by the way. how could a religion be if not spiritual..
ha?!) which is actually alien worship . Seriously, thats what you find if you search
the web for satanism for the first time . Joy of Satan . This well-known group,
represents a real danger for the new people in satanism and especially for the
minds of many teens which are manipulated by this organization . At least thats
how I see this, and if you consider that you can prove me wrong, please come over
and get on typing me an email !
This is the best example I can give . Yeah, I was talking about the leaders of
organizations . Lets take a look at Joy Of Satans leader, Maxine (or real name
Andrea). She is a well-known character in the satanic community on the internet
(she used to be a member of an important satanic organization called Cathedral
of the Black Goat, but she was kicked out because of her infidelity to Satan and
the group) .
What kind of satanic leader is she ? Well, I tell you.. Miss Maxine, because she
was too smart to follow the true traditions of satanism, created her own religion
which she calls, Spiritual Satanism . Shes just like the other leaders I talked
about. She creates another religion who doesnt have anything to do with
Satanism, but with the worship of an E.T. , alien named Enki (she also affirms
that Satan is Enki or Ea or Ptah . Gods of mythology who have no real connection
with Satan . Enki being a Sumerian god who later became known in Babylonian
mythology under the name of Ea . Ptah/Phta/Fta is an egyptian god
corresponding to the greek god Hefaistos or the roman god Vulcan who, as a
legend says, created the earth) who came to earth via spaceship to help humans
and then went back to his planet Nibiru .
Yes, this might sound funny, but with this theory she manipulated and continues
to manipulate the minds of thousands of teens.
And dont think im talking without knowing. I too have been present in this
group 6 years ago . I know very well what was discussed there, and what bullshit
she was trying to propagate . About that time there where few real satanists in the
group and more often than not, conflicts used to come out . Others didnt say a
word. Satanists like HP Dann, ex-member of the Joy Of Satan clergy , done
something respectful, that is to say a website that attacked the organization from
the inside . He revealed all the bullshit hidden within Joy Of Satan . Also, he
informed many other groups like Orthodox Temple of Satan . On May 24 2005
the truth began to get known, the groups raised against Joy Of Satan and on June
29 2005 he created the group Anti Joy Of Satan Crusade . Since then, all the
satanic community is against them, and we are all hoping that this organization
would find its end as soon as possible .
Now dont think I have something specially with Joy Of Satan or Maxine . No, I
dont care about them, about what they believe in or what they do.. I have better
things to do then bother myself with such people. I dont have any connection
with them anymore. But I do somehow pity the members who cant wake up from
those lies stuck up in their minds because of J.o.S. . Its sad, man..
And that is just an example from many others.. So again I ask : What real
teachings could these children find ?
As I said in For teen Satanists/Demonolators article, the parents job is to ensure
that you become a man and not some kind of monster . I feel that this is not only
the parents job, but ours too . If we care about our religion, we first need to take
care of ourselves . To look out for each other and to learn together and pass our
knowledge to the next generation of satanists . Because if they dont carry our
religions traditions, then who will ?
Most of us have been through all of this, and we have been where these teenagers
are right now so it is our duty (first of all to Satan) to help them and guide them .
You see, when a teen gets his mind on something, its really hard to change
anything . Especially for parents, because they dont always understand what
their child is going through . Even though the child tries to explain what he
believes in, the parent wont understand . Especially if its about satanism. The
kid tries to expose his views, but the parent will obviously deny everything .
Naturally . It is almost impossible that a 14 y.o. kid would be able to change the
beliefs that his parent had all his life .
But what if the child was speaking to someone that shares the same beliefs as he
does ? An adult satanist, who wishes to guide him .
Then thats another story.. The teen would more listen to the adult satanist then
they would listen to their parents because their parents are not like them, and so
they dont understand what they believe and respect .
Having that adult satanist around would not only help the kid to learn, but would
also calm down the parent who worries too much . This way, there would always
be someone the teen can trust and listen to. Someone who could tell them what is
good and what is wrong to do .
Lets bring back the example of church burning . If the parent would tell him not
to burn a church down because its not ok, the teen would do exactly that .
Because in his mind, what its not ok for a christian it is ok for a satanist .
But what if the adult satanist would tell him Hey . Wait a minute junior . Think
about what youre doing . How is this going to help you ? Dont you realize that
youre actually giving christians a reason to be against us ? Dont you realize that
youre not really defeating the christians but letting them win ? . I guarantee you
that the teen will listen to the adult satanist. Not only because he respects him,
but because he is right . We do not risk our freedom for burning down some
christian church . It is absurd . If you burn the church down, theres no problem,
another one appears.. and what happends to you ? You go to jail . How will you
then be able to study and worship your god ?

So I believe it is our duty to educate them into satanism and also life . Otherwise
the next generation of Satanists will be a generation of idiots and criminals . I
look around and see how nothing is changing . If we dont do something, what
will happen to our religion ?

