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Gary Knowles

Wisconsin Event Sampler

A smorgasbord of events with a bit of flavor from all over Wisconsin!
by Gary Knowles
Gary Knowles is a freelance travel writer who is the author of the Garys Getaways feature for the Journal & Topics
Newspapers in Northern Illinois, a consultant to travel businesses, and is the author of The Great Wisconsin Touring
Book- 30 Spectacular Auto Tours.
BEFORE YOU GO: Avoid disappointment. Always chec for schedule chan!es before headin! to events. "or
more events# four !ood sources$ www.WisTrael.!o", www.%isconline .com, www.TraelWis!onsin.!o" or
Ongoing events and travel news of note:
Go Somewhere in Time for a Weekend Grand otel !ackinac )slan(* +)
&here are thousands of fans of the '()* romantic film classic +omewhere in &ime which starred the
late ,hristopher -eeve and .ayne +eymour. +ome of the most dedicated will !ather where the movie
was filmed at Grand /otel on 0acinac Island 1ct. 23#24 to see a special screenin! of the film, meet
some of the cast and crew, hear stories of the production, dress in period dress and promenade on the
!rounds of this 5ictorian !em. A special weeend paca!e on the romantic island where motor vehicles
are banned and transportation is by horse or bicycle, also includes special ferry rates, a %elcome
-eception, accommodations, themed coctail receptions, costume promenade, Grand 6uncheon 7uffet,
full breafast and five#course dinner daily. &o truly e8perience the fantasy and now what its lie to !o
bac in time phone '#)**#993 :249 or visit www.Gran(,o$el.!o".
"e an Art #eviewer! el$ Award %&'()((( at Art *ri+e! Gran( Ra%i(s* +)
;ut on your art critic hat and tae a drive to Grand -apids, 0ichi!an to en<oy one of the finest annual
celebrations of art in the Great 6aes states. Artists turn the city into a !iant !allery for nineteen days
=endin! 1ct '2> as they compete for more than ?@**,*** in priAe money awarded by both public votin!
and a professional <ury. Boull find amaAin! entries in coffee shops, public pars, restaurants and famous
museums. !er"where. Its where art belon!sC "or ?@ you can buy two wristbands !ood for unlimited
rapid transit rides to tae you to see art all over the city. %hile youre bein! daAAled, for even more fun
visit the spectacular '9),*** sDuare foot Eowntown 0aret and twenty local craft breweries. -aise a
!lass to creativity, inspiration, and a city that nows how to have a !ood timeC
http$FFwww.michi!an.or!FartpriAeF ;/$ '#)))#:)3#:92)
A,! -t.s $rett/ Arts/ in !ineral *oint! +ome places feature painted cows =New GlarusC> or
painted fish =+tur!eon 7ay> or doors =yes G Eoor ,ounty> G but when you have lots of hay G well you
feature painted hayC &hats the medium of choice around this charmin! little ,ornish community.Get a
!ood early review of painted hay here$ #$$%:&&#i-#s$ree$bea$.ne$&2014&10&01&$o.r/(e/#ay& &ae a drive
to +% %I and chec it all out durin! the "all Art "estival. =+ee 1ct ':#'(, below>
Green "a/ *ackers all of 0ame1 2eville *3blic !3se3m 0 Green Bay T#r. O!$. 2014
%ith the ;acers /all of "ame at 6ambeau "ield temporarily closed for renovations, the Neville
;ublic 0useum is main! sure all cheeseheads can learn about ;acer history and culture at the
special e8hibit Touch#own$ Green Ba" %ackers &all o' (a)e. %hile youre there, chec out other
fun e8hibits lie Agriculture to Ta!ern *ulture + the Art, &istor", an# Science o' Beer and *entur"
o' -isco!er", which commemorates the last (( years of the Neville ;ublic 0useum. All you need
is cheese curds to round out this only#in#%isconsin trip. ;/ (2*#33)#334*H
"ecome the *ast/ 4ing Or 53een of !ineral *oint &(67!
1as$y Con$es$ by T#e Wal2er , in +ineral 1oin$: In the '(4*s 0ineral ;oint held pasty contests
to select a ;asty Iueen for a !iven year. &he %aler /ouse wants to revive the ;asty ,ontest to brin!
attention to this important re!ional food J put a spotli!ht on all the e8ceptional pasty maers in the area.
;lease pass this alon! to your favorite pasty maers.
Con$es$ R.les: 0ae your own pasty at home, freeAe it, and then deliver the pasty and recipe to Ean at
&he %aler /ouse. /e will code the pasty and place it in the contest freeAer until <ud!in! time. ,hurch
and other !roups may submit a pasty as a !roup. 1nly one pasty submission per person or !roup,
please. No one associated with the %aler /ouse may participate in the contest.
3ea(line: November :, 2*'3 G '2 Noon
4.(-in-: In the afternoon of November :, Ean will coo the contest pasties for the three <ud!es, 6inda
Adams, Karla 5o!el, and 6isa Govier, who will <ud!e the pasties for aesthetic appearance =2@K>, te8ture
=2@K>, and taste =@*K>. Winner will be anno.n!e( 5oe"ber 6 a$ 7 1+ at &he %aler /ouse.
4 1ri8es 9or $#e Winnin- En$ry:
#&he winnin! pasty will carry the winners name =L8$ Ean 5aillancourt ;asty> J will be sold to the public
as part of &he %aler /ouse ;asty ,entral offerin!s.
#A pasty dinner for the public on November ), @$9*#) ;0, will feature the winnin! pasty, J honor the
;asty IueenFKin! who will rei!n for 2*'@.
#&he ;asty IueenFKin! will receive ?.@* durin! the year of the rei!n for every pasty sold that carries
herFhis name. &his money can help pay household bills for an individual or raise funds for a church or
other !roup for a special cause.
#&he ;asty IueenFKin! will be invited to participate in the production of the winnin! pasty at &he %aler
/ouse as a paid employee.
F+): Lmail walerhouse'M! or call 4*).@@9.*:2). =Ean or Kathy>
)n9o !o.r$esy o9 :;an(ee<s Calen(ar available free by reDuest by email from san(eeb=!#ar$$
T#r. O!$ 4 +a(ison / Cows are Callin-> T#e Worl( 3airy E?%o G 0adison %isconsin has lon! been
nown as Americas Eairyland. &he dairy industry contributes more than ?24.@ 7illion to the states
economy, so its no surprise that the %orld Eairy L8po =%EL> attracts thousands of people from around
the world to catch up on trends and new developments. &he annual event is a five day showcase for the
finest in dairy !enetics and the newest technolo!ies available to the dairy industry. In 2*'9, some ',4**
farmers e8hibited more than 2,2** head of cattle representin! 94 states and seven provinces. %EL
celebrates cows and all they do. "rom +eptember 9* G 1ct 3 visit the Alliant Lner!y ,enter to meet the
Omooers hear all about new dairy developments and tal Eesi!ner Eairy. Lveryone is welcomeC ;/$
1 / '1 4o#nson Cree2 / ,eal$#!are @%%re!ia$ion +on$# a$ 4C1O. Nurses, doctors and those
who wor in a healthcare profession are invited to show an employee IE or name bad!e to
receive a complimentary 5I; ,oupon 7oo, ?@ retail value. .ohnson ,ree ;remium 1utlets,
@:@ %. 6inmar 6ane. ;/$ =(2*> 4((#3''2.
1 / '1 4o#nson Cree2 / 1re"i." O.$le$s 1in2 Een$ . ;remium 1utlets will team up with
+usan G. Komen for the ,ure to support breast cancer awareness, outreach, research, and
treatment pro!rams in local communities. +hoppers who donate ?'* will receive a discount
card filled with offers from participatin! merchants !ood throu!h 1ctober. .ohnson ,ree
;remium 1utlets, @:@ %. 6inmar 6ane. ;/$ =(2*> 4((#3''2.
1 +a(ison / T.nes a$ +onona Terra!e/ 3i?ie 3oo(lers. +lip on your dance shoes and en<oy
the talents of local and re!ional musicians showcasin! a wide variety of musical !enres
includin! pola, bi! band, swin!, @*s J 4*s, 7lues, and tribute bands. A wooden dance floor
will be available at all indoor concerts. 7ands will play from @$9*#:pm 0onona &errace, 1ne
.ohn Nolen Er. Lvent starts at @$9*;0 and ends at :$**;0. ;/$ =4*)> 24'#3***.
