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I would like to thank madam Lee Siew Hoon for the guidance and supervision for me in
writing this proposal.
I also would like to take this opportunity to thank my husband and family for giving me
their support and helping me with my coursework.
TABL !" #!$T$T
#!$T$TS %A&
Acknowledgement i.
Table of #ontent ii
#HA%T' () I$T'!*+#TI!$
(.( Background (
(., Theoretical "ramework ,
(.- %roblem Statement -
(.. %urpose .
(./ &eneral and Specific !b0ectives
(./.( &eneral !b0ectives .
(./., Specific !b0ectives .
(.1 Significance of the Study .
(.2 'esearch 3uestions .
(.4 Limitation of the Study /
(.5 !perational *efinition /
#HA%T' ,) LIT'AT+' '6I7
,.( Introduction 2
,., Historical !verview and 'esearch Literature 4
,.- *efinition 4
,.. %revious Studies 5
,./ %atient Satisfaction on Health &iving (8
,.1 The Antenatal %atient and Health Information &iving (8
,.2 Barriers to 'eceive Health Information at Antenatal #linic ((
,.4 Summary ((
#HA%T' -) 'SA'#H 9TH!*!L!&:
-.( Introduction (,
-., Study Setting (,
-.- Study *esign (,
-.. %opulation and Sampling
-...( %opulation (-
-..., Sample
-./ thical #onsideration (-
-.1 Instrumentation ; *ata #ollection (.
-.2 %ilot Study (.
-.4 *ata #ollection (/
-.5 *ata Analysis (/
-.(8 Summary (/
'"'$#S (1
(. &antt #hart
,. Letter to 9edical !fficer "amily #linic.
-. Letter to 'espondents.
.. 3uestionnaire.
1.1 Backg!"#$
This chapter will give an introductory background to the topic which is to be studied and
Satisfaction is one of the core outcome measures for health care. It is intuitively more
appealing than measures of health care effectiveness or efficiency that are more difficult to
understand. Satisfaction is the e<tent of an individual=s e<perience compared with his or
her e<pectations.
9alaysia>s health delivery system provides a comprehensive health care service as it
focuses on wellness? client friendly? broad care with efficient use of resources and
achieving high @uality service in promoting individual wellness for life.
$ursing in 9alaysia has evolved in many aspects as it faces e<ternal and internal
challenges. Increased competition among private health service providers as well as
improvement in the government health care system has put patient>s satisfaction as an
important benchmark. !ther factors that influence patient>s consideration in their choice of
health provider are also being looked into and improve.
According to 9c*onnel and $ash? patient satisfaction with nursing services gain even
more importance because nursing staff comprises the ma0ority of the health staff
A9c*onnel and $ash (558B. "urthermore? they are constantly found at the side of the
patient to satisfy their needs. It is common knowledge that patients= and families count on
nurses to keep them informed? to connect them to their physicians and other caregivers? to
listen to them? to ease their an<iety? and to protect and watch over them during their
healthcare e<perience. As such? patients are uni@uely able to provide information about
their ease or difficulty of obtaining care.
%atient>s satisfaction is very sub0ective and surveys have been conducted to provide
feedback on the demand and needs of the patients. 7ith these feedbacks? services which
are found to be lacking can be addressed and improve. Avis? Bond and Thomas A(55/B
said? studies on patient>s satisfaction provide facts on the health care provider>s success at
the patient>s e<pectation and need? as well as an important tool for research and
Studies by Lauer? 9urphy and %ower A(54,B and !berst A(54.B demonstrated a strong
relationship between ade@uacy of information and overall patient satisfaction with care.
Information giving helps to empower patients to take control over health care and to
comply with treatment other than making them happy and comfortable.
According to Longo et al A,88(B patient>s satisfaction on information giving in health care
has been a growing consensus that health care environment best characterised as one in
which patient choice in a competitive marketplace where they play an active role in
making decisions about their health care. "actors contributing growing consensus include
patient=s movement? advances in science of patient outcome assessment and the
development and dissemination of patient reports and other health care information such as
patient education material.
$urses are in an ideal position to provide patients with information that could aid them in
their decision in treatment ASchutta and Burnett A,888B. Antenatal mothers e<perienced
more fear? worry and an<iety and they usually trust the health car professionals to provide
any information they need to know ACones et al A,88(B.
Based on the studies? patient satisfaction is one area where the @uality of service of a
particular discipline can be assessed. "acilitating information during pregnancy can allay
e<pectant mothers fear and an<iety especially to an ine<perienced housewife. Therefore? a
study on patient>s satisfaction on information giving at the *esa Tun Hussein !nn A*TH!B
antenatal clinic is proposed.
