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Pastrana, Andres III P.


Five Generations of Computer
Technology gives us a helping hand to make our lives easier. It provides us information
and adds knowledge to the things we are barely know of. One of the developments of technology
is computers. It is a device used to create presentations, to play games, to research, and many
more. This offers us proficiency and adeptness in whatever we are doing. However, people dont
know that computer experienced evolution through the past years before it became what it is
The latest and fifth generation of computers is known to be the Artificial Intelligence.
This generation has started to develop now in our era. Artificial Intelligences goals are to out-
wit and surpass what human beings can do. These include robotics, games playing, neural
networks, expert systems and natural language. This development can be used in the field of
science, engineering, agriculture, mathematics and many more. This will give more efficiency
and new discoveries in the lives of human beings.
One of the factors in Artificial Intelligence is the concept robotics. These are highly
specialized machineries that can react to stimuli of the environment likewise with human beings.
The difference is that, they will exceed the characteristics and skills of a human being to do more
work. Another concept in this generation is game playing. It is the ability of the computer to be
your opponent in a game. This revolution in the world of technology exhibits potential for the
gamers. This beats the concept of playing arcade games where youll just play by yourself. Next
factor is neural networks. This is very essential in Artificial Intelligence because of its feature to
be having a pseudo-human brain. This can process what we are saying and answer what we are
asking. This discovery is very evident in smartphones like iPhone that has Siri to answer and do
the requests of the owner. The fourth factor that adds in Artificial Intelligence is expert systems.
This will fix the flaws of human minds. We all experienced to make mistakes in direction,
gathering data, and many more that can lead to bad effect. By the help of expert systems, these
will make our lives to have fewer mistakes and they can store information a lot bigger than
human brains. Lastly is the natural language. This is a large pillar of Artificial Intelligence. This
can process our language that we dictate that can transcribe it into text. Natural language,
compared to neural networks, is a one-way relationship that the computer only writes what the
user is dictating. All of these factors that sum up Artificial Intelligence is essential and still under
supervision for higher discoveries that can revolutionize the human life.
The fifth generation came from four other generations that gave productivity in the lives
of human beings. These are Vacuum Tubes, Transistors, Integrated Circuits, and
Microprocessors, respectively. The first generation, which is the Vacuum Tubes, is very bulky
and hard to use. This was first introduced on 1940- 1956. In this generation, the computer only
understands machine languages which are made up of numbers. It can only do one command at a
Pastrana, Andres III P.
time and needs highly leveled programmers to use it. It also consumes a lot of electricity just to
work. As the time passed by, inventors introduced a more efficient system and this is the start of
Transistors. This device is made up of semiconductors that amplifies signal for the computer. It
is smaller and releases less heat than the vacuum tubes. The programmers can now input symbols
and languages that made it more proficient for the people. It is where the storing of instructions
to their memory began. Though, second generation computers still depends on printouts and
punched cards for output and input, respectively. The third generation is known to be Integrated
Circuit. Example of such is the CPUs that are connected to our desktop. They are composed of
semiconductors like transistors. Integrated Circuit is also observed in the next generation which
is the Microprocessors. These micro-chips are very useful to have smaller gadgets yet efficient.
They can process information faster and identify programs without flaws. These microprocessors
can be seen in laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
The five generations of computers proved to us that human beings are wise and clever to
invent and develop something that will give benefit to all. Its development gives rise to new
discoveries to answer the unexplainable things in life. This gives the human beings a power to
create and see what lies beneath our world. Therefore, computers are the product of humans
creativeness that explains to us the impossible and gives a high-leveled productivity in our
respective work fields.