1 +ilwa.2ee / 5i!2 / )n T#e ,ear$lan(. "resh off the release of his netfli8Fi&unesF5inyl
comedy special P"ol /eroP, Nic &hune is comin! to the 0idwest. In &he /eartland will be a
mi8 of intimate stories from NicQs life and emotional breadowns. '4' % %isconsin Ave 6ower
6evel. ;/$ =3'3> ())#4(4).
2 +a(ison / +oon Oer +onona Terra!e. 0oon 1ver 0onona &errace combines the talents
of the 0adison Astronomical +ociety with the striin! views from the 0onona &errace -ooftop.
&he evenin! will be!in at :pm with moon viewin! only, and will pro!ress to different ob<ects as
the sy darens. "un for the whole familyC 0onona &errace, 1ne .ohn Nolen Er.. Lvent starts
at :$**;0. ;/$ =4*)> 24'#3***.
2 ;#io!$on / 5i-#$ wi$# ;an(#ill Cranes. Ln<oy the ni!htly fli!ht of the +andhill cranes
comin! to roost in the ;ies ;ea flowa!e. &his year the observation will be from the new
viewin! dec off of 0cEonald -oad. %@434 6indsten -oad. Lvent starts at 2$**;0 and ends
at 4$**;0. ;/$ =:'@> :@)#4(((.
2/4 ;$one Aa2e 0 Cranberry Fes$ial / /ostin! more than 9*,*** !uests each year, the +tone
6ae ,ranberry "estival is one of %isconsins lar!est cranberry festivals. ,elebrate the 9@th
anniversary of this event by tain! a tour of a local cranberry marsh, attendin! a farmers
maret, en<oyin! the parade and samplin! from the hundreds of art and food booths that show
!uests all of the wonderful thin!s you can mae out of cranberries. :'@#)4@#99:)H
2/7 4anesille / 4anesille )ris# Fes$ 0&he city of .anesville celebrates its stron! Irish ties
ea!# year wi$# an ab.n(an!e o9 9a"ily een$s $#ro.-#o.$ $#e !i$y. +.s$/sees $#is year
in!l.(e the Irish &rivia Ni!ht on &hursday evenin!, the ;ipers 7all on "riday ni!ht, and a
Gaelic +torm performance on +aturday and +unday ni!ht. If this isnt reason enou!h, there will
be live entertainment, shoppin! and traditional Irish food. 4*)#:@)#*2(:H
'/4 Wa.%a!a / C#ain O< Aa2es Fes$ial 0
&he ,hain 1 6aes 7lues "estival brin!s blues enthusiasts and music lovers to!ether on the
shores of the beautiful %aupaca ,hain 16aes at the historic Indian ,rossin! ,asino. &his
years lineup includes /oward Guitar 6uedte, &he .immys ;aul "ilipowicA and more. %hile
youre in town, mae sure to stop by the Autumn /arvest "estival on +aturday and !o on the
/idden +tudios Art tour, runnin! all weeend lon!. %ith three events in one weeend, youre
sure to have a !ood time in %aupaca this fall. ;/$ :'@#2@)#:939H
' / 7 +a(ison / Re-ional Ren(e8o.s Wal2s. &he Eairyland %alers are hostin! a re!ional
!et#to!ether over three days and the public is invited to participate in the three wals bein!
offered, varyin! from @K to '*K. &he wals !o to 0aple 7luff, 1lbrich Gardens, and the
,apitolFRniversity area. &enney ;ar, 3*2 N. &hornton Avenue. ;/$ =4*)> 233#4@)9.
' / 7 +ayille / @.(.bon 3ays. 0ayville is celebratin! the 2)th annual Audubon Eays this
1ctoberC "ridayQs events include the 7ed -aces and 7eer J %ine tastin!. &he weeend events
include a runFwal, 7ie &our, Audubon Arts J ,rafts Gallery, a car show and moreC 0ain +t..
;/$ =(2*> 9):#@::4.
' / 7 Wis!onsin 3ells / Cr.ise For @ a$ Cis$a Resor$. ,ome to ,ruise "or A
,ause at ,hula 5ista -esort, an all "ord car show to raise money for 7reast and ;rostate
,ancer. Lvents will include !uided road tours, <ud!in!, autocross, !olf tournament, poer run
and much moreC ,hula 5ista -esort, 3*9' N -iver -oad. ;/$ =9*(> @9*#(29@.
'/7 +ayille / @.(.bon 3ays Fes$ial 0
7rin! the family to 0ayville for the annual Audubon Eays "estival paced with family fun and
entertainment. "riday ni!ht brin!s 7ed -aces, a youth dance and adult beer and wine tastin!.
1n +aturday, !uests can en<oy a live performance by +haer and the L!! and on +unday
en<oy the parade followed by a family picnic in the par. 7efore you leave, dance the ni!ht
away at the ;ola Eance +unday from 4#'* p.m. 1ther offerin!s include a rubber duc race,
pettin! Aoo and a climbin! wall. ;/$ )**#2@4#:4:*H
'/7 Ge$ $#e @%%les O.$> / Bay9iel(
-eco!niAed as one of the &op &en Autumn "estivals in North America by the +ociety of
American &ravel %riters, 7ayfields Apple "estival is 1ctober 9#@, 2*'3. +ome 4* orchards
surround 7ayfield in the hills around 6ae +uperior, many offer tours and come to town to sell
fruit by the bushel. +ample apple cider, apple pie, apple brats or sweet caramel apples. ,atch
a ferry ride to lovely 0adeline Island, tae a cruise see to the Apostles 6i!hthouses and en<oy
an evenin! boat parade. &he event wraps up with a parade on +unday featurin! a spectacular
3** person marchin! band. Wisconsin Trails readers called it &he 7est "estival in %isconsin
and its one you wont soon for!et. ;/$ )**#33:#3*(3H www.bay9iel(.or-
4 Cisi$ $#e Gar(en o9 E(en<s :@%%le @99air Galesille* W)
7ac in '))4 a ,ivil %ar veteran who was an itinerant preacher decided to find the ori!inal
Garden of Lden. /e studied 7ible verses and concluded that it must have been in
%isconsins verdant countryside at Galesville. &oday a statue in the town sDuare honors -ev.
1yer 5an +lye and copies of his proof are still circulatin!. 1n 1ctober 3

the community will
hold its annual celebration and everyone is invited to tae a bite out of Galesville at the Apple
Affair. &here are bie tours throu!h an apple orchard, historic cemetery wals and a !i!antic
omelet prepared in the lar!est fryin! pan you will ever see. A hi!hli!ht of the fest is bain! a
'*#foot apple pie in a '2#foot oven. And thenSeatin! itC ;/$ 4*)#@)2#2)4)H
4 0 Aaona /Cowboy Reena!$"en$ 0
+addle up for some old western entertainment at the 6aona ,owboy -eenactment. +tep
onboard the 6umber<ac +team &rain, but be careful, you mi!ht !et cau!ht in a %ild %est
robbery. Authentic %estern costumes and nonstop action mae this interactive performance a
thrill for the entire family. ;/$:'@#4:3#93'3H www.lumber<
4/ AaFar-e / Ki!2a%oo Resere 3a" C#allen-e 0
&he Kicapoo -eserve Eam ,hallen!e taes participants on a seven#mile paddle down the
windin! Kicapoo -iver, a '3#mile bie ride throu!h the rural countryside of the Kicapoo
5alley and a three#mile run across the trails of the Kicapoo 5alley -eserve. &his two# or four#
person relay challen!e offers stunnin! views durin! the pea of fall. 7e sure to attend the pasta
supper on "riday ni!ht in preparation for this cant#miss competition. 4*)#42@#2(4*H
4 Baraboo / 4$# ;now"obile ;#ow D ;wa% +ee$. Anythin! related to the winter
season is welcome$ snowmobiles, A&5Qs, R&5Qs,+now -emoval LDuipment, ;arts, &ools,
Accessories, %inter Apparel and moreC +wap spots are only ?2* for the day#+6LE +/1%
+;1&+ J +;L,&A&1- AE0I++I1N A-L "-LLC ''': )th +t.. ;/$ =4*)> (49#3'(9.
