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Ridgoerast Christian Church J Fred Boyless
5300 Eastern Avenue S. E. 5300 Eastern Avenue S. E.
Albuquerque, N. M. 87108 MaPCh, 197k, IfeWSletteT Albuquerque, N. M. 87108
Dear Christian Friends:
How are things going? Vfe're in a slumpe Do you ever have one? But on the
bright side, the men are developing more and more into the leaders that the
church must have.^^^a=-have==^aenpunc.^ to the church that we will be leaving
them on their next They have accepted this as a challenge.
Last Sunday night^ outllired:=S'''poi^ to be attained by then:
T. AH visits made by the people. 5. New converts taught by the people.
2. All classes taught by the pec^le. 6. All services lead by the men.
3. All decisions made by the men. ? Discipline done by the men.
U. All preaching done by the men. 8. Deacons elected.
Classes in preaching began March l6. Quite a few men are enrolled. The
church is already pretty self-sufficient in points 3, U, and 6. Great pro
gress has been made in point 1. We still have to work on the others. Please
pray with us about this. We must learn to bring churches to maturity faster.
i s ions comnittee of Ridgecrest church in Albu
querque, visited*us^or 9 days in February. That was a valuable time for him
and for us. We wish others'^ifduld follow his example.
parents were with us for 3 months from November to January. What a great
time we had! Andhow much they saw! We took them to Brasilia and other
places. We had a warm Christmas together, besides other great experiences.
Ahepatitis epidemic has closed the American mission school, so Beverly is
teaching Paul and Joanne, They've been out U weeks,
Lonnie Bennett and I are making progress writing the Hermeneutics programmed
text. At a conference in Brasilia in February we learned that it should be
used all over Brazil, We hope it will be ready by August. Pray for us.
We're building on to our house, making a modern living room. It sure is a
lot of trouble and mess to build arching.
We've been visited by thieves twice in 10 days. One took a CB radio from
the car, and returned a week later for the fire extingi^sh^
How are prices there? Gasoline is plentiful herej^^^^f^83.14^ per gall^^^Not
so long ago it was 27^. We just thank God for your^?^tiful_nu]^)Ogtr^We
have not been hindered by lack of funds for living or for working. We thank
God for you, and we want you to understand that we are thankful. ' He uses all
of us. Isn't that great!
Yours in Christ,
Mr. & Mrs. DavM M. Bayless, Missionaries
Caixa Postal 926, 66,000 Belem, Para, Brazil
Sponsored by Monday, May 20, 1974 Forwarding Agent
Ridgecrest Christian Church J Fred Bayless
5300 Eastern Avenue, S, E. 5300 Eastern Avenue, S. B.
Albuquerque, N. M. 87108 Albuquerque, N. M. 87108
Dear Christian Friends
t>ur son, Paul, is doing very well in emergency treatement in Albuquerque, for a brain
condition which brought us to the United States last week. He is in the Presbyterian
Hospital here.
A week ago today, in Brazil, we noticed a partial paralysis of Paulas right side.
Tuesday we took him to a neurologist, who admitted him to the hospital on Wednesday,
suspecting a malignant brain tumor. He became worse during the day, and the doctor
was not making tests, and did not plan to make any rapidly. No results were expected
before May 21st.
So we took Paul out the same day. Thursday we left at 9:45 a.m., and went throu^
Rio de Janeiro, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Miami, to Albuquerque, arriving at 1:30 p.m.
Friday. Before midnight Paul had had many tests, including nuclear brain scan,
echoscope, and arteriogram of the brain. He was to go to brain surgery about 10:30
p.m., but the last test showed no clot or tumor, so he was sent to the recovery room.
Yesterday afternoon brain pressure had decreased, with medication, enou^ to make a
spinal tap, which has not showed anything. However, Paul is recovering strength in
his right side, and this morning intravaneous feeding was discontinued. That made
him happy! He has felt fine since Sunday morning, and is producing enough colored
pictures in his coloring book to open an art gallery!
We are thanking God continually for the way things are turning out. We ask you friends
to continue with us in prayer for Paul. We will ha,ve to make this trip serve for the
trip we had planned for next year to the U. S. As well as we can make plans now, we
will return to Brazil by August 1st, the Lord willing. We hope to visit the support
ing churches and friends by then.
This trip cost S370 more than it would have, had it not been an emergency, as we had
to go farther to get here. We have no idea what the hospital bill will be, but (we
thank God for this) vre were admitted into Blue Cross and Blue Shield over a jear ago,
and this will cover much of the expense. Some would woiry for us, so you will be
glad to knovr this.
The project I was working on, the programmed Hereneutics text, was going along rapidly.
