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Intercede with Us for the Muslim World!

Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! (Jn 1:29, N!"#
This week Muslims around the world mark the end of the ha$$ with d al %hda, the three-day Feast of Sacrifice. The feast
commemorates the story of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son, Ishmael, and od's !ro"ision of the ram. Families
sacrifice a shee! or cow. #ray they will hear of and acce!t the sacrifice of the $amb of od to redeem them%&
Today's Prayer Requests: From Students, Alumni, and Missionaries
NIGER: #lease !ray for the A schools in a town here as they begin the academic year ne&t week. More than ',(((
children, nearly all Muslim, attend the !rimary and middle schools, and the first year of high school is now being
offered, with )( enrolled so far. The director writes, *#ray that od will hel! us !oint young !eo!le to +hrist and ,is
lo"e.- #ray also for the com!letion of the high school building.
WEST AFRICA: Praise God for those who are .oining $i"e-/ead teams in two 0est African nations. These teams will
launch out in )('1 and will focus on unreached !eo!le grou!s. #ray for the team leaders in one country, that the $ord will
lead them as they look for a house and community center that will meet their needs. Intercede for those who ha"e already
committed themsel"es to ser"e on a team, as they !re!are themsel"es s!iritually and financially. #ray that the ,oly S!irit
will touch more !eo!le to .oin. For more information, see htt!233africa.li"e-dead.org3.
In the News
A new #ersian-language translation of the 4ible was introduced in Istanbul and $ondon ))-)5 Se!tember. The first
co!ies were gi"en to family members of those who had worked on the !ro.ect, most notably the widow of 6e". Tateos
Michaelian, a 4ible translator killed for his faith at the time the work began. 7lam Ministries, .oint !ublisher of the
!ro.ect with 0ycliff 4ible Translators, ho!es to !rint and distribute 8((,((( co!ies o"er the ne&t 8 years, to meet the
needs of the restricted but growing Iranian church. 7lam Ministries shares these !rayer to!ics2 9': ;#ray for< od's
!rotection on the 4ibles as they flood Iran, 9): thank od for this first !rinting of the new translation, 98: ;!ray for<
od's blessing on the li"es of all those in"ol"ed in the translation. For the story, see.htt!233tinyurl.com3!offons.
World Watch List: Pray for the Persecuted**
Kenya holds 58
!osition in the list of the 1( nations where +hristians suffer the most !ersecution. 0hile only some
''= of >enya's 51.? million !eo!le follow Islam, they are gaining more influence, and attacks on +hristians and
churches, es!ecially in the northeast, are on the rise. More than 5(= of >enya's !eo!le claim to be e"angelical
+hristians. #ray that belie"ers will ha"e a growing burden to reach Muslims, and that the $ord will bless their efforts.
#ray for the >enya Assemblies of od as they work to !lant churches among the unreached. See more information
and !rayer re@uests at htt!233tinyurl.com3!@khbnw.
For Muslim Women***
#ray that Muslim women who search the Internet for answers to their @uestions of faith will find sites that lead them to
Prayer Resources
&'rayin( for )*slims: % G*ide for +ffe,ti-e nter,ession offers many insights concerning Islam and a different !rayer sub.ect
each Friday. This week we !ray that Muslims will acce!t the $amb of od2 htt!233tinyurl.com3kB@eByb.
CCD!en /oors !ublishes an annual list ranking the 1( nations where !ersecution against +hristians is most se"ere. See the full
)('5 0orld 0atch $ist at htt!233bit.ly3'mcm)fu. +lick on a country on the ma! or list to read its !rofile and !rayer re@uests.
CCCMuslim women need your !rayers% Eou can .oin a !rayer network and recei"e regular re@uests at htt!233sayhelloinfo.com3.
For a list of resources for !rayer grou!s, see htt!233tinyurl.com3waast.umaa.
Find information and !rayer re@uests concerning Muslims around the world at htt!233www.8(-days.net3.
,ow should we !ray for those im!risoned for their faithF 6ead htt!233www.elam.com3articles3,ow-to-!ray-for-those-in-!rison3.
For news u!dates concerning !ersecuted +hristians, "isit htt!233morningstarnews.org3 and htt!233www.releaseinternational.org3.
For !rayer re@uests, "isit htt!233www.o!endoorsusa.org3!ray3 and htt!233www.!ersecution.com3!ublic3!ray.as!&.
To hel! you answer Muslims' @uestions about Aesus and the 4ible, e&!lore htt!233answeringislam.org3.

Jumaa Prayer
for the Muslims of Africa and beyond
3 October 2014 West Africa Advanced School of Theology