4 Aa Far-e / Ki!2a%oo Resere 3a" C#allen-e Tria$#lon. :#mile paddle down the windin!
Kicapoo -iver, pedal '3#miles throu!h the hilly driftless area, and finish with a 9#mile run
throu!h the Kicapoo 5alley -eserve. ;articipants are limited to @**, so re!ister early to
!uarantee your spotC Kicapoo 5alley -eserve. Lvent starts at :$9*A0. ;/$ =4*)> 42@#2(4*.
4 +onona / 1i%ers in $#e 1rairie. .oin the Aldo 6eopold Nature ,enter and li!ht up the ni!ht
sy at the '2th Annual ;ipers in the ;rairie ma<or fundraisin! !alaC &his family#friendly event
offers a uniDue celebration unlie anythin! in 0adisonC Aldo 6eopold Nature ,enter 99*
"emrite Erive. ;/$ =4*)> 2'4#(9:9.
4 ;#io!$on / Coya-e.r Canoe Tri% on $#e Wol9 Rier. ,anoe from /wy ,,, to /wy '@4 on
the %olf -iver. 7rin! a sac lunch and other personal items needed. ;addles and life vests
provided. 0ust -+5; by &ues., +ept. 9*. %@434 6indsten -oad. Lvent starts at )$9*A0 and
ends at 2$9*;0. ;/$ =:'@> :@)#4(((.
4 ;$. Croi? Falls / ;$. Croi? Falls @.$."nFes$. ,elebrate the fall season with the +t. ,roi8
"alls Autumn"estC &he +aturday festivities include a farmerQs maret, art, craft J food fair, and
a 0ammoth Gravel ,lassic 7ie -ide. &he 1verloo, 0ain +treet J %ashin!ton +treet. ;/$
=4'2> 9)@#3@().
4 ;$one Aa2e / 'E$# ;$one Aa2e Cranberry Fes$ial. &he Annual +tone 6ae
,ranberry "estival celebrates the cranberry harvest. Lvents$ cranberry marsh tours, parade,
crate derby, arts J crafts fair and much moreC Eowntown +tone 6ae. ;/$ =:'@> )4@#99:).
4/7 Ra!ine 2n( Rier Ben( 5a$.re Cen$er C#ainsaw Carin- an( @r$ Fair &he
sawdust will be flyin! as doAens of chainsaw artists from throu!hout the 0idwest will create
fascinatin! 9#E carvin!s out of lo!s from ( a.m. to 4 p.m. +aturday at -iver 7end, 94** N.
Green 7ay -oad, ,aledonia. &he carvers !o bac to wor from ( a.m. to 2 p.m. +unday.
,anoes and ayas will be available for rent. &he chainsaw art auction starts at 9 p.m. with half
the proceeds !oin! to -iver 7end. 242#49(#'@'@ or visit www.riverbendnaturecenterracine.or!
4 / 7 O"ro / @r$ 9ro" $#e Barn 2014. A beautiful Amish built %isconsin barn provides the
settin! for Art "rom the 7arn, an uniDue art show and sale. &he show is a carefully selected
blend of fine arts, fine crafts, photo!raphy, and other one#of#a#ind !ift items produced by local
artisans. 492* ,ounty -d. K. ;/$ =(2*> 4)@#2*(3.
4 / 7 ;$. Ger"ain / 2E$# Grea$er Wis!onsin +.s2ie To.rna"en$./eadDuartered at
the +t. Germain ,ommunity ,enter, this catch and release tournament includes ten area laes.
,ash drawin!s and many fantastic door priAes awarded to entrants. '* Area 6aes around +t.
Germain. ;/$ =:'@> 3::#22*@.
4 / 7 Bloo"in-$on /$9es$ 2014. /ead to 7loomin!ton, %isconsin for Iuiltfest 2*'3C &he
show will feature e8hibits, vendors, viewerQs choice selection, raffles and a luncheon. +t. 0ary
,atholic ,hurch, @9@ ,on!ress +treet. Lvent starts at ($**A0. ;/$ =4*)> ((3#24*:.
4/7 ;#awano Co.n$ry +iles o9 @r$ 0tae a self#!uided tour throu!h art studios, past more
than 2@* barn Duilts,the %1%+;A,L !allery in %ittenber! and artist demonstrations. "all
folia!e decorates the roads alon! the tour, main! the entire <ourney a colorful and scenic
drive. &here will also be a farmers maret in downtown +hawano, a harvest fest flea maret
and vinta!e collector car show. ;/$ '#)**#29@#)@2)H
4/7 5e2oosa / Gian$ 1."%2in Fes$ 0
&his international competition produces scale breain! fall produce, but dont miss the star of
the show G the !iant pumpins. "an favorites include the !iant pumpin wei!h#off, pumpin
drop, !reat pumpin bae#off, pumpin rollin! contest and pumpin pie eatin! contest. 1ther
festival offerin!s include a flea maret, midway and !reat food. :'@#322#34@*H
4/7 Ea-le Rier Cranberry Fes$ 0
&he 5ilas ,ounty "air!rounds hosts the annual La!le -iver ,ranberry "est to celebrate all
thin!s cranberry. %ith appro8imately '*,*** pounds of premium select cranberries bein! sold
at the fest, !uests can attend cranberry marsh and winery tours, participate in the cranberry
coo#off, !rab a slice of the %orldQs 6ar!est ,ranberry ,heesecae and taste cranberry food
of every ind. &his fest !uarantees delicious food and family entertainment all weeend lon!.
)**#9@(#49'@H www.cranberryfest.or!
4/1' Ree(sb.r- / Fer"en$a$ion Fes$ 0 6ets !et somethin! brewin!C "rom bread to home
crafted beer, piclin! to chocolate and cheese, this years fermentation fest has somethin! for
everyone. &his 6ive ,ulture ,onver!ence will focus on culture throu!h food, farmin! and
fermentation. &he '*#day festival dedicated to fermentation features more than 9* classes
about fermented foods, multiple tastin! events, and the main event, a @*#mile self#!uided drive
throu!h scenic worin! land punctuated by temporary art installations and roadside culture
stands. &heres plenty to do and learn at "ermentation "est. ;/ )**#)33#9@*:H
G Fi$!#b.r- / 1ro"e-a Fall @r$ ;#ow O%enin- Re!e%$ion D Ae!$.re. &he ;rome!a "all Art
+howcase presents &he ;ower J the ;assion to ,reate$ ;hoto!raphy and "ilmed +essions by
Norman +eeff. @33@ Last ,heryl ;arway. ;/$ =4*)> 2:3#399*.
6 Kenos#a / H7* Ciil War @.$#or* 3r. 4a"es +!1#erson. ;ulitAer ;riAe#winnin! author Er.
.ames 0c;herson will present his latest boo, Lmbattled -ebel$ .efferson Eavis as
,ommander and ,hief. .oin Er. 0c;herson at @$9*pm for dinner before pro!ram. ,ost ?3@ for
dinner J pro!ram. Advance re!istration reDuired. @3** "irst +t.. ;/$ =242> 4@9#3'3'.
6 1rairie (. ;a! / )!e Wine Release a$ Wollers#ei" Winery. 201' )!e wine Release> &aste
this PNectar of the 5ines# thatQs what %inemaer ;hilippe ,oDuard calls the supersweet 2*'9
edition of Ice %ine 1ctober ). ItQs a fun day # free admission to the winery, samplin!, live harp
music and !uided horse#drawn wa!on tours of the vineyard are offered. '*#@;0. 5ineyard
0ana!er 7ruce tas about about Ice %ine !rapes. %ollersheim %inerys Ice %ine is made
from estate#!rown +t. ;epin !rapes harvested in Eecember after they freeAe on the vine. &he
!rapes are crushed and pressed while still froAen to yield a sweet, concentrated <uice. It is
fermented into a wine with nuances of honey and oran!e Aest. Ice %ine is available at
%ollersheim %inery and in stores and restaurants around %isconsin, and is best served ice#
cold with dessert. It maes a tremendous final touch for a closin! toast at any &hans!ivin! or
holiday feast or celebration.. %ollersheim %inery, :):4 /wy ')). ;/$ =4*)> 439#4@'@.
