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China Commercial Concrete

China Commercial Concrete

Industry Report,
Industry Report,
Published by : Sino Market Insight
Date : Oct-2012
Page : 102
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According to China Commercial Concrete Industry Report, 2012-2015 published
by SinoMaretInsight, the output o! China"s commercial concrete industry #ill hit
2$%2 billion cubic meters by 2015$
In 2011, the commercial concrete output o! China increased by 1&$'5( year-on-
year to 1$%2 billion cubic meters$ In particular, the gro#th in )orth#est and
South#est #as the sharpest, up *&$1( and *1$2( respecti+ely, #hile that in
Central South and )ortheast reached 2*$&( and 2%$2(, !ollo#ed by )orth China
and ,ast China #ith 21$2( and 12$-( separately$ In .an$-.un$ 2012, the
commercial concrete output o! China totaled '%0 million cubic meters, a year-on-
year rise o! 2'$2($

In 2012, the combined sales +olume o! top 10 commercial concrete enterprises is
e/pected to stand at less than '( o! the national total, and the industrial
concentration ratio needs to be !urther impro+ed$ 0eading industrial players
include China Resources Cement 1oldings 0imited, Shanghai .iangong
,ngineering Materials, 2angshan .idong Cement, CSC,C Concrete, 33M4
Corporation, Shanghai Construction Components, 5in6iang 7est Construction
4roup, etc$
3y region, the domestic commercial concrete industry stries an unbalanced
de+elopment$ 3ig cities lie 3ei6ing, Shanghai, 4uang8hou, 9alian and 5iamen
are large consumers o! commercial concrete #ith the consumption approaching
the le+el o! de+eloped countries, #hile underde+eloped regions lag !ar behind in
this case and, some e+en ha+e no commercial concrete batching plant$

2he report, !alling into si/ chapters and 10- charts, highlights the maret si8e,
competition pattern and de+elopment trend o! China commercial concrete industry
and, emphasi8es the concrete output in 11 cities and pro+inces as #ell as the
!inancial inde/es, re+enue by region and product, gross margin and latest
de+elopment trends o! 1: ey cement enterprises in China$
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1# O%er%ie& o' (!ina (ommercial (oncrete )n*ustry
1$1 9e!inition
1$2 Industrial Chain
+# De%elo,ment -n%ironment
2$1 =olicy ,n+ironment
2$2 China Macroeconomic ,n+ironment, 2011-11 2012
2$2$1 China>s 49=
2$2$2 =er Capita 9isposable Income o! ?rban and Rural 1ouseholds
2$2$* ,ngel Coe!!icient
2$2$% Industrial 9e+elopment

2$2$5 @i/ed Asset In+estment
2$2$: Import and ,/port ,n+ironment
2$* Macroeconomic @orecast, 2012-201*,
3# .ar/et 0i1e an* 2re*iction
*$1 Supply
*$2 9emand
*$* =rice
*$% Maret Si8e
*$5 Competition =attern

4# 3elate* )n*ustries
%$1 Cement Industry
%$1$1 Supply
%$1$2 9emand
%$2 Concrete =roduct Industry
%$* Real ,state Industry
5# 3e4ional De%elo,ment
5$1 Autput by Region
5$2 .iangsu
5$* 4uangdong

5$% ChongBing
5$5 4uang/i
5$: 3ei6ing
6# Domestic (ommercial (oncrete -nter,rises
:$1 China Resources Cement 1oldings 0imited
:$1$1 =ro!ile
:$1$2 Aperation
:$1$* Commercial Concrete 3usiness
:$2 Shanghai Construction 4roup Co$, 0td$

:$2$1 =ro!ile
:$2$2 Cey @inancial Indicators
:$2$* Re+enue and 4ross Margin by Sector
:$2$% Re+enue and 4ross Margin by =roduct
:$2$5 Re+enue and 4ross Margin by Region
:$2$: Concrete 3usiness o! Shanghai .iangong ,ngineering Materials
:$2$' Concrete 3usiness o! Shanghai Construction Components
2urc!ase 5o&:

Commercial Concrete Industrial Chain
DoD 4ro#th o! China"s 49=, 2001-2012
=er Capita 9isposable Income o! ?rban 1ouseholds in China, 1&-5-2011
,ngel Coe!!icient o! ?rban and Rural 1ouseholds in China
DoD 4ro#th o! Added Ealue o! Industrial ,nterprises abo+e 9esignated Si8e in China,
DoD 4ro#th o! ,/port 9eli+ery Ealue in China, 200--2012
In+estment in @i/ed Assets and 4ro#th 7orld#ide, 200:-2011
2otal Import and ,/port Ealue and 4ro#th 2rend in China, 2001-2012
Import and ,/port 4ro#th and 3alance in China, 2001-2012
2otal Import and ,/port Ealue o! China by Country FRegionG, .ul$ 2012

@orecast o! Main Macroeconomic Indicators in China, 2012-201*,
China Commercial Concrete Autput, 2000-2011
?rban =opulation and ?rbani8ation Rate in China, 2002-2011
4ro#th o! Real ,state In+estment in China, 2011-2012
A+erage Concrete FC*0G =rice in China by Region, 2011-2012
China Commercial Concrete Autput, 200:-2015
2op 10 Commercial Concrete ,nterprises in China, 2011
China Cement =roduct Autput, 2001-2012
Cement Concrete 9rainpipe Autput, 2005-2012
Cement Concrete =ressure =ipe Autput, 2005-2012

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