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- the severed hand no longer crashes the game when placed in SCP-914, and there'
a new item that can be obtained by doing so
- a small easter-eggish SCP addition
- bugfixes by risingstar64:
- quicksaving is disabled in keter mode
- wireframe can now be properly toggled between on and off when entered
in the console, and will reset its value when the game is reloaded
- SCP-294 no longer crashes the game when attempting to enter nothing
- SCP-970 no longer teleports the player to the incorrect location when
the player closes the door behind him before moving forwards in the room
- framelimiting can now be disabled by setting framelimit to 0
- fixed the "guardconvo.ogg not found"-error in the intro
- fixed the bug that prevented SCP-049 from killing you if you were caught by it
after turning one of the levers in the containment room
- fixed the non-functional monitor in SCP-106's chamber
- fixed a bug that sometimes caused the doors to the exits to stay locked
- the door leading to SCP-860 can't be walked through anymore
- bump mapping works again
- fixed a bug that caused the apaches at Gate B to hit the player even if
they're not aiming at him
- split up the conversation of the guards in the intro so that the voice clips
originate from the guard who's talking (instead of all of the originating from
the first guard)
- the map generation algorithm is less likely to generate maps with any
important rooms (such as the electrical center) missing
- the second sound clip in the "suicide guard" event is now played correctly
- improved walking animations for the guards
- tweaked SCP-106's pathfinding a little
- a tiny addition to SCP-970
- the map creator now shows all the placeable rooms
- fixed the game-crashing example map included with the map creator
- changes by juanjpro:
- optimized room rendering (including the forest and the maintenance tun
- included a dll that should help with performance issues on Windows 8
- fixed the bug where the cell doors disappear in the intro
- fixed maintenance tunnel elevators
- the door to the forest shouldn't cause Memory Access Violations anymore
- fixed duplicate SCP-066 bug
- fixed the bugs in SCP-970's "looping effect"
- fixed the broken radios and navigators
- severed hands now spawn properly
- the DNA Scanners can't be opened using any item anymore
- fixed then clipping doors that appeared in some of the corner rooms
- SCP-066, SCP-860, SCP-970 and SCP-939
- some new rooms
- new MTF and guard models
- major changes to the AI of the MTF (including a lot of bugfixes and optimizati
- some additions to the intro and the moments after the breach
- the guard in the intro no longer gets stuck in doorways
- more accurate method for checking whether the player is looking at SCP-096's f
- fixed some bugs in 096's animations
- improved SCP-049's mask and new SCP-049-2 models
- SCP-049's room can't be just past through without encountering 049 anymore
- SCP-049 can us the [REDACTED]
- reaching Gate A is now slightly harder
- some doors are equipped with a DNA Scanner
- new music tracks for the heavy containment zone and entrance zone
- lots of new/improved sound effects
- some new ambient sounds
- a brief music clip is played when going through the checkpoints
- new footstep sounds when walking on metal surfaces
- the ambient sounds coming from vents and other sound sources can be heard from
nearby rooms (i.e. the sound won't abruptly stop when stepping to the next room)
- optimized rendering, NPC AI and events (higher framerate and less twitching)
- optimized lightmaps (PNGs instead of BMPs)
- fixed a ton of asset loading bugs (thanks to MonocleBios's wrapper functions)
- no more memory access violations when opening a computer screen
- fixed the gatea.rmesh loading bug
- fixed the double equip sound when equipping a gas mask, a vest or a hazmat sui
- less copyright-infringing SCP-895 images
- randomized maintenance tunnels (by juanjpro)
- it's now slightly easier to escape the pocket dimension
- fixed a bug that crashed the game when equipping a gas mask, hazmat suit or
ballistic vest
- fixed a bug that crashed the game when teleporting to a room that doesn't exis
- removed the buggy 2D button overlay on keypads
- the sound that is played when using a keycard or a keypad doesn't interrupt
other sounds anymore
- removed the keypad in "room2servers" that sometimes clipped through other room
- once again, an attempt to fix the SCP-173 spawn bugs
- anti-aliased text and new fonts in the GUI
- new radio transceiver and navigator models
- the camera now zooms to the keypad you're using, instead of the floating image
of a keypad
- high-res button/keypad texture
- heavily nerfed the "STOP HIDING -feature"
- some new ambient sounds
- "The Dread" is now properly looped
- reverted SCP-106 back to its pre-0.7.2 look
- fixed the bug where SCP-173 tries to open a keypad door and the sound of the d
opening is played repeatedly
- moved the containment room of SCP-1025 and SCP-714 to the light containment zo
and changed the layout of the room a bit
- fixed a bug that displayed a bug that displayed the "you take off the gas mask