Religion and its importance
by Infernus

I would like to express my opinion on the religions importance in ones life .
One must be aware of the importance of his religion . Religion should not be
taken as a group in which you choose to join, in order to find a place in society .
From my point of view, religion is the destiny of each mans soul . It is also, a way
of life . Yes, religion can change your way of life, way of thinking . Unlike atheism
, religion offers you something more . It offers you a new theory, a new pair of
eyes, which will help you see the importance of spirituality in life and of the
spiritual evolution .
Of course, every religion is different . Every religion shows you a different image
on life, on the spirit and on yourself .
Christianity is different from Satanism, Judaism is different from Hinduism , and
so on .
Also, each person is different by another and has the right to choose his own
religion according to his feelings or thoughts .
Certainly, I do consider it is normal that in a family , the child to be raised in the
same belief system until an older age, but not to be forced to believe or follow the
parents religious path .
As you get older, you start seeing life differently and also the religion in which
you belong . And thats the time when only YOU have the right to change your
path .
Thats what I did too. I have chosen what Ive considered to be best for my soul,
Ive chosen something I was truly connected with. Ive chosen Satanism .
The dark faith (so to speak), embraced my soul 8 years ago . Since then I have
been studying Satanism, with my soul and mind, with an appetite for knowledge
and a strong attraction . A strong attraction resulting from the spiritual
connection with Satan since birth . Yes, Ive always been spiritually connected
with Satan, just as I was with God . Since I was a child I believed in God . I can
say I met Him in person but I wont get into details now..
However, I was never on His side , even though I had prayed and worshiped Him
. Why ?
While I was, lets say, a Christian, I was very anxious and frustrated . I felt
spiritually empty and vulnerable . I was disappointed by God every time I asked
for his help.
I always took religion seriously for I knew and felt its importance and impact in
my life. I consider that religion has the role to help the individual to exceed any
limit in his way and to evolve both spiritually and intellectually . Thus I could
never accept a religion that would keep me away from spiritual evolution, a weak
religion, a limited religion, without logic and spirituality .
Ive seen how religion can affect your way of life and thinking while I was a
christian .
I have been a Christian for about 10 years. Because I was forced to. Especially my
dad who is quite a profound Christian, forced me to follow his religion . And
thats what I did . But not with my soul . Because it was my soul who proved me
that this is a false, satiric and revolting religion . I observed how Christianity can
destroy your soul and mind . In my childhood, I went to churches and
monasteries from time to time, and what I have seen there, simply shocked me.
A bunch of people praying desperately to God, in vain . Going to the altar, kissing
a crucifix with a tortured man , who besides this is almost naked . Leaving their
slobber on the cross until another one comes and puts his mouth on it . I
was...totally disgusted .
For 10-11 years I was constrained to swallow this religion . But my soul urged me
to refuse to be a worm kneeling in front of a weak and coward god like Jehovah
(God) .
In time, Ive changed . Disgusted and antichristian to the bone , Ive chosen the
exact opposite . I chose Satanism, a religion that urges the adept to be confident,
autodidact, intelligent, free.. that urges the adept to be a fighter, not a slave.
As I said, that is what I considered (and still do) to be best for my soul. I chose
something I was truly bound with. I chose evolution, power, liberty, happiness.. I
chose Satan.
Now, dont get me wrong.. I dont see Satanism as a refuge for those who are
unsatisfied by God, or a revenge on the world and God.. Like, a plan B, a second
choice . Hating God and being antichristian is, indeed, a satanic act, but my
religion does not limit itself at this. It is far more than just, inversed Christianity.
It is far more than listening to black metal and screaming Fuck God ! Hail
Satan!.. that is shit. You can look absolutely normal, you can act normal, you can
listen to Shakira and still be a Satanist . What is most important in my religion, at
least for me, is the relationship with Satan which I always wanted to get bigger
and bigger. It is my destiny . To be with my Lord and show the world that we, the
satanists, are far better than they think . To be proud when shouting Hail
Satan!, knowing that the others will not have anything to reproach to you or
treat you as an enemy but as someone superior !
Anyone can be mad at God. Anyone can shout Fuck God ! Hail Satan!.. anyone
can kneel and pray, do a ritual.. etc.
But LIVING your life as a satanst, dedicating every second of it to Satan and
enjoying every second of it, trying to become better and better (not worse..
thinking that Satan is the Master and you are just a puppet.. YES, Satan is the
Master.. but dont you be a puppet. He doesnt need puppets.. He needs warriors !
His will is that you live by your will ! And as you live by your will, He will judge,
and choose only those worthy, not some fuckin slave, not an angry teen who hates
God and hates everyone and thinks only at chaos, torture and all that shit. I dont
worship Satan as a slave ! I worship him because it is my will, not His ! I do this
because I respect and love Him for showing me the way and not helping me to
live my life, but showing me how to help myself to live my life), showing the
world that a Satanist is not a madman but a superior man, someone who can
come in front of the world saying he is a Satanist without the risk of being
mocked or attacked because he is too fuckin frustrated..
So you see.. this changing did not only happen because I loathe Christianity . It
was a reason, but not the only one.. The main reason was (I believe) that I was
connected to Satan . That I belong to Him. That He is in my soul
However, I can say Im still antichristian and thats how all of my kind are !
Spurning that false god and scorning his religion !
When my father found out Im a Satanist, he beat me . Typical Christian .
He couldnt accept it for a while . But then, I didnt care.. you see.. There is no one
and nothing that can change my path now . I am fully dedicated to the only god,
that has always been there for me, the only god, that wouldnt keep me in chains
but would offer me liberty and knowledge, happiness and love !
And now, getting back to what I was saying...
Satanism as I said , is different from Christianity . Yes . While Christianity
reduces itself to prayers to a negligent and careless god, Satanism urges the adept
to be autodidact , free and confident .
I also mentioned the word evolution. Of course, I was not referring to
technological evolution but the spiritual evolution . Satan wants to see you evolve
, not weaken yourself , wasting your life , sad, sinless . Thats what lifes given
for . To evolve . And to enjoy all of its pleasures , either mental/spiritual ,
material/carnal . Why stay away from all of this ? Because its a sin ? Its a sin to
be free ? Its a sin to be happy ? Its a sin to enjoy all of the biological pleasures ?
Not for us . For us there is no such thing as sin .
If you choose to discover Satans dark secrets , it is obligatory to be serious and
respectful . Satan does not tolerate infidelity, lack of respect or fear .
This path is not for anyone . But only for those who really want it . Dont like it,
dont buy it ! Satan does NOT force anyone to be on His side . On contrary ! Only
those who are really interested , faithful and devoted can join Him . Thus He will
be interested in you .
Unlike Yehova(God) , Satan is close to his followers .
Satan and His demons help us permanently . I always received His help, even if I
didnt ask for it .
This great religion allows you to enjoy your life and live it to the fullest ! Secondly,
it shows you how to live better with the help of magick . Unlike other religions, in
Satanism you dont need to pray continuously and wait for an answer . Satan does
not put us to idolatrize Him as His slaves (we do this out of respect!) . On
contrary, He helps us to become stronger , more evolved , more independent .

Thats quite all I wanted to say about religion .
Take care of your minds and souls .

Slava Satana !
Hail Satan !

Satanic Rituals
By Infernus

Rituals are very important in Satanism . Any ritual is important no matter how
difficult it is or the results it may have . You can do a ritual with a single prayer .
Through this small and simple ritual you can show your respect and gratitude to
Satan, you can thank Him, you can ask for guidance, you can ask for help, you
can ask for protection, etc. This is very necessary in the relationship that the
satanist has with Satan . All He wants from you is respect, faith in Him and to see
you practice the religion that you so proudly say you have .

Satanism is PRACTICED . And this practice is not always easy . Thus modern
satanism or Laveyan Satanism appeared, with the intention of relieving a
satanists work by leaving out the main character : Satan . In this way the spiritual
part was no longer necessary, and so, as people have the tendency of accepting a
simple fake easy to understand (rather then a complex truth, difficult to grasp),
modern satanism has been accepted by the big mass of people who were to
become, after a nice reading, satanists .
The modern satanist does not believe in Satan, so as long as you dont believe in
Him it is obvious that neither will He bother to show Himself to you. So,
therefore, in order to get a ritual to work you must first believe in Satan, in
yourself, in the ritual and its result .

Getting back to the ritual I was talking about . That small ritual is also important
for maintaining a relationship with Satan . It is a proof of respect and not only .
The ritual must be done daily, thus your relationship with Satan may evolve . We
can compare this relationship with a family . If you dont stay in touch, the
relationship will be lost due to lack of interest .
This is very important to know . Many people lose their faith because the ritual
didnt work or the Demon or Satan did not show or respond to their requests . It
is just like any other relationship you have with someone . Lets say you ask John
(to which you spoke 2 or 3 times till now) from across the street to help you move
your furniture in the middle of the night . Will he bother to help you ? No . Who
would help a stranger do such a thing ?! But what if you asked your best friend ?
Would he do it ? YES . The same with Satan and the Demons . If you have a good
relation with them, if you speak often, then they will answer and help you .

Also know that rituals must be done from the heart . Always be opened to Satan !
If you have personal problems, ask Him for guidance and he will give it to you .
Satan will ALWAYS show you the way . Just be confident .

However, the most important rituals are the Initiation Ritual and the Dedication
Ritual .
These two rituals are DIFFERENT . Many people mistake them as being one and
the same .
The Initiation Ritual represents the individuals intention to chose another path .
Leaving back the past, the previous religion, the former god and former self.
This ritual is pure blasphemy towards your former self and your anterior god .
The Initiation Ritual is a portal through which you step towards another path,
either symbolic (left hand path) or religious .

The Dedication Ritual however, consists, in the satanists case, in his intention to
dedicate his soul and life to Satan . It represents the transition to the new self
and the beginning of your new life as a Satanist .


1. Black, red, purple, grey or white robe . Depending on the ritual . If you dont
have a robe, you dress in black clothes, comfortable enough, which you will wear
only at rituals . Or, if you are comfortable, you can renounce clothing .