1.2 T%&!&'(ca) Fa*&+!k
%atients that come to a clinic with the sole aim of getting their complains attended to or
their illness treated and e<pect to get well after that. However? patients come from a variety
of socioDeconomic background. Therefore? the health workers should e<pect a variety of
characters? attitudes? education background? cultural beliefs? e<periences and differing
health knowledge among patients. Thus? a particular set of health information may not
fulfil allif not the ma0ority of patients that seek treatment due to differing level of
understanding of the information given. Some patients may need further elaboraion on
certain issues to make them fully understand the sub0ect being discussed.
1., P!-)&* S'a'&*&#'
The proposed study centre is a family clinic situated at the military housing area known as
*esa Tun Hussein !nn A*TH!B. It is located about two kilometer from the 9inistry of
*efence comple< and near the Setiawangsa area. It provides outpatient services? maternal
and child health clinic and family planning clinic. The patients seen at this clinic are
female military personnel? and kin of military personnel.
The clinic staff consists of one medical doctor? one nursing sister? two staff nurses Aaka
midwivesB and three community nurses. The small number of staff compare to the number
of patients they have to handle is unimaginable at times since the number of patients they
have to attend to? on the average? is (/8. The number of e<pectant mother and
immunisation patients is as Table (.
Y&a E./&c'a#' *!'%& I**"#(0a'(!# T!'a)
,88/ -4.4 .522 44,/
,881 .2/. .22- 5/,2
,882 -.8- -/14 152(
,884 -./4 -15. 2(/,
,885 -//( -144 2,-5
Table (. $umber of patients attending the *TH! "amily #linic from ,88/ to ,885.
Source) *TH! "amily #linic.
!ther than carrying out nursing duties? the staff have to clerical work? documentation?
registration of patients and searching for files;folders? The nursing sister more often than
not also act as the manager of the clinic preparing annual budgeting? monthly
returns;census. It is therefore doubtful if the nursing staff is able to give an effective
nursing care which include health education and counseling and thus meeting the
e<pectation of the patient>s needs and information on pregnancy and other health matters.
1.1 P"/!0&
The purpose of this study is to e<plore level of patient>s satisfaction on health information
given at the *TH! Antenatal #linic.
1.2 G&#&a) a#$ S/&c(3(c O-4&c'(5&0
1.2.1 G&#&a) O-4&c'(5&
The general ob0ective of the study is to assess patient>s satisfaction on the health
information that was given to them during their visits to the *TH! antenatal clinic.
1.2.2 S/&c(3(c O-4&c'(5&0
The specific ob0ectives of the study include)
(./.,.( To determine patient=s satisfaction on the information on health given
during their visit at the antenatal clinic.
(./.,., To identify other health information needs that is re@uired by the antenatal
(./.,.- To e<plore the relationship between socioDeconomical factors and patient>s
satisfaction on the information on health given at the antenatal clinic.
1.6 S(g#(3(ca#c& !3 '%& 0'"$7
This study will provide a feedback on the service provided by the clinic. It may provide an
insight into the system and may be use to improve any shortcomings of the services
provided. This study will allow the staff to focus on the re@uirement of the patients and
improving the services and thus making the staff more competent. Besides that? the
management can identify the education needs of the staff and their need for further training
as well as upgrading the standard of practice.
1.8 R&0&ac% 9"&0'(!#0
Based on the ob0ectives above and the significance of the study? the following @uestions
are to be raised during the pro0ect)
(.2.( 7ere the patient>s satisfied with the information on health given at the
antenatal clinicE
(.2., Are there any other information on health that the patient>s would like to
(.2.- *o socio economic factors influence the satisfaction of patient>s on the
information given.
1.: L(*('a'(!# !3 '%& 0'"$7
Since the sample will be from the *TH! antenatal clinic who are members of the military
and their kin? the result may not present the general population on health information given
at other antenatal clinics.
1.; O/&a'(!#a) D&3(#('(!#0
1.;.1 Pa'(&#'
A patient is a person who receives medical attention? care? or treatment AThe American
HeritageF *ictionaryB. In this study? the patient is the pregnant mother who attends the
*TH! antenatal clinic.
1.;.2 Sa'(03ac'(!#
Satisfaction means) AThe American Heritage *ictionaryB
a. The fulfillment or gratification of a desire? need? or appetite.
b. %leasure or contentment derived from such gratification.
c. A source or means of gratification.
1.;., Pa'(&#' Sa'(03ac'(!#
%atient satisfaction is an attitude which mainly concerns the emotional state and is
influenced by the information given to patients and the evaluation of the services they
receive ALinderD%eiG A(54,B. In this study? patient=s satisfaction will focus on the
information on health given by nursing staff in the antenatal clinic.>
1.;.1 I#3!*a'(!#
In this study? information will refer to any communication or reception of knowledge
through consultation sessions with the doctor or nursing staff. Information will also include
booklets? leaflets? pamphlets or posters that are available at the clinic.