6/1' +a(ison IUWJ Brass Fes$ial / T#e UW/+a(ison ;!#ool o9! presents its first
ma<or brass festival in 92 years, a si8#day e8ploration of the comple8 nature of brass music,
from the delicate woven chords of trumpets and horns to the swa!!er and !rowl of the tuba
and trombone. "eaturin! famed Norwe!ian solo tubist Tystein 7aadsvi, the only tuba virtuoso
to have carved out a career e8clusively as a soloist, 7aadsvi will be <oined by hornist .essica
5aleri =70, R%#0adison, '((:> of the +an "rancisco +ymphony 1rchestra,
0ichi!ans %estern 7rass Iuintet, R%#0adisons %isconsin 7rass Iuintet, renowned brass
composer, trumpeter and blo!!er Anthony ;lo!, and new R%#0adison faculty tubist &om
,urry. 1ct )$ "-LL ,1N,L-&$ %isconsin 7rass Iuintet. :$9* p.m. 0ills /all. 1ct ( "-LL
,1N,L-&$ %estern 7rass Iuintet, :$9* p.m. 0ills /all. # 1ct '* "-LL "1-R0 with 1ystein
7aadsvi$ 1n the -oad with my &uba. '2$9* U 2$9* ;0, 23'' /umanities 1ct '* "-LL
,1N,L-&$ Tystein 7aadsvi, tuba, with Kirstin Ihde, piano. )$** ;0, 0ills /all. &he hi!hli!ht
concert of the wee will be :Brass @l!#e"y* +aturday, 1ctober '', at ) ;0 in 0ills /all. ;/$
4*)#249#'(** ?2@ but free to students J children #
K / 12 ;%ar$a / ;%ar$aLs Fall Fes$. &his yearQs festival includes arts J craft vendors, shoppin!
specials, ids !ames, and activities. &here is an interestin! petF bie parade, pettin! Aoo,
entertainment, and moreC "or more information, please contact the +parta ,hamber of
,ommerce. Eowntown. ;/$ =4*)> 24(#3'29.
10/11* 1G/16 +ineral 1oin$ 0 @lley ;$a-e :5i-#$ o9 $#e Aiin- 3ea(M 0 $#e 1lay at +hae
-a! Alley ,enter for the Arts, ') +hae -a! +t. at :$9* ;0, ?'@ at the door or at
http$FFwww.brownpaperticets.comFeventF):)('' 7ased on Geor!e -omero and .ohn -ussoQs
ori!inal film. A mysterious form of radiation has turned unburied dead bodies into flesh#eatin!
Aombies. As a !roup of stran!ers con!re!ate in an old farmhouse, surrounded by the undead,
they be!in to turn on each other. &his /alloween Alley +ta!e is an outdoor theatre G e8pect
the undead to come out of the bushes as you watch the drama unfold.
10/11 @s#lan( / W#is$le;$o% +ara$#on&,al9/+ara$#on an( Fes$ial
&he %histle+top marathon and half#marathon is the perfect event for runners of all levels. &his
event includes participants looin! to Dualify for the 7oston 0arathon to runners simply wantin!
to en<oy the outdoors. &he annual festival has fun activities all weeend, startin! with a 6ae
+uperior fish boil and pasta feed "riday ni!ht. +aturday is the marathon, half#marathon, '*K,
@K and less competitive toddlers race. Guests spend +aturday ni!ht celebratin! and listenin!
to live music at the 7lues and 7rew "est with local wine and more than @* varieties of micro#
brews from across the 0idwest. :'@#4)2#2@**H
10/11 Green Bay / 5EW Noo Boo 0 Green Bay O!$. 10/11* 1G/16* 24/27* 2014 Eress up with
the animalsC "or three weeends !uests are invited to celebrate /alloween at Green 7ays
NL% Voo 7oo. ,ome dressed in scary costumes and follow the hundreds of lit <aco#lanterns
around the Aoo, !o tric#or#treatin! and try not to !et too spooed at this /alloween themed
event. /aunted hayrides are a favorite each year, but are only available the first two wees.
;/$(2*#393#:)3'H www.newAoo.or!
10/12 ;#eboy-an C#il(ren<s Boo2 Fes$ial 0 ,hildren of all a!es are invited to e8plore and
ima!ine at the +heboy!an ,hildrens 7oo "estival at three different locations. &he festival will
tae place at 0ead ;ublic 6ibrary, .ohn 0ichael Kohler Arts ,enter and 7ooworm Gardens.
&his fun event hosts prominent childrens authors to conduct illustrator worshops, author
panel discussions and readin!s. (2*#3@)#4'33H www.sheboy!anchildrensboofestival.or!
10/12 Cal."e$ Co.n$y R.ral @r$s Roa( Tri% 0 Cal."e$ Co.n$y
&his three#day event is a self#!uided road trip tourin! rural roads, small towns and eclectic art
amon!st the colors of fall. 5iew artist demonstrations, try your hand at !lass blowin! or fin!er
nittin!, or tae a hayride. &o complete your fall e8perience, try the or!anic, local foods
includin! !rass#fed beef and poultry, pure maple syrup, honey and artisan cheeses.
(2*#)3(#'3(9 e8t.249H
10 / 1' 4o#nson Cree2 / Col."b.s 3ay ;ale a$ 4o#nson Cree2 1re"i." O.$le$s. A
weeend of savin!s on top of everyday low outlet prices. &he sale runs "riday, +aturday and
0onday '*am#(pm, and +unday '*am#:pm. .ohnson ,ree ;remium 1utlets, @:@ %. 6inmar
6ane. ;/$ =(2*> 4((#3''2.
10 / +ay 17 Kenos#a / Trael @(en$.re ;eries a$ Re.$#er @.(i$ori.".Kenosha ;ublic
0useum presents &ravel Adventure +eries. Includes seven, (*#minute di!ital films shown on a
lar!e screen in the historic -euther Auditorium. Lach film taes viewers to worldly destinations,
describin! the art, music, architecture, culture J history from a first#person perspective.
;rofessional filmmaers share e8periences throu!h movies and interactive discussions.
Kenosha ;ublic 0useum, @)th +t. J +heridan -d.. ;/$ =242> 4@9#3'3*.
10 / 1K Wis!onsin Ra%i(s / WR Co"".ni$y T#ea$re %er9or"an!e . &wo actors find
themselves down on their luc. %hen they hear that an old lady is about to die and leave her
fortune to her two lon!#lost nephews, they resolve to pass themselves off as her beloved
relatives. &rouble is, they find out that the relatives arenQt nephews, but niecesC 22* 9rd Ave. +..
;/$ =:'@> 32'#*39@.
11 +ilwa.2ee / Brewery To.r. 0eet at 01&1- 7ar J -estaurant at noon on 1ctober '' for a
Duic bite before embarin! on a classic 0ilwauee brewery crawl. &he party bus will depart
from 01&1- 7ar J -estaurant at the /arley#Eavidson 0useum and tae tour#!oers across
the city to visit a selection of iconic, local breweries. 01&1- 7ar J -estaurant at the /#E
0useum. Lvent starts at '2$**;0. ;/$ =3'3> 2):#2:)(.
11 ;#io!$on / Fall Fa"ily F.n 3ay O%en , "amily oriented activities and crafts, wa!on
tours of the wildlife area, renewable ener!y displays, !ames and activities, !eocachin! and fun
for the whole family. %@434 6indsten -oad. Lvent starts at ''$**A0 and ends at 2$**;0. ;/$
=:'@> :@)#4(((.
11 ;#io!$on / ;.nse$ Wa-on Ri(e. &wo hour wa!on tour throu!h the Navarino %ildlife Area.
+tops on the %olf -iver "lowa!e and ;ieQs ;ea flowa!e to view waterfowl. %@434 6indsten
-oad. Lvent starts at 3$**;0 and ends at 4$9*;0. ;/$ =:'@> :@)#4(((.
11/ ;%rin- Green / 7lue!rass .am* 2n( ;a$.r(ay ea!# "on$#. Co"e %lay or lis$en 9ro"
2:'0/7:'0 1+. @$ $#e ;%rin- Green General ;$ore* '9: + Albany +t, +prin! Green, %I
www.;%rin-GreenGeneral;$ore.!o" ;/$ 4*)#@))#:*:*
11/ +a(ison Aie Ra(io> W#a(LYa Know G 0ichael "eldman presents a live show from the
0onona &errace # Q0r. /ot ;ocetsQ himself, .im Gaffi!an calls up 0ichael to tal about his
brand new booC Also without fail, your weely fi8 of All the News &hat IsnQt, &hans "or the
0emos and two hilarious rounds of the Wha#./a 0now1 2ui3 7uy &icets$
#$$%:&&$".!#.!o"& ;/$ '#)**#)9)#9**4
11 / 4an 11 Kenos#a / 1i!$.re a Boo2: T#e )ll.s$ra$ions o9 Renee Grae9.-enee Graef has
illustrated over :* boos for children includin! the American Girl collection, 0y "irst 6ittle
/ouse boosH as well as, boos on American icons 0ount -ushmore and ;aul 7unyan. Get
more info on adult worshops J family fun events includin! a tea party with your dollC @@** "irst
Ave.. ;/$ =242> 4@9#3'3*.