2. A dagger, knife and even a sword for invocations and to trace demonic sigils in
the air with the blade or even to trace the circles on the ground .

3. A steel or silver cup/chalice . For water, wine or any other liquids to drink .

4. A bowl of steel or silver for : a) burning papers containing prayers, requests
and even demonic sigils (this is usually done in demonolatry)
b) burning different objects belonging to other
persons, either enemies or friends, for rituals for revenge, love, health etc.
c) for the water blessed by Leviathan ( encountered in
satanic baptisms, where water is mixed with the blood of the baptized person )

* I believe a crystal glass is ok too, if you cant find a silver or steel bowl . Or any
material resistant at fire .

5. A bell . It is used to purify the air and to signal the beginning and the end of the
ritual .

6. Candles . You will need candles of different colors . The most important
candles are black, white (or a very bright yellow), blue (electric blue), red (a
darker shade of red if possible.. blood-red) and brown (or green) . The size and
shape does not matter.

7. Candle holders . To protect your altar from burning and from wax .

8. Paper and pen . You will need them to write down requests which you will later
burn in the candle fire or just papers containing rituals so you may read from
while youre doing the ritual .

9. Your own journal/grimoire (magick book) . You will use it to write down your
rituals, the spirits youre about to invoke or have invoked, all the information
about the demon youre going to invoke, to write down satanic poetry and prayers
and to write all your experiences related to satanism .

* The tools must be cleansed at least once a year . For this I recommend that you
use a knife and warm water to remove melted wax . To brush use dry earth, fire
to sterilize and water to rinse the tools . Then, lay them at air to dry .


You will need a table to use as an altar . And only altar ! Dont eat on it, dont put
other things on it rather then the tools for rituals and dont allow other people to
rummage at it .
The altar is very important because it represents a connection between the
practitioner and Satan (or a Demon) . The altar is the first thing you need to
maintain .
Get some black cloth to cover your altar . The black cloth will be washed by hand,
not in the washing machine together with other clothes .
It is preferable to decorate both the altar and the walls with various satanic
symbols . Traditionally, the front wall must have a painting/drawing, a
representation of Satan or a baphomet, to serve as a focal point in your rituals . I
personally dont have a painting because I prefer not to imagine Satan in any way,
and in no case a baphomet, but I do have Satans sigil painted by my own hand
and nicely put in a frame and hanged on the wall and also a smaller sigil of Satan
also in a frame that lays upon the altar all the time . Its beautiful and helpful .
On the altar (or under.. or in, if theres a drawer . in case the altar is not big
enough to have all your tools on it, you will put on only the ones used at the
moment) will be present all the tools listed above .

The way tools are placed on the altar depends on the practitioners creativity .
However, to arrange the tools correctly on the altar you need to integrate in the
space you have so that it wont be too crowded and the tools are not going to be
placed dissonant .
If you have a big altar, I recommend you place two black candles on each side (
the candles should be as big as possible . the light youre going to have during a
ritual must come from these two candles not from a bulb, lamp or other electric
sources ) . In the middle of the altar there must be either a candle which youre
using at that time ( for example, the candle for Satan or for the Demon you
invoke ) or a purple or black candle .This candle is placed in center for
concentration or burning papers and other materials . In front of this candle you
may place the cup or the bowl in which you are going to leave the burning
materials .
On the left side there must either be the knife, or if you have a support for the
knife place it there, and instead of the knife you may put your journal . And on
the right side of the altar you will place the papers and the pen .

* Many of us cant have an altar in the house because we live with persons who
have another religion and do not agree with satanism and our beliefs . Hence, I
suggest you get a small portable altar . The altar must be treated with respect .
After you used the altar you will clean it, dust it, and place it in a clean blanket,
and afterwards you may hide it somewhere no one will ever find .


As I said, the rituals are very important for a satanist . It represents the practice
of your faith .
A ritual will work guaranteed as long as it is done from the heart . To make a
ritual you must believe in yourself and in its result . A ritual is done with
maximum seriousness . With no restraint . If, because of fear, emotions,
uncertainty or any other factor you make a mistake and overthrow the entire
ritual, there is no reason to panic . Concentrate and continue the ritual . In time
these factors both internal and external will no longer be a problem . All is
learned in time . But for this you must forget emotions and be certain and
unhesitating in what you do .

After a ritual you can expect :

- Bizarre coincidences that will give you confidence on what you did
- Reliable personal guidance
- Dreams in which you see a problems solution or answers to questions
- Solving of the problem in a way, lets say, odd . Impressive
- Dreams in which Demons appear
- Guiding voices

* Satan guides/helps/teaches/etc each of us the way He choses to . So, the
experiences that I got (the ones I marked in red) may differ from other satanists
experiences .


The following information is inspired from the book Complete Book Of
Demonolatry by S.Connolly

Ritual consists of three universal parts true to all schools of occult thought. The
Beginning/Opening, The Middle, and The End/Closing.

The Beginning The invocation/invitation of the entity(entities) you are
calling forth to join you in the ritual. In Demonolatry, an elemental circle is
invoked with the Demons Belial for North/Earth, Lucifer for East/Air, Flereous
for South/Fire, and Leviathan for West/Water. Satan can also be invited as the
fifth element, or the wellspring from which all energy flows. Also in demonolatry,
people choose to use enns, a special type of demonic invocation in an unknown
Remember that evocation suggests calling a Demon to physical manifestation
against his will while invocation is a prayer asking the Demon to be present or to
bless the rite . A Satanist/Demonolator uses invocation, out of respect for the
demons, and never evocation .

The Middle The middle is literally the Definition of the rituals purpose .
This is the body of the ritual and the part where the actual working of magick
and/or worship takes place . This is when you get to the purpose of the ritual (i.e.
magick working, the working with the demonic entities, the worship, the curses,
the dedications/pacts etc.)

The End The ending of the ritual is when your work is done and you get to
dismiss/say good-bye to the Demons and thank them for their presence .
Basically you are telling your assembled guests (your personal pantheon) that you
appreciate them coming over to help, and you are seeing them to the door like
you might a houseguest . The candles are extinguished . Clean up and so on .

There would also be the ritual follow-up . After doing a ritual or a working of
magick, you cant just sit idly by and wait for a raise or new job to fall in your lap.
You should actively participate in magick and ritual until the result is done. That
participation means getting to work on time and showing your boss you are
competent and deserving of a raise. It means you have to go out and fill out
applications .


I told you about the Dedication Ritual and Initiation Ritual . I will now explain
what each of them means and how they are done, but first I wish to inform you
and hope you will memorize that :

-All this information is offered to show/explain better what means practice in
satanism . I do NOT urge you to do this unless you are 100% certain .
-Your actions are not under my responsibility . I am presenting you the rituals as
I know them .


The Dedication Ritual and the Initiation Ritual are different .
However, I will present them both in a single ritual . The following ritual is
inspired from the example given by High Priest Myrmydon in his book The
Devils Bible which can be found at Lulu.com (careful though, that there are two
books called The Devils Bible. You need Myrmydons book) . Please understand
that this is just an example . You do not have to do it the same (in fact, I highly
encourage you to build your ritual as you feel) . I chose to give this example
because it combines both rituals and because it is a traditional type of
dedication/initiation .

