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Christ For The Amazon Valley

Greetings from ^azil Nut Country!
The News from our part of the world is Progress! On April 16 a new Church was begun right
downtown in Belera, half a block off the main street. The location is ideal anyone can
get to it by just one bus. We'll be with the Robison family and 5 Brazilian families in
this. The Missionaries are buying land in the center of the city for future construction,
but for the time being we'll be using rented quarters.
With the new downtown Church,a 10 year's dream is realized! This brings to 10 the number
of our locations in the Belem area. A year ago there were but five.
In March, Dick Robison and I led a revival meeting in Taguatinga, a satellite of Brasilia.
There were 23 confessions of faith and 2 transfers. The Church benefited greatly from the
reviving. On the last night the 7:30 Service began at 8:00; singing continued till 9:15;
the preaching began at 9:25: and the invitation hymn was sung at 10:00. There were four
converts, and we got out of the Service at 10:30!
Before going to Brasilia, we led in a revival in Araguai'na, in northern Goids, 600 miles
down the Brasilia Highway, where Jim Moreland works, using a tent for the Meeting. There
was one convert, and many people were contacted for Christ. The work there is just a few
months old, but shows great possibilities.
Our little boy, Paul, is 8 months old. He walks all over the house in his walker, and he
is getting fatter and fatter. There is something wrong with his feet, and he may have to
spend some time in casts soon for correction. While in Brasilia, I got down to Anapolis,
where we got Paul, and completed his adoption. His name is now Paul Mark Bayless,
Joanne talks a blue strealc, either in English or Portuguese, and is fluent in both. She
keeps them straight, too! She's two and a half.
Beverly lived on a farm in ICansas until she went to college. But I was in a preacher's
family. How I've lived in Icoaraci' (near Belem) longer than anywhere else 7 years!
~ . -r
y The lord filing, we'll be on Furlough i^earl^ Decemberi--^'e early'date is'necessary in
C order not to conflict vath Robison's Furlough, as" we will be working together in the new
downtown Belem Church. We may need some extra gifts to help on Furlough transportation.
"-^^Iso, we'll be looking forward to seeing some of you, but we know we can't see all.
If you would like to pay for a pew for the new Church, send $25 to our Forvrarding Agent,
iife are ordering five. They are of beautiful bright yellow wood. Don't worrj' about not
writing in time to get to pay for one these offers are rarely over-subscribed! For
individuals who send checks for any of this work, we suggest you make the check to the
"Ridgecrest Christian Church Mission" to keep you in the clear with Internal Revenue, but
send the gifts to our Agent as usual. There is always a real need for your love gifts to
every phase of the Mission work. You friends are our Life Line in the Lord's work.
We continue to work with the Outeiro Road Church, in Icoaraci where we live. It now has
about 40 menbers. Seven of the men are preachers. Every other Sunday two men go to the
interior to preach. Last month there were 2 conversions there. Also, two men present a
30-minute program on a speaker system covering a few blocks of Icoaraci' every Sunday
morning. Six of the men study in weekly Bible Classes that I teach.
We thank the Lord daily for your continued faithfulness in keeping us in this work. The
opportunities were never greater. Please keep on praying for us and the Lord's work here!
Sincerely yours in Christ,
For interesting booklet of Brazil Stories
for your VBS, write to our Agent in Pueblo.
David H, Bayless Q
MIsshnaries Daulcl and Beverly Bayless
David and Beverly Bayless. Missionaries in Brazil since November 1959,
with their adoptedchildren, Joanne (October 12, 1964)
and Paul (August 7, 1966) - - 9 19^*7
These Missionaries are Sponsored by
5300 Eastern Avenue, S.E.
Address in Brazil;
Caixa Postal 926
Forwarding Agent for Correspondence and Gifts
2010 East 15th Street
Since arriving in Brazil on November 8, 1959
our work has been primarily in Icoaraci, a suburb of
Belem, capital of the state of Para, and the principal
port of the Amazon Valley; about 200 miles south of
the Equator.
We have worked principally with the Outeiro Road
Church, begun in 1954 by Missionary Bill Loft, and
with the Agulha Church, closer to the center of town.
Since 1963 a competent Brazilian evangelist has been
working with the Agulha Church, with his salary sup
plied from money the American Churches provide.
Thus we have beenworking more with the Outeiro Road
Church. These Churches have had good growth.
The Agulha Church had only five members in 1963
but by the end of 1966 had about 35, with considerably
higher attendance- -often about twice this number. The
Outeiro Road Church had grown from attendance of
about 35 to 70 by the end of 1966. In December, 1966,
this Church elected two elders and a deacon--a good
stride forward in its development, as it had heretofore
been under the direction of the missionaries.
We continue to work with the Outeiro Road Church;
however, no longer as the only director. Five of the
men in the Church are preachers now. Twice a month
two men go to a preaching point in the interior, and
sometimes we go with them--a rewarding experience
in contacts made. Mostof themenare tithers,, and the
Church has paid for many improvements, besides
building a house for an elderly member, a blind lady.
They try to care for their own.
With other missionaries, we are cooperating in
classes for training the church men to know, preach,
and teach the Bible. The result of these classes is
that the Gospel is moving into new areas and more
families are being won by the men's efforts. Women's
meetings are also conducted, with Bible, health and
fcunily care, and cooking being the chief subjects taught.
Missionaries continue the Bible Correspondence
Course, with 150 diplomas having been given out by
September, 1966. Property is being purchased in
down-town Belem on which a building is to be erected
to house the offices of the Correspondence Course,
other types of teaching, and a Reading Room, along
with a new Congregation yet to be established.
Our plan is to continue working to build up the
Church through training and personal work, to help
assure a trained eldership, evangelistic zeal on the
part of the men, and expansion into other areas, with
out outside stimulus or financing besides our personal
work and supervision.
It is thrilling to see people's lives changed by the
Gospell One preacher, now a deacon, was a witch
doctorl Two others were drunkards I All were lost,
before they heard the Gospel and accepted Christl Now,
they visit others, preaching and teaching the Good News
of Christ'.
If you are interested in hearing more of the work
of Christ in this area of Brazil regularly, write to
Forwarding Agent and ask to receive quarterly "Brazil
Bulletin". Additional, regular monthly support is ur
gently needed for this work of the Lord in Brazil. Per
haps you can helpI
Before going to Brazil, where they arrived on
Novembers, 1959, David attended Ozark Bible College,
receiving the Th. B. degree in May, 1959. Beverly
also attended Ozark Bible College for two years.
After four years on the Field in Brazil, they were
on Furlough eight months, returning for a second term
of service in August, 1964. While plans are not yet
complete, they may be on Furlough most of 1968, If
you would like for them to visit you, please write to
their Forwarding Agent. Due to time, drain on strength
and cost, they may not be able to visit every Church
or Camp they would like to visit--but do write anyway.
While their Sponsoring Church is Ridgecrest
Christian Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico, many
other Churches and Christian Friends have contributed
to their support. This is necessary and deeply ap
preciated. Because of current inflation in Brazil
(25% to 125%), additional support is vitally needed now.
Pray, and then send a gift!
The work with which they are cooperating in Brazil
began in 1952, under the direction of Missionary Bill
Loft, and now includes four Churches, other preaching
points. Correspondence Bible Course, and Bible teach
ing in homes. Five other missionary families work
in this cooperation.
Brazil is a country of 70, 000, 000 people--larger
than our first 48 States, predominantly Roman Catholic
but with constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom.
' Brazilian people are responsive to the Gospel, and
j the Churches are growing, with more and more of the
'Readershipbeing taken over by the missionary trained
men in the Churches.