11 ;%ooner / 4a!2 OL Aan$ern Fes$ial. Ln<oy a fun family festival with tons of idsQ !ames,
pumpin roll down +ie!ner /ill, pumpin paintin!, pumpin wei!h#in contest, inflatable bounce
houses and much moreC Eowntown +pooner. ;/$ =:'@> 49@#2'4).
11 0 Bo.l(er 4.n!$ion / ,ares$ Fes$
/ead to /arvest "est in downtown 7oulder .unction. ,elebrate the season with plenty of food
and !ames. All day festivities include a hayride that stops at various !ames throu!hout the
town, a costume parade led by Granny Autumn and homemade treats.
'#)**#G1#0R+KBH http$FFwww.boulder<ct.or!
11 T#ree Aa2es / T#ree Ea-le ,al9/+ara$#on an( 7K. &he race will be a point#to#point course
on the beautiful &hree La!le &rail between La!le -iver and &hree 6aes. &his trail is flat and
consists of crushed limestone in pristine condition.&o re!ister chec out the &hree La!le &rail
website. Eon 7urnside ;ar. ;/$ =:'@> :)'#(4:9.
11 Wyeille / Wri-#$s$own Cra9$ ;ale. 1ver '** vendorsFcrafters,raffle, booyah,food
available,bae sale. %ri!htstown /i!h +chool 4** /i!h +treet. ;/$ =(2*> 994#*@().
11 Broo29iel( / @ Fair For @ll ;easons. &rinity Rnited ,hurch of ,hrist is hostin! a craft fair
on +aturday, 1ctober ''. ,rafts, door priAes, bae sale and food. Admission ?9.** or 9 non#
perishable food items to be donated to +usse8 1utreach +ervices. 7ooth space still available
for crafters. 339@ N. ,alhoun -oad. Lvent starts at ''$**A0 and ends at 9$**;0. ;/$ =242>
11/12 E-- ,arbor /1."%2in 1a$!# Fes$ial 0
L!! /arbor is the perfect destination for fall, so head to the ;umpin ;atch "estival in this
small town full of bi! fall colors. %ith carnival rides, face paintin!, a storyteller, live music and
arts and crafts, youll have two full days of fall fun. 1ne more thin!, admission is free.
(2*#)4)#9:':H www.e!!harbordoorcounty.or!
11 / 12 5ew Glar.s / @ Ga$#erin- o9 an( R.99ians / Ren Faire. A ma!ical faire in a
beautiful wooded area <ust outside of New Glarus. %onder down into the faire and step bac in
time with us. "un for everyone. ,ome in !arb, en<oy a show, drin New Glarus beer, and eat a
turey le! all for a !ood causeC %ilhelm &ell Grounds, % @'(( /wy %. ;/$ =@49> @32#43*9.
11 / 12 Oa2 Cree2 / 1ioneer Far" 3ays. 1ld &ime "arm +how featurin! antiDue tractors,
en!ines, machinery, steam tractors, sawmill and moreC &here will also be a farm toy show, flea
maret and daily events. American 6e!ion ;ar, +hepard Avenue. ;/$ =3'3> :4)#)@)*.
11 / 12 Onalas2a / 1E$# Fall Gi9$ an( Cra9$ ;#ow. 0ar your calendars for this yearQs
'4th Annual "all Gift and ,raft +howC ,ome and see over '** area vendors who will be
displayin! handmade crafts, <ewelry, art, furniture, soaps, candles, spices and much moreC
1mni ,enter, 2@@ -iders ,lub -d. ;/$ =4*)> :)'#(@4*.
11 / 12 ;$.r$ean$ / Fa"ily F.n Wee2en( /Bor8yns2iLs Far" D Floral +ar2. ) acre ,orn
0aAe, /ayrides, 0ae your own ,aramel Apple, ;umpin ;icin!, ;ettin! Voo, Giant ,orn
7o8, +tory &heater, ,hildrenQs ;lay Area, and +tuff a +carecrow, "all ,raftsFGames, 7ounce
/ouse, /elicopter -ides and much more. ''4** %ashin!ton Ave. ;/$ =242> ))4#229@.
11/12 @bbo$s9or( D Colby / Aa"a an( Cra9$ @/Faire 0
&he 6ama and ,raft A#"aire =thats ri!ht, lama not llama> dedicates two full days to hilarious
llama entertainment and community fun. &est your llama drivin! sills in the llama cart races,
be in awe as llama show off their finest trics and pucer up for the iss#a#llama contest.
Abbotsford on +aturday and ,olby on +unday, Ln<oy food, crafts, music and discover why this
uniDue event is spelled lama not llama. :'@#229#)@*(H
11/12 Aa2e Genea / 8elebrate A3t3mn at 9ake Geneva.s Oktoberfest
&here are Duite a few 1toberfest celebrations every fall, but one of our favorite taes place in
beautiful 6ae Geneva, 1ctober ''#'2. "amilies en<oy rides in the wa!on, music, ma!ic, pony
rides, the bouncy castle and the Great ;umpin Giveaway. &ry a ,armel apple and other local
treats at the food booths and shop for arts and crafts. -ide the free shuttle and !et free
parin! at the northeast corner of the /ome Eepot ;arin! lot at /wy @* J Ldwards 7lvd. &he
lae is especially awesome in autumn, reflectin! the blue sy and brilliant autumn hues. +troll
alon! the shore, tae a boat tour, see the mansions and be sure to brin! your camera. 7e sure
to <oin in the local tradition and toast the season at sunsetC ;/$ 242#23)#33'4H

11 / 16 Green Bay / T#e Grea$ 1."%2in Train. -ide a real train to the pumpin patch and
select your pumpinC Ln<oy family entertainment and childrenQs activities. "un for the whole
family. National -ailroad 0useum, 22)@ +. 7roadway. Lvent starts at ($**A0 and ends at
@$9*;0. ;/$ =(2*> 39:#:429.
11/12 Union Groe / ,al9 1oin$ ,is$ori!al Re/ena!$"en$, +aturday and +unday, 1ct. ''#'2.
&he -acine ,ounty "air!rounds, '()*@ Eurand Ave., Rnion Grove, is the place where re#
enactors in period clothin! create Pa livin! history boo in a parP for visitors. ;eriods from the
%ar of ')'2 throu!h %orld %ar II are covered. ( a.m. to @ p.m. +at and '* a.m. to 9 p.m.
+unday. "ree admission. Eonations are welcome. 242#))3#43*4
1'/2' Ea. Claire / C#i%%ewa Calley Boo2 Fes$ial 0
Lau ,laire hosts a wee dedicated to the written word at the ,hippewa 5alley 7oo "estival.
&he event features boo tals, si!nin!s, readin!s and writin! worshops for readers of all a!es.
&his year features a plethora of authors, some %isconsin born and raised. Authors include
Nicolas 7utler, .ohn ,oy, Eashy Kelly and many more. :'@#)92#A-&+H www.cvboofest.or!
1E +onona / Cra9$ Beer* C#eese D C#o!ola$e 1airin-. 0ononaQs ,raft 7eer, ,heese and
,hocolate ;airin! is an event that connects people throu!h a uniDue celebration of %isconsinQs
finest offerin!s$ craft beer, artisan cheeses and hand#crafted %isconsin chocolates. &his event
will feature networin! at its bestC &he Last +ide ,lub, 9:9@ 0onona Erive. ;/$ =4*)> 222#
1E/1K +a(ison / *3t on ,o3r 9ight1b3lb at and Go to The Wisconsin Science 0estival 0
+a(ison "ascinatin!, weird and fun thin!s will happen when they put the smartest university
scientists in char!e of the partyC ;articipants in this 1ct. '4#'( hands#on %isconsin +cience
"estival launch a rocet, mae a cell, learn about polar ice, drive a robot, e8tract ENA, e8plore
the brain, step into virtual reality, visit the famous 7abcoc /all Eairy and even learn how to
mae the worlds best hot chocolate. &hat <ust for startersC &he whole family is invited to meet
with some of the worlds leadin! scientists and learn in#person and up#close how science
impacts our daily lives. ,hec the schedule to plan your adventure.
www.wisconsinsciencefest.or!Fwsf#events.php or ;/ 4*)#9'4#39)2.
