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Voice over – The Public Drinking Ban was brought into force in selected
local areas in 2007 after repeated complaints from many people and growing
media coverage of the subject. Since then there has been mass debate over
the subject of the drinking ban with good, strong arguments coming from
both sides.

Both arguments for and against have valid points in the argument whilst
others are more liberal and just believe that moderation is the key. This
documentary aims to explore all these opinions.

This documentary is an insight into the views of both the general public and
of people in some form of power. Whether the ban is truly effective, whether
the ban should become nationwide and if it has the full support of the people
it is trying to protect are all key points that are discussed throughout.

First interview – Michael Roberts, Barman at the Fatling and Firkin.

Question: Do you think the drinking ban should be made nationwide?

Voice over – The bar industry as a whole lead us on to the people that hand
out the licences to such establishments, Justice of the Peaces’ (JP’s) and if
the drinking ban has affected the way in which they hand out licences.

Second Interview – Dennis Smith, Justice of the Peace.

Question: Has the public drinking ban affected how you give out licences?

Voice Over – A post note from Parliamentary office of Science and

Technology in June of 2005 said that alcohol is a factor in 30% of sexual
offences, 33% of burglaries and 50% of street crimes, so how effective do
the police themselves think the ban is? We asked WPC Katie Lawrence in an
attempt to find out.

Third Interview – WPC Katie Lawrence, Metropolitan Police Officer

Question: How effective do you think the drinking ban is?

Voice Over – There have been many different protests to the public drinking
ban as well as ongoing petitions from the like of the Manifesto Club who
unfortunately refused to comment. However, we managed to speak to one of
the key organisers of the party on London’s Circle Line on the final day it
was legal to drink on the underground.
Fourth Interview – Charlie Pycraft, Party Organiser
Question: What is your opinion on drinking in public and on public

Voice Over – According to The Guardian “More than a third of British

adults drink over the safe daily alcohol limit” which leads us to wonder how
this health problem is dealt with, we asked Paramedic Kim Wheatley how
effective the drinking ban is as well as and how else public drunkenness can
be tackled.

Fifth Interview – Kim Wheatley, Paramedic

Questions: How effective do you think the public drinking ban is?
How else do you feel public drunkenness can be tackled?