About the ritual :

This ritual represents entrusting the soul and life to Satan . The ritual is done of
ones free will . After the ritual there is no turning back and the ritual cannot be
called off . Satanists do not half dedicate, or dedicate for a period of time . NO .
The dedication is for eternity . Breaking the pact and promises to Satan might get
to cruel consequences .

The ritual is done with respect and with maximum sincerity ! If you do this ritual
in mockery or to impress a friend (or any other reason that involves lack of
respect to Satan and the Demons) you might be going to face a disaster .

Ritual of Initiation/Dedication

This is the most important ritual .
The Initiation Ritual represents renouncing your former religion .
This ritual is pure blasphemy towards the person you have been and towards
your anterior god .
This ritual as I said is combined with the dedication ritual so therefore it also
represents dedicating your soul to Satan .
This ritual represents your gift offered to Satan .
This ritual is a proof of your faith and respect for Satan which is extremely
important .
This ritual is DIFFERENT from the Demonolatry initiation and dedication
rituals . In demonolatry the initiation ritual represents either initiation into a
coven/sect of demonolators (also, some demonolatry sects require that you are
baptized before being initiatied), or initiation in demonolatry (unlike the
initiation in Satanism, which is renouncing the former religion, the demonolatry
initiation is the introduction in the demonolatry religion). It is very different from
the Satanism ritual, it has a different meaning and purpose. For example. in
demonolatry the satanic name is given by the coven/sect and its not chosen by
the adept . As for the dedication rite, in demonolatry the adept dedicates himself
to a Demon and not to Satan . The Demon then becomes his guardian (or as they
say, matron/patron) demon .
This ritual is NOT a baptism . Do not confuse it with baptism .

I am going to present the Initiation Ritual for a solitary satanist, not the coven
(group) ritual .
This ritual is done over the course of 3 nights (the coven ritual is done in one
night) .
The Ritual must be done with extreme respect and seriousness . Understand that
Satan does not force anyone to be on His side . On contrary, only those who are
faithful and serious may join Him.
In the initiation ritual, the practitioner will be wearing a white robe which
represents innocence and purity .
In the first night of the ritual you will need to renounce your anterior faith
(Christianity, Judaism, Islamism etc.)
The practitioner will also wear the symbol of the former religion (for example, the
cross) . The altar will be dressed in white and on it there will be white candles .
The first night ritual will open the way to the following night ritual in which the
practitioner will present himself/herself to the Devil/Satan as a new person .
After the first ritual, the white clothing and the symbol of the former religion will
be removed .
The second ritual is done nude . This represents that were new in the world like
we just been born .
In this ritual, the practitioner will offer Satan a piece of the white clothes as a
symbol of loyalty . After that he will offer himself the Number Of The Beast (666)
to confirm his acceptance for the future besides Satan . While doing this, he
makes the pact with Satan . This is done strictly confidential, thus the individual
will decide for himself, what promises he is going to make in the pact .
In the third night of the ritual, the clothing will be black or red .
The ritual in the third night represents the individuals introduction to Satan as a
new Satanist and follower of The Devil . The introduction is done under a new
name . The Satanic Name, of which you will be recognized in Hell .
The third night completes the ritual .


Before you do the ritual, clean the room . The room must also be aerated . Then,
take a shower . This would be another proof of respect and its also good because
it refreshes you .
Return to the room . Close the window . If you wish, you can light up a perfumed
candle or incense . During the ritual it is possible that more demons will be
present . Just as you were having guests, it is good to create a nice atmosphere .
Make them feel welcomed !
Eat . In case you are getting sleepy after eating, I recommend you not to eat too
much . You must be awake !
Drink (not alcohol) . Go to the bathroom . Assure that you will not be disturbed
by hunger, thirst and you will not need to go to the toilet .
Disconnect all the electronics in the house . The phone, the interphone, the TV,
the doorbell.. Nothing must distract you from this ritual . THIS RITUAL IS


Materials needed :

White clothes
White clothing for the altar
Two white candles
The Christian Bible


The ritual I present is an example wrote from someones perspective with former
religion Christianity . If the practitioners former religion is another, then the
ritual will be done as the practitioner wishes .

The practitioner puts on the white clothes . Then covers the altar in white . Two
white candles are placed on the altar . Why white ? White represents purity .
Innocence .

The practitioner enters the room wearing the crucifix .
Then he will loudly pronounce :

In the face of my Lord Jehovah (God) and his son Jesus Christ I say : NO ! I will
no longer subdue to Jehovah nor will I name Him Lord . Im standing here, in
this night, to proclaim that Christianity is the religion of the weak ! I have been
weak and I have fallen into many delusions and errors for which I must recant .
This night I am renouncing my former faith . I renounce Jehovah and his pathetic
son Jesus Christ . I renounce the Holy Spirit/Ghost and all the ties to Christianity

The cross is torn off and thrown on the altar .

I renounce the Christian religion that represents my doom ! I shall no longer
follow the way of Jesus Christ !

Then you spit on the cross.

From this moment I will not longer follow the way of Jehovah !

You spit on the cross a second time.

I shall no longer allow the Holy Spirit within me !

Spit upon cross a third and final time.

I will no longer serve the cross, for in my eyes it represents only disdain . I saw
the truth ! I will no longer serve the cross, on which Jesus is hanging helpless,
tortured, half naked.. This religion makes me sick ! I consider Christianity a
cowardice ! A lie ! I completely renounce this satirical religion .
So I pray thee, Jesus Christ, for the last time, free my soul, erase me from the
book of life and depart from me your eternal salvation for I do not wish to be at
your mercy !

The white clothing is to be torn off and a piece is to cut from it and set aside for a
later purpose. The candles are now snuffed out.
The gown/robe, the candles, the crucifix and the christian bible are all to be
wrapped in the white altar cloth and taken to any outside location where they can
be buried or burned. With the shovel dig a hole at least two feet deep. Place the
altar cloth in the hole and urinate upon it. Then cover the hole and retire to sleep
without speaking to anyone.
The first ritual is complete.


Materials needed:

One sterile needle
One india ink pen
Two black candles
Parchment or similar paper
The piece of white cloth cut from the gown

The practitioner will be nude during the duration of the ritual . As I said, this
represents that we are new in the world, new born . The altar will not be covered .
On the altar there will be the two black candles which are going to be the only
light source, the parchment with the pen and the bowl .
The practitioner enters the chamber and pronounces :

Having rejected Jehovah, Jesus and all that is holy and my former self, I am now
asking to join Satan and all the Demons in Hell. I come here this night bearing
with me a shred of my former robe that I might give this to Satan. The burning of
this cloth is a symbol of the complete sacrifice of my Christian self, as it is a token
of my obedience to the will of Satan.

The participant will now hold the cloth in the flame of the black candle until it
catches fire. He/she will then place the cloth into the bowl and wait until it is
consumed and the fire goes out .

Having made my offering of submission I now take upon myself the mark of the

The participant will now write upon his/her body 666 with the india ink . It
matters not where the mark is placed.

Having taken upon myself the mark of my new lord and savior, I am now ready
to enter into a pact with Satan . In Nomine Ordo Novus Seclorum! In Nomine

The Participant will now write out his pact. What is written is entirely between
the individual and Satan. Only understand that you will face dire consequences
should you break your Oath. There is no such thing as temporary pact. If you
belong to the Devil once, you belong to him forever. After the pact is written the
practitioner should prick the webbed skin between his/her middle and ring finger
on the left hand. When sufficient blood flow occurs, the practitioner shall sign the
pact with his blood.