1E/1K +a(ison/ Wis!onsin Boo2 Fes$ial 0
0adison ;ublic 6ibrary presents the '9th annual %isconsin 7oo "estival to celebrate the <oys
of readin! with free author pro!rammin!. /i!hly anticipated by boolovers each year, the four#
day festival features readin!s, lectures, boo discussions, writin! worshops, childrens events
and more. &his yearQs schedule will feature local literary talents alon!side national voices,
includin! Aneesh ,hopra, 0ichael ;erry, Eeborah ,rombie, Gail +heehy, and .ordan
Lllenbur!. 4*)#22(#2*)'H www.wis!onsinboo29es$ial.or-
1G/ +a(ison // ;!ien!e o9 ;.%%er &his event will spotli!ht the distinctive food, culture and
history of %isconsinQs supper clubs. "ree tastin! stations of some of %isconsins finest foods Gand
&astin! ticets available for crispy fried Icelandic cod, macaroni J cheese and salads for ?'2 purchase
throu!h advance ticet sales, thou!h attendance and samples are free to the public## in the Eiscovery
7uildin! G R% ,ampus 5isit the %isconsin +cience "estival website
=http$FFwww.wisconsinsciencefest.or!> for more detailed information about the full festival schedule for
0adison and statewide events. Lntry to most festival events will be free, thou!h some activities may
reDuire nominal fees for materials. +ome community partner sites may char!e their usual admission
fees. ;-L-LGI+&L- /L-L$ #$$%:&&www.een$bri$e.!o"&e&s!ien!e/o9/s.%%er/!$i!2e$s/
1267K74424' or ;/$ 4*)#9'4#39)2
1G +ilwa.2ee / Goo( Colors* Ba( 3e!isions wi$# Eri! Con +.n8. &he /arley#Eavidson
0useum will feature .ac %hite J "riends, a screen printed roc art show by Lric 5on 0unA,
and a live %0+L ('.: broadcast with 5on 0unA in ,afe -acer on 1ctober ':. /arley#
Eavidson 0useum, 3** %. ,anal +t.. ;/$ =3'3> 2):#2:)(.
1G Wes$ Ben( / Fall Fes$ . Annual /alloween celebration includin! business tric#or#treatin!,
childrensQ !ames and activities, and a spooy river wal. 2'@ N 0ain +t. Lvent starts at @$**;0
and ends at )$**;0. ;/$ =242> 99)#9(*(.
1G/16 +ilwa.2ee / Gallery 5i-#$ an( 3ay
At Gallery Ni!ht and Eay, the premier art event in 0ilwauee for !allery hoppin! and art
viewin!, more than @* venues throu!hout downtown will be open to the public. L8plore new
places and learn about local artist wor durin! this fantastic opportunity to !et out and en<oy
0ilwauee. ;/$ 3'3#2:9#'':9H www.historicthirdward.or!F
1G/16 +ineral 1oin$ 0 @lley ;$a-e :5i-#$ o9 $#e Aiin- 3ea(M 0 $#e 1lay at +hae -a! Alley
,enter for the Arts, ') +hae -a! +t. at :$9* ;0, ?'@ at the door or at
http$FFwww.brownpaperticets.comFeventF):)('' 7ased on Geor!e -omero and .ohn -ussoQs
ori!inal film. A mysterious form of radiation has turned unburied dead bodies into flesh#eatin!
Aombies. As a !roup of stran!ers con!re!ate in an old farmhouse, surrounded by the undead,
they be!in to turn on each other. &his /alloween Alley +ta!e is an outdoor theatre G e8pect
the undead to come out of the bushes as you watch the drama unfold.
1G/1K ;o.$#wes$ Wis!onsin / ;o.$#wes$ Wis!onsin Fall @r$ To.r>
+omethin! about historic little towns lie 7araboo, 0ineral ;oint, Eod!eville and +prin! Green
attracts talented artists. "or most of the year their wor is done in studio, away from public
view. 7ut durin! the +outhwest "all Art &our =1ct ':#'(> doAens of them open shops and
!alleries to welcome visitors, show how they wor and display recent creations. 5isitors see
paintin!s, sculptures, pottery, weavin!s, <ewelry, woodwor, !lass, assembly art and print
main!. All alon! the bac roads 0other Nature has arran!ed a ma!nificent fall color show.
"ind a listin! of artists here> and restaurants and lod!in! options all alon!
the tour # or pic up a map in any of the communities. ;h$ 4*)#@))#:@*(.
1G / 1K Wis!onsin 3ells / Fall Fes$ial Wee2en(. "eaturin! plenty of entertainment, includin!
a "riday ,raft 7eer %al, +unday @K "un -unF%al. L8pect a weeend of arts J crafts,
hayrides, live music, fun fall events, !reat food and so much moreC Eecorate a pumpin, stuff a
scarecrow or visit the farmerQs maret. ,elebrate autumn and all of its !lorious colorsC "estival
includes Eells 1n &ap, featurin! more than 2* 7reweries from around %isconsin. Eowntown
%isconsin Eells. ;/$ '#)**#22#EL66+.
16 Green Bay / T#e Grea$ 1."%2in Train. -ide a real train to the pumpin patch and select
your own pumpin. Ln<oy family entertainment and childrenQs activities. "un for the whole
family. National -ailroad 0useum, 22)@ +. 7roadway. ;/$ =(2*> 39:#:429.
16 0 +a(ison 0 5er( 5i-#$ a$ $#e ;!ien!e Fes$ial I@(.l$sJ Nerd Nites and science
festivals are phenomena all around the world and the two tend to find each other in their
locations. Nerds and non#nerds alie !ather to meet, drin and learn somethin! new. &he
science festival edition of Nerd Nite will feature .ordan Lllenber!, Kristyn 0asters, Lmily -uff
and Lric ,aldera. %hile 0adison Nerd Nite has hosted science festival events in the past, this
is the first year the event will tae place as a core event in the Eiscovery 7uildin!. )#'*;0. 99*
N. 1rchard +t., 0adison, %I @9:'@, #$$%:&&(is!oery.wis!.e(. ;/$ 4*)#9'4#39)2
16/ / )n OT#e E!#oes o9 T#eir Win-s: T#e Ai9e an( Ae-a!y o9 $#e 1assen-er
1i-eon*O %art o' the Science (esti!al + at 4eigh /awke" Woo#son 5useu) / .oel Greenber!
e8amines the historic and environmental circumstances leadin! to the e8tinction of the
passen!er pi!eon. Greenber! is the author of the recent, hi!hly acclaimed boo PA "eathered
-iver Across the +y$ &he ;assen!er ;i!eonQs "li!ht to L8tinction,P an avid birder and an
environmental advocate. &hrou!hout pro!rams at the %oodson Art 0useum, he will share what lessons
can be !leaned from the passen!er pi!eonQs demise and more. :** N. '2th +t., %ausau, %I @33*9
#$$%:&&www.lywa".or- ;/$ 715.845.7010
16 Wis!onsin 3ells / 3ells On Ta%. /onorin! %isconsinQs proud brewin! herita!e. Ln<oy a full
spectrum of beer and spea to the brewmasters themselves. L8plore the displays and learn
about the art of pairin! food with beer. -uns in con<unction with the %isconsin Eells "all
"estival activities and events. Eowntown %isconsin Eells. ;/$ '#)**#22#EL66+.
16/ +a(ison Aie Ra(io> W#a(LYa Know G 0ichael "eldman presents a live show from
0onona &errace with a weely fi8 of All the News &hat IsnQt, &hans "or the 0emos and the
Wha#./a 0now1 2ui3 7uy &icets$ #$$%:&&$".!#.!o"& ;/$ '#)**#)9)#9**4
16 Os#2os# / Carl Trae-er Cra9$ Fair. ,andmade items from over @* vendors. ,oncessions
available. (am#9pm 9*** %est 2*th Ave. ;/$ =(2*> 24:#::33.
