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Personal Data

Name: Mikkel Berg Bjerre

Address: Vagtelvej 12, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Phone: (+45) 38 19 11 10 (home) – (+45) 40 36 79 36 (cell)

Email: berg.mikkel@gmail.com

Marital status: Married to Louise Stenbjerre Berg - 3 children, Oskar (1999),

Sofus (2001), Caroline (2006)

Born: July 21, 1967


MSc. (Econ.), Copenhagen Business School, 1994

Various education programmes: Situational Management (Blanchard), Young Managers

Programme (Management Center Europe), Media training


o Management experience as general manager and marketing director as well as board

experience within:
1. Consumer products/FMCG
2. The entertainment industry
3. TV and movie production
4. Distribution (movies, games, TV and special interest)
5. Retail (cinema management, Video On Demand)
o Generated profitable growth
o Managed product development, business development and numerous change management
o Experience with purchase/sale/start-up of companies
o Experience on a strategic, tactical and operational level with organizational development
and branding
o Practical and theoretical experience within marketing as well as comprehensive insight into
consumer behaviour and communication

o Made marketing processes consistent and streamlined in several countries
o Good and effective communicator when presenting new strategies across trade groups and
country borders
o Open management style

Business Career

2006-2007 Nordisk Film - General Manager, Film Distribution

Nordisk Film is the leading producer and distributor of electronic entertainment in the Nordic
countries. Nordisk Film has an annual turnover of €444 mill., employing 1,200 people. Nordisk Film is
a part of Egmont, one of Scandinavia’s leading media companies with an annual turnover of almost
€1.340 mill., employing more than 3,500 people in 23 countries.

o Purchase and commercial exploitation of rights as well as physical and digital distribution of
filmed content
o Department of Media & Analysis
o Staff: 58 people in the four Nordic countries; 9 people with direct reference
o Significant turnaround process in film distribution with new strategic vision, organization
structure and establishment of local distribution in Norway, Sweden and Finland
o Increased profitability: EBT increase of €6mill.
o Secured considerable amount of rights by entering partnerships, purchasing production
companies and signing output deals with broadcasters (DR, TV2 Norge, SVT, Nelonen) in the
Nordic countries; became market leader on local content in 18 months
o Contributed to purchases of production companies in the Nordic countries
o Established a Branded Entertainment company with profit after one year
o Established new company: Nordisk Film Special Marketing with focus on TV shows, stand-up
comedy etc.; market leader and decent profit after one year (profit degree: 15%)
o Entered Top 5 three successive times in Egmont’s company analysis (manager analysis
every 18 months)

2005-2006 Nordisk Film - Interim President

o Marketing for all of Nordisk Film’s business areas
o TV and movie production in the Nordic countries
o Interim general manager of TV production in Denmark
o Marketing Services (Business Development, Department of Media & Analysis, in-house
advertising agency Starfighters, Branded Entertainment, BtB and partnerships)
o Staff: 128 people in the four Nordic countries; 18 people with direct reference
o Readying Nordisk Film for a new general manager and helping the company through trading
o Organizational restructuring of the production unit (altering staff structure from tenure to

2003-2005 Nordisk Film - Marketing Director, Member of Board of Directors

o Marketing for all of Nordisk Film’s business areas (movies, games, cinema, TV and movie
production); €40 mill. marketing budget
o Branding/Revitalization process within Nordisk Film, creating a new company foundation in
terms of vision, mission, values and self-perception
o Marketing Services (Business Development, Department of Media & Analysis, Starfighters,
Branded Entertainment, BtB sales and partnerships)
o Staff: 80 people in the four Nordic countries; 9 people with direct reference
o Improved profitability: EBT €8,8mill. (2004 was first time in 10 years with black figures)
o Production reorganization for establishing new business areas
o Successful merger between Egmont Entertainment (distribution company) and Nordisk Film
(production company)
o Established in-house advertising agency – Starfighters in 2003. Profit each year as well as
significantly lower pricing and considerable production savings
o Started Denmark’s leading VOD service (Sputnik)
o Executive producer on the movies ’Pusher II’, ‘Pusher III’ and ‘Terkel i knibe’

1999–2003 Egmont Entertainment - Nordic Marketing Director, Part of Management


o Marketing of cinema and home video distribution as well as PlayStation in the Nordic
countries – marketing budget of €33,5 mill.
o Active part in the strategic and organizational development of Egmont Entertainment
o Staff: 60 people in the four Nordic countries; 8 people with direct reference
o Bottom line improvement of €11,4 mill. (from a deficit of €5,3 mill. to a profit of €6 mill.)
o 40% increased turnover
o Exit PC games and wholesale company in Sweden
o Assembled 20 marketing units into one common marketing organization with significantly
improved KPI’s and major production savings while the marketing organization was
consolidated across country borders and product areas, and cut with 25%
o Turned PlayStation from four local brands into one Nordic brand. Raised Nordic household
penetration from a market share of 2% to 17% and 70%
o Received EFFIE award (Marketing Effectiveness) and the Brand Award - for significant
PlayStation brand and sales results

1998 Egmont Entertainment - Nordic Marketing Manager, HomeVideo and


1995–1998 Option Communication - Planner and Contact Manager (Adv. Agency)
Customers: Medico, the travel industry, private hospital and entertainment

Board Work

I have been a member of 12 boards during the latest 7 years. I would like to emphasize Nordisk
Film Biografer (clear market leader in Denmark, and I have assisted in buying Kinopalæet in
Lyngby, Dagmar in Copenhagen, cinemas in Århus, Frederiksberg and Drammen in Norway) as
well as IO Interactive that was sold to the British video game publisher Eidos for €34,3 mill.

Awards and Miscellaneous

I have received various awards, among others EFFIE in 1999 and 2000 (Marketing Effectiveness
Award). In addition to this I was the executive producer on ’Pusher II’, ’Pusher III’ and ‘Terkel i
knibe’, and I have been the speaker at various courses, seminars and events – e.g. the latest
New Media Days (see Appendix)


Golf, football, skiing, diving and my family


I speak and write English fluently. I speak, read and understand Swedish and Norwegian.
Limited German and French skills. High school stay in the United States.


Board Work

2007 Board member, Maipo - Norge (Movie and TV production)

2006-2007 Board member, Co & TV (Advertising funded programming)

2006-2007 Board member, Substanz (Concept og product development)

2005- Board member, Flamingo Records (Music)

2003 – 2006 Board member, Nordisk Film Fonden

2002-2007 Board member, A-Film (Animation) – Chairman 2005-2006

2002-2007 Chairman of the Board, Locomotion (Commercial production)

2002-2006 Board member, Felicia Film – Sweden (Movie production)

2002-2003 Chairman of the Board, Nordisk Film Commercial (Commercial production)

2001-2007 Board member, Nordisk Film Biografer

2001-2004 Board member, IO Interactive (Video game development)

1994- Board member, Varpelev Tomater (Tomato production)

Awards and Miscellaneous

2006 Speaker, New Media Days

2005 Speaker, IBC Forum, MSN – about segmentation and communication
2005 Executive producer, ‘Pusher III’ (Danish movie)
2004 Executive producer, ‘Pusher II’ (Danish movie)
2004 Executive producer, ‘Terkel i knibe’ (Danish movie)
2003 Cannes Lions, Diplom - Movie
2000 Value Award, Egmont - Creativity
2000 Effectiveness Award, Silver (EFFIE) – PlayStation
1999 The Trademark Award - PlayStation
1999 Effectiveness Award, Diploma (EFFIE) - PlayStation