1.;.2 A#'&#a'a) c)(#(c
It is place where antenatal care is given to a patient who is tested positive for pregnancy
until she delivers the baby. The patient will be managed and monitored by coming to the
clinic in various visits and undergo various e<aminations and investigations at the clinic.
2.1 I#'!$"c'(!#
This chapter will discussed any literature published on the sub0ect matter.
There are many ways and means to evaluate ones performance and for nursing services?
patient satisfaction is one concept for evaluating the service. According to 9illerDBader
A(544B Acited in 9erkouris et al A(555BB? traditionally? health care providers assumed that
they know the needs of patients based on professional standard and their assessment.
Therefore with an increasingly competitive healthcare environment? escalating costs and
continuously increasing patients need and awareness? patient satisfaction is one area that
healthcare providers should look into.
$ursing staff comprised the ma0ority of all health staff and are constantly found at the side
of the patient to satisfy their needs? which comprises the main component in the treatment?
maintenance and rehabilitation of the patients health. 9any patients still prefer to get
health information with nurses as they feel comfortable with nurses.
LeinoDHilpi et al. A(55-B Acited in Henderson et al. A,88.B? mentioned about the provision
of relevant and appropriate information during hospitaliGation and visits to clinics is a
fundamental aspects of health care. It also stresses the importance in the promotion of
patient autonomy? dignity and selfDrespect.
9odern technology have made it possible for patient to ac@uire knowledge either through
the internet? electronic media and other mass media? magaGines? books? videos and 0ournals
as mentioned by Cones et al. A,88(B? Ipatients have increasing e<pectations for health
information and can draw on a widening range of resources.J
Therefore? the researcher will focused on patients> satisfaction on the aspects of
information giving. The researcher considered it as important as any health information
given which can be part of the patient>s health education which is an integral component of
health care.
At the antenatal clinic? nurses play an important role as information providers or health
educators. "urthermore? mothers today are educated and well informed through reading
and are curious and an<ious to know more about their pregnancy? what are the do>s and
don>t during pregnancy. #onse@uently they need more information in the process of
empowerment for their health care ALauer et al.? (54,K 9essner? (55-) Luker? (55/B.
2.2 H(0'!(ca) O5&5(&+ !3 '%& '%&!7 a#$ R&0&ac% L('&a'"&
9ay be the first attempt to evaluate patients satisfaction with health service began in (5/1
in the +SA? in the field of nursing AAbdellah L Levine in (5/2aDe?(51. cited in 9erkouris
et al (555B. Since then several researchers have attempted to find a solution to the
problems of patient satisfaction by e<amining the different roles of the patient which is
influence by the characteristics? goals and activities of the services. These generate
interaction between the patient and the nurses where satisfaction can be achieved during
these interaction.
7illiams A(55.B cited in Hyrkas and %aunonen A,888B? have e<amined satisfaction theories
and relate problems of satisfaction surveys in healthcare. Satisfaction can be seen as a
process including e<pectation? conception and assumption of outcome.
The patient satisfaction research and survey stared to draw attention in the (548s after the
publication of *eming>s and *onabedian>s classical work on @uality assurance and @uality
management A7hittington?(551 as cited in Hyrkas and %aunonen?,888B. It is common
knowledge that patients enter the health care system with a variety of characteristics?
attitudes and prior e<periences and these affect the degree of satisfaction.
2., D&3(#('(!#
2.,.1 Pa'(&#' Sa'(03ac'(!#
Human satisfaction is comple< as it is related to a number of factors such as life style? past
e<periences? future e<pectation? individual and social values AHall and *ornan A(558B.
According to LinderD%elG A(54,B? cited in 9erkouris A(555B? patient satisfaction is an
attitude which mainly concerns the emotional state and is influenced by the information
given to patients and the evaluation of the services they receive
%atient satisfaction is a significant concept for health services? health professionals and
patient A9erkoutis et al?(555B. According to Lin A(551B? Ipatient satisfaction gave the staff
information about their education needs? problem areas of care and even the success or
failure of the health care organiGation.J
I%atient satisfaction is also an indication of @uality care provided by an organiGation?
evidence of the efficiency of organiGation systems and a predictor of a patient overall
compliance with recommended treatment ALuther? (551B.
2.,.2 H&a)'% I#3!*a'(!#
IHealth information is information that is obtained on health through many sources such as
from medical personal? friends? books and magaGines? internet? touchDscreen? and patientD
held recordJ ACones et al.?,88(B.