16 Aa 1oin$e on +a(eline )slan( / 0all 03n 0estival on the -sland!
,limb aboard the 0adeline Island "erry at 7ayfield, %isconsin on 1ctober ') and head for
historic 6a ;ointe on 0adeline Island. 5oted one of &he ,oolest &owns in the R+A this small
island community sta!es one of the most charmin! and friendly fall festivals in northern
%isconsin. /ead for &he Inn and ;ub where theyll be toastin! the autumn. .oin in the fun by
carvin! a pumpin, sample local foods and chec out the art at the Island ,arver, the %oods
,raft +tudio or at art !alleries. 7ac in .uly little ice#ber!s were floatin! past the harbor. +oon
they will a!ain. As about the ice cavesC 7ut this is autumn. Its the perfect season to hie at
7i! 7ay +tate ;ar or put down a blanet on the beachH listen to the symphony of the 6ae
+uperior waves poundin! the shore of the lar!est of the Apostle Islands. ;/$ :'@#:3:#2)*'H
16 1#illi%s / 1in!# 1o$s an( @l$erna$ie Clay Firin-s 1. In this first of two ceramic
worshops, potter .ohn 6an!er returns to the par to share more advanced techniDues in
creatin! ultra#smooth surfaces and te8tures on hand wored clay pieces. -e!istration J fee
reDuired for this 2#worshop series. %isconsin ,oncrete ;arH N)294 +outh /wy. '9. ;/$
=:'@> 99(#:2)2.
16 / 1K ;$.r$ean$ / Fa"ily F.n Wee2en( /Bor8yns2iLs Far" D Floral +ar2. ) acre ,orn
0aAe, /ayrides, 0ae your own ,aramel Apple, ;umpin ;icin!, ;ettin! Voo, Giant ,orn
7o8, +tory &heater, ,hildrenQs ;lay Area, and +tuff a +carecrow, "all ,raftsFGames, 7ounce
/ouse, /elicopter -ides and much more. ''4** %ashin!ton Ave. ;/$ =242> ))4#229@.
1K +a(ison / R.n 9or Ai$era!y. Ln<oy a scenic route down +tate +t. and throu!h R%#0adison
campus. ,hoose from a '*F@ run, or @ wal # all for a !ood causeC 0oney raised will support
6iteracy NetworQ pro!rams and help eep classes and tutors free for low#literate adults in
Eane ,ounty. 9'@ %. Gorham +t.. ;/$ =4*)> 233#9(''.
1K Wes$ Ben( / 3own$own 3as# . 2nd annual @ runFwal throu!h historic Eowntown %est
7end. +hirts to participants with a special treat at the finish line for participants 2' and over.
&his year to include ids run. 0edals awarded to 'st and 2nd place in standard a!e !roups.
2'@ N 0ain +t. Lvent starts at )$9*A0 and ends at ''$**A0. ;/$ =242> 99)#9(*(.
1K Wis!onsin 3ells / Co.n$ry Ae-en(s in Con!er$. +ee ,ountry 6e!ends includin! .eannie
+eely, 0oe 7randy, .anie "rice, &.G. +heppard and .im Ld 7rown at the ,rystal Grand 0usic
&heatre in %isconsin EellsC ,rystal Grand 0usic &heatre, 39* %est 0unroe Avenue,. Lvent
starts at 9$**;0. ;/$ =)**> 4(4#:(((.
20 / 5o 2 ;$.r$ean$ / Corn +a8e / Bor8yns2iLs Far" D Floral +ar2e$. 2*'3 ,orn 0aAe
theme$+alute to the American +oldier. %e also offer a childrenQs play area, hayrides, pumpin
picin!, pettin! Aoo, story theater and mae your own caramel apple. 1ur 0aret has
everythin! you need for the "all ''4** %ashin!ton Ave. ;/$
=242> ))4#229@.
22 +ilwa.2ee / Cen$ral Wa$ers Brewin- Co. Beer 3inner. L8perience true %isconsin brews
at 01&1- 7ar J -estaurant on 1ctober 22 when ,entral %aters 7rewin! ,o. teams up with
01&1-Qs L8ecutive ,hef Kir %ri!ht for an e8pertly paired beer dinner. 01&1- 7ar J
-estaurant at the /#E 0useum. ;/$ =3'3> 2):#2::).
2' +@3);O5 To.r $#e li9e o9 Wis!onsinLs O%ioneer !i$i8en s!ien$is$*O )n!rease Aa%#a"*
with 0artha 7er!land and ;aul G. /ayes, coauthors of the new %isconsin /istorical +ociety
;ress bio!raphy +tudyin! %isconsin$ &he 6ife of Increase 6apham # early chronicler of plants,
rocs, rivers, mounds, and all thin!s %isconsin, from 4 to ) p.m. &hursday, 1ctober 29, at the
R%#0adison /erbarium, in 7ir!e /all on 7ascom /ill, in 0adison. &he event is free and open
to the public, but reservations are su!!ested as space is limited. %isconsin Academy
#$$%:&&$iny.rl.!o"&26ayG64 or %isconsin /istorical +ociety ;ress at
whspressMwisconsinhistory.or! or 4*)#243#434@.
2'/2E Ko#ler / 0oodies in eaven! The &(67 4ohler 0ood : Wine ;<$erience
Anyone who eats or drins and en<oys it =yes, thats usC> is bound to be deli!hted by the tasty
offerin!s of the Kohler "ood and %ine L8perience, 1ct 29#24. &op chefs, risin! stars, wine
e8perts, coffee roasters, chocolatiers, mi8olo!ists and award#winnin! brewers from across the
nation will not only demonstrate and tal about their specialties, but theyll mi8 and min!le with
participants as well. &his is an unmatched opportunity to meet and learn from the people at the
cuttin! ed!e of !ood taste today. L8plore the schedule and find events to tantaliAe your taste
buds at www.a"eri!an!l.bresor$.!o"&2o#ler/9oo(/wine/e?%erien!e/s!#e(.le or
;/$)@@#333#2)9) # Bon appetite$
2'/2E +e(9or( / +e(9or( @rea ,ares$ 3ays
/arvest Eays ics off on &hursday with a @K runFwal, followed by a childrens weeend lon!
scaven!er hunt and Arts%al on "riday. +aturday has Kids ,andy Erop, bounce house, and
delicious food. 7e sure to stay and watch the parade and !o tric#or#treatin! on +unday. :'@#
24 Kenos#a / FREE F.n For Ki(s: 3inos in $#e 3ar2. 7rin! a flashli!ht and wal amon! the
dinosaurs in the darC &he dinos come alive in the shadows as you discover their uniDue
features with your flashli!ht. Advance ticets are reDuired and available free at any Kenosha
;ublic 0useums be!innin! 1ctober :. @@** "irst Ave.. ;/$ =242> 4@9#3'3*.
24 ;#io!$on / ,alloween ,a%%enin-s. Non#scary /alloween event consistin! of /alloween
!ames and candy, a .ac#o#6antern &rail wal, and food around a bonfire. ,ome in costume or
as you are. %@434 6indsten -oad. Lvent starts at 4$9*;0 and ends at )$9*;0. ;/$ =:'@> :@)#
24/2E Fis# Cree2 / 4a!2 O< Aan$ern 3ays
A /alloween celebration with mas main!, pumpin carvin!, a haunted /alloween parade,
tric#or#treatin!, costume parties for ids, adults, and do!s. &he weeend ics off &hursday
ni!ht with pumpin carvin! at 7ayside &avern, followed by &he Great ;umpin 6i!htin! ,arvin!
on "riday and a /alloween parade and tric#or#treatin! on +aturday. )**#@::#'))*H
27 +ilwa.2ee / 1."%2in 3e!ora$in-. 0ae this yearQs /alloween season e8tra#special, !rab
the ids and head on over to 01&1-. %e will provide you with everythin! you need to create a
customiAed /alloween masterpiece to tae home. +pace is limited. '3.(@ per pumpin.
-eservations reDuired. 01&1- 7ar J -estaurant at /#E 0useum. ;/$ =3'3> 2):#2::).
27 O!ono"owo! / @"eri!an En-lis#/ @ Bea$les Trib.$e. &his 7eatles &ribute
commemorates the @*th Anniversary of the !roup appearin! on the Ld +ullivan +how. &he
entertainment will transfi8 you as you !o throu!h the 7eatle years of '(49 to '(:*.