hazmat suit/ballistic vest" when dropping the item even if it wasn't equipped
- you won't stay in a crouch after loading a game anymore (unless you saved whil
crouching of course)
- changes bu juanjpro:
- Added the custom RoomMesh format for faster loading times and more eff
icient memory usage
- Some fixes to the "room106" event: containing SCP-106 should be easier
- No more falling-through-floor, attempt #3
- Fixed door that leads to the void in "room2servers" (SCP-096's server
- Placed "testroom" keypad door correctly
- MTFs at Gate A will get the player if they contained SCP-106
- Optimized event sounds
- minor graphical improvements to the menus
- refining the gas mask in SCP-914 works again
- the hazmat suit now protects from decontamination gas
- fixed the bugged checkpoint rooms that lead out of the map
- SCP-079 now broadcasts the actual feed from SCP-895's chamber, not just
the hallucinations
- SCP-500 loading screen and a more canon SCP-500-01 model
- MTF loading screen
- SCP-035's room doesn't crash the map creator anymore
- SCP-035 and SCP-148
- improved SCP-173 AI (it shouldn't randomly fall from the ceiling anymore)
- some additions to the intro:
- random announcements
- a new npc
- the mute guard doesn't get stuck inside doors anymore
- lots of new sound effects, including zone-specific ambient sounds
- texture-specific footstep sounds
- a couple of bugfixes in the "plane area" in the pocket dimension
- new background music in the pocket dimension
- lots of bugfixes in the MTF AI
- significantly faster pathfinding algorithm - the MTF don't cause fps drops
as much as before
- SCP-079 can now broadcast the camera feed from SCP-895's chamber on any monito
in the facility, unless you [DATA REDACTED]
- now there's an actual purpose to enter SCP-008's containment chamber
- Gate A is now slightly harder to reach
- moved the cafeteria from the heavy containment zone to the entrance zone
- dropped items don't clip through each other anymore
- more bugfixes by juanjpro:
- Fixed crashes related to the following events:
- room2servers
- room106
- room2closets
- room2elevator
- Game won't freeze when loading reaches 45% with debug on
- Stabilized the launcher (MAVs should be less frequent when using the l
- Levers will not reset when you load a game
- Hopefully, no more falling through the floor this time
- a new room and some new textures in the pocket dimension
- fixed a bug that replaced corner rooms with a lockroom when loading a game
- fixed the broken hitboxes in the checkpoint rooms and SCP-513's room
- fixed some bugs in the SCP-294 code, now all the commands work properly
- new SCP-294 liquids
- fixed the lamps that displayed a "keycard needed" -message when clicked
- optimized SCP-173 model
- some bugfixes by juanjpro:
- doors won't disappear anymore
- optimized doors, buttons, cameras and cups dispensed by SCP-294
- optimized a few NPCs, memory usage and loading time should be slightly
- fixed an SCP-294-related memory leak
- fixed the SCP-500-01 bug that gave you infinite stamina
- no more falling throught the floor on quick loading (not 100% working)
- 66?6;22= :=22C:AD
- fixed the game-crashing quickload bug
- added some SCP-294 liquids
- two new SCPs
- some new rooms, including "checkpoint rooms" that separate the zones and a caf
- new viewable computer screens and documents that reveal more of the events bef
and after the breach (written by Dr. Gears)
- balanced the key card system (a level two key card and SCP-914 won't give you
access to a highest level key card anymore)
- some new sound effects (including a breathing sound for D-9431)
- bugfixes
- Map Creator changes:
- shows a short description of each room
- doesn't let you place large rooms so that they overlap with each other
- "Map Creator" which can be used to design your own map layouts
- the navigator is now much easier to use: it shows which way you are looking an
the map moves "seamlessly", not just when you enter a new room
- fixed the NPC texture loading bug (= the scientists no longer transform into
Class Ds when loading a game)
- fixed a bug in SCP-173's AI which sometimes caused it to teleport next to the
- 682's roar can't be heard in the pocket dimension anymore
- improved SCP-096 model with better animation
- a little addition to SCP-079's room
- fixed the broken SCP-049-2 model
- the MTF now react to SCP-173 and attempt to recontain it - still working on
making them react to the other SCPs
- every death screen now has a short piece of text in it - some of them are exce
from reports describing where and in what condition was your body found, and som
are quotes from Foundation personnel who are cleaning up the mess left by the
containment breach
- a new room in the pocket dimension
- some minor tweaks to the PD's background ambience and wall textures
- little additions to the tesla gate rooms (a warning sign and a light that show
when the gate is active)
- gave SCP-106 a glossier appearance
- removed the unnecessary map.zip-file I'd forgotten in the GFX-folder
- removed the "wobble effect" from 096's panic animation
- updated the lever texture
