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Probox2 EX

User Manual

Probox2 EX User Manual


We, Probox2 and the team, aims to provide you the best media player with exceptional user experience.
Thanks for choosing our device. This user manual is going to provide you some basic guidance on using the device.
We appreciate you to read it carefully before using the device and keep it for whenever further reference, when
We are always here to listen and improve. Email us on or visit our website
whenever you need help from us.


We have endeavored to provide us the most accurate information regarding Probox2 EX.
Somehow, the content in the user manual doesnt imply any guarantees concerning suitability as well as market value
and specification or else deemed related.
The information provided here is to assist and provide basic instruction on how to use the Probox2 EX effectively hence
for a correct usage for Probox2 EX.
We reserve the right to amend, translate or change any contents for this user manual without prior notice. If you want
any update or details regarding this product, you are always encourage to visit our website to obtain the most up to
date information for Probox2 EX.

Probox2 EX User Manual

1. About Probox2 EX
1.1 Overview
Top View

Power LED

Power Button

Front View

Infrared Sensor

Probox2 EX User Manual

Back View


AV &










Right View









1.2 Accessories
Probox2 EX includes the following accessories

Power Adapter

HDMI Cable

AV Cable

USB Cable

Remote Control

* Accessories and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

Probox2 EX User Manual

2. Getting Started
2.1 Basic Operations
2.1.1 Power On / Off and Sleep
1. Connect the Probox2 EX to the TV with HDMI cable, connect Probox2 EX to the power
adaptor, connect mouse, air mouse or other input devices with USB port.

2. Press power button to start Probox2 EX, power LED turns into blue.

3. Under the power on mode, long press power button over 10 seconds to power off the device,
Power LED turns off.
4. Under power on mode, press remote controls power button, device is entering into sleep
mode. Power LED turns into red.
5. Under sleep mode, device will be wake when you press remote controls power button,
power LED turns from red to blue.

Probox2 EX User Manual

2.1.2 Remote Control Introduction

1. Standby/Wake up
2. Mute
3. Media
5. Music
6. Web
7. Volume 8. Volume +
9. Previous
10. Next
11. Home
12. Return
13. Arrow keys
14. OK
15. Menu
16. Mouse
17. Numbers 0~9
18. Characters Switching Key
19. Delete








2.1.3 Open applications

Use remote controls arrow keys to choose the wanted program, click OK button to open the
selected program.

2.1.4 Switch in the applications

Click icon

to view recently used programs, click program icon to switch application

Probox2 EX User Manual

2.1.5 Close Applications

Click icon
* to view recently used programs, choose one of them by click and hold,
drag it to blank area to close the application.

* This function only operated in the condition of Mouse mode.

2.1.6 Back To Home Screen

Click icon
Click icon

to return to home screen

on remote control to return to home screen

2.1.7 Read External Storage Data

Read USB Disk
Insert USB flash disk or removable hard disk into USB port in the status of power on, icon
appears in top left corner of the desktop, open FileBrowser, the identified USB(A:) will
appear under Local Disk, USB disks operation is available now.

Probox2 EX User Manual

Read TF card
Insert TF card into the device in the status of power on, when icon
appears in top left
corner of the desktop, open FileBrowser, the identified External Storage Card will appear
under Local Disk, TF cards operation is available now.

2.1.8 WIFI Function

Home ScreenMore SettingsNetwork Select Wi-Fi to open WIFI function

Choose hotspot Input Password Connect to the network

Probox2 EX User Manual

2.1.9 Ethernet Function

Home ScreenMore SettingsNetwork Select Ethernet to open Ethernet function

Insert network cable, network will be connected automatically.

2.1.10 Bluetooth Function

Home ScreenMoreSettingsOtherMore SettingBluetoothON

Probox2 EX User Manual

Click Not visible to other Bluetooth devices, the menu turns to Visible to all nearby
Bluetooth devices, 2 minutes countdown begin

Select the target device within 2 minutes, connection will be done automatically, some
devices need to enter pairing code, usually is 0000 or 1234

2.2 Advanced Operations

2.2.1 WLAN Hotspot
Operations on Probox2 EX:
Home ScreenMoreSettingsOtherMore SettingMorePortable hotspot

Probox2 EX User Manual

Select Portable Wi-Fi hotspot

Select Set up Wi-Fi hotspot to set up

Network SSIDSecurityPasswordparameters

* Ensure connected to the wired network, Probox2 EX can be used as wireless AP to support
more wireless devices access in the family.

2.2.2 Miracast
Operations on Probox2 EX
Home ScreenMoreStreamingMiracast Open Miracast service

Operations on other devices (for example MIUI 2)

Home ScreenSettingsWLAN Press menu WLAN Display Find the devices
searched (Probox2 EX), click invite


Probox2 EX User Manual

Corresponding device will be listed when Probox2 EX begin to search, a pop-up invite
window appears, click accept

Complete connection, Probox2 EX will display other devices images.

2.2.3 DLNA
Ensure other devices like iPhone, Android smart phone, etc have opened iMediaShare *,
Ensure them in the same local wireless LAN with Probox2 EX.
Operations on Probox2 EX
Home ScreenMoreStreamingMedia CenterDLNA DMRStart DMRON


Probox2 EX User Manual

Select DLNA DMP to search device

Complete connection, Probox2 EX will display other devices images

* DLNA software including but not limited to iMediaShare

2.2.4 AirPlayer
Ensure iPhone devices (iPhone, iPad etc) in the same local wireless LAN with Probox2 EX
Operations on Probox2 EX:
Home ScreenMoreStreamingMedia CenterAirPlayerStart AirPlayerON

Operations on iPhone devices


Probox2 EX User Manual

Through WIFI, multimedia content (Images, music and videos) in iPhone devices can be
transferred to TV for playing

2.2.5 Remote Control

Home ScreenMoreSettingsAdvancedRemote ControlON Show the IP address

Ensure phone is in the same local wireless LAN with Probox2 EX, install RemoteIME.apk*
and start the program, choose the IP address, then you can control the Probox2 EX (support
shifting between remote mode, movie mode, mouse mode and keyboard mode)


Probox2 EX User Manual

* RemoteIME.apk will be available for download later, please visit our website:
* RemoteIME.apk only can run well on android platform


Probox2 EX User Manual

Trouble Shooting:
Under no circumstances should you try to repair the TV box by yourself, as this will invalidate the warranty. Do not open
the TV Box as there is a risk of electric shock. If a fault occurs, please check with the dealer or contact

for help. You might also find some help on below hints.



No power

- Check if the power adapter is properly connected to the power and

Probox2 EX.
- Press the power on the remote controller to turn on the power.

No picture

- Reconnect with HDMI cable or AV Cable.

- Check if the TV is switched on.

No sound during movies playback

- Audio codec may not be support by Probox2 EX, you can change to the
supported audio on playing menu as well as checking on the volume.

TV screen is blank and the player

- Make sure that the HDMI cable is not unplugged during operation.

LED is blinking

- Turn off the Probox2 EX and wait for 1 min to restart it again.
- Check the HDMI cable, replace it and test
- Set the output resolution to 720p.

USB flash drive cannot be read

- The USB flash drive might not be compatible for this device.

Slow operation of the USB flash drive

- Big file size or high resolution USB flash drive takes longer time to read
and display on the TV Screen.

No sound with HDMI connection

- Check the connection between the TV and the HDMI jack of Probox2 EX.
- Or replace another HDMI cable
- Check the volume