1conomowoc Arts ,enter, 43' Last "orest +treet. Lvent starts at :$9*;0 and ends at ($9*;0.
;/$ =242> @4*#2'9*.
27 ;#io!$on / Fairy , Wor2s#o%. 5olunteer 6olly 7ower will lead a worshop from (am#
noon on buildin! a fairy house for your home or !arden. &his worshop is for A!es '3 to Adult.
All materials provided e8cept your patience and ima!inationC -+5; by %ednesday, 1ct. 22nd.
%@434 6indsten -oad. ;/$ =:'@> :@)#4(((.
27 ;$. Ger"ain / 17$# O2$oBearFes$. /eld at 7lac 7ear 6od!e from '*$** A0 to
3$** ;0, featurin! cabin crafts e8hibitors, hay rides, pumpin paintin!, pola music, German
food and bevera!es. 7enefits the 5ilas ,ounty /istorical 0useum. 7lac 7ear 6od!e, '99*
/alberstadt -d.. ;/$ =:'@> 3::#22*@.
2E Kenos#a / FREE F.n For Ki(s: Boo9es$. BouQre invited to wear your costume, tric#or#
treat and en<oy free family#friendly activities at three different museums. @@** "irst Ave.. Lvent
starts at '$**;0 and ends at 3$**;0. ;/$ =242> 4@9#3'3*.
2G / 3e! 17 +a(ison / +e(i$a$ion a$ +onona Terra!e. .oin us on 0ondays =1ct 2:# Eec '@>
from ''$3@am # '2$9*pm to en!a!e in meditation which will be led by +arah 0oore 0.E., a
mind#body practitioner, therapist, and physician at the Eean /ematolo!y and 1ncolo!y ,linic.
0onona &errace, 1ne .ohn Nolen Er. Lvent starts at ''$3@A0 and ends at '2$9*;0. ;/$ =4*)>
2K +a(ison / Fa"ily Con!er$ / Ci! Ferrari ;y"%#ony on $#e Ro!2s. P5ic "errari +ymphony
on the -ocsP is a :#piece band <oined by a 9* member symphonyC &his is the first +ymphony
in North America to perform with i;ads onlyC C "ree to the public, this event also ics of the
2*'3 %isconsin +tate 0usic ,onference. 0onona &errace, 1ne .ohn Nolen Er. ;/$ =4*)> 24'#
2K/'0 ;.%erior / Fall Flas#li-#$ 0
Lvery /alloween weeend, the li!hts shut off in the "airlawn 0ansion and !uests are dared to
e8plore the darened halls by flashli!ht. 6earn about the superstitions of the historic house and
discover what spooy surprises await you. .ust remember, we warned you.
:'@#9(3#@:'2H www.superiorpublicmuseums.or!
'0 Kenos#a / H7* Ciil War @.$#or* ,arol( ,ol8er. /arold /olAer discusses his new boo,
6incoln and the ;ower of the ;ress. A public reception at 4pm, followed by the pro!ram at
:pm. A su!!ested ?@ donation to the museum will be accepted at the door, and advance
re!istration is not reDuired. @3** "irst +t.. Lvent starts at 4$**;0. ;/$ =242> 4@9#3'3'.
'0 +ilwa.2ee / ;2.lloween Bi2e 5i-#$. 7rin! out your best costumes and customs and !et
ready for a true /arley /alloween. 1n 1ctober 9*, +ulloween 7ie Ni!ht celebrates bies and
beer at one of 0ilwaueeQs most popular haunts, 01&1- 7ar J -estaurant. Ln<oy beer
specials, sample !irls and awesome /arley#Eavidson priAes for the best sull#inspired attire.
01&1- 7ar J -estaurant at the /#E 0useum. ;/$ =3'3> 2):#2::).
'1 4o#nson Cree2 / Tri!2/or/Trea$ a$ 4o#nson Cree2 1re"i." O.$le$s.,ostumed
youn!sters under '2 are invited to receive candy and treats from participatin! stores at
.ohnson ,ree ;remium 1utlets, while supplies last. ,hildren must be accompanied by an
adult. .ohnson ,ree ;remium 1utlets, @:@ %. 6inmar 6ane. Lvent starts at 3$9*;0 and ends
at 4$9*;0. ;/$ =(2*> 4((#3''2.
BEFORE YOU GO: Avoid disappointment. Always chec for schedule chan!es before headin!
to events. "or more events# four !ood sources$ www.WisTrael.!o", www.%isconline .com,
www.TraelWis!onsin.!o" or
W);CO5;)5 3E1T. OF TOUR);+/ 0ree: '((17>&1'?7? @T#-*A
FREE GU)3E;: :@!$ii$y G.i(eM Ca"%-ro.n( 3ire!$ory* Ao(-in- 3ire!$ory* ,i-#way +a%* Gol9* Bir(in-*
OT,ER; )5 W);CO5;)5: Iall 9reeJ
Cal."e$ Co.n$y G.i(e 0 K20/64K/1442 www.$rael!al."e$.!o"
C#i%%ewa Co.n$y Trael G.i(e 0 6EE/G2'/0''1 www.C#i%%ewaCo.n$y.!o"
3oor Co.n$y Cisi$ors G.i(e 0 600/72G/'72K #$$%:&&www.(oor!o.n$y.!o"&web&!on$a!$.as%
Fo? Ci$ies @rea G.i(e 0 600/22'/EEEG www.9o?!i$ies.or-
Gran$ Co.n$y Trael G.i(e 0 E06/'46/6666 www.1la$$eille.!o"
Green Bay Cisi$or<s G.i(e 0 666/6EG/''42 www.GreenBay.!o"
Green Co.n$y Trael G.i(e 0 666/222/K111 www.GreenCo.n$y.!o"
Kenos#a @rea Cisi$ors G.i(e 0 600/E74/G'0K www.Kenos#aCCB.!o"
Kewa.nee Co.n$y G.i(e 0 600/2K0/42KK www.Cisi$Kewa.neeCo.n$y.!o"
+a(ison @rea Cisi$or G.i(e 0 600/'G'/E'GE #$$%:&&www.isi$"a(ison.!o"
+ineral 1oin$ Trael G.i(e 0 666/GE4/E6K4 www.+ineral1oin$.!o"
+ino!P.a @rea 3es$ina$ion G.i(e 0 600/44/5ORT, www."ino!P.a.or-
;a.2 1rairie Cisi$ors 1a!2e$ 0 600/ E6'/247' #$$%:&&!o"&isi$ors%a!2e$.#$"l
;$. Croi? Calley D 1ol2 Co.n$y G.i(es Ias2 ;.e 9or bo$#J 600/222/GE77 www.Cisi$r;CF.!o"
;.%erior D 3o.-las Co.n$ry Trael G.i(e / 600/K42/7'1' www.Cisi$;.%erior.!o"
OT,ER; 0 5E)G,BOR)5G ;T@TE;* REG)O5@A* ETC
8hicago Office of To3rism: 0ree G3ide : A$$ 1 htt$:BBwwwCchoosechicagoCcom
-llinois Travel htt$:BBwwwCenDo/illinoisCcomBbroch3resB
-owa To3rism htt$:BBwwwCtraveliowaCcomB 666.4G2.E0'7 or 717.G27.'064
9ake !ichigan 8ircle To3r and 9ightho3se !a$ 0 1/600/442/2064 or a$ www.W+T@.or-
9anesboro) !innesota Eisitor G3ide 600/E7G/4KG2
!ichigan htt$:BBwwwCmichiganCorgB
!innesota To3rism Trael Co.nselors a$ e?%lore=s$a$e."n..s* or 1/666/TOUR);+ I1/666/6E6/G4GEJ.
!innesota !ississi$$i Ealle/ "l3ff 8o3ntr/ @on1lineA htt$:BBwwwC;<$lore!ississi$$i"l3ffsCcom
!ississi$$i Ealle/ *artners @W-1!2A www."ississi%%i/rier.or- 1/666/KKK/2E1K
#ed Wing) !innesota 1/E71/'67/7K'4 600/4K6/'444
Wabasha14ellogg) !innesota www.wabas#a"n.or- 1/600/7E7/4176
West !ichigan Travel G3ide / E1E/247/221G www.w"$a.or-&%.bli!a$ions/24&
Winona) !innesota Eisitor G3ide 0 I600J E7G/4KG2 www.Cisi$Winona.!o"

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