- a minor layout change to the room after the intro sequence
- added some new sound effects
- fixed the disappearing elevator button bug
- the method for checking whether the player is looking at SCP-096's face is now
more accurate; looking at its feet shouldn't trigger it anymore
- fixed the bug that occasionally caused some rooms to overlap with each other
- fixed the buttons in 008's chamber
- fixed the door buttons in the nuclear warhead room
- fixed the lighting in the "room2Cz3" and "room4z3" -rooms
- removed the duplicate "room2scps"-room
- a new hallway room to the first zone
- FIVE new SCPs
- improved map generation algorithm - now the map is divided into three "zones"
("light containment", "heavy containment" and an office/research zone). Due to
this, the layout of the facility now makes much more sense: you won't be seeing
a toilet or an office next to the containment chamber of a Keter-level SCP anymo
- lots of new rooms
- plenty of new scripted events, including:
- scenes where you'll witness the staff trying to escape the facility wi
varied success
- an event where SCP-096 gets to do more than just sit on the floor
- new items
- ambient sounds that are played near specific objects/areas, such as the sound
dripping water near a pipe or a quiet humming sound near a ventilation shaft
- some optimization to 096's AI, it shouldn't cause FPS drops as much as before
- some small additions to the intro sequence
- minor visual improvements to the smoke
- SCP-173 model with heavily reduced polycount (from ~14,000 to ~2,200)
- more security cameras placed around the facility
- fixed the bug that caused the player to get stuck inside the doors
- the viewable computer screens are now scaled up/down depending on the resoluti
- the time and date of a save file is now showed in the "Load Game"-menu
- improved the layout of the in-game documents
- some additions to the pocket dimension
- more sound clips for the MTF
- minor bugfixes in MTF AI
- some new prop models in the office rooms
- containing 106 now works the way it should, thanks to MonocleBios
- the server rooms are a bit easier to get through now
- changed the "Input"-label on SCP-914 to "Intake"
- nex SCP-096 model
- some bugfixes
- new console commands
- new Class D models
- one new SCP
- fixed the bug that caused some of the doors to close after opening them
- small bugfixes in SCP-096's pathfinding
- the MTF shouldn't get stuck behind doors anymore
- the checkboxes in the menu are now drawn properly even when using a lower reso
- the cursor is now shown in the ending screen
- significantly reduced loading times when loading a game after dying
- SCP-173 has different poses
- some changes to 096's sound clips
- a 096 loading screen
- S-NAV Ultimate now shows 096's location
- some minor bugfixes at Gate A (can't really tell more without spoiling)
- the guard in the intro no longer freezes if you go to the end of the hallway
- optimized the blur effect a bit
- fixed the bug that caused SCP-106 to get stuck inside its containment cell
if you turned off the magnets after recontaining it. So now it's possible to
release it after it has been contained.
- fixed the "Femur breaker" -sign in 106's containment room
- fixed the decals that appear when SCP-106 spawns (so, the "cracks" are back)
- two new anomalous ducks
- added some dead bodies here and there
- SCP-096 is now faster and easier to provoke
- fixed a bug that caused severe framerate drops when SCP-096 was unable to
find a path to the player
- key configuration options in the main menu
- putting the first aid kit in SCP-914 on Very Fine no longer crashes the game
- new gunshot sound clips
- some minor bugfixes
- fixed the bug that crashed the game when equipping a navigator or a radio
- Another exit and more endings
- Crouching and hiding mechanics
- Improved intro sequence (still a work in progress)
- Better Class D models, although they're still just placeholders
- Improved MTF AI. Now they head to the last location the player was spotted in,
start randomly searching for him. They'll also try to recontain SCP-106 when the
reach it's chamber.
- An injury/bloodloss system, so now it's possible (although hard) to survive be
shot. Gunshot wounds make you bleed, and losing too much blood eventually kills
Injuries can be healed with first aid kits, but it takes some time (so you can't
start bandaging a wound while you're being shot at) and a regular first aid kit
won't heal you completely. The degree of the injuries depends on which part of y
body got hit - headshots are still instakill.
- Type "injure [0-5]" in the console if you want to check out the injury system
- Ballistic vests which reduce the damage taken from gunshots
- New SCP-106 model
- Some new scripted events
- Improved SCP-914 model
- Some changes to SCP-173's AI - now it will move around the facility more activ
- Some new rooms
- A subtle "zoom effect" when you're looking at SCP-173 or SCP-106
- A console command for spawning items (spawnitem [the name of the item])
- An anomalous duck
- A ton of small bugfixes
- ...And a last minute addition, SCP-096. It's using a placeholder model made by
Mirocaine until we get a better one.
