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Beth Mashburn

Task Analysis

Storybird Task Analysis
1. Open web browser
2. Go to
3. Create a free account
3.1. Choose type of user
3.2. Choose a username
3.3. Enter email
3.4. Choose a password
3.5. Click Create Account
4. Create an avatar if you choose
5. Create a class account
5.1. Enter class name
5.2. Enter school name
5.3. Enter country
5.4. Enter school zip code
5.5. Enter class grade level
5.6. Enter class subject
5.7. Click Create Class Account
6. Add or invite students
6.1. Add students
6.1.1. Enter username
6.1.2. Enter first name
6.1.3. Enter last name
6.1.4. Click Add Students
6.2. Invite students
6.2.1. Have student create account
6.2.2. Use the given code to connect to your class
Beth Mashburn
Task Analysis

7. Click Assignments
8. Create an assignment
8.1. Name the assignment
8.2. Description
8.3. Add media or upload an image
8.4. Artwork
8.5. Due Date
8.6. Save Assignment
9. Do This Assignment
9.1. Search artwork tags
9.1.1. Choose artwork
9.1.2. Use this art
9.1.3. Choose type of story Longform Book Picture Book Poem
9.1.4. Create Cover Type text Choose picture
9.1.5. Create each page Type text Choose picture
9.1.6. Save
9.1.7. Menu
9.1.8. Publish Change cover (optional) Change title (optional)
Beth Mashburn
Task Analysis Summary (optional) Choose categories ( optional) Tags Written for This is for Assignment Public or Private Publish

Beth Mashburn
Task Analysis

Today I am going to do a screencast on the web 2.0 tool, Storybird. This is a great tool for
students to use to create stories or poems. The first thing we need to do is open a web browser.
Then we are going to go to Now we are going to create a free account. I
already have an account, but to create one, you just choose what type of user you are, choose a
username, type your email, choose a password, and then click create account. Next, you can
create an avatar if you choose, but I am going to skip this step.
Now we are going to create a class account. By doing this, we can add students and assignments
we want them to complete. First, enter a class name. Then enter the school name, country,
school zip code, class grade level, class subject, and click create class account. Now, we can
either add students to our class ourselves, or we can invite students to join our class. I am going
to show you how to add your students. First, enter a username for the student. Then, enter their
first name and last name, and click add students. Do this for as many students as you have in
your class. You can also let the students add themselves by having the student create their own
account and then they use a code that is given to connect to your class.
Next, click on assignments, then create an assignment. Name the assignment; Ill name mine
Fall Story. Give a description of the assignment; my description will be Create a story with
pictures about something related to fall. Your story must be at least 6 pages. Add media or
upload an image to clarify the assignment, add artwork, and add the due date. My due date will
be October 31. Click save assignment.
Now your students can do this assignment. When they click on do this assignment, first they can
search artwork tags for whatever subject their story is going to be about. When they find what
they want to use, they click on use this artwork and lots of pictures will be generated that they
can use. Next they choose the type of story they want to use - longform book, picture book, or
poem. For our example, we will choose picture book. Then they will create their book cover,
type the title and choose a picture to use. Then they can create each page, type the text, and
choose a picture or pictures. To add more pages, they can click on the plus sign at the bottom of
the page. When they have completed their book, they click save. Next they click menu, then
they can then make some optional changes, like changing the cover or title. Then you can add a
summary, choose categories, tags, what the assignment is written for, and assignment. Then
choose public or private and choose publish. The assignment is complete and you can view the
students assignment.