2.1 P&5(!"0 S'"$(&0
Studies conducted by 7H! and collaborating organiGation on women satisfaction with
antenatal care in four developing countries AArgentina? #uba? Saudi Arabia and ThailandB
showed that most women e<pressed satisfaction with information given on their health? test
during pregnancy? treatment they might receive? labor? delivery? family planning?
pregnancy complication and emergency procedures ALanger et al ,88,B.
Studies by Irena and leanor A,88,B found that women who had attended antenatal
education were satisfied with the date and time of antenatal classes? and the information
about self and baby care being provided. They? however? felt unprepared for the demands
of motherhood and they prefer personal need for antenatal preparation for motherhood?
unrealistic preparation for breastfeeding problems. They also felt the educator who gave
health education only stressed the positive aspects of breastfeeding and failed to highlight
the difficulties that can arise. As such they wanted more information on breastfeeding and
prepare them to handle the comple<ity of breastfeeding. They also need information on
baby care and to manage common neonatal problems. Information on self care was
insufficient as the mothers were confused on the episiotomy wound care and perineal care.
O5&a))? the mothers felt information on self care and baby care was inade@uate.
2.2 Pa'(&#' Sa'(03ac'(!# !# H&a)'% I#3!*a'(!# G(5(#g
%atients> satisfaction is assuming greater importance in the health care service especially
when attempts are being made to measure? change or improve the @uality of the health care
services provided. 9any researchers suggested that studies on patients> satisfaction on
information giving facts on the health care providers> success at meeting the patients>
e<pectation and needs? as well as an important tool for research and management AAvis et.?
(55/) Thomas L Bond? (551 and 7alsh and 7alsh? (555B. 'ecognising the importance of
patient satisfaction has made providers of care aware of the need to listen to the patients
view and fulfill their needs ACackie? (552B.
Study by Hincey et al.A(52/B cited in Cackie A(552B? stressed that patient receive ade@uate
information on their disease diagnosis? prognosis and treatment. However? the information
they received about the etiology of their illness and health education on the disease was
inade@uate. %atient found the nurses were more approachable and sympathetic compared to
other medical personnel and e<pressed greater levels of satisfaction with their care and
information giving M9arks A(54/B cited in Cackie A(552BN.
2.6 T%& A#'&#a'a) Pa'(&#' a#$ H&a)'% I#3!*a'(!# G(5(#g
Information giving provides psychological benefits to antenatal mothers A"ahrenfort? (524
cited by &ammon and 9ulholland? (551B in terms of ideological and practical. It stressed
he patient>s autonomy? dignity and self respect. "urthermore? information will allow
individuals to increase participations in the health care process &ammon and 9ulholland
A(551B. This will translate into patient>s control? responsibility? freedom and improve
@uality of life.
9aternal satisfaction during pregnancy also include communication with the nurse? sense
of being in control? able to participate in the decision making process? ability to get
information about pregnancy? delivery and neonatal cares A9aier et al? ,88,B. It is 0ust too
bad that practitioners tend to underestimate women>s need for preDand postDnatal
2.8 Ba(&0 '! R&c&(5& H&a)'% I#3!*a'(!# a' A#'&#a'a) C)(#(c
$umerous studies showed that antenatal mothers have problems in receiving information
while nurses e<periences difficulties and barriers when giving information needs to
antenatal mother.
Among the barriers to health information include language barrier? poor communication
skills? use of technical 0argon and educational background of antenatal mothers. 9yfanwy
and %eter A,88(B in a study in the +nited Hingdom? Somali women e<perienced language
barrier and poor communication that e<acerbates feelings of isolation? distressing
e<periences during their visits to the antenatal clinic. They are also dependent to the
midwives as they are illiterate.
2.: S"**a7
Health information can be considered as a means where antenatal mothers can empower
themselves in health care and decision making. The types of information include
information on their pregnancy? treatment? investigation and health education on antenatal
care? labour and prenatal care.
Information on motherhood? baby care? self care post partum and breastfeeding
Acomple<ity and complicationsB need to be emphasised at the counseling session.
Health information can be derived from various sources. However? studies have identified
that nurses as the key person in providing health information and health education.
,.1 I#'!$"c'(!#
The content of this chapter will discuss on the methodology the research will be conducted.
This includes study setting? research design? specific procedure? sampling? ethical
consideration? instrumentation? pilot study? duration of study? data collection? treatment of
data and analysis and summary.