I was beginning full-time testing of the completed parts. This will set back the
program. Hovrever, there isn't a scrap of paper to be had in Brazil to print the book,
so perhaps by the time we return the paper will be received there, imported from the
U. S. Please pray about this.
The church we were working with had just in the past two weeks increased in strength.
Our leaving will not be a blow to it, nor necessarily a setback to evangelism. Please
pray for those Christians! As always, we are aware of our dependence on God and His
use of you friends for the continiiance of this work. We are thankful for all support.
Please pray!
Yours in Christ,
Mr. & Mrs, David M. Bayless, Missionaries
Caixa Postal 926, 66000 Belem, Para, Brazil
Wednesday, May 29, 1974
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Ridgecrest Christian Church J Fred Bayless
5300 Eastern Avenue, S. E. 5300 Eastern Avenue, S. E.
Albuquerque, N. M. 87108 Albuquerque, N, M. 87108
Dear Christian Friends:
We u:e thankful to Grod for the opportunity to come to the United States for Paul's
treatment. The doctor still does not know what he has. Extensive tests have been
made, including nuclear and ultrasonic. These have convinced the neurosurgeon that
Paul must have a tumor or an inflamation deep in the brain.
If the material removed for a biopsy last Saturday does not show that there is an
inflamation, then the doctor will consider that a tumor is responsible for the large
shift to the right, of the brain, which causes a partial paralysis of Paul's ti^t
side. He is \inable to use his right hand, and has a pronounced limp.
We are writing to you because you are interested. Paul has been quite impressed that
"over a thousand people are praying for me." Hie truth is that more than 2000 people
are praying for him, yre have found out. We want you to continue praying for him,
that Cod will make him well. The doctor believes the tumor will be the diagnosis. He
offers hope for three or four years in that case.
Since the surgery Saturday deep in the brain, to get material for biopsy, Paul has
been regaining strength in his right side, as the cortisone is decreased. If this
continues Paul will get well. It may be that God is giving him this healing. Should
improvement not continue by the end of the week, the doctor will begin cobalt treat
ment and chemo-therapy, but he does not offer very much hope.
We trust God to make Paul well. Paul does too. Will you pray for his life with us?
Please continue to do so. V/e have seen a few cases in the past three years in which
God just took something away, very much confirmed and observable. We trust Him to
do this for Paul, for he could be and wants to be God's man when he grows up. When
I think on how few have decided to go to the harvest, in Brazil and other countries,
and when I think of the potential Paul will have, raised as he will be, and being
Brazilian and American, I pray all the more for God to spare him.
Many thanks for your interest and your prayers! Keep on, and we'll keep you informed
on his progress. It is impossible to write to each of you individually, for there
are so many. We thank God!
Yours in Christ,
Missionaries Dauid and Beueriy Bayless
David and Beverly Bayless, Missionaries in Brazil since 1959,
with children Paul (8-7-66), John (7-8-70), Joanne (10-12-64).
These Missionaries are Sponsored by
5300 Eastern Avenue S. E.
Address in Brazil;
Caixa Postal 926
Forwarding Agent
5300 Eastern Avenue, S. E.
Albuquerque, N. M., 87108
Since 1959 David and Beverly Bayless have been serving the
Lordin the Amazon Valley of Bra^, living in Belem, capital
of Para State, a city of over 750,000 people.
David is a graduate of Ozark Bible College, Joplin, Mo; and
Beverly attended OBC for 2 years. Both are very much dedi
cated to the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ.
All three children are native Brazilians, adopted by the
/ Baylesses as their own. Joanne: born October 12, 1964; Paul:
/ August 7, 1966; and John: July 8, 1970. All three came to live
\ in this ChristianHome at from1to 14 days of birth. This makes
) \ up a Splendid Christian Family!
Ridgecrest Christian Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico,
David's home Church, is the Sponsoring Church and provides
a good portion of salary needs. Other money is needed for gen
eral mission work and is supplied by a number of other Church
es, Bible Classes, and Christian Friends from many parts of
the country. It takes about $1200 monthly for the total "Christ
For The Amazon Valley" Mission Work.
During one Furlough, David raised about $6000 from Church
es and iSiends to purchase Printing equipment and recruited
a Christian Printer. Since then other items have been added to
the Print Shop, and another Printer recruited by the first
Printer. This is an important part of the Mission (with others
involved), providing Christian Tracts, Bible Studies, Maps, and
materials not available otherwise. New Recruites usually help
in the Print Shop and Bible Correspondence Courses as they
learn Portuguese and find their future place in the Work of
the Lord.
