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Survey About Social Messaging Apps in Vietnam - 90% use Facebook Messenger

90% of Vietnamese use Facebook Messenger - Q&Me market research has conducted the
messaging application usage in Vietnam and found out the very high popularity of Facebook
HCMC, Vietnam, September 0, !0"# -- Asia Plus Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) has conducted the survey
of social media usage and popularity in ietnam! through their market research platform of
"#$e! (http%&&'''.(andme.net).
)ocial media popularity has e*panded rapidly 'orld'ide and ietnam is no e*ception at all. Asia
Plus Inc. has conducted the survey in order to understand the popular social messaging services and
their usage +ehaviors in ietnam.
,ace+ook $essenger most popular 'ith nearly -./ usage, follo'ed +y 0ahoo1 $essenger and
3hen asked the messenger applications that ietnamese use, ,ace+ook messenger received the
dominant popularity (45/) follo'ed +y 2alo (67/) and 0ahoo1 $essenger (86/). ,ace+ook is
popular among all the ages 'hile 0ahoo1 has more supporters among 9.s and a+ove, 'hile 2alo is
more popular among teens.
3hen it comes to the fre(uency of the services, the survey has founded out that ,ace+ook
messenger is used much more than any other applications in ietnam. 55/ of the respondents have
replied that they use the service daily, 'hile 4-/ use it more than a couple of times 'eekly.
,or the (uestion of ho' long they use the messaging applications per day, as many as :8/ male
and :-/ female has replied that they use the service more than 9 hours a day. 4./ of male and
48/ of female use it more than one hour per day.
The full survey result could +e vie'ed at http%&&'''.(andme.net.
Survey in$ormation
)u+;ect% )urvey a+out social messaging apps in ietnam
<onducted on )ept 74=>., >.7:
$ethod% Internet )urvey
?espondents% $ale & ,emale in ietnam
@um+er of respondents% 8..
About Asia %lus &nc'
Asia Plus Inc. (http%&&'''.asia=plus.net) provides the +usiness online solutions to support the issues
of sales! and marketing & product planning! in Asia.
<orporate name% Asia Plus Inc.
Tokyo A"% :=:=7 Tamaga'a )etagaya Tokyo, JP@
ietnam office% >8&5A @guyen Binh Chiem )tr., Ben @ghe 3ard, Dist.7, Ao <hi $inh <ity
<EF% Cengo Curoka'a ('''.linkedin.com&pu+&kengo=kuroka'a&77&9>6&8:+)
<ontact% infoGasia=plus.net
Cengo Curoka'a
Asia %lus &nc'
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Ben @ghe 'ard, District 7
A<$<, ietnam
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