- animated MTF models
- slightly improved MTF AI (it's still quite buggy though)
- Gate B works again
- it's no longer possible to clip through the "ceiling" in the cylindrical tunne
- fixed the save bug that caused buttons and keypads to disappear
- fixed some lighting bugs ("light sprites" showing where they shouldn't)
- adjusted the height of the player and the NPCs
- finally fixed the access code in the burnt note
- fixed a bug in SCP-079's containment chamber that made SCP-079 disappear and
caused random black walls and floors to appear in the chamber and other rooms.
- fixed the "black wall of fog" in the intro
- finding S-NAV Ultimate now affects the [REDACTED] in [REDACTED]
- some waypoint bugfixes again
- fixed the bug that caused the player to fall through the map when loading a ne
w game
- fixed some waypoint bugs
- fixed the bug that caused the player to fall through the map in the pocket dim
- added a keycard in 106's containment room
- fixed the save file corruption bug
- optimized map rendering a bit, should help with the FPS issues
- fixed the decals in the pocket dimension
- fixed the bug that crashed the game when opening the doors to Harp's or Maynar
d's office
- the lure subject can no longer appear outside 106's cell
- the map generator no longer makes those empty, black rooms
- fixed a bug in the aiming code of the MTF, now they won't miss 90% of the time
- activating the screen at Gate B shouldn't cause a memory access violation anym
- fixed a texture bug and the keypads in the hallway above the maintenance tunne
- there was a bug that caused the game to reload the sounds of the MTF every 5 o
r so
seconds, causing annoying twitching. Now they're loaded only the moment the MTF
- GATE B and multiple endings. So now it's possible to get out and BEAT THE GAME
- Mobile Task Force groups whose job is to clear the facility of the escaped
SCPs and other potential hazards (they still need some tweaking and their AI may

be a bit buggy at times)
- some new rooms (including the silo of the Omega Warhead)
- improved map generation algorithm:
- it shouldn't generate maps that are impossible to get through anymore
- no more of those black "fake walls"
- SCP-106 uses an A*-based pathfinding algorithm, so now it won't just float
towards the player through the map
- sound clips for the lure subject used in SCP-106's recall protocol
- some computer screens that you can click on and read
- some new ambient sounds (thanks to Peanut)
- improved loading screen
- better sound clips for SCP-079
- slightly improved SCP-173 model
- wireframe console command
- fixed some texture bugs in the map
- a secret console command that has something to do with Halloween
- plenty of small bugfixes
- SCP-106's recall procedure finally works (even though the voice acting is stil
l missing)
- Improved pause menu
- fixed the levers and buttons in 106's containment room
- fixed the bug that blocked the doors of the elevators to the maintenance tunne
- new rooms and events
- more radio broadcasts
- some additions to SCP-106's pocket dimension
- SCP-106's containment room
- SCP-079's containment room
- new voice acting for the intercom person in the intro
- larger inventory
- the maintenance tunnel is now back, scarier than ever
- some improvements to the map generation algorithm
- added noclip-command to the console
- the distance of the camera fog now changes depending on the amount of light
- fixed the bug that stopped the player from blinking when holding a paper
- the player can no longer move faster by holding two movement keys at the same
- fixed the bug in the intro sequence that prevented the guard from shooting the
- replaced SCP-513 and SCP-513-1 with a new SCP
- some new rooms
- radio phones
- fixed a bug that disabled collisions with some objects
- added the options to disable the HUD and/or the bump mapping
- (hopefully) fixed the black screen bug
- changed BlitzMax to Blitz3D and got an engine expansion, which made it possibl
to implement these:
- bump and specular mapping
- better lighting, moving objects are now lit properly
- added SCP-106's pocket dimension
- new SCP-173 model
- fixed a bug that made SCP-173 "flicker" through walls at times
- added some new rooms, items and sound effects
- made it possible to choose the map seed
- started putting stuff in the options menu
- fixed a bug that prevented the screen from going black when blinking with
the navigator equipped
- added two new rooms
- modified some of the textures
- added some new items
- added some new sound effects
- press F3 for a surprise
- fixed some bugs in the saving system
- added the option to select the graphics- and audio device in the launcher
- fixed the bug that occasionally stops the door from opening in the first room
- fixed the collision problems with the containment doors (glitching through the
floor when near the doors or getting stuck inside them)
- fixed the bug that made it possible to walk through walls in the first room
- 173 can't kill you through the walls anymore
- made some of the rooms a bit brighter
- fixed some bugs that occurred when starting a new game after dying
- some of the items sometimes stayed in the inventory
- gas mask stayed on if it was equipped in the previous game
- the rapid blinking caused by smoke stayed for a while in the
new game
- new menu music
- saving system works now, though there are still probably some bugs in it
- disabled Y button from teleporting you to SCP-914
- fixed some typos in the code, not sure if they were causing any actual
bugs or crashes
- fixed the bug that made it possible duplicate the SCP-420-J