,.2 S'"$7 S&''(#g
The study will be conducted at a family clinic situated at the military housing area known
as *esa Tun Hussein !nn A*TH!B. It is located about two kilometre from the 9inistry of
*efence comple< and near the Setiawangsa area. It provides outpatient services? maternal
and child health clinic and family planning clinic. The patients seen at this clinic are wives?
mothers and children Abelow (, years oldB of military personnel as well as female military
personnel. The antenatal clinic only conduct antenatal e<amination on 9onday mornings?
7ednesday Amorning and afternoonB and Thursday mornings.
The clinic staff consists of one medical doctor? one nursing sister? two staff nurses Aaka
midwivesB and three community nurses. The small number of staff compare to the number
of patients they have to handle is unimaginable where at times the number of patients they
have to attend to? on the average? is more than (/8.
!ther than carrying out nursing duties? the staff have to clerical work? documentation?
registration of patients and searching for files;folders? The nursing sister more often than
not also act the manager of the clinic prepare annual budgeting? monthly returns;census. It
is therefore doubtful if the nursing staffs are able to give an effective nursing care which
include health education and counseling and thus meeting the e<pectation of the patients
needs and information on pregnancy and other health matters.
,., S'"$7 D&0(g#
The study is a @uantitative study with a cross sectional survey design to analyse patient>s
satisfaction on information given at the antenatal clinic. The study will take place on the
three designated days per week for a month or until the re@uired number of sample is
*ata collection will be through @uestionnaires since @uestionnaires will allow the
researcher to describe and test the relationship and e<amine the interaction among
variables ABurns and &rove ,88,B. #ross sectional study design is chosen as it is less
e<pensive and easier to conduct A$ieswiadomy (554B. The @uestionnaires will be
distributed to participants with the help of the staff of the antenatal clinic.
,.1 P!/")a'(!# a#$ Sa*/)(#g
,.1.1 P!/")a'(!#
The patient>s who came to the *TH! antenatal clinic are military personnel or wives of
military personnel who live in the *TH! military housing comple< and nearby areas but
working at the 9inistry of *efence comple< or nearby military camps. Thus? the
population that will be involved in the study is military personnel or wives of military
personnel or civilians that come to the antenatal clinic for their antenatal checkups. The
duration of the intended study is for a month or until the re@uired number of sample has
been reached. The e<act period of the study will be finalised later.
,.1.2 Sa*/)&
Sample selection will be done by convenience sampling. All patients who come for their
appointments during the survey period will be included. A total of /8 patients will be taken
as sample.
,.2 E'%(ca) C!#0($&a'(!#
All respondent will be given a letter e<plaining the purpose of the study. All information
will be confidential and anonymity will be assured. However? the patient has the right to
choose not to participate in the study.
,.6 I#0'"*&#'a'(!# = Da'a C!))&c'(!#
*ata will be collected using a structured self reporting @uestionnaire. A total of .8 items
@uestionnaire of - sections will be used Asee appendi< .B. The three sections are as follow)
S&c'(!# 1. P&0!#a) D&*!ga/%(c Da'a.
This Section will consists of 5 items related to the patient>s personal background such as
age? religion? distance of home to clinic? education? occupation? pregnancy e<perience? and
others. The demographic statement was developed to determine the socioDeconomic
background of the sample.
S&c'(!# 2. Pa'(&#'>0 0a'(03ac'(!# !# %&a)'% (#3!*a'(!# g(5&#
This Section will have (4 items to determine the patient>s satisfaction on the information
given at the antenatal clinic. The patients will indicate their level of satisfaction on the
information given based on a /Dpoint scale ALikert scaleB as follows)
(O6ery SatisfiedK ,OSatisfiedK -O$ot SureK .O$ot SatisfiedK /O$ot 6ery Satisfied
S&c'(!# ,. I$&#'(37 '%& %&a)'% (#3!*a'(!# '! -& g(5&# a' '%& A#'&#a'a) C)(#(c
This section is to get feedback from the participating patient>s on the health information
that need further clarification. They will have to tick those information that they think are
lacking and should be included. If the topic they wanted to be included is not on the list?
they can suggest at the end of the section.
,.8 P()!' S'"$7
%ilot study is a trial run that will allow the researcher to identify potential problems and
detect any weaknesses. It will represent the proposed study and to test the @uestionnaires
formulated. A pilot study will be conducted on / patients at the *TH! antenatal clinic.
After the trial study? revision to the @uestionnaires will be made where necessary.
,.: Da'a C!))&c'(!#
!n all specified days? the researcher will personally hand the @uestionnaires to the patients
and make sure they understand? answer the @uestionnaires and collect them after they have
answered them. This is to make sure all @uestionnaires given out are returned.
"olders of the patients who have participated will tagged or marked so that there will be no
,.; A#a)70(0 !3 Da'a
The data will be analysed using the software Statistical %ackage for the Social Science
AS%SSB version (1 for efficient and accurate data analysis as well as saves time.