I give to Satan myself, body and soul effective now. I declare in front of all
Demons in Hell that Satan is my only Master and I will honour him with all my
soul . Glorious Prince of Darkness, Satan ! I wish to join You, my true Master !I
swear in front of all Demons that from this moment, my soul is only by your side !

Candles are snuffed out and the practitioner exits the ritual place.

The Pact is never destroyed! It should be kept in a very special place to remind
the practitioner of that Oath that he/she must abide by. People who incinerate
their pacts often forget about the commitments they are sworn to.
Also, the ritual should be done in a special place, to remind the individual about
this Oath. Also it is recommended to be done on an important date. For example,
your birth date.

The second ritual is complete.


Materials Needed:

A full altar arrangement
A sword or dagger
A necklace or ring bearing a satanic symbol (pentagram.baphomet..)
A bowl of water


The altar should contain all the necessary tools. The Practitioner will wear the
black robe, or be clad all in black . The clothes should be comfortable . You dont
have to impede in them or suffocate because theyre too tight. The clothes will be
clean . The black bowl of water should be set upon the altar where it will be

The participant will pronounce :

I come here a changed man/woman. After the pact with Satan, my life has
changed. I have accepted the mark and the pact has been sealed. Demons of Hell,
I ask for your presence here! Shadows in the darkness, thou art welcome. I come
here now not as an outsider but as a humble servant.

The practitioner will pick up the dagger/sword and proceed to call Lucifer,
Astaroth, Beelzebub and Lilith .

May the wisdom of Lucifer fill me! May the Joy of Astaroth fill me! May the
power of Beelzebub fill me! May the strength of Lilith fill me !

Sanctus Satanas! I have given up my former body and soul, and as a new child of
Satan I must receive a dedicated name. I choose (new Satanic Name). And from
this point forward I am this name to my Brothers and Sisters, and I will only
stand before judgment under my Satanic name.

Participant now dips his/her hands in the bowl of water and proceeds to anoint
his/her head and face .

Water of the river Acheron wash away the name of him/her who no longer is.
Sanctus Satanas!

Participant now places the necklace or ring upon him/herself .

With this token of Satan, whose symbol is born of fire I seal my connection to
the denizens of Darkness. Sanctus Satanas!

The candles should now be snuffed out and the Participant should spend at least
five minutes in prayer or contemplation, after which an exit is made .

The third ritual is now over and the self-initiation/dedication is complete.

It is possible that you will be tired. Go to rest .
In sleep it is possible to see odd things . Satan or a demon may appear in your
dreams . I know it is hard to control yourself while youre in a dream state, but try
to be as respectful as possible . Satan or a demon might have come to wish you
some kind of welcome. In the morning, your life as a true follower of Satan
begins, and the world shall smile upon you . HAIL SATAN !

