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Republic of the Philippines

University of Northern Philippines

Vigan City, Ilocos Sur
College of Business Administration and Accountancy
Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Administration

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement in the Subject

(HRA 115)

Submitted To:
Mr. Rogelio Quario II
(Subject Instructor)

Submitted By:
Toni Rose Buenavista

Making Financial Savings through Advances in Recycling and Waste Reduction

I. Executive Summary
The study focuses on waste management of a progressive corporation. Aberdeen
Exhibition and Conference Centre (AECC), a corporation that caters many high
profile international events each year. A busy venue which focuses on people and
create tons of waste. Because of tons of waste being created each year, AECCs waste
disposal costs were very high. The study tackles the managerial skill of the
corporation through discovering a waste management that is effective and budget
wise. The waste management that the corporation used was recycling, and organic
waste collection scheme. For the effectively of the management, managers of the
corporation set a monitoring system. Over all, the waste management used by the
corporation was found to be effective, and was highly recommended.

II. Introduction

In our modern world, we cannot stop to progress. Day by day we experiment and
discover new things. Each facilities and modern companies become rich, to richer, to
richest. Twined with each companys success are problems grow like mushroom,
from small to big. It always starts with simple problem, such problem is the rapid
growth of waste materials.
Waste, the number one problem of the world. The more progressive we become,
the more waste products we create. They are found everywhere, starting with our
households, infrastructures, public facilities, companies. In order to solve this
problem, we should come with solutions. They say, Theres always a solution in
every problem, which is true. We always find way to answer every question, to solve
a problem.
So, how to solve our problem with waste? Simple! An effective waste
management. Waste management is the eradication of waste product which is
environment friendly, cost friendly and useful in a way.
A corporation, which is the AECC that caters big events worry about tons of
waste every day. They came out with a waste management; they recycle, and use
organic packaging. The managers also rediscovering other ways for the management
in preparation for the ISO accreditation. In the process of it, they are proving if it is
effective or not.

III. Literature Review

IV. Methodology
The method of the study in gathering data was implementation of the waste
management plan. Experimentation and development of the waste management plan
was strongly observed.

V. Study

VI. Analysis

VII. Conclusions and Recommendations

Based on data gathered, AECC managed to have an effective waste management.
In my conclusion, AECC will excel in whatever goal they would have because of
excellent managerial skills.
I strongly recommend that all progressive corporations and companies should
have effective waste management such as AECC. I believe that a successful venture
starts with effective management skills.