There are a dozen local Churches in the Belem Area, with
mostly Brazilian Leadership, trained by Missionaries to do
most of the things done in any Christian Church. The aim of
all the Missionaries in the Amazon Valley is to train Leader
ship so that no Congregation will be dependent on a Mission
Additional financial support is needed in this Work of the
Lord in the Amazon Valley. Inflation has hurt more here than
in the United State. We deeply appreciate the support that
has been given and ask continued support along with extra
funds so that the Lord's Work may go forward in this needy
^V land. We also appreciate and ask your continued prayers for
the Work and Workers.
SFP 3 1974
This information will help with the preparation and! publicity of the Missionary Picture Book,
David Michael B^less
Maiden Name Beverly Kay Waller
Address Cajxa Postal 926
Nation Brazil
Bom (Place) ^oxvUle^ Tennessee
Date Jan. 1, 1937
Bom (Place) Grenola^ Kansas
Date 7, 1938
City/state 66000 Belem, Para
ZIP Code see above
J Fred Bayless
5300 Eastern Ave.. S, E.
Albuquerque. N. M, ZIP Code 87108
Hi^ School Highland High School
College Ozark Bible College
When & Where Baptized
City/state Eureka, Kansas^ 19U3
FAMILY FACTS Married Single
City/state Albuquerque. N.
City/state Joplin. Mo.
Barbara J oanne
Place of Birth
Belem. Para, Brazil
October 12, 196U
John David Goiania, Goias. Brazil July 8. 1970
What When
Belem, Para, Brazil Missionary 19$9 to present
Severy, Kansas Preacher 19$6-1558
_. . _ _ _
Starting Date Nov. 8.19$9 Furlou^ Date Dec. *63-Aug6UMission Location Belem. Para. Brazil
Second Term 1961i-1967 Furlough Date i)ec.67-Jun69 Mission Location
Third Term 1969-'1972 Furlough Date Jun72"Jan 73 Mission Location "
Fourth Term 1973-19711 Furlou^ Date Mav76-Aug. 7k Mission Location I]
Fifth Tem Aug. 197k Furlou^ Date June. Julvl 976Mission Location
Short summary of present missionary service and accomplishments:
(Use back of this sheet or second sheet, if needed.)
Taught men in Outeiro Road church, first in the area, left the church with elders in Dec.,
1967. Working to teach men in Agulha church, same area, to leave church in hands of men.
Teaching men to work in personal evangelism. Beverly teaching women the same. Working in
development of programmed instruction. Working in TEE in area churches.
RidBcrt Chrlttlan Church \r -| .n.4-4- J Frd Baylet*
5300 Eaitrn Avenue S. E. OctOber, l97Uj weWSlet-teT 5300 Eoetern Avenue S. E.
Albuquerque. N. M. 87108 Albuquerque. N. M. 87108
Greetings in Christ:
As usual when ccndng back from the it has taken a while to get into the
swing. But now I am working with Carol Garber $ mornings a week on the her-
meneutics text. And for a while Dale Mason and I are working afternoons on
translation of a novel to teach how to take the gospel to other places, and
how to face the problems involved.
The church didn't suffer much during our absence, and now we have four men
who are dependable, another probable, and another young man and wife start
ing to get into teaching and evangelism.
The church we work with, and the one we worked with, are planning to unite
in January. This will give better leadership possibilities, and we hope
more vision and evangelistic potential.
Attendance is growing in the church, Sunday there were 69. That doesn't
sound like so many. Three years ago it was up to 110, and one morning a
couple of men got into a fight, and attendance plummeted to kS Now with
the bLse we havemen and wanen workingit looks as if we can expect things
to get a lot better.
The church is working on getting entire families. It is sad to see so many
men without their families. This is already inproving. Prospects are also
appearing again, and we hope that future increase will include new converts.
For several mciiths there have been no baptisms,
Beverly has the ladies working better, assigning one visit per month for
each one, instead of all going together once a week. More visits are made
now. Some have made several more than their assigned visits. They are out
during the week, and the men on Sunday afternoons with some visits during
the week.
We had our first church wedding last month. The reception was at our house.
This was the first wedding I ever performedafter all these years.
The Outeiro Road church, that we worked with, is planning something, it seems,
for ouj^-T^th anniversary' of coming to Brazil, on the 8th next month. They
foupd out^and told us not to plan anything that evening. Surprises!
'hree weeks in a row prayer meeting attendance has not been below 20, We
have conversational type prayer, and people are able to stay awake!
So many of you have helped us out in such a special way lately, that we may
not be able to write to each one. Could we take this means of letting you
know that we thank God for using you for this purpose. We know He uses peo
ple. He uses us, for which we feel a great satisfaction. And He uses you.
We thank Him. And we thank you.
On Oct. 9th David v/rote that they were going to have a y i rvi ? t
'photo made at your request, but it h-s not cone. Sometimes o^ s n ,
t.akes a while to ret things done in Brazil.
For Horizons J P B