,.10 S"**a7
The study to be conducted is a non e<periment @uantitative study with cross sectional
survey to analyse patient>s satisfaction on health information given at the antenatal clinic
using @uestionnaires.
The @uestionnaires will be handed to the participating patients by the researcher personally
and collected after the patient has answered them. The data collected will be analysed
using the software S%SS version (1.
This study will hopefully highlight to the management their strength and weaknesses so
that steps to improve their services can be taken.
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ed. #onnecticut)
Appleton and Lange.
(2. !berst 9T A(54.B. %atients perceptions of care. 9easurement of @uality and
satisfaction. #ancer. /-? ,-11D,-2-.
(4. Schutta H9? Burnett #B A,888B. "actors that influence a patient>s decision to
participate in a %hase ( cancer clinical trial. !ncology $ursing "orem. 5A,2B? (.-/D(.-4.
(5. The American HeritageF *ictionary of the nglish Language? "ourth dition
copyright P,888 by Houghton 9ifflin #ompany
,8. 7alsh 9? 7alsh A A(555B. 9easuring patient satisfaction with nursing care
e<perience of using the $ewcastle Satisfaction with $ursing Scale. Cournal of Advanced
$ursing. ,5A,B? -82D-(/.
A//&#$(. 1
ACTIVITIES / WEEK 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Prepare researc pr!p!sa"
Le##er $! researc pr!p!sa"/E#%cs C!&&%##ee
A'a%#s appr!(a" "e##er
P%"!# S#)*+
C!rrec#%!, !$ #!!"
-a#a c!""ec#%!,
-a#a a,a"+s%s
Prepare researc rep!r#
Ha,* %, researc rep!r#
Appendi< ,
"auGiah bte Ibrahim
%ela0ar %rogram Sar0ana 9uda Sains He0ururawatan
!pen +niversity 9alaysia
Calan Tun Ismail
/8.48 H+ALA L+9%+'.
Hp) 8(--8.84,4
.hb 9ac ,8(8
9e0ar A*rB Tanya A;% Anirudhan
%egawai %erubatan
Hlinik Heluarga Angkatan tentera
*esa Tun Hussein !nn
Calan Celatik
/.,88 H+ALA L+9%+'
%rofesor 9adya #he An Bte Ahmad
Hetua %usat %enga0ian He0ururawatan *an Sains Hesihatan Bersekutu
!pen +niversity 9alaysia
Calan Tun Ismail
/8.48 H+ALA L+9%+'.
*engan segala hormatnya perkara di atas diru0uk.
,. Saya? "auGiah bte Ibrahim? sedang mengikuti %rogram Sar0ana 9uda Sains
He0ururawatan dengan Hepu0ian AB$SB di !pen +niversity 9alaysia A!+9B. Saya di
kehendaki men0alankan satu penyelidikan ke0ururawatan bagi memenuhi keperluan
program ini.
-. Saya ingin memohon kebenaran dan kelulusan dari pihak puan untuk men0alankan
satu pro0ek penyelidikan ke0ururawatan di tempat %uan. ButirDbutir penyelidikan yang
akan di0alankan adalah seperti berikut)
Ta0uk %enyelidikan) I%atients> satisfaction on health information given at the
antenatal clinic in *esa Tun Hussein !nn "amily #linicJ.
Humpulan Sasaran) IbuDibu mengandung yang menerima perkhidmatan di klinik
Tempat ka0ian) Hlinik Heluarga *esa Tun Hussein !nn.
Haedah Ha0ian) Soal Selidik.
Tarikh %enyelidikan) 8( Cul ,8(8 hingga -( Cul ,8(8.
.. BersamaDsama ini disertakan satu set cadangan ka0ian dan satu lampiran borang
soal selidik yang akan di gunakan untuk makluman puan.
/. Semua maklumat yang diperolehi adalah rahsia dan hanya akan di gunakan untuk
tu0uan akademik saha0a. Segala ker0asama dari pihak puan amat saya hargai dan semuga
permohonan saya ini mendapat kelulusan dari puan.
Sekian? terima kasih.
:ang benar?
s.k Lt. Hol Adenan bin Abd 'ahman
%egawai Staf ( %erumahan
*esa Tun Hussein !nn
Calan Celatik
/.,88 Huala Lumpur
Appendi< -
*ear %articipants?
I? "auGiah bt Ibrahim? student of Bachelor in $ursing? !pen +niversity 9alaysia? is
undergoing 'esearch and Statistic module. It re@uires me to conduct a nursing
research pro0ect as to fulfil partially the re@uirement for the course.