Exposing the true nature of a Satanic Path
by Infernus

After all these years I think I can say that I finally understand Satanism. This being
exactly the date 5th January 2010. It was not really a revelation. I thought of it being this
way for a long time but now Im pretty sure its true. It is quite clear.
It really is true that Satanism is a way of life. The more time spent in this religion, the
more it changes you and your life. Now I know everyone has different views on Satanism
and that some live it differently. But I guess the essence of it is the same for everyone. I
believe we all have quite the same reasons why we choose to follow this path. As long as
we stay honest, youre able to understand it correctly. Thats the most important thing
you have to do in Satanism. To stay honest.. With yourself first of all. And accept what
you learn, even if its something difficult to grasp. Youll understand what I talking about
here after you finish reading this. I know that many of you will not agree with what I am
about to say in this small essay. Especially new comers. And I understand why. Were
searching for the perfect path, simple, beautiful and rewarding. Arent we?... you know,
Ive had the same views like many of you. Reading the websites that were said to be the
perfect sources for this information, I was beginning to think of Satanism of something
so fluffy and cute and I was fucking amazed. Now after all this time, I smile when I look
back at those times when my naivety was boundless. And I talk to my fellow Satanists
that also been there and we smile together. Whenever there was something negative said
about Satanism we refused to believe it. Some were, indeed, gammon. But many things
turned out to be true, and now we understand it only because it has been proven to us by
fate. And so it is. The path that we choose to follow turned out to be much different than
we once thought. The more time spent in this religion, the more you learn, the more it
changes you.
Now before I start babbling about my great discovery I want to warn you. I want you to
know that I am now playing a game on you. What I am about to divulge is information
that I had to discover for myself. It is something few people get to know and understand.
And if fate will get you to encounter this on your path, you will then understand and
know that what I am saying here is true. I have no reason to lie. Theres nothing to gain
out of this, except an image of me being a smart ass that I really enjoy having. The reason
I am willing to divulge this information is because I want to help, or in this case, warn
those people that are real Satanists about what is ahead.
I will start off by telling you a short story. Dont worry, its on the subject. It is a story
about someone who discovered the essence of the true Satanic path. It is, unfortunately,
about a friend that I have already mentioned in another essay (Satanic Unification) by
the name of X. He was, in a way, my mentor. He guided me and taught me ever since I
was a kid. He was for me a model of a Satanist. He helped me like no one ever did, not
even my mom and dad. He was the best example of a Satanist Ive met. And so wise and
determined as he was, not only fooled me, but even fooled himself. Something happened
to him something that I felt to happen for a long time. The worst that could happen.
The fucker turned his back on Satan, and ran back to God. But no, hes not a Christian. A
Christian is an idiot who follows blindly. He became a Man of God, fully aware of the
sickness that is in Christianity.
There are few reasons for this change he made, but only one I believe is in your interest.
That reason is simple. He seen the true nature of Satanism. And he didnt like it at all.
And he got scared. And thus this fear perhaps was stronger than his dedication to Satan
and sought to get protection under the god that he now calls The Only God. Indeed he
seen the true nature of Satans religion, yet he did not understand it. He did not care to
understand it anymore. Veni, vidi, sollicitus (I came, I saw, I got worried).
Before I got these news, he invited me to his city at his home to begin a journey
throughout the country. A journey that he said will change my life. He didnt care to tell
me more about it before I got to him. So when I got there, he gave me details.. we were
going to visit some orthodox monasteries where we were going to stay for about a month
and study (psychology and the occult) and participate in Christian rituals. The reason I
rejected his offer was not because of the monasteries, I dont give a shit about them. But I
know he had some plans for me, and in my opinion, the fucker was trying to convert me
to Christianity, something that right now I just cannot image me to do.
We talked about it enough for me to make an impression. He, who had been working
with Demons and Satan for a long time, was now explaining to me how the Demons and
Satan will never help me the way that God could. He told me that, as a Christian, he will
continue to work with demons by means of Christian magickal systems (such as Goetia)
and that by doing so he will make his life better and be able to evolve in a way that he
could never have as a Satanist. Thus I had to wish him all luck in his new lovely path and
abandon the man that was once my best friend, my brother, my mentor. For the entire
week I had received signs that could have turned me back to him. People harassing me in
the bus with Christian prayer books, beggars at the subway chanting prayers to God and
an entire fucking radio show about Christianity and God related miracles on my way
back home.. but I couldnt get back. Doing so the probability of us starting a fight and
throwing fists and karate like kicks at each other was very much expected.
The time I spent talking to him though, was worth. What he told me about Satanism was
something that I already knew. That is, that Satanism is indeed a very dark and
sometimes negative path. What he failed to understand however, was that Satanism has
also got a very positive side. That Satanism, as Life itself, is neither Black nor White.. Its
really in a shade of grey. And one thing that I have learned while being a Satanist is that,
duality really exists in the universe so we cannot ignore one side and accept the other.
We need to learn to have a balance and accept both sides as they both have a role in our
lives. Everything has a reason. If you run away from it, youll remain ignorant. If you
search for it, theres a high probability that youll become wiser than you expected. Life is
full of mysteries. It is our mission to solve them all. But for that, again, I must get back to
what I said at the beginning of the essay We must stay honest ! And also, as I stated
many times in my essay, we must be self-taught. Because we all experience life in our
own ways. What is true for someone may not be true to you. That is, if a homosexual tells
you that ass is better than pussy, that is not a rule. Its something true to him, and may
not be true to you. Get it ?..
For that I must tell you, dear reader, IF you are a Satanist and are seeking wisdom, do
not seek for it in books, on the internet or whatever. Seek it in yourself ! In your life !
Forget about all the bullshit you have learned on the internet, trying to understand the
nature of Satanism. The true nature of Satanism is in yourself, because Satanism is life,
and for you, it is YOUR LIFE. Trust me on this. What you learned from the internet, in
proportion of about 90% is also known to me. I took about the entire satanic community
on the internet, been a part of many organizations, been studying a lot of crap thats out
there. And I dont think more than 10% of that has turned out to be true. I know there
are some organizations out there that have helped you. Many helped me too. They give
you hints, but just that. Youll not learn of the true nature of Satanism, not even in this
website. This essay is just an introduction, an example. Lets say it is the basics that apply
to everyone when it comes to the true nature of a satanic path. I may tell you how the
road looks, I may tell you where it will take you to, but I just cannot say what you will
encounter on your way. Its up to you to walk down the path and find out. So the first
lesson in this essay is about YOU being YOU, being ALONE.
From my point of view, a Satanist is a lonely wolf that from time to time preys the flock
of sheep.. but not because of hunger.. just for his own amusement.
Were often mistaken with Luciferians because we apparently worship the same god. But
the ways of Satanism and Luciferianism are very different. Luciferians have a much
brighter religion, and their spirit is, from my point of view, a spirit of the herd. They
believe in unification and working together. Then, I see in Satanism a religion of the
Luciferians see Lucifer as a god of good. They believe that Lucifer saved man from
Heaven giving him the Forbidden Fruit to save him from the evil plans of Jehovah
(God). Once they came to Earth, the Demons and Lucifer made contact with humans (the
Nephilim..) teaching them all sorts of things (like the story of Azazel from the Book of
Enoch; Azazel taught men how to make weapons and women how to use make up, dye
their hair and stuff like that) and making them a real adversary against Jehovah.
Satanism on the other hand, is a dark religion, tough, full of dangers for those who try to
follow this path (full of traps, not permitting anyone to get to the top). As for Satan.. I see
in Satan a good friend. But, from my point of view, a good friend is one who offers you a
solid bed when you need rest, and who doesnt hesitate to mislead you every time you are
insecure/uncertain. In other words, Satan cares about you. And because He cares about
you, he gives you this treatment from which you either resign or succeed and get to the
top. You know that saying What does not kill only makes stronger. Its something true
in Satanism as well. Even more, it is considered by some a real Satanic theory (and is one
of the 21 Satanic Points in O.N.A.s Black Book Of Satan).
It is true. Satanism is what most of us didnt expect. Thus many of us either deny its
nature, or run away from it. Some are not made for this. It is a path that one has to face
many difficulties alone. It is a very tough and dark path.. sometimes very extreme. You
may learn about things that you will not accept, because not everything is the way you
want and like in this universe. But my dear friend.. if you want to play about Satanism,
then do so. Do a ritual with your friends, say Hail Satan a few times, curse God and thats
it Thats simple, thats fun. But you will not achieve anything with this in your life. It
will not help you. Satanism is not about fun. Here reward comes after work.
The philosophy of Satanism is the philosophy of life in many ways (and Ill explain what I
mean by that soon in this essay), and it is something that the normal individual will not
get to understand even in his 80s. The normal individual is a dead individual for he
seeks wisdom not in spirituality and life, but in the oddest places and most complicated
material of books and articles full of undecipherable information. We live in this world
and dont have the eyes to see its beauty. We live in this world and dont realize that it is
from LIFE ITSELF that we need to take our knowledge from. The normal individual does
not believe in such knowledge because he doesnt see it. In order to see it, you must seek
it. And to seek it, you must be serious about it.
Most of the wise people, were/are spiritual people.. Why do you think is that?.. life is
much more than you see with your eyes. This Universe in which you, dear reader, are
