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Head circumference, 56 and 58 cm

4" and 23")
Cotton-linen blend, 150 cm (59") wide:
0.40 m (16").
Vilene/Pellon G 740, 90 cm (36") wide:
0.65 m (26").
Grosgrain/petersham ribbon, 1.5 cm (
wide: 0.65 m (26").
Piece of leather for hat band, approx.
75 x 5 cm (30 x 2"). 1 buckle with prong,
bar width 1.5 cm (
8"). 3 metal eyelets,
approx. 3 mm (
8") inner . 1 rivet. Glue
stick (Pritt, Uhu). Sewing thread.
Recommended fabric: Fabrics with some
Printing paper pattern (for DIN A /
4" x 11
8" paper):
The pattern pieces are printed on 4
sheets, each framed by a thin line. Wait
until all sheets have been printed. Lay
the sheets in the correct positions (see
extra sheet with the overview of the
printed sheets).
Cut each sheet along the thin lines at
the top and right edges. Begin with the
lower left sheet and glue all sheets to-
gether, exactly on the thin lines Now
cut out the pattern pieces.
Important: Seam and hem allowances
are not included on the pattern pieces.
Choose the pattern size according to the
circumference of your head.
Pattern pieces 1 to 3
Cutting layout
Cotton-linen blend,150 cm wide
Please note: When basting and stitching
seams, the right fabric sides must be
facing. Tie-off the beginnings and
ends of seams with backstitching.
I Hat side: Stitch narrow edges to-
gether, right side facing in. Press seam
open and finish edges of allowances.
Topstitch close to both sides of seam,
thereby catching allowances.
I Loops: Fold fabric strip in half length-
wise, right side facing in. Stitch 1.5 cm
8") from fold edge. Do not cut threads
too short. Thread threads through eye
of darning needle and knot to secure.
Push needle, eye end first, through fab-
ric tube to turn right side out. Press
strip. Topstitch close to long edges. Cut
into 4 equal pieces. Pin loops to hat
side as marked on pattern piece and at
I Stitch crown piece to upper edge of
hat side, right sides facing. Finish edges
of allowances together.
I Brim: Lay brim pieces together, right
sides facing. Stitch together along outer
edges. Trim seam allowances. Turn brim
right side out. Press seamed edge. Top-
stitch 5 mm (
16") from seamed edge.
Stitch brim to lower edge of hat side,
right sides facing. Trim allowances to
5 mm (
16") wide and finish edges to-
gether. Pin grosgrain/petersham ribbon
to seam allowance of brim to meet
stitching Overlap ends of ribbon and
turn under end which lies on top. Edge-
stitch ribbon in place. Turn ribbon to-
ward hat side.
Turn ends of each loop under and edge-
stitch to hat side as marked.
I Hat band: Fold leather strip in half
lengthwise, wrong side facing in, and
glue layers together. Cut one end to a
point. Topstitch close to all edges. Punch
a small hole for the buckle prong, 2 cm
4") from straight end. Fold straight end
over bar of buckle and hold it in place
with one rivet.
Insert one metal eyelet 5 cm (2") from
pointed end, then insert 2 more eyelets,
spaced 1.5 cm (
8") apart.
Run hat band through loops and buckle
burda Download, Instructions for Hat 150 / burda World of Fashion 2/2009
Downl oad patter n
150 Hat

Cut from a
double layer
of fabric,
right side
facing in.
The cutting layouts below show how
the pattern pieces should be laid on the
fabric. Make sure that the straight
grain line marked on each pattern
piece lies parallel to the selvages or
the fold of the fabric.
Seam and hem allowances:
Use a ruler and tailor's chalk to mark the
following seam and hem allowances on
the fabric, along the edges of the paper
pattern pieces: 1.5 cm (
8") at all seams
and edges.
Cotton-linen blend:
1 Crown 1x
2 Side, on fold 1x
3 Brim, on fold 2x
a) Fabric strip for 4 loops, 30 cm (12")
long, 6 cm (2
2") wide (incl. allowances).
Hatband, 70 cm (27
4") long, 3 cm (1
wide (incl. allowances).
All pieces which are shaded gray in
the cutting layout must also be cut
from interfacing, along the same
straight grain as indicated for the
fabric pieces. Iron interfacing to the
wrong sides of fabric pieces.