9y research is about patient>s satisfaction on health information given at the
antenatal clinic. The health information given by the nurses at the antenatal clinic is
important and this pro0ect is done to know how satisfied are you with the
information given.
:our participation will most certainly give an very good input and implication to
this pro0ect. :our contribution will also give feedback and help to improve any areas
which were found lacking.
All information given is confidential as no names are re@uired to be written on the
@uestionnaires. Thus? all participants are anonymous. The completion of the
@uestionnaire is an indication of your consent to participate. !nce you have
completed answering the @uestionnaire? please put it in the envelope provided and
seal them. The envelope is then put into the bo< provided at the registration counter.
Thank you for your participation and if your have any @uestions please contact me
at 8(,-8.84,4. :our cooperation is much appreciated.
:ours truly
A"auGiah bt IbrahimB
+ntuk Semua %eserta?
Saya? "auGiah bt Ibrahim? penuntut Bachelor He0ururawatan? +niversity Terbuka
9alaysia? sedang mengikuti modul %enyelidikan He0ururawatan dan Statistik.
9odul ini memerlukan saya men0alankan satu ka0ian berkaitan ke0ururawatan
sebagai sebahagian dari keperluan untuk lulus kursus ini.
Ha0ian saya ialah mengenai kepuasaan pelanggan Aiaitu andaB keatas maklumat
kesihatan yang diberikan oleh 0ururawat di klinik antenatal AHlinik Ibu
9engandungB. 9aklumat kesihatan yang diberikan adalah penting dan pro0ek ini
di0alankan bagi mengetahui tahap kepuasan pelanggan dengan maklumat yang
%englibatan dan maklumat anda sudah tentu akan memberikan satu input serta
implikasi yang baik. Sumbangan anda 0uga akan memberi maklumbalas serta dapat
membantu memperbaiki manaDmana keadaan yang perlu diperbaiki.
Semua maklumat yang diberi adalah sulit kerana tiada nama perlu ditulis pada
borang ka0iselidik yang diberi. Semua peserta adalah rahsia. *engan melengkapkan
borang kla0iselidik menun0ukkan anda telah memberikan kebenaran untuk
men0ayakan ka0ian ini. Setelah anda melengkapkan men0awab borang ka0iselidik?
sila letakkan kedalam envelop yang disediakan dan lekatkannya. nvelop itu
kemudiannya letakkan kedalam peti yang disediakan di kaunter pendaftaran.
Terima kasih kerana penyertaan anda. Sekiranya anda mempunyai apaDapa
kemusykilan? sila hubungi saya di 8(,-8.84,4. Her0asama anda sangatDsangat saya
:ang benar?
A"auGiah bt IbrahimB
A//&#$(. 1
I#0'"c'(!# = Aa%a#
The @uestionnaire comprises of three sections. %lease answer all @uestions. %lease fill in
the blanks and tick S in the bo<es provided.
Section ( consists of 5 items related to personal demographic data.
Section , consists of (4 items related to patient>s satisfaction on the health information
given at the antenatal clinic.
Section - consists of (/ items related to health information needs re@uired by the e<pectant
Borang soal selidik ini mengandungi tiga bahagian. Sila jawab semua soalan. Sila isikan
semua ruang kosong dan tandakan didalam kotak berkaitan yang disediakan.
Bahagian 1 mengandungi 9 soalan berkaitan dengan maklumat peribadi.
Bahagian 2 mengandungi 18 soalan berkaiatan kepuasan pelanggan terhadap maklumat
kesihatan yang diberikan di klinik ibu mengandung.
Bahagian 3 mengandungi 13 soalan berkaitan dengan maklumat kesihatan yang
diperlukan oleh ibu mengandung.
S&c'(!# 1. P&0!#a) $&*!ga/%(c $a'a = Bahagian 1. Maklumat Peribadi.
%lease answer ALL @uestions. Sila 0awab S9+A soalan.
( Age ; +mur) ,8D,. yrs;thn -8D-. yrs;thn
,/D,5 yrs;thn -/D-5 yrs;thn
,. *istance home to clinic ; Carak rumah ke klinik km
-. 'eligion ; +gama)
Islam Hindu !thers;Lain,
Hristian Buddha
.. ducation Level ;
Tahap %endidikan)
Tertiary; I %
/. !ccupation ;
Self mployed;
Beker0a sendiri
Tidak beker0a
1. $o. of children; Bilangan Anak
2. $o. of pregnancy including this one ; Bilangan kehamilan termasuk kali ini.