living in, is far more complex than it seems.
We as Satanists, or should I say, as HUMANS, need to see life exactly as it is, and live it.
In life there are good times and bad times.. Satanism teaches us how to enjoy the good
times and to stay away from or handle the bad times. It is a very practical religion. Its
not just a prayer, a ritual.. Its a real way of life. Satanism like I said, teaches us to be self-
taught and to learn how to develop ourselves spiritually but also mentally and sometimes
even physically. It teaches us how to face any challenge, to fight it and be a fighter, not a
coward who kneels in front of God to help him.. No. Satanism puts YOU to solve your
problems ALONE. Because only in this way you can evolve. Working alone. A man who
doesnt know how to live and to enjoy life is a dead man. A man who doesnt know how to
live and doesnt know how to survive by himself is a parasite. Such a person is a Christian
(just an example.. but the best example I can give). I really pity them. Because that man
will never be able to evolve and will always limit himself to what he learned from God..
when it is tough, pray and wait.. Yes. Pray, wait and do nothing. Satanism puts the
individual to fight, to do anything he can to go beyond any barrier. Christians however,
are not all cheap assholes. There are some very superior. Few, but there are.. But its the
thing that they are limited by many things that we, Satanists are not. Things that for us
humans, are NATURAL. Like Nietzsche said, theres nothing worse and more injurious
than Christianity. Christianity is not a religion of love. Love is not something you give
unconditionally. True love is the one honest and earned, that comes with a reason.
Christianity is a religion of the tyrants, of death. Besides the fact that it grew to power
through violence and not for the good of it, this religion keeps man away from spiritual,
mental and even physical evolution. How ? Very simple.. Heres an example. A Christian
isnt allowed (theoretically) to use magick (though they use it unconsciously in their
ceremonies) or to meditate. Magick and meditation are two essential activities of man..
because man is a spiritual being. Man before getting to know the world or divinity must
get to know himself. Without you knowing yourself truly, you cannot truly understand
the world you live in because you will not understand how this world is influencing you.
To get to know yourself it is needed to go through some stages. Some of this stages are
forbidden in Christianity. An example of such a stage is to get to know your negative side.
Any man has a negative and a positive side. To get to know yourself truly you must
understand both sides of your being. A philosopher named C.G.Jung, perhaps youve
heard of him, said something like Illumination is not reached by visualizing the light,
but by exploring the darkness. The darkness is a mirror of the depths of the soul. All
that is hidden inside us, our desires and our fears, is projected on the darkness. The
darkness is that part of your soul where all your secrets and answers are hidden. A big
part of your essence. In order to illuminate yourself you need to explore this dark side of
your soul. Here you will find many negative things.
Christianity forbids this. Satanism on the other hand, teaches you how to do this.
Satanism is about this dark side of the soul.
In real spirituality there is no good and evil. Here Good and Evil do not matter anymore,
dont even exist. These are just human terms and conceptions. What is in real spirituality
is beyond good and evil. It goes beyond these borders. It passes from a human limit. In
spirituality however, there is power and power you can take. Its about the weak and the
strong. The weak die and the strong survive. Thats NATURE. You have to learn to take
advantage of someones weakness, so you may become stronger. All the Right Hand Path
religions (Christianity, Islamism, Judaism, Buddhism etc) dont teach this. They teach of
a good and evil of which they dont know the balance of it. They are based only on a
good as they defined it. But its really a shade of grey. What can be bad for someone,
can be good for someone else. If youre selling at a market stall, and I come to steal from
you, it is bad for you.. but it is good for me. For Christians and Buddhists and whatever
this is totally bad. Man needs to learn to be smart not fair. Especially in the 21st century.
If youre not smart you dont handle life, and die. Cheating, deceiving, treachery.. these
are all part of humans nature. If I cheat, its good.. if Im cheated its bad.. Like I said, you
need to learn to be smart and cunning and to take advantage of any occasion to survive.
In Satanism youll learn just that. All the positive AND negative aspects of life. In life, in
order to really have success, there are times when you need to learn how to walk over
bodies. All successful people that you see have at least once walked over bodies in their
lives to get success. This, however, is not a necessity. But it is a modality.
Everything you do you do it for yourself. Not for God or for Satan. Satan does not come
to put bread on your table. But can teach you and push you from behind to be able to win
that bread by yourself. And for that, He deserves our respect, our gratitude.
Satanism is all about life and nature. It teaches you how to respect and embrace your
nature. SEX. Sex is a very important element in Satanism, for many reasons. First of all
because its part of mans nature. Its something biological that we need. Why stay away
from something that is part of YOUR NATURE ? Satanism urges man to embrace his
nature as it is, good or bad. For us there is no such thing as sin. But we are all
responsible for our actions. Like, it is not a sin for us to cheat and steal.. But you are
responsible for your action. So, if you get caught youre fucked, and thats all because of
YOU, and you must assume responsibility. Me, I dont want good nor evil. I want power.
Thats what it really matters in this world. Power.. If you look at animals.. Theyre
fighting on food, right ? The animal that is smarter or stronger wins the prey and leaves
the weaker with an empty stomach. Thats NATURE. Life is not always fair and will
never be, because fairness again, is just a human conception. Spirituality and nature
arent based on human conceptions, on what humans believe to be fair. In life you must
learn how to win and how to lose. Without losing you will never know what really means
to win.
And really, youd be wrong if you said that animals dont have ratiocination. Thats what
its believed, but many recent studies prove they do have ratiocination. Let me give you
an example. What Ive seen on the news.. There was a child who ran away from home,
and got into the woods and it began to snow.. It was only him and his dog. You know
what his dog did ? He realized that the child was freezing and that will die of cold, so the
dog covered the man with his fur, he attached his body to the body of the child to make
him warm and kept him like that to the next day morning when people found them. Why
the dog did that? Because the child was his master and he loved him. And not only
mans best friend. Dogs are loyal to us because they got used to us. But to give another
example.. I remember another thing from the news I saw few years ago. A Tarzan-like
woman was found in the forest after living there for about 20 years. She was fed and
protected by monkeys or some animals I dont remember.. Cool huh ?
In conclusion, we have to learn to respect nature.. our nature as humans, and the nature
around us. Ecologists are some people that have understood this and unlike others, they
are more illuminated. Why ? Not because they love nature for just its beauty. Thats a
reason.. Another reason more important is that they understood that we depend on
nature. Without nature, we would die.
Like I was saying. Life is far more than it appears. Once you get to know it, you fall in
love with it. If you have a simple life, and say it is beautiful now at 20 years of your life,
you say it because you have fun dancing, going to bars, pubs and bars, talking to friends,
playing videogames etc. But at a moment, all of these will get to appear so simple that
they wont truly satisfy you anymore. If you have a complex life, and youre based on
spirituality, on nature, on life for real, there will always be something beautiful to learn
about life. There are no limits from this point of view. Spirituality and nature offer us
much more than we think. There will always be new things to do, to learn.. But only if
you are opened to them. If you, in your ignorance, without knowing them, say they dont
exist or that are not important, you will never understand the true beauty of life.
Christianity denies this type of life. Thats why from my point of view, Christianity is a
religion of DEATH. All that was once good and nature for people (for the pagans) was
transformed by Christians into something evil and sinful. People that were praying to the
Gods in peace in love were then transformed into witches who pray to Demons to do
harm.. Do you observe the contrast ? Satanism in a way, is a part of paganism because it
connects exactly to their theory of life. And thats why Satanism and Paganism are, to
Christians, so for the great mass of people, bad things.. negative things. In reality
however, it is not really like that. It is true, Satanism, especially the one that I practice,
has many negative points and is a more extreme religion. But thats part of nature.
In Satanism as in life, there are positive and negative elements.. You need to know how
to balance these to be able to live a balanced life.
A normal individual would say that religion, meditation, magick and all this stuff are too
much for him and that they surpass him. The truth is, that HE limits HIMSELF and says
that they surpass him. Because he doesnt truly know himself, and doesnt know his real
capability to live. Religion, meditation, magick etc is for everyone just as life and nature
and spirituality are for everyone. Its just that we alone put in front of ourselves these
limits and say that it is not possible or true or that we cant do this or that.
Honestly, in all this time of study the only satanic source that I have found to share these
notions and beliefs is the organization Order Of The Nine Angles that I havent yet
studied enough. However I remember a quote from O.N.A.s Black Book Of Satan and it
was saying Learn to raise yourself above yourself so you can triumph over all. That, my
Satanist friend, is something that you must keep in your mind and heart all your life.
The life of a Satanist is unfortunately a lonely and hard life. You cannot rely on anyone. I
thought I had my mentor to guide me.. I was wrong. It so happened that I had to
continue my path alone. And it so happened that this path I chose turned out to be a
dangerous and hard one.
There will be times when you will face dangers. There will be times to make impossible
decisions. There will be times when youll fall to the ground and you will have to rise up
alone. There will be sacrifices that you will have to make. There will be evil to make that
is probably not in your nature to do. But you will need to do it. You will have to go
through all of this. Satanism is more than just a religion. Its a way of living, a path that
can take you to great wisdom.. But great wisdom is achieved through work and sacrifice.
It is a way that will make you achieve far more with your life than you realize. I am
talking here about genuine Satanism.
You will find that Satanism is more than just mystical rituals and religious
indoctrination. It is really, a practical mission through the dark side of life.

