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YE guitis proves Septs0.9:45 PAL Theomagia, TEMPLE oO In Three Parts , Spiritual, Celeftial, and Elemental : Containing the Occult Powers of the of Allromancy in the Telefmatical Sc: Fue ofthe Peyfersand Aegis. The Myfterious Vergues of the Charact the Stars with the Genii, [dea’sderid Figus Geomancy,upon theGamzbe:,Sc. To wis igaddod the Refoluon of all nner of Qu. fions, Paft, Belen and vo Come. The Knowledge of the Roffe crucian ™h and the miraculous fecretsin Nature, \ci ve psvformedineredibls, extraotdinay thing a pragcal Examination of Prine the great Weed, and feed 10 mean expaces By John Heydon Gent, eames, A Setvane vi! God and Secretary of Nature. TDD I MY TOOT ‘Let novia touch this Bok uc he that it Ho, Audi Tei teen Lanes, Pine by 7 and for Tho, Rooks atthe Lanbe atthe Extend o* St. Pauls Church 166 4. ——— BRBESLSSS SERS, To £ The Highborn Prince, THE RIGHT Honourable, moit Noble and Valiant, GEORGE VILLIERS, Duke,Marqueffe and Earle of Bucking- bam,Earle of Coventry, Barron Whaddon of 1” baddon.and Lord Rofs of HemlaksKnight of the moft noble Order of the Garter,one ‘of His Majefties moft honorable Privy Coun- fel, and Lord Leiveenant of the Weft-Ri- ding ofthe County of Terksand of the Coy 10d, Couey te Cy May it pleafeyncr Grace, HE Wifdome and Learning of the Rofie Crucians hath been much recommended unto us by Ancient Writers, and not without good caufe ; confider- ing that they have delivered Arts , and Liberal Sciences to the Wold as a A3 man than may gather by the teftimony of - ‘The Wifemen of the Eaft, and all the Philofophers thatever were - Buttime which confumeth all things, hath be- ) refcusof the Knowedgeof fuch wits dome ; and theré is but the fragments “and fcattered peices of thefe Arts , ' which the .underwits. of Aftrologi- . cal Taylers finding, pretend to ; guefling by them fomething to come. “Now the Rofie Crucians men, | carefull to preferve all goodly and "great things, have by the means of this difcourfe touching Beata Pulcbra, and : Eugenins Theodidatins , repaired , yee and kepe entire the firft art of The Temple of Wifdome, which they are not content to fet down li- terally, and there end ; but have ad- joyned theretotwo Parts more, beau- tified. with ' practical’ Interpretations and rare Experiments; One whereof was werified in your felf, which yoithave canfe to Remember , for it preferved your Life, when Abr. Goodman endeavoured your et pa death, ‘The Epiftle Dedicatory- I dzatb. And tome fince to yourknowledg and the honour of Art you have found true, The Preface may feem fabu- lous to common Readers , but there the Rofie Crucians have difcovered an infinite number of Secrets Spiritual, Coleftial and Elemental. Yn the firlt . they have fhewed the Reafon why they f] have thus darkly covered the ‘Fem- I} ple, and enfolded their Divinity, which lil done, they teach the knowledge of God HW and his Angels, with the vanity of Dew lf sonographers. Andthen inthe fecond, they decypher the particulars, relating Il i according tothe bare letter, which is in the fecond part of this Temple, In the third is made plain , the Rofie Cra- cian myfteries to pradife by a fore of Telefmeatical Figures , “Idea’s, Genii ani A) the Rules of the World, of their Tem: H ples, Sepulchere and Sacrifices ; after- wards they {peak of Angels, Beata Pul- chra, Eugenins Theodidastus and Hyle in the number of them ; After this Ag Theo