4. 7eeks of pregnancy ; 9inggu kehamilan
5. $umber of antenatal visit including this one ;
Bilangan lawatan ke klinik antenatal termasuk ini)

S&c'(!# 2. Pa'(&#'>0 0a'(03ac'(!# !# %&a)'% (#3!*a'(!# g(5&#
Bahagian 2. Kepuasan pelanggan terhadap maklumat kesihatan yang diberikan
%lease answer all @uestions by ticking ? in the bo< that best applies to you? according to
the scale given below. Sila jawab semua soalan dengan menandakan dalam kotak yang
paling bersesuaian dengan anda menggunakan skala dibawah.
1@V&7 Sa'(03(&$=Sa#ga' M&*"a0ka#A 2@Sa'(03(&$=M&*"a0ka#A
,@N!' S"&= T($ak Pa0'(A 1@N!' Sa'(03(&$=T($ak M&*"a0ka#A
2@N!' V&7 Sa'(03(&$=Sa#ga' T($ak M&*"a0ka#
A. I#3!*a'(!# a-!"' 7!" 5(0('=Mak)"*a' 0&*a0a )a+a'a# a#$a
(. Information about your blood pressure ( , - . /
9aklumat tentang tekanan darah anda
,. Information about your weight ( , - . /
9aklumat tentang berat badan anda
-. Information on your blood L urine investigation. ( , - . /
9aklumat tentang selidikan darah L air kencing.
.. Information on the progress of your pregnancy ( , - . /
9aklumat tentang perkembangan kehamilan
/. Information received regarding minor sickness
AdiGGiness? nausea? vomit? cramps? etcB
( , - . /
9aklumat tentang penyakit ringan Apening?
loya? muntah? ke0ang otot? dllB
1. Information on general ; physical e<amination ( , - . /
9aklumat tentang pemeriksaan am ; fiGikal
2. Information on abdominal palpation ( , - . /
9aklumat tentang palpasi perut
B. Information received on Health ducation ; 9aklumat mengenai %endidikan
4. $utrition during pregnancy ( , - . /
%emakanan semasa mengandung
5. <ercise during pregnancy ( , - . /
Senaman semasa mengandung
(8. "etal development ( , - . /
%erkembangan 0anin
((. %reparation on delivery for mother L baby ( , - . /
%ersediaan ibu dan anak semasa kelahiran
(,. %rocessof labour ( , - . /
%roses kelahiran
(-. Breast feeding ( , - . /
%enyusuan badan kepada bayi
(.. Immunisation ( , - . /
(/. Anaemia ( , - . /
Hurang darah
(1. "amily planning ( , - . /
9erancang keluarga
(2. High blood pressure ( , - . /
Tekanan darah tinggi
(4. &enerally? are you satisfied with all the
information given
( , - . /
S&caa a*#7a? adakah anda berpuas hati
terhadap maklumat yang diberikan
S&c'(!# ,. I$&#'(37 '%& %&a)'% (#3!*a'(!# '! -& g(5&# a' '%& A#'&#a'a) C)(#(c
Bahagian 3. Mengenalpasti maklumat kesihatan yang perlu diberi di Klinik Ibu
%lease answer all @uestions by ticking ? in the bo< that applies to you. Sila jawab semua
soalan dengan menandaan dalam kotak yang bersesuaian.
A. I +!")$ )(k& '! k#!+ '%& 3!))!+(#g %&a)'% (#3!*a'(!#B
Saya ingin mengetahui tentang maklumat kesihatan yang dibawah:
Ya T($ak
(. *iabetes during pregnancy;Hencing manis semasa mengandung
,. Low lying %lacenta;+ri dibawah
-. %remature contraction;Hontraksi sebelum masa
.. %er vagina bleeding;%endarahan dari fara0
/. 9iscarriage;Heguguran
1. Hepatitis and pregnancy; %enyakit hepatitis dan mengandung
2. Taking of traditional medicine or herbs during pregnancy;
%engambilan ubat tradisi atau herba semasa mengandung
4. 9assage during and after pregnancy; 9engurut semasa dan
selepas mengandung
5. Se<ual transmitted disease and pregnancy including HI6;
%enyakit kelamin dan kandungan termasuk HI6
(8. Se< during pregnancy;Hubungan se< semasa mengandung
((. Taking care of perineal area after delivery; 9en0aga kawasan
kemaluan selepas kelahiran
(,. Taking care of the new born; 9en0aga bayi yang baru lahir
B. O'%& %&a)'% (#3!*a'(!# '%a' 7!" )(k& '! k#!+ !'%& '%a# '%& a-!5&B
La(#C)a(# *ak)"*a' k&0(%a'a# 7a#g a#$a (#g(# k&'a%"( 0&)a(# 7a#g $(a'a0.
T%a#k 7!" 3! 7!" c!!/&a'(!#.
erima kasih atas ker!asama anda.