Demonic Possession
By Infernus

I must admit. This subject has been a real nightmare for me in my childhood.
And all because of that movie, The Exorcist. With no shame I tell you, when I first
saw that damn movie I couldnt sleep for a long time. It shocked me, frightened
me.. but I was also very intrigued by it. Ever since, I have been fascinated and
interested in demonic possession. Even now I am still fascinated about it and
someday, I want to go on the field to search for exorcisms and demoniacs
(possessed persons) to make a little research and satisfy my curiosity . Lets say it
will be an experiment. To see if it is something real.. like, a real spiritual
possession or just a mental problem or even a simple theatre play. To get to
understand this phenomenon better. How will I do that, I dont know.. but well
Right now, my opinion on Demonic Possession is that it is real, but extremely
rare. I believe that about 90% of the cases in which Demons truly possess people
are happening at the persons request. In a ritual for example, the person calls
upon these spirits and offers his/her mind and body to be influenced by a Demon
or to help the Demon manifest into the physical world through his/her body. This
is done by asking the demonic entity to either share its wisdom and knowledge or
to get messages from it (for example, receiving demonic sigils). Because, being a
spiritual entity, the demon cannot write down or draw his sigil, so it would need a
physical body to do this. While the demon possesses the individual and manifests
in the physical world, it loses energy and thus, it would need to use the
individuals energy . This could be the reason why most demoniacs might become
weak, tired, angry or even change their physical aspect. Because they loose
I do not believe that the demon would harm the human host (at least not on
purpose), because I dont see a good reason for this. I cannot think that a demon
would waste its energy just to have fun harming a simple peasant. Especially if
the person asked the demon to work through him (this, I consider an act of trust
and respect). If you respect the demon, the demon respects you back.
However. If the person does not respect the demonic spirit, if the person doesnt
even have anything to do with the demon, he might be harmed. Lets say the
demon chooses to possess a Christian . First of all, the demon would come against
the Christians will. He doesnt have to ask for permission . If he wants to possess
you, he will and theres nothing you can do about it, and if you oppose the
Demon, he will oppose you and thats why it is possible that the demon might
become aggressive and harmful to the individual. Thats that. Youre at their
mercy. No prayer and no exorcism ritual can cure you if you are truly possessed
by a demonic entity. No priest, shaman or goetic magician can command the
demon to leave. All you can do is wait until the demon is done with you. After my
experiences with these spirits I came to realize that you cannot fight, command or
ask a demon (or an angel) to do something against his will. I was not possessed,
but I was attacked by spiritual forces (imo, angels). And I found out on my skin
how powerful they really are. Ill give you an example. Few months ago, I had my
latest spiritual attack. Right before I went to bed, I said my prayer to Satan and
put my head on the pillow. Suddenly I started getting really dizzy (while I was in
bed), like the whole room was moving with me. My ears started buzzing loud and
then I felt like something was pulling my soul out and I couldnt move, not even a
finger. I got scared, of course, especially because I was feeling an extremely
strong presence in the room, watching and controlling me. I was ready for
anything to happen, really. I could not do anything but wait until it stopped.
Thats how it is. Compared to them, we are tiny ants waiting to be squashed.
Theres nothing you can do to them. Even more, you cant even control your own
mind ! Especially when the subconscious takes over (and this happens a lot,
mostly to beginners in invocation/evocation in magick) . You see, the
subconscious is very powerful and when it is threatened, it becomes even
stronger. For example.. Have you ever tried to bite yourself until you bleed ?
Have you ever tried to keep your hand in the fire until you get burned ?.. its
impossible. The subconscious wont let you. Now, if you cant handle your own
mind, how could you handle a spiritual being x times greater than you ? You get
what Im saying ? You think you can face it ? You think that if you pray to God,
you could escape ? Im sorry man, but God does not care about you, he wont
help. If you are possessed, the only elements/beings at that moment are just you
and the demon. No God and Jesus there to help. If someone is healed by an
exorcism, than he was not possessed by a demon. He was either possessed by his
own subconscious, or, maybe, he was indeed possessed by an inferior spirit (but
not a demon). Lets say, a spirit created by a magician to attack you. As Ive heard,
there are some spirits or energies that are sent by magicians/witches to attack a
victim and to lie and say that they are Satan or some high ranking demon.
However, what Ive talked about now is real demonic possession. Something that
is rare.
Unfortunately, theres another type of possession that people face, but which has
nothing to do with demons . This possession is called by psychiatrists
Dissociative Identity Disorder, and its nature is not spiritual but psychiatric.
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is a mental condition in which a person
displays multiple distinct identities or personalities . One of the main reasons for
which Dissociative Identity Disorder is always linked to demonic possession is
because many patients indentify themselves as demons (this is called
demonomania or demonopathy) . However, Dissociative Identity Disorder is not
the only mental illness that is associated with demonic possession. Other such
illnesses include hysteria, mania, psychosis, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy and even
Tourette Syndrome. All of these psychological disorders have been mistakenly
considered demonic possessions by religious people because their effects
resemble the classic symptoms of demonic possession. Some of these symptoms,
that were established by the Catholic Church (especially after the infamous cases
at Louviers, Aix-en-Provence and Loudon) include : contortions, unnatural body
movements and abnormal physical efforts, spitting and vomiting, hearing voices,
insults, curses and blasphemies. Many of these symptoms are also signs of
Schizophrenia (hallucinations and hearing voices, paranoia and violent
behavior), Epilepsy (convulsions), Tourette Syndrome (involuntary movements
and vocal outbursts) and thus, are many times mistaken as being signs of
demonic possession. One such unfortunate incident when Schizophrenia has
been mistakenly considered Demonic Possession by the religious people took
place in my country, Romania in a small commune called Tanacu back in 2005. A
priest and some of the nuns at a church believed that Irina Cornici, a 23 year old
nun was possessed. So they done an exorcism ritual, and tied her to a cross,
pushed a towel into her mouth and left her alone without food and water. The
young girl died three days later.
Nevertheless, there are other symptoms of demonic possession such as speaking
in tongues (glossolalia; languages unknown to the person), greater divination
skills and appearance of wounds that vanish as quickly as they appear, which
have nothing to do with any mental illness. These symptoms however, are rare.
Demonic Possession has been always linked to illnesses. Even though, in the past,
people used to believe that everything bad comes from the demons. The one who
suffered from insanity, illness, disease, disability or even evil people, were said to
be possessed of touched by demons. In ancient Egyptian, Sumerian and
Babylonian cultures, illnesses were always attributed to Demons . This is also
stated in the Bible, when Jesus healed ill people and exorcised Demons from
them (for example, he healed a mute and a blind man) .
Making the difference between a possessed person and an ill person is almost
impossible. Even after all this time of research, this phenomenon is still under
question for there is not much proof of real spiritual possession. However, most
of the cases have declared this to be nothing more than mental illness.
Also, it is a high probability that this whole demonic possession thing to be
nothing more than a theatre play, an invention of the Church. It was said the
same about witchcraft. During the Dark Ages, the Church began losing its
influence on the people and thus, wanted to gain their faith back by making a
great fuss with either witches and witch hunts or with demonic possession. Fear
is an old trick that the Church used to control attract people. They always used to
put fear into people, making them run away from the evils of the Devil and
making them nestle under God (I think I can even quote Anton LaVey now : The
Devil has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in
business al these years!) . And the witch hunts and exorcisms are the best
examples of this trick. The witch hunts and burnings of witches were made
PUBLIC and so were many exorcisms (Loudun and Louviers for example, have
been made IN PUBLIC) . This threw people into panic, thus provoking mass
If we think about this a little deeper, we can even prove this. As we all know,
Christianity has an incredible hate towards women. The Bible, the Church and
everything, is against women. This beautiful creature is viewed by the Church as a
disgrace, as an unholy being. She is considered to be the bringer of sin (when
Even listened to the Devil and made Adam bite the forbidden fruit, she brought
sin into humanity) . Ok then, who were all witchcraft practitioners ? Yes, women..
Who are almost all demoniacs ? Thats right, women (even nuns).. Doesnt it
make you think ?
To put an end to this essay, Im left to say one more thing. Is demonic possession
real ? Maybe. Maybe it is real, maybe it is a mental illness, or maybe its an
invention of the church or even a theatre play of a bored teenager. It is up to you
to believe what you wish to believe.. faith is all there is.