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How to setup email sending in MT4

Method 1
Sign up for a free email account with GMX at
Open up your MT4 -> Tool -> Option -> !mail. "t the creen# tic$ !na%le then
ue the following info for the ret
SMTP Server:
SMTP Login :
SMTP Passsword: your gmx email password
To: email address you wan !e message o go o "s!ould #e !e email you $re%uen&
&!ST"&T your MT4 program for the change to ta$e e'ect.
Method 2
The (rt metho) may reult in email reaching your mail%ox late* +,-e experience)
email that reach me -ia GMX that, .-/ hour late. Thi other metho) re0uire
you to intall a mail er-er on your own 12 an) alo a gmail account.
!3+T: "fter the recent up)ate of MT4 which )iallow the ue of localhot an)
./4.5.5.. for SMT1 er-er hot# extra tep nee) to %e ta$en in or)er to ue
your actual +1 a))re intea).
+f you ha-e a tatic +1 a))re from your +S1 an) your computer i )irectly
connecte) to the internet without connecting through a router# then you houl)
alrea)y $now your +1 a))re.
6ut if you,re li$e the million other who hare a ingle internet connection with
other home computer -ia a router 7wire) or wirele8# then your computer might
%e uing 3921 7meaning your +1 a))re might change the next time you witch
it on an) connect to your router8. :ou can et your router uch that your
computer that, running MT4 will alway %e getting the ame +1 a))re. "
router etup )efer from one manufacturer to another# you,ll nee) to (gure that
part out yourelf.
To $now what +1 a))re your computer i aigne)# open up ;Command
Prompt< an) $ey in the comman) ;ipconfg<. =oo$ for the connection that i
connecte) to your router. :our are concerne) with it IPv4 Address. +,-e etup
my router uch that my computer alway get .>/..?@....4A
3ownloa) the latet pro)uction releae of the hMailSer-er from the lin$ %elow
+ntall it uing the )efault etting. Dhen prompte)# et a pawor) eay to
remem%er# e.g. ;pawor)<
&un the hMailSer-er ")minitrator an) connect uing your pawor).
!xpan) Setting -> 1rotocol -> SMT1 then clic$ on the ;3eli-ery of email< ta%
Ma$e ure you $ey in the information a follow uing the creenhot a a gui)e.
&emote 9ot Eame:
&emote T21/+1 port: 4?F
T+2G Ser-er re0uire authentication
Her name: your gmail account login !M"+=
1awor): your gmail account pawor)
T+2G He SS=
2lic$ S"I!
Then expan) Setting -> ")-ance) -> +1 &ange -> My computer
HE29!2G the %ottom right option ;!xternal to external e-mail a))ree<
6ecaue + etup my router uch that the +1 a))re of computer within my
networ$ range %etween .55 to .F5# +,ll place the num%er here a well. +f you
)on,t $now the range Jut $ey in the ame +1 a))re for %oth =ower an) Hpper
+1. +,m uing the range %ut it houl) wor$ either way.
2lic$ S"I!
Eow go to Statu# 2lic$ on ;Stop< then ;Start< again an) ma$e ure the current
tatu i ;&unning<
Eow go to your MT4 Tool -> Option -> !mail
Set the following
SMT1 er-er: .>/..?@....4A:/F
SMT1 login: %lan$
SMT1 pawor): %lan$
Krom: Thi can %e anything %ut ue your gmail account for implicity a$e
To: Thi i the email a))re that alert will %e ent to. 2an et the ame if you
2lic$ OG then retart your MT4 platform.
:ou can tet your etup %y clic$ing on the ;Tet< %utton in the !mail ta% "KT!&
the retart.
A. +L-e create) a )ll that en) email with/without attachment to gmail
Kor ure you can ue it with hotmail/yahoo etc.
2opy the )ll to the MetaTra)erM1ath/!xpert/=i%rarie fol)er.
2opy the xpMail cript to MetaTra)erM1ath/!xpert/Script fol)er.
These are the xpMail inputs:
Kor gmail we are uing
SMT1 Ser-er:
port: 4?F
+f you want email ent to yahoo# ue yahoo mtp etting 7not tete)# correct
me if +Lm wrong8
SMT1 Ser-er:
port: 4?F
He yahoo account login cre)ential
+f you want email ent to hotmail# ue hotmail mtp etting 7not tete)# correct
me if +Lm wrong8
SMT1 Ser-er:
port: F@4
He hotmail account login cre)ential.
!nter your gmail uer name. !x:
!nter your gmail pawor).
The er-er port. Kor gmail $eep the port 4?F
3oe the er-er ue SS=. for gmail $eep it C true
3oe the er-er ue authentication. for gmail $eep it C true
The en)er that appear in your gmail. ex:
The email that yoLu en) to. uaually your gmail email. ex:
Set it if you want to en) a copy of the email to another email
Set it if you want to en) a %lin) copy of the email to another email
!mail u%Ject
!mail %o)y. :ou can ue html tag 7ex: P%r>8
Set it to the path of the (le you want to attach to your meage.
The program is free but I will not refuse any donations
"ttache) Kile
xpMail.Qip 7>.. G6# 44@